Tragic Update:R.I.P Tidus – The Dog Purposely Set On Fire By Local Youths Has Died

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“R.I.P Tidus, you are now pain free & will find peace over Rainbow Bridge… you will be missed by so many; even though they never met you, you were an inspiration!! I prayed so hard that you would be well; but I guess God needed another angel by his side xxx”

“To the cowardly bastard’s that set poor Tidus the dog on fire, just for a laugh:-The innocent life that you inflicted such pain upon, for fun…for your own selfish gratification, is now in heaven! I hope you realise that what you did was something that can never be forgiven or forgotten…God will not forgive you; you will have to live with the death of Tidus, forever! I hope his agonised soul & painful cries, torture your every living moment… until the day you rot in hell!!”

Tidus, the hero, Tidus, the beautiful, Tidus, the dog that inspired the world and showed us all the true value of life passed away; yesterday in the loving arms of her owner and surrounded by us that came to love him.

His sweetness, courage, and strength in the face of a fate that many a human would consider worst than death gained him the support and admiration of millions, not only in Spain, but around the world. At a time when people strive to find signs of humanity around them and don’t find it, Tidus plea provided us both hope and it made us reflect about who we really are, and where we are going, as individuals and a society.


Through his battle for life, his small daily conquests and his ultimate loss, Tidus has given us all a lesson we shall never forget, and the lesson is this:

Every life is priceless…. every life.

Tidus was not just a dog. He was SOMEONE. He knew what he liked, and disliked, he had preferences, and wishes, and he didn’t wish to die after providing a few minutes of fun to a heartless gang of thugs.


He enjoyed playing with this friends at the park and chase after cats. He preferred the bed to the sofa, and above all, he loved people, and children. He was kind, calm and carried his suffering with a dignity that no one that met him or heard of his please will will ever forget. Yesterday, whilst he exhaled his last breath, his vets broke up in tears, and then, he was gone, and there was silence. 

And what of his killers? They remain on the loose. And they have burned three other dogs in the past weeks.

And what of the police? The police is busy, placing parking tickets and pretending nothing has happened. A pretend that will continue until someone, maybe a kid, maybe an elderly person, surely someone weak and helpless, incapable of defending himself will appear charred to the bone, as Tidus was. The day it happens, Police will be slapped on the face with the fact that they allowed serial killers to live among us.

Goodbye Tidus. It was a pleasure to meet you. Look out for us, could you?

Victor Larkhill


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Very Graphic Images & Video: Tidus A Dog Burnt Alive By Teenagers, Fights For His Life

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“OH MY DEAR GOD…I have never seen a dog in such critical condition with burns who has survived. But I have faith in Viktor & the vet team.  Other dogs on the brink of death have been brought back to beautiful lives by the Lets Adopt Team. Please, donate even if it’s only a dollar, every penny count’s….more importantly please pray; that sweet boy has the strength & will to live. It will be a long battle, but I know they will do everything they can for Tidus.

“The heartless bastards (sorry, but I’m so angry) that did this…well, I don’t hold out much luck for catching them; but if they do, there will be a queue of people waiting to have a few words etc. with them!!”

Tidus: a dog burned alive by teenage criminals fights for his life

Tidus playing in the park

His name is Tidus, and what happened to him, could happened to your dog…

Two weeks ago, Tidus was happily playing in the park with his owner, a normal evening walk/play socializing with other dogs… All of a sudden, Tidus was nowhere to be seen.

His owner looked everywhere for him. He was wearing his collar, tag with telephone number, microchip, surely if he was lost he would be found and returned to her… Minutes passed, one hour and there was no trace of Tidus. The park and every adjacent street are combed. There was no trace.

Someone says he has seen a group of youngsters walking towards a solitary part of town walking with a tail wagging dog.

Tidus was found three hours later, and nothing could prepare it’s owner for what she was about to find.

There he was, tied to a fence, she called him but he doesn’t come, he twists and whimpers in agony.

Tidus had been burned alive. Someone dozed him in alcohol and set him alight.

Judging by the extent and depth of the burns, for a time that must have seemed like an eternity Tidus was transformed into a ball of fire. 75% of his body presents third degree burns, both the epidermis and dermis have been consumed by the fire.

