Video:Dog Being Abandoned On Road

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“I found this video on-line, but aside from the date I don’t know anything else. However, Google translated the page from Portuguese to English, so I suppose it could be in Portugal; or it could be that someone from Portugal just reposted it! 

” On Sept. 29, on a dark night, one car is following another, when the car in front starts to break, the following car slows down too; however, the car following has a dash cam on board & captures the whole upsetting scene. The car in front slow’s to a stop, someone gets out with a dog…then precedes to drive off without the dog!!!”

“How utterly F-ing heartbreaking; not ashamed to say I cried. Firstly, if they didn’t want the dog, why not take the dog to a shelter etc.? Secondly, abandoning a dog on a  road (actually looks like a small town, there are houses either side for a short distance) is utterly stupid…obviously the owner had no heart & no brain.

You would think the driver of the car with the dash cam, that caught the distressing scene, would do something, wouldn’t you?  My instinct would have been to get the dog off the road & speed off to catch the car’s registration in front; then go to the police & show them the video…Sadly that’s not what happens?

See for yourself…the video doesn’t need a ‘viewer discretion’ warning…but you may need some tissues..hold & click link below, I  will also post separately to face book & Twitter, just in case some can’t access the video via the link (sorry I couldn’t attach it either).

There are some real f-ing shits that live in this world, no compassion or conscience they care about nothing & know one, except themselves, their cars, their possessions etc.” 

“I would rather live in a f-ing shed with my animals & have a heart bursting  full of compassion, empathy & love for all sentient beings; than anything else in the world, thank you! 

“Nothing justifies abandoning an animal to fend for itself; absolutely nothing & no excuses for doing so either!”

However, I am showing it in case anyone recognises the car or the dog. Has a neighbour, who’s dog that looks like the one on the video; i.e. a German Shepherd mix, vanished? Perhaps someone may note the place where it happened, if so, could be that the dog is in the towns animal shelter or that some kind soul offered it a home…I just want to know it’s ok!!

“Which ever is the case, I have been praying very hard that the dog is ok; it would be amazing if someone could tell us how & where the dog is!. The thought of it being hit by a car & laying in a ditch, or starving to death, is just too much to bear; so I’m trying to remain positive…I’m also praying that the car following actually caught up with the car who ditched the dog & got his licence plate for the police! “

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Let’s Adopt Global – Saving Samson The Kitten With Severe Eye Problems

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“I don’t know what happened to this little guy but he sure is a fighter, I’m sending loving prayers so that his pain ends soon; & he can live as a cat should. I know Victor & all at Lets Adopt global will do all they can for him.  Losing both eye’s will be very traumatic for little Samson, but I’m sure he will manage!”

“I have a dog with no eyes, both taken out within a week…nobody even notices he has no eyes…as long as furniture in the home is not moved, he can get around with my other dogs; who have bells on, so he knows where they are at all times.”

If you are reading this you are likely to be an animal rescuer, or least to like animals beyond what the general public finds “normal”.


If you are reading this you are also likely to spot an animal in trouble when others just see nothing.

I’ve named him Samson and I must admit I nearly missed this little man... just by looking at these pictures you will understand why.

I found him in exactly the same place where I found Monkey about already three months ago. He was stumbling on the side, right next to the garbage container. At first from the car, I thought he may been a rat or a mouse, it was dark and he black, but rats don’t stumble and fall, this was a kitty and he was in trouble.

Stopped the car, and I grabbed him, there was not much left in him skin and bones, not much of either. Samson weighs little over 100 grams. A hundred grams of skin, bit of fur, infection, pus, fleas… and whole lot of PRIDE!!!!

What a cat!!! Never seen anything like it… I mean, he’s got everything going against him, he’s totally malnourished, who knows when he ate last. One of his eyes is totally gone. Instead of eye fluid, he hadpuss and infection, the other eye has severe keratitis and we don’t know if well be able to save it., and he’s black which unfortunately makes him nearly invisible as he barely comes in pictures as more than a black dot against whatever background we choose. But against all odds, this is a cat that won’t be brought down, a true survivor. Samson defines the word attitude.

Samson wants to go on with life. He doesn’t mind about loosing sight, or having to fight for weeks in order to get rid of the virus that has caused his condition, he just lives the moment as only a cat can do.

We are first going to stabilise his conditionimprove his anaemiareduce infection, and then we will operate his eye. Once this source of infection and pain is gone, he will be more comfortable and with our help his body will be able to focus on fixing the rest, on healing, on growing, on BECOMING THE CAT HE WANTS TO BE… minus the eye (and the fleas).

This is Samson, a name that signifies both strength and weakness. This is Samson, and he’ll only make it, if we help him.   I leave you with a video of him, hopefully you will see and feel what I see and feel.

After he is recovered fully Samson will need a final home… If you feel you are HIS family please contact me on

“Can you help with vet & medical cost towards Samson, if so, no matter how much, click the link below!”

