Edmonson Shelter Must Be Closed

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No reason to try to rehabilitate or reuse terrible facility


 The situation at the Edmonson County Animal Shelter should have never been allowed to happen.

Animals were discovered very malnourished, without water, covered in their own urine and feces, with urine burns on some of the animals’ feet, and some of them had obvious wounds.

 Last week, the shelter’s director, Kim Carroll, of Bee Spring, was cited and charged with second-degree animal cruelty following the discovery of dozens of cats and dogs – including dead ones – in what police called an “extremely poor environment.”

It’s very unfortunate that a year after a Daily News investigative team visited the shelter numerous times and reported conditions that appeared to fall short of guidelines for shelters offered by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians that the same conditions still exist. In that investigation, it was revealed that animals were in cages too small, some were underweight and some were without water.

It’s quite obvious the newspaper’s story had no impact on those running the shelter as the conditions remained the same.

After the animals were discovered last week, several of them had to be euthanized due to the cruel conditions of this shelter.That’s a shame and a good indication that Caroll and her husband, Greg, have no business running an animal shelter. The conditions these animals were found in is a clear evidence of that.

It’s truly reprehensible that someone would let animals live in these types of conditions. There is some good news out of this and that is that the shelters doors have been shuttered for now and 47 dogs and 17 cats were removed from the property. Other county agencies as far away as Owensboro also took animals from the property to their shelters.

The question now is, where does Edmonson County go from here in regards to the future of this shelter? Edmonson County Judge-Executive Wil Cannon says the county doesn’t condone wrongdoing and that the county government doesn’t own or operate the shelter in Bee Spring. He is correct. It is a for-profit business owned by the Carrolls.

Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society Director Lorri Hare has been invaluable in getting some animals out of their shelter and getting them here. Hare has called for this shelter to be closed and has been invited to speak by Cannon before the Edmonson County Fiscal Court next week.

Hare expects the county will ask the Bowling Green shelter to take in Edmonson County animals with a contract agreement. Hare said there will only be a chance for that if the Carrolls are no longer involved at all in animal control in Edmonson County.We agree with Hare that it’s time for the Carrolls to move on to a new profession because this one certainly isn’t for them.

Cannon seems to be on the same page as Hare, which is good. Edmonson County government will have to hire, equip and properly train someone to take the animals to Warren County if something is worked out with the Warren County shelter. Barring some legal reason, Cannon plans to ask fiscal court to dissolve the county’s contract with the Carrolls.

 Cannon is being proactive and taking the right approach. He should be commended for doing so. Cannon made a very good point when he said the Carrolls were given a chance last year to right whatever wrongs that may have been occurring at the shelter and they didn’t.The Carrolls simply dropped the ball and in doing so put animals at risk which in some cases resulted in animals being euthanized.

In the final analysis, this should’ve never happened. We’re glad to see that the county and Hare are working on correcting this bad situation and providing a better home for these animals. Our view is that this shelter needs to be closed permanently and we sincerely hope that is the final decision.

News Link:http://www.bgdailynews.com/opinion/our_opinion/edmonson-shelter-must-be-closed/article_d0c68420-8ae7-5178-ae75-a6d60b691a15.html

Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

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Distressing news on Thursday when the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s Law Enforcement Division joined with the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office and issued two search warrants for the Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter on Stamets Road in Alexandria Road and a nearby veterinarian hospital.

According to N.J.com, Captain Rick Yocum, the president of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated an investigation has been ongoing because of complaints about inhumane conditions at the facility.

Seventeen cats were removed and were transported to the Flemington Animal Hospital. Four of the cats were humanely euthanized. All of the animals have been receiving medical attention. The facility failed to quarantine sick cats with respiratory infections thus spreading illness to healthy cats.

There are also two pigs living in terrible condition at the facility. A decision from the Department of Agriculture will determine their fate.

Charges are expected to be filed within a week to ten days.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/hunterdon-humane-animal-shelter-faces-animal-cruelty-charges

‘Rescue Sanctuary’ Family Convicted of 16 Animal Cruelty Offences

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“Animals coming out of abusive homes, go to these places, expecting the best care, to aid in their recovery! But this just proves, yet again, anybody can set up a sanctuary; yet be capable of inflicting serious harm to animals, because they don’t love them!!. Don’t these places have to be licensed & inspected regularly?? If so, what happened?? It’s sad to say but some people see animals as an easy way to make money….they don’t love animals & have no interest in aiding animals to recover; they are just a means to an end!”