The brutal attack happened two weeks ago. During this time, the impoverished owner tried to reach out for assistance, but no one helped. The offers of help she received never materialized, some people sent her gaze, others towels, serum, gave her suggestions on how to tend the wounds herself, but no one offered help to take the dog to a vet.

Two weeks… two weeks living as walking burnt skeleton, in excruciating agony, barely able to eat, every single move hurts… no treatment.

Tidus has lived in hell for two weeks, but the wait is over now.. Yesterday night we heard about his plea and immediately took action. It was late at night when he arrived to our clinic, the stench of rotten flesh engulfed the room instantly.

Tidus is now on intensive care. He is receiving IV, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics. We must bring the pain down to manageable levels, keep him hydrated, and stop the spread of infection before starting work on how to get his skin back naturally or through skin grafts. But for now, the challenge is to stabilize him and keep him alive.

This morning Tidus received a blood transfusion from one of my own dogs…

Tomorrow we will start the painful process of cutting the dead skin, cleaning the area and carefully treating the burns section by section. The healing process will take months.

Published on 27 Nov 2012 by 

Tidus has been burnt alive.. Read his story here:…

We are Tidus last hope. His last chance, his last shot at life. After us, there is nothing but pain and death for this little brave dog.

Please help us offer him a second chance. Help him prove the world that he is a big and strong brave dog. He has survived two weeks with little to no care.. We must help him. I cannot think of more worthy cause today …

Please, if you can, contribute to Tidus Chipin today.. we are his only chance: the link is below

Update November 28

Today it has been an incredible day for Tidus. We would go as far as saying that this has been the first day since those criminals burned him alive that he experienced something similar to peace and comfort.

Tidus burnt alive by kids

Right now our priorities are to strengthen his immune system so that we can avoid widespread infection. We are using antibiotics and painkillers and their effect has given Tidus the first few hours of deep sleep in a very very long time.

Tidus condition, however, remains critical. His blood levels are horrible and although he is fighting infection as hard as he can it’s too early for us to say that he’s out of danger. Once he’ll be totally stable and on the way to recovery we will start looking into the best possible option to treat and repair his burned skin. For now Tidus is being treated with a special cream, honey-based, that works wonders for burn patients…

Published on 28 Nov 2012 by 

Tidus, the dog set on fire by some criminals receives its cure at our clinic

Some of you ask me, is he in pain? Wouldn’t be better to gently put him to sleep? The answer is yes, he is in pain, now, but he won’t be in pain in the future, and would it be better to kill him? Better for whom? For Tidus? No. He wants to live, he’s eating, he’s fighting, he’s someone that has seen a crime committed upon him and he needs help, not a needle in vein.

We are a rescue group, we rescue, we treat, we heal… killing is far too easy, doesn’t even require much thinking or skill. Everyone could kill Tidus, that’s easy… not everyone can cure him…  That’s what Let’s Adopt Global stands for…

This is Tidus Chipin. We are humbled by the generosity of animal lovers from around the world and can only thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible support you are giving him. Please, if you can and wish, Chipin for Tidus today… his recovery will be long, slow and painful, he will need all support we can give him…

News & Donation Link:-


Let’s Adopt Global – Saving Samson The Kitten With Severe Eye Problems

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“I don’t know what happened to this little guy but he sure is a fighter, I’m sending loving prayers so that his pain ends soon; & he can live as a cat should. I know Victor & all at Lets Adopt global will do all they can for him.  Losing both eye’s will be very traumatic for little Samson, but I’m sure he will manage!”

“I have a dog with no eyes, both taken out within a week…nobody even notices he has no eyes…as long as furniture in the home is not moved, he can get around with my other dogs; who have bells on, so he knows where they are at all times.”

If you are reading this you are likely to be an animal rescuer, or least to like animals beyond what the general public finds “normal”.


If you are reading this you are also likely to spot an animal in trouble when others just see nothing.

I’ve named him Samson and I must admit I nearly missed this little man... just by looking at these pictures you will understand why.

I found him in exactly the same place where I found Monkey about already three months ago. He was stumbling on the side, right next to the garbage container. At first from the car, I thought he may been a rat or a mouse, it was dark and he black, but rats don’t stumble and fall, this was a kitty and he was in trouble.

