Video And 43 Petitions To Sign To End The War Against Wolves

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“The current assault against wolves in the wild, through hunting, trapping, poisoning dens, etc. is unnecessary and an indictment on the American People if we continue to look the other way. We must put an end to this unprovoked and inhumane slaughter. Please help by signing as many petitions as you can”

Louise du Toit – Ode to the Wolves – Wolf Paintings by Vincent A Kennard


Uploaded on 9 Sep 2010

Louise du Toit – CD Albums @…
Louise du Toit – Official Website @

“Ode to the Wolves” is an artistic tribute to all wolves, written to raise awareness about the endless atrocities they endure from humans all over the world, with a positive message to support the plight of the wolves and to end their suffering. 

The music and lyrics of “Ode to the Wolves” were written by Louise du Toit and the paintings in the video were done by fierce wolf protector, author and artist, Vincent Arthur Kennard, with the purpose of accompanying the song. 

Bringing Wolves Back! 43 Petitions.  Please TAKE ACTION!

Wolf Caught In Leg Hold Trap

My apologies if any have ended before I get this posted!
1.Wolves in the Lower-48 States Need Your Help

2.Relist Wolves to the Endangered Species Act

3.Gray Wolves Need Your Help Today TAKE ACTION!!!!

4.Please protect our wolves from animal cruelty

5.Secretary Jewell: Finish the Job on Wolves

6.Relist Wolves

7.Relist Wolves to the Endangered Species Act

8.Fewer than 100 Wild Red Wolves Remain in the World

9.Stop The Delisting Of Endangered Wolves


11.Saving the Grey Wolves

12.Stop the War on Wolves

13.Make Wolves a protected Species in MN

14.Save Mexican Grey Wolves


16.Save the Wolves

17.Protect The Wolves on ESA



20.Repeal the new wolf hunting and trapping regulations

21.U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Don’t De-List Gray Wolves the wolves

23.Help Stop the Killing of Wolves

24.Tell Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell: Stop a Delisting Catastrophe


26.Allow wolves back into Utah

27.Stop killing the wolves

28.Wildlife Management Change

29.Co-existing with Wolves

30.Stop the wolf hunt

31.Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana

32.Save the Wolves and Dogs

33.Boycott Casperson’s Upper Peninsula

34.stop shooting and killing wolves

35.Enable law enforcement to fully implement the existing laws to protect hunting dogs.


37.Please put an end to animal abuse in the commercial industries

38.Re list All US Wolf Population NOW

39.Ban The Sale of Animal Skins in The United States!

40.Ban trapping in America, as all other civilized countries have already done; based on cruelty and torture.


42.Protection from Trapping in White Bear, MN ing/?source=search

43.OPPOSE MONTANA WOLF House Bills 73, 31 and 33

64 Wolves Killed In Opening Days of Hunt: Protect Red Wolves

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Duluth, Minn. — Minnesota wolf hunters have killed 64 wolves as of 8 p.m. Monday in the first weekend of the state’s first regulated wolf hunt.

The DNR set a quota of 200 wolves for this first season, which runs concurrently with the deer rifle-hunting season. The opening weekend harvest is in line with the agency’s expectations, said DNR wolf expert Dan Stark.

Bryan Heiney of Duluth killed this wolf at about noon Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 in southern Koochiching County, Minn., on the third day of the state’s first wolf hunting season. (Photo courtesy of Bryan Heiney)

“Typically about 50 percent of the harvest occurs the first weekend, and that’s when most of the hunters are out there,” Stark said. “We aren’t going to know exactly until the end of the season, but it’s likely to track that pattern.”

The number of wolves killed so far in Minnesota is higher than at the beginning of other states’ hunts, Stark said. He also said the agency will survey hunters about their methods and how long they hunted. That information will be used to make any needed changes to next year’s hunt.

At the end of Monday, the DNR closed the east-central wolf hunting zone around Lake Mille Lacs where eight of the zone’s allotted nine wolves were killed over the weekend. Hunters will be able to kill another 200 wolves during a second season beginning at the end of the November. That season will include trappers as well as hunters.

News Link:-

Fewer than 100 Wild Red Wolves Remain in the world

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission recently approved a temporary state rule that allows the hunting of coyotes at night using spotlights, including in the area inhabited by the only wild population of red wolves, one of the world’s most endangered animals.

Take action now! Sign our petition calling on the commission to halt all coyote hunting — day or night — within the red wolf recovery area.