“I have no sympathy for those who abuse or neglect animals in their care & believe as a business, scamming everyone; they should receive the most serious of charges! How would you feel, if you had donated money to a sanctuary, only to learn that it mistreat’s its animals? terrible I’m guessing. So before you part with your money, even if the place has a flashy internet site etc…make your own investigations before you part with any donation. I think these so-called sanctuary’s need a lot more intervention from animal society’s like the RSPCA or HSI etc., depending where they are in the world…they need to be verified, that they are taking care of the animals in their charge; as they should!! Certainly no animals should have to be rescued from a so-called sanctuary; as in this case!!”

“Think about this, hotels are given star ratings, after being approved…yet animal sanctuary’s can pop up anywhere, with no interest what so ever in taking care of the animals…to them it’s just a money maker…wanting your donation!! Perhaps animal sanctuaries should be star rated to reflect the level of care the animals receive. Shame there were no pictures of this uncaring, selfish family. But similar folk are around us all, animal lovers must be vigilant & fight together to stand up for the rights of animals; if we don’t who will. Your local council representatives & governments are supposed to listen & work for their constituents; if they have no interest in animal welfare & don’t care….make some noise & get them booted out!!”

A family who ran an animal sanctuary in Oxfordshire have been found guilty of 16 offences of cruelty.

More than 100 animals, including 14 horses, were removed from Crunchies Animal Rescue Sanctuary, near Abingdon, in January 2012.

Eight peopleAngela Russell, her carer Daniel Bunyan, father Fred, son Robert, daughters Kirsty and Louise, her brother Peter and niece Abigail McHughwent on trial in April at Bicester Magistrates Court. They were charged with 16 offences, including failing to provide inadequate nutrition and veterinary care.

On Monday (24 June), all bar Peter Russell and Daniel Bunyan were convicted of all 16 offences at at Bicester Magistrates Court.

District judge Tim Pattison said: “I echo the words of RPSCA inspector Douglas Davidson that Crunchies was ‘an animal welfare disaster’; a sea of mud and faeces and, in short, a rescue centre from which animals needed to be rescued.”

This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (27 June 2013)

News Link:- http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/family-convicted-of-animal-cruelty-offences/#98wbvdMzcbEdAGSE.99 

Petitions: Romania: Please Do Not Allow The Killing Of Healthy Dogs!

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“I’m posting this petition on behalf ” Occupy For Animals”  because I feel so strongly about the way street animals are treated in Romania; which could so easily be solved, by registration, identification, sterilization & vaccination. 

I am hoping people will read the following information, learn about what is happening in Romania; & sign the petitions to end this barbaric cruelty . Please read the entire post below, then sign the petitions & send to friends etc. The rest of the world has to know what happens to street animals in Romania etc. Please also sign the petitions at the end of this post; which are just as important!”

The street dogs of Romania are hated, poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot, run over by cars, burned, and dumped in pits to starve to death. Some who are killed have their ears cut off by people who are able to turn them in for “rewards”. Hundreds of thousands of innocent dogs condemned to death every year, their only crime is being born. :-http://www.occupyforanimals.org/romania–organized-crime–stray-dog-business.html

This petition was started by Occupy for Animals! on April 13, 2013 – the petition letter that comes both in Romanian and English has been provided by our friend, Mira Iordanescu.


Romania, as a country member of the EU, must implement those measures to control the overpopulation of stray animals which have been proven efficient in all the civilized world: capture/sterilize/return …. but it appears that very many mayors in Romania have decided to kill as many stray dogs as possible.

In mid March 2013, the Romanian Senate has passed, with an overwhelming majority, the Bill 771/912/2007, regarding the management of stray animals, and based on the Judiciary Committee of the Romanian Parliament, only the animals suffering from incurable ailments can be euthanized.

According to the information that we have received from Romanian activists, this proposal did not sound well with many mayors in Romania, as well as many veterinarians (!) and the Association of Romanian Municipalities has contacted the Committee for Public Administration at the Romanian Parliament during their session from 3rd of April 2013, and proposed the most horrible amendments possible, of which the euthanasia after only 10 days of all animals captured and living in state run shelters (public shelters) being the most horrible and barbaric of all.