Stopped the car, and I grabbed him, there was not much left in him skin and bones, not much of either. Samson weighs little over 100 grams. A hundred grams of skin, bit of fur, infection, pus, fleas… and whole lot of PRIDE!!!!

What a cat!!! Never seen anything like it… I mean, he’s got everything going against him, he’s totally malnourished, who knows when he ate last. One of his eyes is totally gone. Instead of eye fluid, he hadpuss and infection, the other eye has severe keratitis and we don’t know if well be able to save it., and he’s black which unfortunately makes him nearly invisible as he barely comes in pictures as more than a black dot against whatever background we choose. But against all odds, this is a cat that won’t be brought down, a true survivor. Samson defines the word attitude.

Samson wants to go on with life. He doesn’t mind about loosing sight, or having to fight for weeks in order to get rid of the virus that has caused his condition, he just lives the moment as only a cat can do.

We are first going to stabilise his conditionimprove his anaemiareduce infection, and then we will operate his eye. Once this source of infection and pain is gone, he will be more comfortable and with our help his body will be able to focus on fixing the rest, on healing, on growing, on BECOMING THE CAT HE WANTS TO BE… minus the eye (and the fleas).

This is Samson, a name that signifies both strength and weakness. This is Samson, and he’ll only make it, if we help him.   I leave you with a video of him, hopefully you will see and feel what I see and feel.

After he is recovered fully Samson will need a final home… If you feel you are HIS family please contact me on

“Can you help with vet & medical cost towards Samson, if so, no matter how much, click the link below!”

News Link & ChipIn to help with  Samson’s treatment:-

Video of Samson, showing how bad his eye’s really are, viewer discretion is advised

Uploaded by  on 17 Sep 2012

This is Samson, I have just picked him up from the garbage container


Husky fights for his life after being shot at close range

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A thunderous noise followed by a heartbreaking yelp broke the silence of the spring night in that humble Istanbul neighborhood.

In the middle of the road stands a man, handling a smoking gun and screaming I got him! I got him!

Neighbors come out to their balconies, someone called the police, by the time they arrived the smoke has cleared and only a faint trail of blood is left as proof of what happened there. 

This happened 10 days ago. 

Today, the dog was found hiding in a neighboring abandoned building. He is a beautiful husky, his intense blue eyes frozen with an expression of horror that must have been with him since that brute decided to target practice on him.

His entire body is riddled with hundreds of metal pieces, and from the large hole above his shoulder oozes infection. A putrid smell fills the room, the smell of decaying tissue mixed with pain and fear.

We have named him Dorian.

Dorian was shot at close range and clearly the brute aimed to cause the maximum amount of pain. But he failed. That absolute failure of a human being failed at killing Dorian, both in body and spirit and he is now with us, fighting for his life.

Dorian’s condition is critical. Infection is being treated across the board. We have taken out as many metal pieces as we possibly could. Those that are left will remain forever with him, a sinister souvenir that will accompany him for the rest of his life.

We are going to fix this Survivor of the streets, his life is about to take a 180 degree turn and he will go on living and experiencing things that his would be killer would never be able to witness. Because Dorian is now a Let’s Adopt! rescue, and because snatching animals from the claws of death is what we do…

Please, if you can, join us in our effort to save Dorian’s life, he will never know that he was saved by a group of strangers across the world, but if he knew, he would thank you as much as I do. Please contribute to Dorian’s Chipin today…

Please, help us increase Dorian’s chance for survival by sharing his story in your social networks. Join us in our rescue efforts by visiting and Liking our Page, Let’s Adopt! Global

News Link:–

Angie’s chance – Can You Help?

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Please, after you finish reading this post, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks… the case, as you will see, it’s critical

We will never know what Angie went through until she found us….

The moment I set my eyes on her I had to give a second look to appreciate the extent and gravity of her condition. Her skin is hard, covered in sores and scabs fall from every single inch of her body. There is no fur, and only a few scattered hairs hang on from the leathery skin.

There are few things that can torment a dog as much as a full infestation of sarcoptic mange. The dammed parasites dig into and through the skin, causing intense itching and the formation of crusts that usually become infected. I have seen dogs go totally crazy trying to chew the parts of their body infected by the mites. The condition aggravates when the animal has been starved, as it is obviously Angie’s case.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worst for Angie they did… a test this morning has confirmed she has parvo, a killer disease that unless treated inmediately could take her life in a matter of days..