Red wolves once roamed most of the Southeastern United States, but harsh predator control programs and habitat loss resulted in their near elimination — and in 1980 red wolves were declared extinct in the wild.

After a small population of captive red wolves was reintroduced into the eastern part of North Carolina, the species slowly began to repopulate and today about 100 red wolves have regained a fragile foothold in the wild.

Red wolves and coyotes are similar in size, coats and coloring, so red wolves are frequently mistaken for coyotes, even in daylight. In nighttime conditions it is nearly impossible to tell them apart.

Please take this urgent action today!

At least two red wolves have already been killed within the eastern North Carolina area designated for red wolf recovery. Defenders of Wildlife has joined two other conservation organizations to file suit in the Superior Court of Wake County, North Carolina to prevent nighttime coyote hunting throughout North Carolina, including within the red wolf recovery area.

The groups have also put the North Carolina Wildlife Commission on notice that we will seek a federal enforcement action unless it stops all coyote hunting — daytime or nighttime — in the area where these critically endangered wolves live.

That’s why we need supporters like you to speak out on behalf of these wolves and tell the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to halt all coyote hunting in the red wolf recovery area!

The red wolf only exists in the state of North Carolina, and with a population so small and fragile, an increase in red wolf shooting deaths could mean they’ll never recover

Petition link:-

Will Wyoming’s wolves be next?

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Last week, the Obama administration opened a brief public comment period on a revised plan to delist Wyoming’s wolves.

Wyoming’s wolves could be left at the mercy of a shoot-on-sight state policy that covers nearly 90% of the state.

Unfortunately, this plan is virtually the same bad plan that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has rejected in years past and leaves Wyoming’s wolves at the mercy of a shoot-on-sight state policy that covers nearly 90% of the state.

Take action now: Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you OPPOSE the delisting of wolves in Wyoming under the current state plan.

The Wyoming wolf plan has changed little from past plans that federal officials found to be unacceptable. It relies on out-of-date recovery goals rather than the best available science. It allows wolf numbers to be significantly reduced in the state. And the plan still allows for indiscriminate wolf killing across the vast majority of Wyomingeven on national forests and other lands owned by the American taxpayer.

It’s still a flawed plan that does not treat wolves as the ecologically important wildlife that they are.

Speak out now to oppose the Wyoming wolf delisting plan before the May 16th deadline.

We simply can’t allow the Obama administration to walk away from its responsibility to ensure a healthy wolf population in the Northern Rockies by their approval of Wyoming’s wolf plan. The stakes are too high for the future of wolves in the West.

Idaho is already pursuing a race to the bottom in wolf management — killing more than 400 wolves in just the first year of delisting. If Wyoming is given the green light for their management plan, vital dispersal of wolves to other states where wolves have historically made their homes may become difficult.

And without federal protections, Wyoming could follow Idaho’s lead — modifying their management plan to make the situation even worse for wolves in the region.

We have already seen what can happen if the fate of wolves is turned over to states with extreme anti-wolf plans in place. We need to make sure the Obama administration gets it right for wolves in Wyoming.

Speak out now for the future of wolves in Wyoming and the West.

As early as this fall, wolves in Wyoming could be at the mercy of a state plan that allows these iconic animals to be shot on sight throughout most of the state.

More than 76,000 Defenders supporters spoke out against the Wyoming delisting plan during the original public comment period. Will you speak out now before next Wednesday’s deadline?

Together, we can ensure a lasting future for America’s wolves.

Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you OPPOSE the delisting of wolves in Wyoming under the current state plan.


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Idaho’s War On Wolves – Please Sign Petition

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We saw it coming. When Congress stripped federal protections from wolves in the Northern Rockies one year ago, we warned that hundreds of wolves in the region would be killed.

It’s especially bad in Idaho. Broken promises and political pandering to anti-wolf extremists has led to the elimination of more than 400 wolves — almost half the state’s wolf populationin just one year.

Starting today, we’re marking the first anniversary of wolf delisting with a series of actions aimed at shining the national spotlight on Idaho’s extreme wolf-killing policies — and the dangers it poses to wolf recovery in the American West.

Take action now: Sign our petition to Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter and urge him to stop his state’s war on wolves — and to treat these animals like wildlife, not vermin.

Idaho officials aren’t stopping as the death toll surpasses 400they’re aiming to kill off as many wolves as possible until they drive the population down to 150. Officials have already changed their rules to make it even easier for hunters and trappers to kill even more wolves.

It’s clear that Idaho’s goal is to drive wolves down to the barest minimum of 150 wolves — decimating the state’s wolf population down to minimum numbers.

