Stray Dog Now At Noah’s Ark Rescue – Has Entire Upper Jaw Missing

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“This poor little dog, battered or beaten, must have wandered around for quite some time; for his injuries to heal as they have. I find it amazing that he not only survived the trauma inflicted on him, but that he obviously managed to scrounge for food & fight off any infection he may have had…it truly is a miracle that he survived.”

“Any miracle, such as Henry, now deserves to be given the best possible medical care & attention, plus the best chance of finding a special loving forever home; they can get all that at Noah’s Ark Rescue with your help! Just take a look at the  rescue/adoption page below from Noah’s Ark, then you will have an idea about the kind of dogs they take in; they are all heartbreaking! God bless Noah’s Ark Rescue for opening their doors & their hearts to dogs like Henry, Otto, Freddy, Doodle Bug & so many more!!”

PIEDMONT, ALABAMA……Sweet Henry is a 5 year old Terrier Mix that was picked up as a stray and taken to the Etowah County Animal Shelter. 

 Everyone was shocked when they saw him.  His face was totally disfigured.  They did not have a clue what had happened to this wonderful little dog.

His entire upper jaw is missing and part of his nose.   They never in their wildest dreams thought anyone would step up to save him given the way he looked. We decided this sweet dog had been abandoned and something terrible had happened to him.   He did not deserve to be euthanized because of the way he looked.  Henry is as sweet as can be and loves everyone.

Right after we got him, we involved surgeons from all over the country to determine what they believe happened to him and what we could do (if anything) to repair the damage that had been done.  Henry has no upper jaw…none.  He has skin where there once was a jaw but it is totally gone.  His nasal cavity has been severely damaged and his nose is now on one side of his face.

After doing a cat scan and lots of surgical examinations, it was determined that Henry was not born this way and he was not shot.   He suffered a horrible trauma  to his face.  They believe someone either used a bat or a metal pipe and hit him with such force that it totally broke his upper jaw. 

In the process of this it created a fistula between the upper back of his throat and into his sinus cavity.   His jaw eventually rotted away and the bones fell out.  What remained is nothing but skin hanging down that has developed into an abnormal position with his nose pushed to the side of his face.  Henry sneezes a thousand times a day because  of the fistula he has. Anything that goes into his mouth, ends up in his sinuses.

We were hopeful we could rebuild his upper jaw.  The problem is that he has nothing we could attach another jaw to.  The only bones he has are vertical, not horizontal.  Rebuilding was not an option. Believe me, I have thought of everything possible.  The only thing we can do is rebuild his sinus area and repair the two inch fistula (hole) in the back of his upper jaw.

Once the first surgery is done and healed, we will then determine if moving his nose back adds anything medically or if it is just cosmetic.  If it is cosmetic only, then we will leave it where it is.  This boy has already been through enough and is happy just the way he is.

Henry is the most loving dog. How anyone could have done this to him is unimaginable.  He loves everyone and loves to play with other dogs.  He is a happy boy that couldn’t care less how he looks.  Once he has healed from his surgery, we will look for that special person that will love him the same way we do……..just the way he is.   He is a beautiful boy inside and out.

Please, help us, help him by donating. :-

We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. 

Contact is:

4084 Spring Island – Okatie, SC  29909

“Interested in adopting any of the dogs Noah’s Ark have saved? Click the link below then click on each picture to see their story. If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent”

We have enclosed all of the links for the dogs that are available for Adoption at this moment.  Some are still in different stages of healing but we are taking applications for them now for when they are ready to be placed.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application below if you are interested in becoming part of the extended Noah’s Arks Rescue Family.

Noah’s Arks Rescue Adoption Process:–

Rescues for Adoption:-

Find your special dog:–

NAR is 100% funded by your donations.  Without you, we could not help all the animals we do.  We are the last ray of hope for the animals we rescue.  We take in those that society has forgotten.  All of your donations go to this cause.   We are volunteers and do not take any funds for our service. Our reward is seen in the eyes of the animals we help. Please, help us help them, by donating. All donations are tax deductible.

Some of the dogs stories featured from Noah s Ark Rescue

Remember Otto:

Remember doodle Bug:-

Remember Freddy:-

Man Who Burned His Own Dog Arrested

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — North Miami Police detectives have arrested the man they say is responsible for a painful case of animal cruelty, detectives said Saturday.

Witvil Florvil, 29, is charged with animal cruelty with intent to injure or kill.