News Link & ChipIn to help with  Samson’s treatment:-

Video of Samson, showing how bad his eye’s really are, viewer discretion is advised

Uploaded by  on 17 Sep 2012

This is Samson, I have just picked him up from the garbage container


Remember the dog named John, found close to death in Brooklyn? Well look at him now!

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“Do you remember the dog below, found close to death, lying next to a parked car in NY?? He was in a terrible state, as you can clearly see from the pictures! Well, the little dog they named ‘John’ liked the care, love & attention he received at SEAN CASEY ANIMAL RESCUE  & Pet Haven Animal Hospital, so much, it gave him the will & determination to live!

“I thought this would have a sad ending, but miracles do come true…John is testament to that….watch the video’s below to see just how far, John has come!! “Just want to say massive thanks to those who cared, loved & attended to John &  all those who sent prayers & supportive thoughts 🙂 x”

John as he was found, listless & near to death!


John’s condition was appalling, covered in faeces, nobody was sure he was going to make it…all he could move was his eye’s to blink!


Published on 3 Sep 2012 by 

John is certainly progressing. He is eating and standing on his own. He has even taken a few steps. Still a long road to go, but John is a fighter. Thanks to the efforts of Pet Haven Animal Hospital Staff and the SCAR CREW, John is in good hands. For more info about SEAN CASEY ANIMAL RESCUE and the Documentary Film “RESCUE! BRROKLYN” about Sean Casey Animal Rescue, go to

John’s first steps 9/5/12

Published on 5 Sep 2012 by 

Boynton Beach couple face animal cruelty charges for allegedly abandoning four dogs

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BOYNTON BEACH — Boynton Beach Police have issued an arrest warrant for a husband and wife who they say abandoned their four dogs and left them in a home they moved out of without food or water in deplorable conditions.

Patricia Walker, 25, and Demetris Walker, 34, face charges of cruelty to animals and unlawful confinement of animals. A warrant for their arrest was issued Aug. 2, according to police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater. They have not been arrested.

Police say that two of their four dogs were treated so poorly, that an Animal Care and Control veterinarian had to euthanize them.

Animal Cruelty Investigator Liz Roehrich went to the Walkers’ home at 124 Northwest 10th Ave. on Feb. 14 in response to a citizen’s complaint that there were abandoned animals in the home.

Neighbors told Roehrich the Walkers moved out about three weeks ago and left the dogs alone in the home. Two of the dogs were visible to Roehrich and were pushing their muzzles out of a broken window while crying and whining, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Before going inside the home, Roehrich wrote in the affidavit that there was a “putrid stench of feces and urine” coming from the home. Flies swarmed the windows and front and back doors.

Roehrich could see that the floor was “covered” in feces and urine. She didn’t see any water or food and decided to call the property owner Andrew Luchey.

Luchey sent over his employee Kim Buckner who said Patricia Walker and her children were the last known tenants of the home. She opened the door for Roehrich and two of the dogs came running toward the women.

One of the dogs was a 7-month-old black and white pit bull. The second one was a 7-month-old brindle white female pit bull. Roehrich described the dogs’ appearances as “filthy” and “underweight”.

The conditions of the home weren’t any better. The floor was “soiled” with empty pans and dishes. There was no furniture. Blood covered a large area in the corner of the floor. Blood was smeared on walls. There was a dog collar laying in the blood puddle.

Roehrich heard “frantic, aggressive” barking coming from a bedroom and found two dogs — a 1-year-old black and white female pit bull and a 7-month-old white and black female pit bull — confined in cages sitting in their own feces.

The 7-month-old appeared to be sick or injured and had “multiple puncture wounds on her head and legs,” the affidavit says.

Nearby was a snake confined in a glass tank that appeared to be taken care of and was clean.

Roehrich tried speaking with Patricia Walker and didn’t have much luck. When reached by phone, Walker told Roehrick that her dogs were “fine” and not to remove them. Then she hung up.

Demetris Walker and his sister Marqita Daniel came to the home and said the dogs must have just caused the “mess” because Walker cleaned the other day, the affidavit says.

Walker said he wanted to take the dogs, however Roehrich informed him that the animals were being seized.

Daniel was allowed to take her boa constrictor home as it appeared to be healthy.

Roehrich then had the dogs transported to Animal Care and Control, where Dr. Stephanie Martin examined them.

The dogs “frantically ate and drank” once in the veterinarian’s custody, the affidavit says.

Three of the dogs had “mild dehydration” while all the dogs were so thin that their vertebrae were visible and their pelvic bones were prominent, the affidavit says.

The dog who appeared injured was “quiet and depressed” and had old and fresh wounds. Her leg was discharging fluid.

Patricia Walker decided that while she “loved her dogs” and wanted them back, it was in her best interest to give up her ownership of them.