This is not wolf management. It’s a backwards attempt to once again eliminate an ecologically important predator from the landscape.

Tell Idaho Governor Otter that decimating the state’s wolves is unethical, unscientific and unacceptable in modern-day wildlife management.

Federal officials delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies based on Idaho’s commitment to maintain between 518 and 732 wolves. But the governor broke this promise, leading to Idaho’s policy of killing off hundreds of wolves. This gives new unfortunate meaning to the old phrase of “bait and switch.”

Quite simply, Idaho is refusing to treat wolves as wildlife — pursuing a path of targeting wolves as vermin, using troubling tactics:

  • No quota limit throughout most of the state on the number of wolves that can be killed through hunting;
  • Allowing hunting for 8-10 months out of the year, which includes through denning season in some areas;
  • Increasing the number of wolves that can be hunted, trapped or snared per person;
  • Using aerial gunning to wipe out entire packs of wolves to artificially boost game populations;

These extreme policies only feed a frenzy of anti-wolf rhetoric in the state.

Take action now and help us reach our goal of generating 75,000 signatures: Sign our petition to Idaho’s governor and tell him to get it right on wolves.

Wolf recovery is one of the most important conservation success stories in this country. We can’t let Idaho’s extreme actions turn back the clock.
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Defenders of Wildlife – America’s wolves need our help!

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America‘s wolves need our help!

America’s wolves were nearly eradicated in the 20th century. Now, after a remarkable recovery in parts of the country, our wolves are once again in serious danger.

  • Federal sharpshooters are preparing for aerial wolf killing in Northern Idaho.
  • In Montana, the anti-wolf Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife are offering a $100 bounty per dead wolf.
  • Wyoming is moving forward with a plan that would allow wolves to be shot on sight across much of the state, including in National Forests and in some of the best available gray wolf habitat in the state.
  • Politicians in the Southwest are preventing the release of Mexican gray wolves into the wild – despite critically low wolf numbers that threaten a second extinction in the wild for these rare wolves.

“I am honoured to be able to share this beautiful video, from my dear friend & animal warrior Loise Du Toit.  Louise is a strong advocate for America’s wolves, along with other animals facing danger from climate & human intervention. So for those who want to help save Americas Wolves;…Louise has compiled a comprehensive list of addressee’s to send your letters or emails to!.  

Louise du Toit – CD albums @

You can also download the Album  – ‘Ode to Magnificent’ -by Louise Du Toit-  From iTunes.

The song for HOWL ACROSS AMERICA was written by Louise du Toit as a contribution to the August 2011 events, organized by NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, Howling For Justice and individual wolf advocates around the world, protesting against the killing of wolves. Music, lyrics, performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2011. Video created and produced by Louise du Toit. The copyrights to the music and lyrics are reserved by the artist. The images in this video are not the property of the producer. This video was made as a contribution to the salvation of wolves, for nonprofit educational purposes, without any intention of commercial advantage or private financial gain. There is no intention of copyright infringement either.

Created by members of NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, and Howling For Justice, HOWL ACROSS AMERICA is calling on all wolf advocates to speak up for the wolves in August 2011. Please join their page at the following link and add your voice of protest against the war on our precious wolves:

List of contacts, courtesy of Louise :-All Contacts needed to write letters opposing wolf slaughter

Please sign all the petitions below:-

Petition:- Save the Lolo 75 Wolf

Save the Lolo 75

Federal sharpshooters are preparing to take to the skies of Northern Idaho in an ill-conceived attempt to kill as many as 75 wolves to artificially boost game populations.

The proposed plan is for Wildlife Services, a program under Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s supervision, to use helicopters and other aircraft to gun down wolves in the Lolo region near Clearwater National Forest — your public lands!

Conservation groups like Defenders have long sought to protect wolves from unscientific persecution, and we’re not about to give up on them now.

Petition:- Protect Wolves on National Forests

Protect Wolves on National Forests

Under a new plan proposed by the State of Wyoming, wolves in Bridger Teton and other National Forests in Wyoming could be shot on sight.

Denning wolves are at risk. Wolf pups are at risk. And the very mission of conserving wildlife on our National Forests is at risk.

Tell President Obama and Secretary Vilsack, who oversees the Forest Service, to draw a line in the sand and oppose the shoot-on-sight plan for wolves on Bridger Teton and other National Forests in Wyoming.