It is our understanding that the Committee for Public Administration at the Romanian Parliament will meet again in two weeks to make a final decision and to vote on all new amendments and then to send the Bill to the Romanian Parliament for a final vote in a plenary session. The new meeting is expected to take place around the 16th or 17th of April, 2013 – but the date has not yet been confirmed !!!

We are afraid that local authorities – the town halls – have (again) decided to kill as many animals as they possible can, and we all know how “euthanasia” is done in Romania, and we all know also that most public shelters are in fact DEATH CAMPS for the animals – dogs that have the misfortune to get caught and brought to such a so-called municipal shelter, rarely walk out alive again!

Mira Iordanescu had already started a petition – the signatures list will be forwarded to FPAM who will be at the Parliament. FPAM will print and present it to the Committee before the meeting.

But we definitely need a HURRICANE of EMAILS!

Please help us to avoid these new amendments from becoming reality – please sign our petition and share it with your friends and family and ask them to take action, too.

Romania’s unfortunate stray animals need us more than ever!
Please don’t let them down!

Those of you who are not familiar with the stray animal situation in Romania, will find some “interesting” information in the following link, and the links further down.

Please sign the petition here:http://www.change.org/petitions/romania-please-do-not-allow-the-killing-of-healthy-dogs?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=permissions_dialog_true

Thank you very much, in advance, for speaking up for Romania’s homeless animals.

Just a few of the many petitions to be found on the internet regarding Romania’s animals:-Please sign

Read this Article by: CODRUT FEHER a member of the Romanian Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA) Read the following article on the sadistic killer & his army.

Botosani ~ the massacre of 230 healthy dogs

On May 11, 2011, the vet Cristian Petru Pencu, assisted by his drunken helpers,
“managed” to kill 230 healthy dogs in 2 hours time. News Link:-http://stirileprotv.ro/stiri/actualitate/masacru-la-botosani-peste-100-de-caini-ucisi-de-angajatii-primariei.html

To fully understand what is happening in Romania, read news reports this:-http://www.occupyforanimals.org/romania–organized-crime–stray-dog-business.html

Barbulescu Flavius from Brasov…the Portrait of a Dog Catcher


Barbulescu Flavius

Barbulescu Flavius

Links :- http://www.piaberrend.org/romania-barbulescu-flavius-from-brasov/

Everything you need to know about Romani’s street dogs, shelters & the Romanian parliament; who are only out to line their own pockets! They don’t care about street animals; they just want them all dead by the cheapest way possible!:-http://www.occupyforanimals.org/romania–organized-crime–stray-dog-business.html

Stray dog situation in Romania Viewer Discretion Advised

Published on 28 Jan 2013 – Adoptiicaini

Stray dog situation in Romania

President Of Animal Rescue Charged With 120 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

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“WTF…this kind of thing doesn’t just happen overnight…why had it got so bad…surely she isn’t the only one at fault here. A shelter is a place were animals should be safe, cared for & given ample food & water…this wasn’t a shelter…it was a hell hole for sentient beings, forced to live amongst their own waste, whilst slowly dying of hunger & thirst. I just can’t believe it was left so long before someone intervened…didn’t anyone who worked their give a shit??? I just pray that they all are banned from owning any animals for life, as well as some serious prison time…for a serious crime!!”

In what the Oregon Humane Society is calling the largest animal neglect case they have ever had 149 dogs and two cats in deplorable conditions, starving and suffering from neglect, were seized on Sunday night.

Dogs kept in tiny crates, some unable to turn around, all starving to death

The president of Willamette Valley Animal Rescue, 24-year-old Alicia Inglish, was arrested and charged with 120 counts of second-degree animal neglect and one count of tampering with evidence.

When police raided the Willamette Valley Animal Rescue on Sunday what they saw was the opposite of what one expects from an animal shelter.

Police found 149 dogs in awful conditions. Some dog’s eyes were sealed shut with bodily fluid and as many as five dogs were crammed into a kennel fit for one.

 Many of the dogs had open sores. None of the dogs had access to food and what water they did have access to was dirty.

