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Please sign as many petitions as you can, not all are under headings but most are self-explanatory. These petitions are to sign & help save animals; not about how pretty the format is, sorry! Some petitions will of course ended, but I don’t have time to check…my apologies if they have. Please sign as many as you can…petitions do work! 


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Justice for Dog Shot to Death in Enclosed Yard

Robbers burn dogs alive:-

Stop Aldi using Battery hens:-

Stop Licensing Cruel Hare Coursing

Save Irish hares from cruel coursing

Ban horrific hare coursing cruelty in Ireland

Stop sponsoring hare coursing in Ireland

Links to petitions:-

Petitions from #StopYuLin2015!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to continue raising awareness about the YuLin Dog Meat Festival.

Save Animals from Horrific Breeding Business

Ban the Sale and Possession of Shark Fins

Save Mohave Desert Lizard

Ban Foie Gras in Restaurants

End Inhumane and Unnecessary Coyote-Killing Contest

Praise Group for Healing Koalas with Burnt Paws

Thank Humane Society for Rescuing Dogs from Meat Farm

1. (lots of various petitions to sign please)


(Germany: No subsidies for Romania as long as it has a law allowing the massacre of street dogs)

Stop wolf  Slaughter by U.S Government:-

Stop misleading consumers about animal welfare standards:-

Stop cruel animal testing for tobacco products:- Justice for Saudi horse beaten by two men while laughing and giggling In Spain there is a revolting practice of using live quail as projectiles :-
ADI uncovers cruelty at Korean ‘Monkey School’

EIGHT FOR SOCH’S DOGS: Tell the IOC to heed its creed and never allow for such cruelty under its watch again:-

(Mexico:  Petition asking for a ban on bullfights, animal circuses and cockfighting in Zaca, Mexico)éal-stop-testing-on-animals
(Netherlands:  Animal abuser Dave Hillen must be stopped)

TELL CONGRESS TO BAN HORSE SLAUGHTER ONCE AND FOR ALL!:- Tell BLM: Withdraw Wild Horse Habitat from Gas/Oil Lease Auction:- Help rescue Tanzania’s elephants:- Tell Samoa- Don’t Export Dog Meat!:- WE MUST SHUT THIS SLAUGHTERHOUSE DOWN:- Stop Meat Industry’s Environmental Destruction:-

Protect Stolen Pets from Slaughter:-

Stop Dolphin Slaughter in Japan:-

Tell White Sphere not to display the wild orcas, and release them back into the ocean where they belong.-