Petition:- Urge Western Governors to Prevent Wholesale Wolf Slaughter

Urge Western Governors to Prevent Wholesale Wolf Slaughter

Congress has eliminated Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in the Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. Now the fate of our wolves rests in the hands of state officials. And while states like Oregon and Washington are adopting progressive plans to welcome wolves into their states, the legislatures and some governors and officials in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah are taking a more extreme approach to wolf management.

As bad as things are, the situation could get worse. Some extremists are pushing for the elimination of all wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

Take action now. Urge Western governors to adopt sound, sensible wolf management plans that ensure a lasting future for our wolves

Please click on the following to sign:- Don’t Give Hunters the Right to Hunt on Federal Lands

Petition:- Thank Federal Officials for Saving Unimak Wolves

Thank Federal Officials for Saving Unimak Wolves

Many of Unimak Island‘s wolves could have faced certain death this spring.Fortunately, federal officials made the right decision — siding with science and avoiding an unjustified slaughter.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service‘s courageous decision is a big win for science-based wolf management — and opens the door to a greater understanding into the underlying causes of caribou decline on the island.

Take action now: Thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for their decision to spare Unimak Island wolves. Alaska resident? 

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Historic Homecoming for Bison at Fort Peck

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The last light was fading fast from the sky when the first three trailers arrived. Gale force winds were ripping through the high plains, and the thermometer had dropped well below  freezing. Still, I was incredibly excited and gratified to be part of the small gathering with Fort Peck tribal members  to witness a historic homecoming and tremendous win for wildlife.

It was so worth it to spend  almost the entire day yesterday traveling from Washington, D.C. to eastern Montana, for the return of wild bison to the Great Plains. I watched in awe last night as the tribal wildlife manager flipped the latch of the first trailer, opened the door, and out roared the first two wild bison from Yellowstone National Park, storming back onto the Fort Peck Indian Reservation

One of the Yellowstone bison emerging from a trailer into a corral at Fort Peck Indian Reservation in eastern Montana.

The bison had spent all day as well, traveling  about 500 miles from a quarantine facility just outside Yellowstone, where some of them had been  for more than five years. But last night, they were finally set free where they truly belong in their new home.

In total, about 60 genetically pure, wild bison completed the journey. These are some of the only descendants of the historic herds that once roamed the Great Plains by the millions, and they are the first Yellowstone bison ever to be relocated to the Great Plains—the heart of their historic range– to start new herds.

Read More Here.via Historic Homecoming for Bison at Fort Peck | Defenders of Wildlife Blog.

Namibia: Seal Killing to Continue

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Everything you need to know about the seals of Nam

Did you know the Namibian seal hunt is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth? It is considered to be the most brutal of ALL culls and is officially responsible for the deaths of more seals than the Canadian cull.

From the 1st of July, 80 thousand Cape Fur seal pups will be savagely beaten to death for their fur pelts. Six thousand bulls will be shot so that their penises may be used to make an ineffective aphrodisiac. For the next 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers and be violently beaten to death. The colony will be rounded up at day break. Pups, bulls and cows will be surrounded and kept away from the safety of the sea. Men with clubs move in and the seals run in fear.

Warning – Viewer Discretion  Advised


To kill the animal, the men need to administer a swift blow to the head. This is supposed to cause the cranium to disintegrate. This initial strike is seldom sufficient to kill the animal and, as it tries to take evasive action, it is repeatedly beaten until it is either dead or unconscious. The sealer then stabs the little ones in the throat, sometimes while they are still alive. The baby seals are known to become so terrified that they will vomit up their mothers milk. The sand on the beach is stained pink from all the blood. Carcasses are hurled onto the backs of waiting vehicles and the bulldozers set to work cleaning up the blood before the tourists arrive to view the colony. 

 The Law regards the seals:-The Law

The Animal Protection Act of 1962 (Namibia) gives mandate to the Namibian SPCA to arrest and detain people for beating an animal to death.
Rather than uphold this mandate (and respect the laws of their own country) the Namibian SPCA have not only condoned the slaughter of 85 THOUSAND seal pups and 6 THOUSAND bulls, but they have gone so far as to call this savage practice HUMANE!

Please sign petition here :-Stop the Namibian Seal Slaughter

Click Main Page:- The seals of Nam

NAMBIA will continue to kill seals in compliance with the country’s laws and relevant international practices although animal activists are doing all they can to stop the cull through campaigns pressing for an international boycott of Namibian tourism and products.

“Seals are still an important natural resource, and we need to find a common approach on how best to deal with some of these issues in order to protect and retain the good name of our country,” Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau, told the fishing industry during an annual address held in Walvis Bay on Wednesday.