“This is so far and away from the perception of warmth and caring people expect in an animal shelter,” said executive director of the Oregon Humane Society, Sharon Harmon. “I saw one animal stuffed into a cage that was so small he was unable to lie down, sit or stand up,” said Oregon Humane Society veterinarian Kris Otterman. “He had no food or water in his cage, and I’m not sure how long he’d been left in that condition.”

Many of the dogs were starving, some so severe that they will need to be put on “ re feeding programs”  to re-introduce small amounts of food that is easy for them to digest. “Those dogs were shut down,” said Harmon. “They don’t show interest in food.”

A team of 21 deputies and volunteers from Oregon Humane Society and Willamette Humane Society worked through Sunday night to care for the seized animals. The dogs were taken to three different shelters. The Oregon Humane Society took in 110 of the dogs. In doing so the Oregon Humane Society is now at double its capacity for dogs.

They are asking the public for help minimize the crowded conditions. They currently have 80 dogs available for adoption and are reducing the adoption fee of all dogs one year and older to $50 through January 18th.

The dogs from the raid are being held as evidence and are not available or adoption at this point. In addition whether all the dogs can be rehabilitated or adoption is still unknown. The Oregon Humane Society hopes to get the dogs healthy and into good homes as soon as the legal system will allow.

Sheriff’s officials said they had tried to work with Inglish to address issues with the rescue after receiving complaints previously but were again and again met with no cooperation from Inglish and the Willamette Valley Animal Rescue. The Oregon Humane Society also tried to help and inspect the facility but also faced lack of cooperation when they were turned away.

Inglish is currently being held at the Marion County Jail on $300,000 bail. Sheriff’s officials are expecting to make additional arrests in this case.

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/01/president-of-animal-rescue-charged-with-120-counts-of-animal-neglect/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LifeWithDogs+%28Life+With+Dogs%29

URGENT Petitions to sign please: An international delegation will be at the EU on 24th of January

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Posting on behalf of Occupy for Animals, please help by signing the petitions below; it’s time to unite as one & take action against Europe‘s homeless animals

Occupy for Animals

Please TAKE ACTION for Europe’s homeless animals – SIGN the PETITIONS NOW!

An international delegation will be at the EU on 24th of January, 2013 to address the problem of the growing stray animals population in Europe.

A video about the dire plight of Europe’s homeless animals will be shown, the problem will be discussed, and different petitions will be handed over. 

Babies in the animal control center Seslavci, Sofia


Europe must take responsibility for millions of street animals:

Info and petition herehttp://www.eu-protest1-en.aerztefuertiere.de/

Sofia – Corruption and shady practices hinder the management of stray animals populations

Please read the entire page, it has pictures of the shelter; stories of some of the dogs & also video. Info herehttp://www.occupyforanimals.org/sofia–corruption-and-shady-practices-hinder-the-management-of-stray-animals-population1.html

Petition herehttps://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/bulgaria-start-sterilization-campaigns-in-sofia-and-all-bulgarian-municipalities-immediately

Ovidiu Portariuc, the mayor of Botosani has hired SC Puppy Vet SRL – known for having killed thousands of stray dogs – and wants to send the city’s stray dogs to Constanta, on a dubious ‘pilot project’

Info herehttp://www.occupyforanimals.org/the-mayor-of-botosani-wants-to-send-the-citys-stray-dogs-to-constanta-on-a-dubious-pilot-project.html

Petition herehttps://www.change.org/petitions/mr-ovidiu-portariuc-mayor-of-botosani-collaborate-with-ador-and-implement-a-catch-neuter-return-program#

The petition against the chaining of dogs

Info herehttp://occupyforanimals.wix.com/straysofeurope#!chained_dogs/c6gx

Petition herehttp://www.change.org/petitions/european-commission-ban-the-chaining-of-dogs-in-the-eu

The petition to help the Romanians get justice for Tereza Szekely and the 120 innocent animals burnt to death in Cluj/Romania 

Info and petition herehttp://www.causes.com/causes/800026-justice-for-carer-tereza-and-the-120-cats-and-dogs-burnt-to-death-25-10-2012-in-cluj-romania/actions/1702098

Please SIGN NOW and share this post with your friends ♡

The adage that there is strength in numbers holds especially true when it comes to petitions, be it to the EU or other relevant authority. Please add your voice to those of growing numbers of compassionate people from around the world, and let’s make a difference!