We need to look at the matter with a broad vision, put her on treatment to alleviate the mite infestation as well as boost her very depressed inmune system so that she can fight the parvovirus. As you can see in the pictures she is currently on IV and has been isolated from the other dogs in the clinic to stop the spreading of the virus.

Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created. She is the dog with the contagious skin condition and the killer disease that can be fought only through dedication and the best veterinary care. Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created, because for animals like her we are the only chance of survival…

I give you my word we will do everything possible to turn her life around … Please, if you can, give us a hand and contribute to Angie’s treatment Chipin, she will make you proud..

Thank you..

P.S. If you cannot help, please, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks..  And of course, you are more than welcome to leave us a note in our Facebook Page, Let’s Adopt! Global

News Link:

“I wanted to add the following pictures to prove, dogs like Angie can be pulled back to full health!”

“Look at these amazing pictures, this is what Lets Adopt can do….every donation helps!

This incredible transformation took place over a three month period….
This is the state in which Cesur was found. He barely had any hair in his body and his skin was leathery, hard and covered in sores….

And this is the after…
It is possible, you just need to want to do it…

Please if you can help – Click on the ChipIn Icon at the bottom of this link:-

Face Book Link:-

Saving Nina Organized by Let’s Adopt!

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“This poor poor dog, thank goodness she is now in the capable hands of Lets Adopt. I know the group well & by sending  small donations, have helped several dogs on the brink of death. Dogs that are now well & have been adopted out to forever homes.  Lets Adopt help many animals, from the hell shelters of Istanbul, to injured street dogs. They specialize in helping animals  that are usually in dire need of surgery or treatment,  which other charities or shelters just can’t deal with.

” I know that every penny I have sent has been spent on the animal in question, as I receive updates… If I wasn’t sure about Lets Adopt, there is no way I would post it on here, I value you all far too much, to ask you to do something that I haven’t done myself! I can assure you, Lets Adopt do everything they possibly can to heal animals, that other people, have given up hope on! So please, if you can spare a dollar or two, send it to help Nina through ChipIn! I use PayPal to donate, but it accepts most credit cards, its a very easy & safe process, which ever method you use.”

Her name is Nina, and her story until now has just been a real tragedy that has ended in the images you see… We are going to try to fix things for her. Please read on.

Nina was dumped at the Shelter of Hell in Istanbul about 8 months ago. A few months ago the shelter volunteers noticed that her eye was in a terrible condition. She was taken out and moved to a private clinic.
We are told that she started a treatment that didn’t work, and this was followed by three surgeries, THREE!!
Nothing has worked. The eye didn’t get any better, and the right side of her face suffers from a series of ulcers and infections that are just not healing.
To make matters worst Nina has developed extreme anemia and this is no doubt delaying her healing process. Our vet has said that he has never seen such terrible result in a blood analytic and he can barely understand how come Nina still alive.
We are taking this case as we understand that this is far beyond what any group of volunteers can do in Istanbul.
Nina has already gone through a blood transfusion and is going to need a second one. After her blood levels are better and she is not in risk of dying of acute anemia we will take care of the eye.
The problem with the eye is a complicated case of Macropalpebral Fissure Syndrome complicated with a general infection caused by insanitary conditions and a terribly weak inmune system.
Three botched operations and her terrible anemia make things more difficult. She is going to need to have a surgery called Medial Canthoplasty, extremely delicate and only performed by an specialized surgeon.
The alternative to this treatment will likely mean the loss of the eye and worst, her death of anemia.
This is beyond what any of us can do individually, but as a group, we can do miracles.
We don’t have any time to waste… Please, if you can, contribute to Nina’s Chipin today… Let’s help this sweet baby recover her smile again..
Thank you
Viktor – May 10 8:04pm
Here is the  Link to Nina’s ChipIn page, where you can pay via Paypal or credit card, its easy & very safe to use, if it wasn’t I certainly wouldn’t use it:- (Don’t worry about the name, any money sent will go to help Nina, it’s all part of the Simba Fund)
Related, this little pup was left to die, Lets Adopt rescued him, watch the video!

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