Condemn Sochi For Mass Killing Of Stray Dogs:-

Tell The European Parliament: No More Deadly Jump Racing:-

Protect Strays In Olympic Host Cities:-

Stop The Needless Slaughter Of Hundreds Of Bison!:-

Tell South Africa To Stop Canned Hunts:- Stop Wolf Slaughter:-

Stop Sale of Whale Meat and Elephant Ivory:-

Demand government bring in TweetiePie’s Law:-  Protect Stolen Pets from Slaughter:- Stop Bear Bile; Animals Asia :- :- Help close Surabaya zoo:- Posting the following 96 petitions for and on behalf of my friend & fellow animal warrior Cassiopea Valentina IL 96% DEGLI STUPRATORI DI ANIMALI USANO LO STESSO TRATTAMENTE NEI CONFRONTI DEI BAMBINI  (PEDOFILIA) E DELLE DONNE. THE 96% OF RAPIST OF ANIMALS USING THE SAME TREATMENT UPON THE CHILDREN (PAEDOPHILES) AND WOMEN.96 Petitions against BESTIALITY, Petitions for Abuse Registry etc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. (USA e Canada) 25. (resto del mondo) 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44.–loznica-serbia-president-boris-tadic-horror-in-loznica/ 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96.ütün-mahhalerinde-evli-kedi-parklari-soğuklar-gelmeden-önce-yapilmasinin-talebi-ile-rt-erdogan (Turkey:  Stop the cruelty and indifference towards homeless cats.) (Germany: petitioning for better animal protection laws) (Argentina: petitioning to close the Mendoza Zoo and transform it into a reserve)ésident-de-l-ue-secrétaire-et-députés-européens-exclure-la-roumanie-de-l-ueexclude-romania-from-eu :- Infinito Gold: Stop Suing Costa Rica For Saving Its Rainforest! :-Justice for Dog Kicked on the Head and Killed By a Restaurant Employee in Novo Hamburgo-RS, Brazil:éléphants-à-bowmanvilleür-deutschland
(Germany:  petitioning for a ban on the importation and national trading of fur)á-para-que-sobrevivaógico-mendocino-traslado-urgente-del-oso-polar-arturo-a-canadáétitions/mrs-lia-olguta-vasilescu-mayoress-of-craiova-unless-you-address-the-horrors-in-your-shelter-you-can-only-dream-of-becoming-a-european-capital-of-culture (Romania: petitioning against the appalling cruelty to stray dogs) (Spain:  Asking TV channels to educate and inform on animal protection and welfare) (Germany: petition against testing on animals) (petition in Spanish protesting the trial of Italian army reservist Barbara Balanzoni for saving the life of a cat) (Spain:  Asking TV channels to educate and inform on animal protection and welfare)ürgermeister-der-stadt-mahlberg-verhindern-sie-das-verhungern-von-30-katzen-in-ihrer-stadt (Germany:  To allow the cat colony to remain and continue to be cared for by the animal rights group) :-Take Action to Stop the Horse Meat Industry! ALDF.
Bringing Wolves Back! 43 Petitions.  Please TAKE ACTION!
1.Wolves in the Lower-48 States Need Your Help

2.Relist Wolves to the Endangered Species Act

3.Gray Wolves Need Your Help Today TAKE ACTION!!!! 4.Please protect our wolves from animal cruelty 5.Secretary Jewell: Finish the Job on Wolves 6.Relist Wolves 7.Relist Wolves to the Endangered Species Act 8.Fewer than 100 Wild Red Wolves Remain in the World 9.Stop The Delisting Of Endangered Wolves 10.BAN LETHAL/LEG IRON TRAPS & SNARES & PUT WOLVES BACK ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST PERMANENTLY 11.Saving the Grey Wolves 12.Stop the War on Wolves 13.Make Wolves a protected Species in MN 14.Save Mexican Grey Wolves 15.STOP THE KILLING OF WOLVES e=search 16.Save the Wolves 17.Protect The Wolves on ESA 18.URGENT – ACT TO STOP SLAUGHTER OF GRAY WOLVES 19.PUT WOLVES BACK ONTO ENDANGERED LIST http://petitions.move 20.Repeal the new wolf hunting and trapping regulations 21.U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Don’t De-List Gray Wolves the wolves 23.Help Stop the Killing of Wolves 24.Tell Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell: Stop a Delisting Catastrophe 25.STOP the KILLING OF OUR WOLVES 26.Allow wolves back into Utah 27.Stop killing the wolves 28.Wildlife Management Change 29.Co-existing with Wolves 30.Stop the wolf hunt 31.Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana 32.Save the Wolves and Dogs 33.Boycott Casperson’s Upper Peninsula 34.stop shooting and killing wolves 35.Enable law enforcement to fully implement the existing laws to protect hunting dogs. 36.REPEAL THE IOWA “AG GAG BILL” AND STOP FARM ANIMAL ABUSE 37.Please put an end to animal abuse in the commercial industries 38.Re list All US Wolf Population NOW 39.Ban The Sale of Animal Skins in The United States! 40.Ban trapping in America, as all other civilized countries have already done; based on cruelty and torture. 41.STOP COYOTE TRAPPING in ATLANTA 42.Protection from Trapping in White Bear, MN ing/?source=search 43.OPPOSE MONTANA WOLF House Bills 73, 31 and 33 Petition to sign against using animals in circuses:- :-Urge Ironman Triathlon to Stop Promoting Unhealthy, Cruelly Produced Chocolate Milk;jsessionid=F4AEFDB182DA3F18AB54A5E61E059894.app337a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5193&utm_campaign=Leonardo%20Petition&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=Alert :- Ask Leonardo DiCaprio Never to Work With Great Apes Again :- Help end the suffering of Bulls in Nîmes :- Help protect Badgers by contacting your MP (UK only)