Together, we can!!!

Welcome to the animal control center Seslavci, Sofia

Taming The Tigers: Tiger Temple Or Just Tourist Tigers?

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In 1994 a Buddhist Temple was founded in Thailand. It would become one of the most well-known tourist attractions, where the public could interact with Tigers. But it hid a terrible secret; it would also come to be known as one of the most infamous tiger breeding, trading and abusive facilities in the world!

Sybelle Foxcroft was the undercover investigator who exposed this. After the Thai Government and no conservation agency moved on this violent place, Sybelle continued to go into the temple and investigate herself with her conservation organisation, Cee4life (Conservation and Environmental Education 4 Life).


In 2011, she released the book ‘Behind the Cloak of Buddha’ which chronicles the lives of these tigers. They will never have lived their lives in vain.

On October 2012, Sybelle went back with David O’shea…here is the outcome….

Here is the YouTube video for the Dateline program. I went back to the Tiger Temple with Dateline journalist David O’Shea to check on the Tigers welfare, to see any changes, and to provide education for the public to travel ethically. Please share this with everyone you know.

Until people are educated about this place and others like it, animals will continue to be abused, animals will suffer, and animals will disappear, all because people think its cool to “pat” these wild creatures. Save your money and support the last 3000 tigers left in world in the wild, and help us protect the ones in captivity from illegal wildlife trade and exploitation ~ Sybelle

Taming the Tigers

Published on 30 Oct 2012 by 

Thailand’s Tiger Temple attracts thousands of tourists, but activists claim there’s a history of ill treatment and illegal trafficking of animals.

For more on David O’Shea’s story, go to the SBS Dateline website…http://bit.ly/V2BCgG

Temple Tigers attacks Tourist – The Tiger is known to have a most powerful bite force of 1000 pounds/453kg when adults. A Tiger can kill at human when they are 6+ months old. On 15th October 2012, a female tourist walked into the temple and within 10 minutes she was rushed to hospital after a young tiger attacked and bit her. She has 9 stitches and is ok. Imagine if that was your head, your child’s torso..

The only reason I know is because I was there. Tourists sign and indemnity form when entering the temple, releasing them of any accountability  I am compiling a list of injuries, attacks, and bites on tourists in the tiger temple over the years. I’m doing this for 2 reasons, for safety of humans, and to support the captives Tigers of the temples right to live in ethical and humane situations, away from people pulling their heads around and sitting on them etc.

They ARE survival specialist carnivores. If you or any only you know has been bitten, please send detailed information to sybelle@cee4life.org or donna@cee4life.org There is no magical care that can make tigers placid, Tigers have and will continue to attack human beings that put themselves in such dubious close proximity. Please respect your life, your loved ones, and respect these tigers. Learn to look but not touch. – Sybelle

The Drugging of the Temple Tigers – For those of you who haven’t read the book “Behind the Cloak of Buddha” I would like to clear up the “drugging of the tigers”. This so-called drugging was mentioned by one girl who never provided any proof back in 2006. There was no proof then and there is no proof now. However this girl said the Tigers were drugged to the conservation organisation who conducted the investigation and so the “story” began.

I became the undercover investigator in 2007 in the Temple and I can guarantee you that I watched from 5am -11pm and not once did I catch them giving any classic drugs (injections, pills) to the Tigers. However, I did repeatedly observe Tigers displaying classic signs and symptoms of sedation eg: unsteady, eye dialated, tongue hanging out, increased thirst, etc however still no evidence of drugging.

There are herbal concoctions that cause sedative effects which could easily have been put in their food, however again I never caught them doing that either. One afternoon I followed Hernfa back to his cage, there was something wrong with him. He was staggering, incredibly off balance, and he could barely make it to his cage. He fell onto the floor. I called his name and he struggled to lift his head, his eyes could barely focus on me. This is one of the photos of him in this state. (there are a series of them).

Hernfa drugged or exhausted?

Picture taken by  Sybelle- Drugged or not? This is Hernfa one of the photos of him in this state. (there are a series of them). Was he just extremely exhausted?

Was he just extremely exhausted? He would be from 500 people. But I set about trying to find the reason for the extreme lethargy that all the Tigers displayed and I was able to determine this. These Tigers are locked in cells 20 hrs per day, no sunshine, no exercise, no enrichment. They are then pulled out for the tourists for 4 hours where they are yanked up and down for photos. Additionally, not one of these Tigers has a correct diet.

