Earthlings – The Feature Length Documentary About The Suffering Of Animals For Human Gain

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“I posted this, way back in February, but have just noticed the video’s were removed??…so here it is again!” 

“I’m certainly not trying to convert everyone to become vegetarian…but I do think people should watch this video… as difficult as it is to watch in parts…it is very informative. After viewing it, people are entitled to their own opinions regards the subject matter! I am not telling people what they should or should not eat, it’s a personal preference…I’m merely pointing out the journey, animals take, from field to plate! I will just point out that some things have changed regards animal welfare, since this video was made!”

” I chose to become vegetarian, several years ago, after watching something similar to this…I can’t call myself vegan because I just love egg butties from my friend’s pet chucks! Like I said, were all entitled to eat what we want…my daughter lives with me as my carer, she eats meat (particularly McDonald’s) I may not like it, but I don’t take offence at it & make her eat it in another room! When she does cook, she just substitutes the meat for Quorn, it makes a lovely spaghetti bolognese, which even she a meat eater, enjoy’s!

EARTHLINGS is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made, EARTHLINGS is nicknamed the Vegan maker for its sensitive footage shot at animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, slaughterhouses, the leather and fur trades, sporting events, circuses and research labs. The film is narrated by Academy Award® nominee Joaquin Phoenix and features music by platinum-selling recording artist Moby.

Initially ignored by distributors, today EARTHLINGS is considered the definitive animal rights film by organizations around the world. “Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most,” said Phoenix. “For every one person who sees EARTHLINGS, they will tell three.”

In 1999, writer/producer/director Shaun Monson began work on a series of PSAs about spaying and neutering pets. The footage he shot at animal shelters around Los Angeles affected him so profoundly that the project soon evolved into EARTHLINGS. The film would take another six years to complete because of the difficulty in obtaining footage within these profitable industries. Though the film was initially ignored by distributors, who told Monson that the film would “never see the light of day and should be swept under the rug,” today EARTHLINGS is considered the definitive animal rights film by organizations around the world.

Nation Earth was established to produce documentary films on socially urgent issues. EARTHLINGS, released in 2005, was the company’s first feature film and is the first of a documentary trilogy. The company is currently at work on the second installment, UNITY, which will explore the unifying force of consciousness found in nature, animals and humankind. UNITY is scheduled to be completed in 2010. For more information please see


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Filmmaker Shaun Monson talks about submitting his animal rights documentary EARTHLINGS to film festivals, networks, the Academy, and the new Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act law. 

Earthlings is a feature length documentary about humanity’s absolute dependence on animals (for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research). Earthlings illustrates human’s disrespect for “non-human providers”, it is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and features music by Moby.

You can download the full version of Earthlings at The film is available with subtitles in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Hindi, Arabic and Portuguese

There are many farm animals, who endure their whole lives in stinking , horrific conditions, from birth to slaughter!  Don’t get me wrong, some owners treat their animals as if they were pets, but this is mainly on the smaller family run farms, where the owner probably has names for each pig or cow!!”

“However, it seems that small holdings are being driven out, as the big guns come in, wanting to build bigger factory farms, that can handle thousands of  animals a day!  They don’t care much about the well-being of the animals or the environment…just the profits they can make from them!

 As if that is not bad enough… there will always be farm workers who see fit to direct their anger at these sentient beings…there going to die anyway; so who cares if one is targeted & beaten? Well actually we all should, just because they are raised for human consumption, does not give anyone the right to abuse or harm them, in any way! I think all animal factories & slaughter houses, should have CCTV…where inspectors can call unannounced to view the tapes…If all areas are covered properly by cameras, hopefully it might stop a lot of abuse towards the animals, from the bullies…there is always one who thinks it’s funny to stub a cigarette out on a pigs face & roughly handle the babies…anyone who harms a defenceless animal is just a pathetic coward!!



New Law Aims To Protect Innocent Pets From Abuse

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“I am blue in the face, having said for so many years, any animal source should have reference to a Animal Abuse Registry…Its so dam simple, I don’t know what the hold up is, one person writes the program/ software & each animal establishment installs in onto their computers. Not hard, then all people need to do is enter details of abusers when it comes to court etc. Then shelter for instance looks up persons name from driving licence (has to be fool proof) if their name is in database…they get no animals & an alert is put on the system that that person has tried to acquire an animal! It would save so many lives, & it’s so easy to do! I used to write bespoke programs for companies…but that was when my brain functioned properly 😆 

They are our best friends, our family members, our sidekicks, and we would do anything for them. 