Florvil burned his own dog’s back, according to police.

“There was a dog, it was hiding back there by the garbage cans,” a neighbor named Tim said. “It looked really bad. It’s whole back was bloody. I called animal control.”

The boxer-sharpei mix was taken to Miami-Dade Animal Services in mid-July with second- and third-degree burns from head to tail.

When we first met him after he was removed from Florvil’s home, he was scared and in pain.

“The dog is clearly a fighter,” Miami-Dade Animal Services Director Kathleen Labrada said. “These are extremely painful wounds he’s suffering from. He’s a little stand-offish around people. But I would be, too.”

At the time, the dog was nicknamed “Courage”. Neighbors say the dog must have had a lot of it.

“When I initially saw the dog I thought it was probably hurt by running over by a car or something,” Tim said. “I didn’t know that somebody actually did something to it.”

Another neighbor, Ali, wasn’t in town at the time of the burning. But he still expressed his condolences for the animal.

“I feel bad for the dog,” Ali said.

Another person who lives at the home on NW 127 Avenue in North Miami was originally cited, but after what police are calling an extensive investigation, Florvil was arrested.

The dog is now named Bentley and is being cared for by a rescue group out of South Carolina named Noah’s Arks Animal Rescue.

“I feel better for the animal,” Tim said. “When i first saw it I thought they’d put him to sleep. But the fact that somebody came down here and adopted it is great.

To learn more about Bentley’s care or to donate to Noah’s Arks Animal Rescue, visit

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Saving Freddy: Update on a six week old pittie burned with acid in April

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Do You remember the story of Freddy, the 6 week old puppy that had Acid thrown in his face? If not, the story is below (I didn’t post it). I’m posting this not only because there is an update, but to also to show what remarkable resilience these dogs have; Freddy endured an Acid attack, then was struck with an MRSA infection, but pulled through & is now safe & happy with a new family.

“This little pup certainly went through hell at such a young age, he definitely had angels watching over him! Might I also say how grateful I am to Noah’s Ark Rescue, had they not intervened, Freddy would not have received the life saving surgeries he so desperately needed; he would probably have been put to sleep! Noah’s Ark Rescue are a charity & it is through donated funds that they can help dogs like Freddy & Otto”

Please, help us help him by donating.  We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

 Contact 4084 Spring Island Okatie, SC  29909

Freddy with his new family below.  Look how big he is getting. OUR WONDERFUL BOY IS ADOPTED.


Freddy with his new Family

Look how wonderful & adorable Freddy looks now.  He is now ready to go to his new home.

Look how wonderful Freddy look’s now!

News link:

Quote from Noah’s Ark Rescue; Freddy

I know everyone is waiting anxiously to see how sweet FREDDY is doing. The good news is that our sweet boy is eating well, he is happy and comfortable and the edema in his face is slowly going down.

Freddy’s MRSA infection has improved a lot and he is feeling a thousand percent better. He is still at the vet and will be until he is over the infection.

The bad news is that the culture we did came back with MRSA, which is a resistant Staph infection. We have changed his antibiotic and he seems to be responding to it. We are doing everything we can to protect his organs while he is on this strong antibiotic.

News Link:

APRIL 2, 2012 – The past three years have seen an increase in the very worst kind of animal torture and abuse – burning. The latest victim is a 6-week-old baby pit bull mix who has been burned with acid

There have been an alarming number of cases  of dogs and cats all across the country suffering the same types of burns from caustic chemicals, boiling water, or by being set on fire.   In most cases, the abusers are not caught. Some theorize that the cases are tied to either dog fighting or meth labs, but there have also been an increasing number of youths committing these cruel acts of abuse.

Graphic Image below, do not scroll down if you don’t want to see it!

Noah’s Arks Rescue  is caring for the puppy that is the latest victim of this horrific trend. Freddy weighs only three and a half pounds. A good Samaritan found him last week on the streets of Greenville, South Carolina and rushed him to Greenville’s Animal Control shelter .

The shelter called Noah’s Arks to let them know that they had a puppy who needed their help, and the rescue stepped up to get Freddy immediate medical care. The veterinarians at Dutch Fork Animal Hospital determined that someone had poured acid on the puppy.

The acid was concentrated on Freddy’s face, which is severely burned.  He also has some burns on his feet and belly but his face is where he suffered the most damage. The acid has eroded the skin and damaged his ear canal. His eyes do not appear to be damaged, but the lids are, leaving some question as to whether or not it will affect his vision.