All have NEVER had red meat or blood or bones as a carnivore should, they are lacking in multiply vitamins and minerals etc, they are in a weakened state already. Then, many had been beaten from birth and the continued abuse of punches in the head and urine sprayed in the face has been caught on camera by many tourists. None of the Tigers have any real muscle tone at all and many have lost a good amount of their eyesight because of the lack of taurine in their diet. (Taurine is found in a normal carnivore meat diet and causes eye problems when there is a lack of it. In these Tigers cases, it is non existent).

So you have, unhealthy, weak, defeated, abused, unenriched, lacking exercise who cant see properly Tigers being dragged around day after day for their life. And then one day in the Tigers food preparation area I found the leaf of the Kratom tree, a category 5 narcotic, illegal but a native tree to Thailand…… Was this what caused this effect on the Tigers? Or was it purely the abuse in every way of the Tigers…. There will only be one way to find out, thorough drug testing outside of Thailand. Sybelle


Tiger Temple – The Screaming Tigers!

Uploaded by  on 16 Nov 2010

Tiger Temple – A walk through the lives of the tigers from cubs to adults to the unethical tourism of the Tiger Temple. Please help save the lives of these tigers from suffering and abuse by joining http://www.cee4life.org and become a voice for these tigers. You can also join us on Facebook Cee4life where you will find various links to the petition and other information on the tigers of the temple and ethical travel. Refuse to be a part of this exploitation and abuse of these magnificent creatures or any other creature, Sybelle Foxcroft

Link to petition –http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/The-Wildlife-Trade-Tiger-Temple-Behind-the-C…

Face book:-https://www.facebook.com/BehindtheCloakBuddha


Montreal SPCA Rescues Two Carriage Horses Allegedly Abused By Their Owner

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“Sorry, but I don’t agree with having carriage horses in the middle of busy city centres  it’s absolutely ridiculous! Aside from the obvious danger of being hit by a car or spooking & running into a car etc. they have to work dam hard in all weathers. Next time you see one, take a good look at it, does it look happy to you? I doubt it…If they were only used in nature parks & had proper field turn out, with large stables, that wouldn’t be too bad. Plus remember the horse has the bridle & bit in nearly 8 hours a day 6 days a week, imagine how sore his mouth must be; it never gets any rest time from a bit.”

Now if they could say for certain that they receive the 5 F’s I wouldn’t have a problem with them, but as you can see, it’s impossible for carriage horses to get the 5 F’s:-

1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour. A horse can’t eat or drink properly when on a stand waiting for fares, as soon as a fare comes along, his nose bag has to wait.

2. Freedom from Discomfort – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area. I wouldn’t call standing, walking trotting on concrete roads comfortable, they can’t lay down when they want,  nor would I say they are comfortable having the carriage harness on every day!

3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment. As I said, continual pounding on concrete doesn’t do the hoof’s, legs or pelvis any good, horses are not built to be on road surfaces all week

4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind. Unless the horse is going back to a turnout field or paddock, he can’t express normal behaviour, horses love to roll, especially after all their tack is removed, it’s their way of scratching their backs etc. They love to groom each other & enjoy being free to run & play with their buddies. They can sleep standing up, in fact their knee’s lock, to stop them falling down; but it’s not a deep sleep, like they can have in a field, whilst other horses watch over them, ever ready to alert them to any possible danger. In my experience most larger breeds would prefer fields to lay, roll & sleep in, even if they have a large stable. My mare has a very big stable, floor & walls rubber matted too, but she won’t lay down in it, she’s too clumsy at getting down then back up, so she waits until she gets outside; then finds the muckiest spot to roll in…yes, I’m sure she does it on purpose too! lol

5. Freedom from Fear and Distress – by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering. Being surrounded by noisy engines, car horns, wagons etc. is enough to cause a horse distress, even if they have been pulling a carriage for several years, they will still be distressed by a noise they haven’t heard before & can’t see it because the blinkers stop their view!