But sadly, not everyone treats their pets with as much respect, and for those unfortunate animals that find themselves in homes where they are abused, protection is needed.

In response to the heart wrenching and disturbing video of a Harlem man violently kicking his dog in an elevator, City Council has proposed much needed legislation to protect these defenceless and yet still loyal animals.

Though 28 year old Brian Freeman was arrested and charged with torturing an animal, the damage has been done, and there is no legal mechanism in place to prevent it from re-occurring with another animal.  “We want to keep defenseless animals out of the hands of known abusers,” said Council Member Peter Vallone, who is co-sponsoring the legislation.”Right here in Astoria, we had a punk who threw his dog out of a window, and right now there’s nothing stopping him from going to an animal shelter and adopting a puppy.”

This legislation involves a registry which shelters would be required to check before giving pets to prospective owners.  If a name appears on the list that person would be unable to adopt.  The legislation unfortunately does not cover pet stores, however it does make it more difficult for offenders to purchase pets.

The registry would be shared among law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, humane societies, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, dog or cat protective associations, animal control officers, pet shops and animal shelters.

A first offence leads to a 5 year ban on pet adoption, and for a subsequent offence the name of the perpetrator would be on the list for 10 years. Crimes that would result in inclusion in the registry include among others, animal fighting, abandonment, aggravated cruelty and failure to provide proper sustenance.

Some would say that even this is not enough, that known abusers should never be allowed to have another pet, but it does send a big message.  Pets are faithful, love us unconditionally, regularly protect us from danger, and should be protected from all harm.

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Police search for a woman facing 25 counts of animal cruelty

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WHITE COUNTY, AR – Investigators have charged a White County woman with 25 counts of animal cruelty but found something unexpected when they arrived at her home Wednesday.

Empty bags of dog food. Trash everywhere, covered with animal waste.  White County detectives this afternoon converging on a house 126 Crystal Creek Road west of SearcyThey found dog chains, cages, a few chickens, but no dogs.

“We’re very active about pursuing people who are treating animals in a cruel way and right now we’re wanting to make sure these dogs are being taken care of in a way they’re supposed to be taken care of,” Cpl Steve Hernandez says.

Investigators believe there were several dogs in the pens yesterday because a detective saw them.  Where they’re at now, that’s the big question.

“Through an investigation, if we’re going to come out and actually get the animals ourselves, we’ve never showed up and within 24 hours, 25 dogs are gone,” Hernandez says.

Now investigators want to find Lisa Burnett. Detectives say the 23-yea old was arrested and convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty three years ago.

Now she’s under investigation again after detectives picked up an anonymous tip of dogs not getting enough food and suffering in poor health.

“Right now, we don’t know if she is trying to do the right thing and take care of the dogs or she is trying to hide the dogs from us and continue what she was doing,” Hernandez says.

The goal now, find her and the dogs alive.

Detectives say Burnett could face an additional charge of hindering an investigation if its learned she is intentionally concealing the location of the dogs.

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SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) — White County officials say a Searcy woman faces 25 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly running a puppy mill.

Deputies say a tip led them to believe Lisa Burnett, 23, was running a puppy mill out of her home on Crystal Creek Road.

According to the report, authorities found several small dogs, many with mange. Deputies decided to confiscate all of the dogs Tuesday in order to get them proper treatment.

When deputies and a Bald Knob Animal Control Officer arrived 24 hours later Burnett, all the dogs and their cages were missing. “(Bald knob Animal Control Officer…lol…I didn’t write that)”

The sheriff’s department believes Burnett may not be giving the dogs the care that they need and possibly continuing the cruelty to the dogs.

Animal cruelty is a felony. Burnett has been charged with this same crime in 2008 and was convicted in 2009.

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Canadian woman facing two years jailtime for animal cruelty, perjury, and identity fraud

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She used the name Linda Snow, the identity of a young girl who died decades earlier on the North Shore , to authorities who arrested and charged her with animal cruelty in 2008 for running an unsafe dog-breeding operation out of a home in Randolph.

Then after pleading guilty, she fled probation and adopted another name, Mary Howard, to start anew in Connecticut, authorities said.

Her real name is Gloria Marriott, a 64-year native of Canada, and she now faces two years in prison after pleading guilty in Norfolk Superior Court Tuesday to a slew of additional charges, including perjury and identity fraud, according to the Norfolk district attorney’s office. Marriott also faces five years of probation and must pay about $74,000 to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which cared for the dogs she abused, and to the owner of the Randolph home she had rented.

