Puppies dumped in a box outside San Antonio ACS, investigators need help

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“Somebody must know who these puppies belong to, imagine if they had died from the cold; could you live with that on your conscience? If they have done it once, they will do it again…please help find those born without a heart & make them pay! Everybody knows there are charity’s that will take your dogs if you can’t care for them. To simply leave them in a box outside a shelter isn’t good enough, they could have died due to weather conditions; it’s just a cowardly way out, for someone who doesn’t give a SxxT about living sentient beings…& it makes me so fxxxxxg mad!!

By Sharon Ko, KENS 53:23 p.m. CST January 24, 2015

SAN ANTONIO, TexasAnimal cruelty investigators are asking for the public’s help to find the person responsible for dumping puppies outside Animal Care Services.

Friday morning, a veterinary technician discovered the puppies in a cardboard box with a plastic bag tied around it. ACS named them the seven dwarfs after the Snow White fairytale.

“Leaving them outside, unattended, and nobody is around. And the weather conditions are bad where they could potentially die,” said Audra Houghton, ACS field operation supervisor.

ACS asks anyone who has information about the person who left the animals to contact the organization at (210) 207-4PET (4738).(Photo: KENS 5)

In 2014, ACS issued more than 5,000 citations for animal cruelty and sent 42 cases to the district attorney‘s office. Animal cruelty investigators said San Antonio can do better. They said it comes down to public education.

“That’s probably what the biggest issue is. We have owners who can’t necessarily afford to care for their pets and don’t think they can afford to. Those are all things that can be remedied. So our officers try very hard to educate the public,” said Houghton

Abandoning animals is considered a misdemeanor with a four thousand dollar fine and up to a year in jail. The puppies appear to be two-month old Spaniel blends. ACS says the puppies are not old enough to be adopted yet. ACS asks anyone who has information about the person who left the animals to contact the organization at (210) 207-4PET (4738).

News Link:http://www.kvue.com/story/news/state/2015/01/24/puppies-dumped-in-a-box-outside-acs-investigators-need-help/22279603/

Graphic Image: Request Bill for Animal Abuse Punishment in Baja California, Mexico.

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“When I saw the petition against this despicable act, of course I signed. But having read other articles, the young man accused said he found the dog already dead, he says it was a joke that got out of hand. It doesn’t make it easy to understand when all articles have to be translated, so are not easy to read. I just wanted to put relevant info out there for others to read & digest!”.

“Even if Aaron Martinez did not kill the dog, he is guilty of being stupid & very disrespectful of life by posting the following picture to Facebook; for that alone, he should be severely punished!”

On Tuesday August 20, 2013, Aaron Pino Martinez, originally from Tecate, Baja California, posted on his Facebook account a picture of a canine crucified, with clear signs of abuse and torture.

Aaron Pino Martinez,

Aaron Pino Martinez,

This besides being outrageous, is a clear indication that such individuals should be reprimanded and punished, thus ensuring broadcast a message to all those people who abuse animals. Stop this kind of actions, and above all, do not let guys like Aaron Martinez Pino remain free.

News Link:-: http://www.animal-voices.com/news/aaron-pino-martinez/

Petition to sign please:-http://www.change.org/petitions/solicitud-de-iniciativa-de-ley-para-sancionar-el-maltrato-animal-en-baja-california-m%C3%A9xico

I tried to find out more about this incident. The following web page has several links (none of which I could copy & paste for some strange reason) so had to type the content, Note, is not easy to understand as it has been translated, but it is written exactly as it is on the webpage; punctuations & all:-