“As you can see from above, I’m not sure the horses get the 5 F’s, therefore I oppose them.  Horses are flight animals, they should not be nose to exhaust pipe, on busy roads in cities etc. Pounding on concrete or asphalt, all day up to 6 days at a time, doesn’t do the horses feet & joints any good what so ever! See the back left leg of the black horse, the hock looks like an open wound, the right looks like it’s going to go the same way too! It could have happened as it fell, but can’t see that as most go down on front legs first. I suppose they could have been caused by his back legs rubbing against the carriage. I can’t quite figure out what that plastic looking ring is around his left hoof?”

MONTREAL – Two carriage horses, Blackjack and Captain Bob, have been rescued by the Montreal SPCA after the driver apparently abused the animals.

Last Sunday, the SPCA received a call from police requesting assistance with a case of alleged cruelty towards Blackjack, a carriage horse in Griffintown, the district of Montreal where the historic and controversial Horse Palace is located.

The Griffintown Horse Palace is a stable for carriage (or calèche) horses that dates back to around 1860.

The land is owned by former carriage driver Leo Leonard, also known as Clawhammer Jack, but since he retired in 2011, a local foundation has been trying to save the stables from being sold and turned into condos.

According to witnesses, the horse collapsed on the way back to the stables. The driver of the carriage apparently kicked the horse once it was on the ground.

The SPCA arrived on the scene and immediately contacted an equine veterinarian to examine and attend to the horse’s injuries.

“This incident draws attention to the deplorable work and living conditions for carriage horses in the city of Montreal,” said the SPCA in a statement. “Something the general public is not necessarily aware of.”

“These horses are often forced to work nine or more hours per day, seven days a week,” said Alanna Devine, the Director of Animal Advocacy at Montreal’s SPCA.

“They are subject to potential collisions with traffic, loud noises that can cause spooking, extreme temperatures and years of walking on unnaturally hard surfaces which often causes lameness.”

“When they are not working, are tied in stalls where they have no opportunity to move around freely or engage in any other natural behaviours and that most of the horses when they can no longer be used to pull carriages will be sent to auction or to slaughter.

The horse that collapsed on Sunday was given to the Montreal SPCA by its owner, along with Captain Bob, another horse that the owner no longer wished to keep.

The two horses have been moved to a foster home where they will be living a very different sort of life – spending time outdoors, socializing with other horses and receiving the necessary care and attention.

Once the animals have fully recovered, the SPCA will be looking for permanent adoptive homes for both horses.

The organization will also continue investigating what caused the horse to collapse, as well as the allegations of animal cruelty against the carriage driver.

The SPCA hopes that the unfortunate incident may draw attention to the living conditions of carriage horses and say it’s time for Montreal officials – and Montrealers – to take a closer look at the horse-and-carriage industry and at the working and living conditions of these animals.

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News Link:http://www.globalmontreal.com/montreal+spca+rescues+two+carriage+horses+allegedly+abused+by+their+owner/6442744615/story.html


Horror Shelter in Hreša, Bosnia – Dogs In Desperate Need

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“Sharing for & on behalf of my good friend & animal advocate, Sandra Jensen…owner of the following blog. Rather than re-blog I wanted to repost , as I know sometimes  re-blogs can be overlooked when we are busy or in a rush…I admit, I have overlooked people’s re-blogs sometimes, because I’m in a rush or because it is not of the same topic etc!! 

But this is of the same topic “ANIMALS” & these dogs are in terrible state. Take a look at the dogs in the slide show below, no animal should suffer this way, their Government must be shamed into taking care of these innocent sentient beings. So please sign & share the petition Sandra has created; at the bottom of this post.

Sandra has done so much to help these victims…but she needs our help…she has also set up a ChipIn account for those who can spare a few dollars to help feed these dogs. Bosnia & surrounding towns are terrible place’s for any unloved animal to live…please…lets share our love with them & please share this with all your friends!”

“To these dogs $1 could make all the difference, when hungry! Most of us tend to forget that our Towns or Countries take care of dogs in need. So please, spare a thought for these little guy’s, they desperately need extra help…If it were not for the volunteers (who should be called angels), who knows how many would go without food. I know everybody is busy & it’s the run up to Christmas, but I wouldn’t ask if it were not important!! Thanks in advance x”

Jelena Paunović of Život BiH was contacted last night about a shelter in Hreša district, on the outskirts of Sarajevo. She went there with volunteers and took photographs.