Authorities said she operated a puppy mill, raising young dogs in horrific conditions that ultimately required dozens of the animals to receive medical attention.

“The false identities and the lies are an odd sideshow, but it is the underlying case that is most disturbing,” said Michael W. Morrissey, the Norfolk district attorney. “This was a terrible example of animal cruelty. Eighty-nine dogs had to be rescued from deplorable conditions, many of them malnourished, diseased, and literally caked in filth. She showed no interest in the chance at community rehabilitation that the court offered her in 2008, and now she is deservedly going to jail.

In 2008, Marriott, under the name Linda Snow, owned a pet store, Missy’s Puppyland on Park Street in Stoughton, while also running the breeding operation out of a house she rented in Randolph. Morrissey’s office said the Randolph home was “severely damaged with animal filth.”

After fleeing Massachusetts, Marriott was again charged with animal cruelty for an unrelated case in Connecticut and was serving time there when indicted for the additional perjury charges in Norfolk County.

“Perhaps most important is that all of the dogs that have been in her control have since been made safe,” Morrissey said.

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A revealing report about the problems in the Belgian puppy farms

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“Posted on behalf of my fellow animal warrior; @StrayWays on Twitter”

“Please do watch the video, it is very informative & educational but as one would expect, it has it’s sad moments too!. Like when a lady talks about a puppy mill bitch she rescued, who simply froze once out of the cage, she had never known the touch of a loving hand! Or the German Shepherd mix, so scared, forgotten what it’s like to walk, so he crawls along in the dirt, until he realizes he can actually stand tall & walk …I find that simply heartbreaking. These female dogs are denied the most basic of things, they are there for one thing only…the bitches are purely bred to death!

“I didn’t know there were so many puppy mills in Belgium & I’m guessing I’m not the only one! So please help by watching, or at the very least just clicking like & rating the video, then hopefully the Belgium TV networks will take notice. The more that watch, the more that are aware, the more likely we are to get these heinous puppy mills closed down…please, do it for the dogs!! Thank you.”

Just. Click. Play – You don’t have to watch, just press play – I’ll explain after the video.

I know you have seen videos like this before. I know you hate to look at it again. You don’t have to watch it. I only need you to press play.

Published on 13 Jul 2012 by 

A revealing report about the problems in the Belgian puppy farms. The English version of “Een hond in een Zak”

You pressed play! Thank you!

Now I can explain. The video reveals more than 160 puppy mills and puppy trafficker operations in Belgium. One of the smaller countries in Europe about the size of New York. The thing is that Belgium TV networks refused to air this very well-researched documentary. The rescue group behind the video, Animal Trust, decided to go viral.

If they would score a high number of “views”, the rescue group can use those numbers to convince the Belgium TV networks to air it. If the quality of the documentary won’t help, maybe viewer ratings will. No network refuses good viewer ratings.

That’s why you pressing “play” in this case is so important.

People must know. People that don’t read blogs like this one. Normal Belgium’s that see television and don’t know this is going on in their country. They have a right to know. First when they know, change can start. Because they are the next generation of puppy buyers.

You probably also thought that Europe was far ahead in solving the issue with puppy mills and puppy trafficking; like a lot of Europeans actually also think.

The reality is unfortunately the opposite. And it is not only Belgium, it is a lot more expanded than that. If you would like to know more how Europe is really doing, read our guest blog over at Cindy Lu’s Muse about puppy mills in Europe: Wake-Up Call For Western Europe.

Today bloggers around the world unite for dog rescue and the rights of dogs. Visit the organizersBlog CatalogDog Rescue Success or Be The Change For Animals for more. Keep on reading and sharing!

You are not cheating me right? Please go back and press play. Alright then, I beg you. Officially.



Update July 26:
For bloggers that would like to help getting the word out, I made a small video widget that you can show in your blog’s sidebar. An example of it is on the top-right of this blog. The widget contains the video, and a link to this page explaining the background of why it is important. To get it, grab the code below the widget, and copy/paste it as HTML on your blog’s sidebar.

Video – Buried alive! Back-street dog breeders are jailed for cruelty after newborn puppies buried alive

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“OMG…This has taken me so long to put together because I couldn’t see the screen for tears! Those that did this deserve far more than 25 bloody weeks, as the judge said…so is that all British law will permit…25 pathetic weeks (they will probably be out in a couple) if it is… then I am ashamed to be British! 25 years sounds better! This is more than shocking, it’s sickening how worthless  puppies lives were to the POS that did this. However, this heinous crime will stick with certain people…Karma is a bitch…they will wish they were still in prison if they value their knee caps!