As is often the case in serious burns, the puppy’s wounds were critically infected, requiring that he have several surgeries to clean the area. He came in with a very low body temperature, but he has since stabilized. His biggest challenge has been the pain. While it would be nice to think that this level of abuse is rare, Noah’s Arks reports that they receive calls about chemically burned animals or animals that have been set on fire almost every week.

Jennifer Smith, president of Noah’s Arks said that Freddy is a little fighter with a strong will to live, who proves to them every day that he wants to be here. “If we hadn’t been able to control his pain and suffering, we’d have gently put him to sleep.” She said.

For now, Freddy is comfortable. He is on pain medication that controls his pain but doesn’t knock him out.  He loves being held and taken outside so he can roll around.  With the pain controlled he is a typical puppy that is loving, sweet and wants to chew, and he has a good appetite.

The vets cannot gauge how much scarring he will have, or if his fur will come back on his face.  They expect that he will have some visible scars for the rest of his life.  Freddy still has a long way to go and will be at the medical facility for a lengthy stay as he recovers. He is getting round-the-clock care.

FREDDY  acid noahs ark

All of the animals in Noah’s Arks’ Rescue get the very best medical and surgical care provided to them whether the Rescue posts a chip-in for them or not. Freddy will have to receive ongoing care while his skin tissue regenerates. If you would like to champion this little guy and make a donation to help pay for his medical care, there is a place to donate on the Noah’s Arks website.

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer rescue that takes on some of the worst cases of animal abuse. All donations help the animals.

News Link:

Noah’s Ark Rescue Face Book:-

Dog found with nose ripped off

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“OMG…how the hell can someone watch a dog get its face ripped off; then just throw it out with the trash as it’s no longer needed?? These people are not human, they have no conscience for their heinous crimes. The pictures of Otto are very graphic (especially on the Face book page) but I feel it’s time people saw the results of dog fights. Please, if anyone know’s who Otto belongs to or knows where dog fights take place; contact the police, it’s down to the vigilant public to make sure these fighting rackets are closed for good!”

A pit bull found with his nose ripped off is at Noah’s Ark Rescue facility  in Okatie near Hilton Head where he will undergo several major surgeries.

The three-year-old pit bull has been named Otto by volunteers at the rescue facility.

Otto was found Tuesday after he wandered onto someone’s porch in Florence. The homeowner called animal control workers with Florence County Environmental Services  and they picked up the dog.

Authorities aren’t releasing where the dog was found. We’ve filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn the location.

Otto was immediately taken to a Florence veterinarian and released to Noah’s Ark two hours later.

The dog will need four surgeries to clear up oral infections and more than 100 wounds from bite marks on his malnourished body before reconstructive surgery to his face.

“To see a dog who is missing part of his face and his whole mouth is full of abscesses from being caught by another dog and held down. Those infections are going to have to be cleared up. From what I understand, they’re going to be at least four surgeries, four major surgeries, required to just alleviate some of the suffering from the injuries,” said Jayne Boswell, President Florence Area Humane Society.

Florence Area Humane Society  officials believe Otto was being used as a bait dog in a dog fighting operation.

“Probably this dog, had it not managed to wander onto someone’s porch, it probably wouldn’t be alive for many more days. I think the scars definitely indicate this dog is probably used as a bait dog, which is even more horrific because that means that this dog didn’t want to fight, but yet it was used to sic other dogs on it so they could prove they were fighters,” Boswell explained.

Humane Society officials say the dog’s nose wound is probably a couple of months old. They say Noah’s Ark is the place where Otto can get the help he needs. The rescue facility has helped other animals left with disfigured faces from abuse.

“Noah’s Ark is just an unbelievable rescue group. It’s led by one woman who is just relentless in her efforts to help animals that are extremely abused or mutilated and yes, they’re going to reconstruct the dogs mouth so it can have as normal life as possible after it recovers.”

Herbie Christmas with Florence County Environmental Services says he’s working as hard as he can to find Otto’s owner. He wants to know who allowed this to happen to the dog.

Humane Society officials say they hope the owner will be found and held responsible for the dog’s injuries.

“We owe that dog something. It didn’t choose to be born for one thing and it didn’t choose to be in dog fighting.”

Once Otto fully recovers from all of his surgeries, it’s possible he will be available for adoption.