She went again this morning with food.This is what she discovered:

Over 50 dogs are being kept in entirely inhumane conditions, without adequate food or water or veterinary treatment, that numerous dogs are kept in tiny cages, that dead dogs are left amongst living dogs. Dogs have open wounds. Puppies are starving.

Furthermore, witnesses said that any non-purebred dog caught by the shelter is killed, and that purebred dogs are stolen from owners and only released to the owner if a ransom is paid.

One person said: “They only want purebred dogs because they can sell them. They just do not care about strays! They are killing them constantly! And also, they are stealing the dogs from people’s yards if they are purebred and selling them. One worker of the shelter I spoke to said that I have to pay 100 EUR if I want my dog back. When I arrived at Hresa shelter (it takes me about one hour!) they killed my dog in their car. My God I was ready to pay the ransom!

Jelena was told by Slaviša Jovčić, the manager of the shelter and director of Glog, the company that built the shelter, that he was promised 130 000 KM from the municipalities for the shelter, but the full amount of the money was never paid by the municipality and therefore Slaviša Jovčić cannot ensure the care of the dogs.

What can be done? It will cost 20 euros a day to feed the dogs through the winter. It will cost animal welfare volunteers from Sarajevo 15 euros for each trip they make to check on the dogs and bring food. There is nowhere to release them to other than the streets.

There are no foster homes for them, and ‘pension’ will cost at least 80 euros per dog.

Maybe we can a) raise funds for food and b) bring international attention so the authorities are forced to do something. If you have any contacts with international animal welfare organisations please let them know.

 Sandra Jensen (owner of this blog) has  started a petition, please, spare a minute of your time to sign and share, it is the very least one can do to help these poor dogs:

Please Sign Petition:- Demand Investigation into Horror Shelter in Hresa, Bosnia

Sandra Jensen:http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/horror-shelter-in-hresa-bosnia/

And please contact the Mayor of the district directly – by mail, email, telephone and fax. The dogs only hope is if we show the Bosnian Government that we know, and that we will not sit by and let these dogs suffer. 

Bojo Gašanović
Opština Istočni Stari Grad
Hreša bb,
71144 Hreša, Istočni Stari Grad,
Istočno Sarajevo
Telefon: +387 (0) 57 265 117
Fax: +387 (0)57 265 114

E-mail: info@opstinaisg.net

You can also contact the local commissioner:
Snjezana Jovicic +387 (0) 57 265 117

Sample letter – better if you personalise it:

I request that the Government of Bosnian and Herzegovina, the Istocni Stari Grad authorities and municipality mayor Bojo Gašanović in particular, investigate the matter of the Hreša dog shelter.

We have reliable reports and eyewitness accounts substantiated by photographs that over 50 dogs are being kept in inhumane conditions, without adequate food or water or veterinary treatment, that numerous dogs are kept in tiny cages, that dead dogs are left amongst living dogs. Furthermore, there are reports that any non-purebred dog caught by the shelter is killed, and that purebred dogs are stolen from owners and only released to the owner if a ransom is paid.

It is understood that Slaviša Jovčić, the manager of the shelter and director of Glog, the company that built the shelter, was promised 130 000 KM from the municipalities for the shelter, but the full amount of the money was never paid by the municipality and therefore Slaviša Jovčić cannot ensure the care of the dogs.

We demand that a full investigation is undertaken, that the municipality ensures that the facility is immediately provided with funds to care for these dogs. Modern practices must be implemented, giving food and fresh water and the facility be must be kept sanitary and properly staffed with veterinary professionals so the animals are cared for and, ultimately, caring homes need to be found for these dogs.

This situation has sparked a global outcry and we look to the Bosnian and Herzegovinan justice system and authorities to conform with EU standards regarding animal welfare, and to apply the law that was passed in Bosnia Herzegovina incorporating these EU standards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Sandra Jenson has also  started a ChipIn, please donate.

Or donate directly, but state it is for the dogs in Hresa: DONATE VIA PAYPAL

Please do all you can to send this around the globe, no dogs should have to live like this!

From Word Press Blog:-http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/horror-shelter-in-hresa-bosnia/

Volunteers (Angels) The Association for protection and welfare of animals “Život BiH”:-http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/how-to-help/zivot-bih/

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