Stop the Dog & Cat Consumption in S.Korea

The Cruel Feather & Down Industry

Justice for the calf dragged by car in Brazil:-

Stop Cruelty To Pigs – Tyson Foods & Walmart Pork Suppliers  

Stop the Massacre of Dolphins in Taiji Japan
(I think this petition is probably protesting a televised cookery show where cruelty to a live iguana occurred)
(Italy, Torino: Regulation 320 Art. 36 requires that, prior to construction work, the City must give the cat colonies a special area.)ón-por-el-método-ces-y-permitan-que-las-colonias-sean-protegidas-y-controladas-sanitáriamente
(Spain, Madrid:  Protesting the poisoning of colony cats.)án-cese-inmediato-de-los-torneos-de-lazo-en-el-estado
(Mexico, Yucatán:  Ban the cruel Loop Tournament.)ésident-de-l-ue-secrétaire-et-députés-européens-exclure-la-roumanie-de-l-ueexclude-romania-from-eu (Against Romanian slaughter of stray dogs:  scroll down the text for English version) (This can apply to any similar bag, can, plastic container, plastic ring tabs, fishing line, etc. etc. All dangerous to all kinds of animals)éxico-promoviendo-y-realizando-la-esterilización-posible-de-animales-domésticos-abandonados (Mexican government: Implement humane sterilisation of strays) (Italy, Marcianise: Protest capture of 8 dogs, neutered and cared for by volunteers, now in squalid overcrowded shelter!) This petition is to protest the cruel death camp in Pozega, Serbia, where dogs suffer all manner of atrocities. Please take a minute to sign and share widely:-ñete-no-al-sacrificio-de-gatos-en-cañete-lima-perú-2 (Italy:  Close the Rimini Dolphinarium) (Germany:  Do not kill the Borkum cats) (Asking companies to identify whether or not their products have been tested on animals) (Mexico:  Stop the atrocities against stray dogs)  

(Russia:  Vladimir Mahamc should be punished for cruel video posted online)ón-de-la-nación-argentina-no-se-les-enseñe-más-la-canción-señora-vaca-a-los-niños-2 (Argentina: the cruel reality of animal abuse behind the dairy industry)
(Germany:  End all show acts featuring dogs. Extremely loud music is already too loud for humans, for dogs who have more sensitive hearing, it is torture!)ößle-nein-zur-erweiterung-der-anlage-zur-ferkelerzeugung-am-reichertsweiler-hof :-(Germany:  No to large scale factory farming of pigs)
(South Korea: Protesting the torture and killing of dogs and cats for meat)

(Peru: Stop illegally killing and cooking cats during the festival Curruñao) The following link contains several petitions for street dogs in Bosnia. Please sign and share widely:– Hold CEO Accountable for Beating Puppy:– (Argentina: petition to help stray animals in Argentina) (Argentina: petition for stronger penalties against organised dog fights in Argentina) (Argentina: petition to stop the abuse and cruelty to horses in Argentina)
(Argentina: petition requesting free veterinary hospitals and animal shelters in all municipalities of Argentina) (Argentina: petition to stop cruelty to animals in Argentina)
(Brazil: petition to install speed reducers on Routes nos. 12 and 101, high wildlife kill areas) (Petitioning the international press to expose the continued persecution of street dogs year round in central and southern Italy.) 

(Petitioning to ban BSL in Germany) Please sign and share this petition to stop the dolphin performance at the 2014 Olympics:- Demand an end to secret trade deals, stop the fast track of the TPP. Stand with Food Democracy Now! Don’t let corporations pass the Global Monsanto Protection Act:-

Demand justice for dog blown up by owner:
(German petition asking major tour operators to urge the Egyptian Tourism Minister to stop the killing of migratory birds)

Current Advocacy Campaigns from IDA’s Action Center:

Protect Wolves Vote NO: Vote NO: Vote NO: “I AM WOLF. I am the true spirit of nature, a perfect creation, walking beside you, guiding your senses to see the invisible. My true destination will only become visible when humans discard their imaginary fear, false legends, phantasmal myths, to seek the truth.” (Louise du Toit) Dogs are not a delicacy. Don’t put border wildlife in jeopardy. Stop trashing our oceans. Defend black bears’ wetlands. Speak out for badgers before it’s too late. Take emergency action to rescue the Mexican grey wolf. Dog fighting is not entertainment. Put a stop to this delisting of grey wolves across the U.S. Speak up for wolverines losing habitat. No more playing around with dog fighting. Stop senseless bison killing. TROPHY HUNTING AND CHILD ABUSE EXPOSED:- Stop canned hunting:—born-to-be-killed—lion-hunting-in-south-africa.html Stop killing leopards:–—4a-action-against-animal-abuse/ Animal abuses including Orang Utan mass killing, dog fightings, street dancing monkey and dolphin circus have been commonly practiced. People abuse the animals deliberately for their own interest:-

Bullfighting is not a cultural activity, let´s change the way we are thinking, and do good actions for our future generations.The aim of this movement is to protect the life of the bulls that are tortured and killed to celebrate and have fun. Nothing justifies animal torture :- non US-residents scroll on “State / Province” Click “OTHER COUNTRIES” !) ) Stop the wolf slaughter:-—4a-action-against-animal-abuse/

ttp:// Argentina: Stop this Cruelty! Close Figura! Stolen horses, pregnant mares, dying of exhaustion, transported to the slaughterhouseña-nieto-end-the-killing-of-loggerhead-sea-turtles-in-baja-gillnets胡锦涛-and-吴邦国-wu-bangguo-stop-the-dog-cat-meat-market-in-china

Petitioning the Spanish government:  Stop abuse of hunting dogs in La Garriga:- 
Petitioning the Spanish government:  Reform the animal protection laws:-
Petitioning the City of La Garriga/Generalitat de Catalunya:  Stop the abuse of hunting dogs in La Garriga. Please also watch this video about Chanchal’s quest for justice: Spanish Government:! Abolition of bullfighting in Spain! NO to animal abuse:-ñol-abolición-de-la-tauromaquia-en-españa-no-al-maltrato-animal Cobasi: Stop selling animals. Eradicate neglect and mistreatment of dogs used each year during the hunting season, it is an obligation and a moral and legal duty.ñete-ministro-de-agricultura-alimentación-y-medio-ambiente-la-regulación-y-el-control-obligatorio-de-los-perros-de-caza-3

Please email and/or write to Senator Joe Ludwig and tell him that the appalling suffering of animals in the live export trade is completely unacceptable.:-
These two links, Animals Australia and WSPA Australia, contain lots of information:

For more information on the plight of Nosey the elephant: Refuse collectors murder a dog, petition demands justice… To Glaxosmithkline, Italy. Release the 32 beagles. I just signed a petition urging South Korea to end its torture and consumption of dogs and cats:- :-If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser. Please sign and share this ciwf protest against live animal exports from the UK:- Please take action now — urge the Fish and Wildlife Service to finalize habitat protections for loggerhead sea turtles, then check out our interactive map of the areas proposed for protection: Iran/Tehran – dogs are currently being confiscated from their owners by the police: Catalonia, ban the cruel correbous:-ón-de-los-correbous Catalonia, ban animal circuses:- Ban the cruel toro de la vega:- Also a petition to the U.N., please sign and share: Ban bull fights:ón-de-cultura-del-congreso-de-los-diputados-no-a-la-declaracion-de-bic-a-la-tauromaquiaón-de-peticiones-del-parlamento-europeo-que-el-parlamento-prohíba-los-crueles-y-sanguinarios-festejos-taurinos-2ña-basta-de-corridas-de-toros Stand up for goats who can’t stop selling fur:- Protesting the setting of traps for wild horses:-

Better conditions for ‘Winter’ the dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida:-

To protest the bullfights during March in the tourist town of Tequisquiapan, Mexico. We want that Ecuador has a law to protect animals from abuse, neglect, abuse, illegal reproduction, sale in the streets or markets. We want a law that will ensure a better quality of life for animals and penalties for abusers.ón-animal-del-ecuador   


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