It was a game, social network photo says young tecatense

TIJUANA, Baja California (PH) was last Monday afternoon when Aaron Pino Martinez, 22 years old, decided to get on his Facebook profile is shown carrying a picture of a dog nailed to a wooden cross. ‘s image published the social network accompanied by the description “The Chuyita’ crucified” went viral in minutes, and attacks against tecatense did not wait, the news made national relevance. Newspapers in interview Healy said it all started as a game and never measured the consequences of their actions, with which only wanted to mention that he had found the dog in that situation. “What started as a game misunderstood and ended like a super news and I come to clarify what actually happened,” he said. acknowledged that was an irresponsible act on your part to take the picture, but that at no time mistreated mascot, and versions in circulation are false, but now it is impossible to leave of his house “Magic Town” without being identified. “I never took it with the wrong mindset, never passed through my mind about that, was just want you all to watch this, I do not stain found in the, how crazy, “he said. recounted it all started when he went to the store with his girlfriend, and to cross the rive found the dog dead and crucified, he said, he called attention to be unusual, they had decided bury, and to go home for shovels to dig, was when he decided to take the picture. Having that said they buried the dog, went home, and everything went normally until the picture went away, without passing over 30 minutes to start to reach the criticism. “want everyone to know the truth, that the dog was dead, simply, it was something I did to make my Facebook friends to see, a dog crucified” he said. According Aaron, I stole the image, changed the information to indicate that he murdered and abused animals, and also have opened a Facebook fake him in his official account began receiving threats, so he had to shut it down. “No joke, no joke something that has become supernews…when I went up I never thought of the consequences that could happen, I said two or three hours and off by the very fact that the photo is half pirate, I said, I do not have that on my Facebook, “he explained. Nothing more was because I found it, buried it, the cure to publish the activity I did, but people do not take the sense of humor, he added. “It’s a lie and people talk the talk, I arrepentidisimo and message to all is that with those things do not play…have known nothing else had taken where I was, to see how I was, “he explained. stated that is relaxed because he knows that he did that to the dog, but his mistake was to have taken the photograph and having risen to Facebook.

“The following link, also contains other sites regards this offence, but again, it won’t let me copy & paste. I can’t type them all out. They are also disjointed & hard to understand, so if you wish to know more, you will have to click & read yourself…sorry”!


Aaron Pino feels under threat:

In brief:-

Aaron Pino Martinez claimed his life and that of his family, gave a 180 degrees, which was left without friends, and you can not go anywhere, they have received death threats, but things can not be solved with violence. “People of Tecate I considered friends are sharing misinformation and edited photos of all my friends…I thought they would answer for me, my friends are really counted,”he said.


Associations not accept apologies from young tecatense:-

In brief:-

Representatives of civil associations Humane Society of Tijuana said they will not accept apology of Aaron Pino and will proceed according to the law.
Leticia Coto, head of the Humane Society said that although that may be true his statement the he did not kill the supposed joke denoting animal abuse and a lack of respect for life. By this reason, interpose a claim against the person responsible, to investigate how the animal ended up in that situation and to clarify if you really found her like Pino. Regarding Aaron Pino, said that “he feels he did nothing wrong. He said that he was never repented, because in every interview he only mentioned that it was a joke that got out of control, without being really aware of his transgression, why doubt his apology. On the other hand, said that although repudiate his act, never do anything to violate their physical, so his act will be on legal grounds.


Seek psychological help for young tecatense:-


“I have no idea what is being said in the following video, but it is obvious wherever he is shooting the video, there are a lot of decaying animals; that appear to have been left already dead; or left to starve to death!”

Aaron Pino recreates how he found ‘Chuyita’ (In Spanish)

Published on 22 Aug 2013

He who owes nothing, fears nothing: Aaron Pino (Chuyita) Aaron Young tecatense Pino did get BORDER facilities a “VideoHome ‘, which recreates how the incident occurred.

Another video spoken in foreign language, I would love to know what he is saying:It was a game, social networking photo: Young tecatense


Published on 20 Aug 2013

The news portal exclusive interview frontera.info Pino Aaron Martinez, who caused controversy after publishing a dog nailed to a wooden cross, said it all started as a game, and never measured the consequences of their action. Centre information Maria Esther Hernandez and images of Jael Norzagaray.

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