WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Burning Dog Sparks Public Outcry In South Korea

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“I know what I would like to do to the f-ing bastards that set the dog alight…the most horrifying fact is; it could well have been children! It has & will continue to happen until changes are made & animal abuse is seen as a serious crime; which merits serious punishment!!”

“I know for a fact there are people or kids out there, that know who did this; along with the thousands of others keeping schtum about similar animal abuse cases. Children are only interested in the here & now…they either don’t want to, or are bullied into not wanting to grass their mates up! They have no idea, nor can they relate to the repercussion, that first “act of animal abuse” can lead to.”

” I think kids should be taught about the “The link between animal abuse & serial killers etc” within the school environment. When problems escalate from children abusing animals etc.; then it’s children that need to know why animal abuse, of any kind is wrong & what the ramifications of committing such a crime…can lead to!” 

A South Korean animal rights group offered a $2,800 dollar reward to catch those responsible for setting a dog on fire in an incident that triggered a public outcry.

CCTV footage of the dog running through a car park while engulfed in flames was shown on national TV news channels and prompted angry discussions on social network sites.

The dog ran into a garage and triggered a fire which gutted the structure in Yongin, a city south of Seoul, on Sunday.

The group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth offered a three million won ($2,813) reward for information leading to the arrest of those behind the incident.

Whatever they tried to do, whether to kill, eat or abuse the dog, this cannot be tolerated for any reason,” the group said.

Dog meat is a traditional delicacy in South Korea, but growing numbers of Koreans oppose the practice and consider it an international embarrassment.

News Link:http://www.timeslive.co.za/world/2013/01/23/burning-dog-sparks-public-outcry-in-south-korea

The video contains very graphic content, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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‘Happened …’ Burned to the car repair shop caught fire jumped

Published on 22 Jan 2013

Auto body shop a few days ago (20 days) in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, a fire did occur. Somehow the cause of the fire was this dog. JTBC affiliate reporter Kim, Youn – Tae Central Daily reported.

There is a petitions on Causes.com for people to join & sign, regards this dog & other dogs that are treated in such heinous crimes…this has to stop!…Please sign & join the cause below”

PETITION: South Korea! Stop Burning Dogs Alive!

Some of the text from the Cause:-

However, this is not an isolated case in South Korea.  Dogs are burned alive in South Korea everyday. 

“Dogs are killed with high-voltage electrocution, which takes anywhere from thirty seconds to three minutes, hanged, and even beaten to death at the request of customers who believe the meat more tender and tastier the greater the suffering (one of the most pernicious of myths), and that the so-called medicinal properties are enhanced. 

They are most often killed within sight of their cage mates. They are then thrown into a tub of boiling water, often still alive, and then into a rotating drum for the removal of their fur, and finally blow torched.  At Moran Market, South Korea’s largest open air-market for dog meat, dog carcasses are on display next to the cages of live dogs.

 Cats are often bludgeoned and thrown into boiling water while still alive.”  Frightening and horrific cruelty to man’s best friends is endemic and systematic in South Korean society.

These unprecedented cruelty towards animals can no longer be tolerated and it is our moral duty to urge South Korean government to respect and enforce not just its own but the Global Animal Protection Laws.

 Each year 2 million dogs and thousands of cats are brutally killed and eaten.  These helpless animals are forced to endure unspeakable suffering,  deprivation and torture from birth to death.  Abandoned pets end up as meat as well.

 We oppose this on ethical, health, environmental and moral grounds.  It is unconscionable for the South Korean Government to ignore the huge growing shock and outcry on social media sites all over the world.

Please join the cause & sign here:- http://www.causes.com/actions/1726754?recruiter_id=184529148&reposter=809297&utm_campaign=activity_invitation_mailer%2Factivity_invitation&utm_medium=email&utm_source=causes

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Please support Care – Coexistence Of Animal Rights On Earth

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Please support Care – Coexistence Of Animal Rights On Earth


English subtitles have been added. We hope you enjoy and understand we are doing everything we can to make a difference in the enforcement of Korea’s Animal Protection Law. On behalf of CARE and animals worldwide, we thank you for your support.

Please help us increase pressure on Korean authorities:
Sign a letter to Korea’s Director of Animal Welfare:
Sign the petition to properly enforce Korea’s Animal Protection Law:

Care Web Page:- http://www.careanimalrights.org/

Punish the man who burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea’s Animal Protection Laws

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Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised Dog Burned Alive in Gimje, S. Korea!


This incident took place around April 20, 2012 in the vicinity of Gimje Central Middle School in Gimje, S. Korea. These photographs were obtained by CARE(Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth) from the Gimje Central Middle School students who photographed and videotaped this incident and CARE has confirmed all the facts of this case from another informant as well.

Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised

Published on 4 May 2012 by 

According to student witnesses, this dog known as “Hindoongi” which means white dog is hanged and burned alive with a torch fire by a man who lives in that area. Students stated that Hindoongi suffered the pain of being slowly burned alive by portable torch and he seemed to have eventually died of shock.

This case where a dog is burned alive in broad daylight in front of young students shows vividly how serious the problem of animal cruelty is in S. Korean society and how backward their consciousness is about animal protection. CARE will once again actively fight to make sure the prison sentence is given for this unforgivable crime and Gimje Police is currently investigating this case. The students know the identity of this man so this animal abuser is expected to be arrested quickly.  Even if this man is convicted the maximum punishment for his heinous crime is only 10,000,000 KRW (approx $8,800 USD) or one year in jail in S. Korea.  This is definitely not enough punishment for such a horrendous and unspeakable cruelty.

These types of atrocities happens too often in S. Korea because eating dogs is accepted as a norm thanks to their government’s shameful indifference to their dog meat industry where 2 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year.  This case happens to be photographed and videotaped making it possible for the animal rights groups to pursue the animal cruelty charge against this man.  However, dogs are being tortured and eaten hidden from people’s view in secrecy all the time in S. Korea.  This is a shame of S. Korea, a nation that has achieved miraculous economic and political progresses, that their animal protection law is stuck in the stone ages.

Without banning the dog meat trade and strengthening the Animal Protection Law to the global standard, South Korea will not enjoy the respect commensurate with the country’s international stature.  I will not support South Korean businesses or visit South Korea until these horrors come to an end.

Please sign petition here:-http://www.change.org/petitions/punish-the-man-who-burned-a-dog-alive-strengthen-s-korea-s-animal-protection-laws

Please also sign the petition to the Director of Animal Welfare, Kyo-Young, Seo. (Scroll down for the English text) http://www.careanimalrights.org/you-young-ahn/

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