“I think we all have high hopes that Otto will, one day, maybe rule the roost in a home with a family and get the love that he deserves.”

Dog found with nose ripped off – Bait dog – Very graphic, Viewer discretion advised

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A pit bull found with his nose ripped off is at Noah’s Ark Rescue facility in Okatie near Hilton Head where he will undergo several major surgeries.

News Link:-

Noah’s Ark:-

Noah’s Ark Face book (Graphic pictures):-


North Miami dog owner arrested for severe burns on his dog’s back

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The North Miami Police Department arrested Witvil Florvil of NW 127th Ave. on Friday, the owner of a boxer-sharpei mix breed dog and charged Florvil with animal cruelty.

Those adorable red sunglasses are not just a fashion statement for Bentley. Her eyes are still hypersensitive to light and the sun. Credit: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

The dog, now named Bentley suffered second and third degree burns to her back.

According to the Florvil, 29 was charged with intent to injure or kill an animal and is currently being held in lieu of $5,000 bond.

Veterinarians think the dog may have suffered a severe reaction to flea and tick medication. The dog should have immediately been taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

On July 10, the two-year-old dog was picked up by Animal Control of Miami-Dade in excruciating pain. A concerned citizen had seen the dog with a bloody back hiding behind garbage cans. Originally named Courage by her rescuers, the gentle dog was given pain medicine and treated.

Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue in South Carolina stepped up to provide Bentley with the care she would need to help her recover. The dog was immediately sent to Sky Lake Animal Hospital in Miami where she was treated for her severe back wounds, however more complications as a result of neglect surfaced. Bentley had suffered from an untreated dog bite on her leg which led to tetanus. The advanced infection affected her neurological functions.

Bentley has been making an amazing recovery. She continues to be treated for tetanus. Her eyes are still very sensitive to light and cause her pain, however Bentley seems to enjoy wearing her sunglasses.

If you would like to donate to Bentley’s care and the wonderful work of Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue in South Carolina, please click here.

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Left for dead in Tracy ditch, pup now looking for a home

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“OMG…wouldn’t surprise me if this was done by kids…unfortunately some parents aren’t fit to have children! Their behavior can manifest itself through to the child, who then doesn’t know how to deal with the things they have seen or felt; thus they take their rage out on defenseless animals or smaller kids etc Please if anyone know’s anything, contact the local police!!”

TRACY Larry the puppy had a bad start on life. Found in a Tracy ditch last month, he had been abused, his right eye poked out, and was left in the dirt to die.

But the Labrador pup is resilient, and after being treated for his injuries, is now looking for a new home.

“Our foundation was contacted after an anonymous good Samaritan found the puppy and took him to the local animal shelter,” said Larry Hite, founder of the Noah’s Ark Foundation.

“Seeing his injury, shelter staff took him to the local vet and that’s when we got the call. When I saw him I knew I couldn’t walk away. I felt so sorry for the little guy that I ended up paying most of his vet bills out of my own pocket,” Hite said. “His right eye could not be saved.

The pup was nicknamed Larry after Larry Hite, both of whom are blind in their right eye.

Noah’s Ark, a non-profit, was formed by Hite, a Tracy resident, in January. The goal of the foundation is to rescue sick or injured animals and be able to cover their medical costs. The average surgical cost for a dog could run $600 to $800, and in one case it was upwards of $1,000,” Hite said.

The foundation has helped both dogs and cats in multiple cities including Dublin, Brentwood, Tracy and Stockton. It has also been featured on the morning news show “Good Day Sacramento.”

After surgery, the pup was placed in the care of Sharon Silbert, a member of Noah’s Ark.

“Larry is just a love,” she

said. “He gets along great with other dogs and even cats. He has a mellow personality, which is rare for a puppy. He’s very playful, housebroken and has manners. Who ever gets him is going to get a wonderful dog.”

This past week, Larry traveled to Dublin where he will remain in foster care with Tri-Valley Animal Rescue until a home can be found for him. Larry is current on his shots and has also been micro-chipped.

“He has so much energy and loves to play,” said Chris Stein who is now fostering the injured puppy. “When you watch him play you realize that he doesn’t even know he had this injury. And, on top of that, he is highly intelligent.”

Stein plans to bring Larry, recently re-named Raider, to their pet adoption fair which is held Saturdays in downtown Pleasanton at the Farmer’s Market. For information on adopting him, call Stein at 925-461-4347.

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