  • RSPCA officers discovered the tiny animals fighting for life after being buried in the back garden of the home of James and Lorraine Perks in Tamworth
  • The Jack Russell puppies were put down soon after due to their condition 
  • The animals were rescued along with 15 puppies and nine adult dogs 
  • At Burton Magistrates’ Court, James Perks, 74, his wife Lorraine, 49, and Stephen Jenkins, 35, were all sentenced to 25 weeks in prison

This is the forlorn face of a puppy rescued from a back-street breeder’s house where two newborn animals were found buried alive in a shallow grave.

Horrific: A Staffordshire bull terrier puppy rescued from the home of James Perks, his wife Lorraine an Stephen Jenkins

Gasping for breath, the two puppies were discovered in the garden by RSPCA officers, having been covered in a layer of soil hours after they were born.

The puppies were in such a bad state they had to be put down at the scene.

Twenty-four other dogs, some confined to rabbit hutches, were rescued, some ‘barking  uncontrollably as if pleading for help’.

Disturbing footage of the discovery was released yesterday after the three people who lived in the house were jailed for a catalogue of animal cruelty charges.

James Perks, 74, his wife Lorraine, 49, and their lodger Stephen Jenkins, 35, ran a dog breeding business from their shabby home in Tamworth, Staffordshire, in which the animals ‘lived amongst squalor’.

Terrifying: The helpless Jack Russell puppies were alive when they were pulled from the dirt, but their condition was so bad they had to be put down soon after

The four-and-a-half-minute film shows the officers scouring the back garden, on August 25 last year after a tip-off from a woman who bought a puppy from the breeders, which died days later.

Officers discovered 15 puppies and nine adult Staffordshire bull terriers crammed into tiny rabbit hutches outside, which they were kept in for 23 hours a day.

One cramped hutch – measuring just 6ft wide and 3ft high – contained four adult terriers while other dogs lived in squalor in the house which was covered in faeces and urine.

In the footage, in which 20 RSPCA officers and police catalogue the shocking abuse of the animals, one officer discovers a tiny puppy whimpering after being buried alive.

Horrific: Shocked police and RSPCA officers discovered the tiny animals fighting for life after being freshly buried in the back garden of the home of James and Lorraine Perks in Tamworth, Staffs, last year

An RSPCA inspector is heard saying: ‘The police officer has just uncovered a puppy that’s been buried in the garden. Buried alive.  ‘Oh my goodness me. She’s found it buried alive.’

James Perks, 74, (green coat) Stephen Jenkins, 35,

The squirming, dirt-encrusted animal can be heard crying out as a male vet inspects it and says: ‘It’s so poorly, euthanasia is going to be required straight away. We’ll have to put him to sleep.’

The officer then finds a second live puppy lying near the first.

The video finishes with the RSPCA officer filming the two pups lying almost lifeless on the lawn and concludes: ‘We’re sorting out immediate euthanasia for these poor puppies.’

The other dogs were confiscated and handed over to the RSPCAfor rehoming.

Steve Odell, the vet who destroyed the puppies, said it was one of the most horrific scenes he had witnessed.

The trio were jailed for six months each after admitting ten animal welfare offences and banned for life from keeping animals.

wife Lorraine, 49

Sentencing them at Burton-on-Trent Magistrates Court  yesterday, chairman of the bench Peter Rolfe said: ‘If we could have we would have jailed them for  far longer.’

Speaking of the buried puppies, prosecutor Paul Taylor said: ‘It was Mr Jenkins who buried them. He accepted he buried them but said he thought they we dead.

‘Mrs Perks told Mr Jenkins not to bury them but when he did so, she couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.

‘All she had to do was take them out of the ground. Any human being would have done that.’

Upsetting: The RSPCA was alerted to the address by a routine call from a member of the public who bought a puppy from the Perks after seeing a card on a noticeboard

Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Jayne Bashford said: ‘No matter how many years I work for the RSPCA this day will remain one which I will never forget.‘All who attended on the day were shocked to the core.

Mrs Perks told Mr Jenkins not to bury them but when he did so, she couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. ‘All she had to do was take them out of the ground. Any human being would have done that.’ Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Jayne Bashford said: ‘No matter how many years I work for the RSPCA this day will remain one which I will never forget.