He admitted that the seals should be killed within the legal framework of Namibia’s laws, but activists are of the opinion that the slaughter of tens of thousands of Cape Fur seals every year is contrary to Namibian and international laws.

Esau said despite government’s calls on activists to recommend “more humane” ways to kill seals than the clubbing and stabbing of pups, no alternatives have been suggested. Instead, pressure is growing for the killing of seals to be stopped altogether.

“This perception from [activists] is regrettable and needs to be resolved through consultations,” said Esau.

He acknowledged Ombudsman John Walters’s efforts to arrange a meeting with various groups on the issue last year. An aerial survey of the seal colonies along the coast was done, and Walters also observed the seal culling.

A report with input from the members of the Benguela Current Commission (BCC) – Namibia, South Africa and Angola – will be made public late this year.

According to Esau, the aerial survey done in December 2011 showed that the seal population was “in a healthy state”. In 2011, Esau increased seal quotas and rights for the coming season in an attempt to increase jobs, while sustainably managing local resources.

Last year 91 000 seals – 85 000 pups and 6 000 bulls – were destined to die at the hands of three concession holders. The annual seal cull is between July 1 and November 15

via Namibia: Seal Killing to Continue, Says Esau.

Notes pdf document:- IFAW – Presentation to Canada’s Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans regarding a proposed grey seal cull, February 2012

Please sign petition here:-End Namibia’s Seal Killing

Please sign petition here:- Save the Namibian Cape Fur Seals From Extinction

Please sign petition here:- Animals Australia – Stop the ‘World’s Cruellest’ Seal Cull

“I have updated this post by adding this video, by my dear friend & animal warrior;  Louise Du Toit.  “It’s forlorn melody & sombre words are most befitting, to the despicable slaughter of  innocent babies. Savagely beaten; their fur ripped from their tiny bodies. Please, heed the  words of the chorus, beneath the video; will you raise your voice against this barbaric atrocity? Please, sign the petitions above”

Can you endure their pain?
Watch them die in vain?
Or will you raise a forceful voice
Against the clubbing rain?

“Namibia is responsible for the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth. Each year, 85 000 baby seals are violently beaten to death for their fur and a further 6 000 adult bulls are shot at point blank range. The Cape Fur seal is a threatened species and is listed on Appendix II of CITES.”

“I wrote this song and created the video as a special dedication to the tens of thousands of innocent seals which are ruthlessly killed every year during the Namibian seal slaughter. It is my sincere wish that this cruel practice will come to an end forever and I wholeheartedly support any efforts to make this wish a realization.”


Louise Du Toit

Music, lyrics, performance and video by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2012, as an artistic contribution to the worthy efforts of “Seals of Nam” to stop the Namibian seal slaughter. The official site of “Seals of Nam” is at the following link:

Say No to Destructive Drilling in the Arctic

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“Video by my dear friend & animal warrior; Louise Du Toit”

“Let us all OPPOSE ARCTIC DRILLING and any other destructive actions towards our beautiful planet and all wildlife.” – Louise du Toit”

This summer, exploratory drilling will begin in the Arctic Ocean unless we stop it.

The Arctic must be off limits to oil drilling, for the simple reason that a spill would be impossible to clean up there. The Arctic is home to polar bears, walrus, bowhead whales and other endangered and highly sensitive wildlife; oil drilling in its remote, ice-choked waters would carry unacceptably high risks of environmental destruction and loss of life.

President Obama has given approval to Shell to drill for oil this summer in the vulnerable Arctic. In hopes of uncovering new sources of dirty fossil fuelsArctic drilling could also unleash more than 11 billion tons of carbon pollution — making it ever more difficult to stave off devastating climate change.

We have a powerful opportunity now to stop drilling before it spoils the Arctic and its wildlife. Take action now to tell Obama not to allow drilling to go ahead in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas.

Read more here:- Center for Biological Diversity

Read this document about the impact drilling:-Arctic Ocean Drilling: Risking Oil Spills, Human Life, and Wildlife

Click to sign petition here:- Say No to Destructive Drilling in the Arctic.

Click here to sign:- Petition to Ban Arctic Oil Drilling

Click here to sign:- Tell Cruise Ships to Stop Spewing Filth Into Our Pristine Oceans

Click here to sign:- PETA – Sign Pamela Anderson’s Petition to Help End the Seal Slaughter

Click here to sign:-Stop the Next Offshore Oil Disaster

Click here to sign:- Tell Congress to end the big oil bailout – USA

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