Cruel: Animals were kept in rabbit hutch-like cages and were locked away for 23 hours at a time

‘All who attended on the day were shocked to the core.

‘The property was in a disgusting state and numerous young puppies living amongst the squalor. Two adult bitches in the living room had clearly been bred from several times.

‘The dogs outside, confined in rabbit hutches, had no bedding and barked uncontrollably as if pleading for help.

‘This case highlights all the  concerns we have with respect to irresponsible and indiscriminate breeding of dogs.’

Warning this video is very upsetting, viewer discretion is advised.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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East Texas animal abuse cases draw experts’ attention

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“A long post but worth a read…everybody needs educating on why people abuse animals!” 

A Wood County man is arrested and charged with killing one dog and burning a second.

Upshur County Sheriff’s deputies seize 28 small-breed dogs from a puppy mill.

Law enforcement officials and animal control officers seize one of 28 dogs discovered in March at a suspected puppy mill south of Gilmer

Gilmer police rescue a dog thrown in a trash bin.

In Sulphur Springs, a puppy is thrown from a moving car.Longview animal control officers seize 31 schnauzers from a single home.

The latest incident in the string of East Texas animal abuse cases occurred Tuesday with the arrest of a Lake O’ the Pines man accused of fatally hanging his donkey from a tree on his property.

Anthony Bassler was held in the Upshur County Jail on Friday under $50,000 bond charged with cruelty to livestock animals. Bassler said the animal was dead before it was strung up.

Psychologists, experts and activists have noticed the string of incidents.

“We have dealt with many different types of cruelty, from starvation to animals (fighting),” said officer Jacqui Lynch of Longview’s animal control department.

A veteran in animal control, Lynch said she believes people who abuse and torture animals are disturbed.

They “have mental issues, obviously,” she said. “They have no compassion for man or animal.”

Area psychologists raise concerns that animal abuse predicts abuse of humans.

“The hypothesis that I would generate is that people who feel extremely inadequate, insecure, tend to look for a vulnerable population, of other groups and classes,” said Longview psychiatrist Arlis Wood.

Wood has counseled adults and children who have a history of animal abuse.

The most frightening instances of abuse are those committed by children, the counselor said, because it is predictive of future behavior.

“Often times that is a very serious sign of later developmental issues in children,” Wood said. “A very serious sign of pathology and abuse in future relationships.”

Philip Coyle, the provost of LeTourneau University and a licensed marriage and family counselor, agrees that although any abuse of animals is serious, it needs to be more carefully watched for in children.

Coyle said animal abuse is one of three early childhood behaviors considered by professionals as warning signs.

“There are three red flags that are predictive of sociopathic behavior — theft, fire setting and animal abuse”

Coyle advised parents to be aware if a child younger than 17 has engaged in those behaviors.

One highly-publicized case of animal abuse came April 2 when a Point man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

He was accused of pushing dogs into a lit fire pit, killing one and severely burning the other.

Deputies said they found the burned carcass of a medium-sized dog in the fire pit, and sources told officers that another dog was pushed into the pit, but jumped out.

The dog had second-and third-degree burns on 40 percent of its body, according to the vet who treated him.

Andrew Terranova, an assistant professor in psychology at Stephen F. Austin University, believes some people who abuse animals view them as inanimate objects, not living creatures.

If this is the case, Terranova said, counseling is less likely to be successful.

“Objectification of living thing makes you more calloused towards those things — lacking empathy gives a poor prognosis of whether treatment will be effective,” Terranova said.

Terranova also said people hurt animals because there is little threat of retaliation.

“It is easier to be aggressive to someone or something that is less powerful and less likely to retaliate,” Terranova said.

One animal activist, Kelly Heitkamp, a practicing attorney in Longview, sees the recent string of arrests as progress.

“I think that this string of animal cruelty cases isn’t anything new,” Heitkamp said.

She said in the past, people wouldn’t have reported the cruelty. The appearance of a string of offenses is merely because more people are being caught, she said.

The more that we are aware, the more alert we are to what is going on around us, we will report and notice things,” she said.

“I have heard from so many people that have become aware.”

Lynch, an eight-year veteran with animal control, agreed more people are gaining awareness about animal cruelty and reporting offenses.

“People are starting to become more educated on what truly constitutes as cruelty,” Lynch said. “I believe that when people see a case, know they don’t have to give their personal information and feel that they can call it in, they will do that.”

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