Two of the dogs were provided medical treatment and rehabilitation and were later adopted.

The two other dogs were too “aggressive” and “wild” and had to be euthanized.

Man allowed one dog to starve to death while another was forced to live off its remains after a MONTH with no food

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  • Shane Maurice Potts left the animals unattended after moving with his children to stay at his mother’s home
  • The dogs were left in appalling conditions with a bag of dog biscuits just out of their reach

    Grim: A dog owner allowed one of his Jack Russell’s to starve to death. Simba, pictured, only stayed alive after eating the remains of the dead dog. Simba is pictured after being rescued

A dog owner allowed one of his Jack Russell’s to starve to death with another forced to eat its remains after leaving the pair without food for a month. 

Shane Maurice Potts, 29, left the animals unattended after moving with his children to stay at his mother’s home.

The dogs were left in appalling conditions and although there was a bag of dog biscuits on a worktop – it was just out of their reach.

A female called ‘Nala’, eventually starved to death while the other, a male called ‘Simba’, stayed alive by eating her remains,

Appearing at Buxton Magistrates Court yesterday, Potts, from High Peak, Derbyshire, admitted two animal cruelty charges.

The dogs were discovered by RSPCA inspector Lorna Campbell after a call from a concerned member of the public.

She said: ‘When I saw Simba at the window it was obvious he was emaciated and when I looked in I saw what I thought was a toy he’d chewed up.

‘It took a moment before I realised the full horror of what it actually was, the remains of Nala. It was devastating.’

Horrific: Shane Maurice Potts, 29, left the animals unattended after moving with his children to stay at his mother’s home. The scene inside the flat is pictured

The RSPCA had offered advice to Potts in July 2011, given him neutering vouchers and re-homed a third dog which he had at that time but had no complaints since.

The court heard that Potts and his children had moved into his mother’s house in Chapel-en-le-Frith.

He hadn’t been back to his own property for more than four weeks.

RSPCA Inspector Campbell said: ‘That Simba survived is a miracle. When police gained access he raced past us to a bowl of dirty water in the garden with cigarette butts in it and tried to drink from it.

‘The conditions in the house were terrible. The place was covered in faeces and the floor was slippery with urine. 

‘There was a shredded dog food bag on the floor, an empty tub of gravy granules and chewed towels and of course what was left of his companion.

‘Tragically, there was a bag of dog biscuits on the worktop which it looked as though the dogs had been trying to reach but it was just too high.’

Potts’ solicitor told the court he was finding it difficult to manage his responsibilities and had moved in with his mother to help.

He’s due to appear at Buxton Magistrates Court on August 21 for sentencing.

After being signed over to the RSPCA, Simba has recovered and has been happily re-homed.

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Dog Survives Three Weeks Adrift At Sea After Losing His Owner

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A dog named Dingo is the subject of an amazing tale of survival after he spent three weeks adrift at sea in an abandoned boat.

The Atlantic Animal Hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina is caring for Dingo after Nathan Moody, who lives in the Bahamas, found him drifting on the abandoned vessel.

According to the Toronto Star, his owner, John William Batchelor, 72, likely died at sea while on an annual pilgrimage south. Investigators are still trying to locate his remains.

Nathan Moody is a volunteer with BASRA, a non-profit voluntary rescue organization. When he discovered Dingo alone on the boat, he said the dog was dehydrated and malnourished. He said he was so heartbroken by Dingo’s traumatic journey that he adopted him on the spot.

Dingo suffered a brief setback when Moody and Dingo were both attacked by wild dogs at his home in the Bahamas a few weeks ago.

Dingo suffered injuries to his leg during the attack and was later sent to the US for treatment when local vets said his wounds were too difficult for them to address. Rob Moody, Nathan’s brother, is keeping an eye on him while he recovers.

Nathan Moody is in the process of moving back to America from the Bahamas, and said he can’t wait to be reunited with his lucky survivor in a few weeks.

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Animal Cruelty In Musquash

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St. George RCMP are looking into a case of animal cruelty in Musquash.

The Mounties got a call Saturday that a pitbull cross was left trapped in a steel cage at a gravel pit without food, water or shelter.

Police believe the dog would not have survived long due to the 30 degree heat because the cage was wired shut.
RCMP believe the dog was dumped in the pit sometime on Friday night.

The Provincial SPCA provided assistance and the dog is now in the care of the Saint John Animal Rescue League.


If you can provide the RCMP with any information on this, contact the St. George RCMP 506 755-1130 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).


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In Middle of Burning Field, Puppies Tied To Tree killed, Injured by Bee Swarm

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FALLBROOK — Three puppies died and two were critically injured in Fallbrook after they were tied to a tree beneath a hive of beesthat attacked them, authorities said Friday.

Jack Russell terrier Woody also survived swarm attack

All the dogs were about five months old and suffered numerous bee stings.

“It’s a tragic story,” said Lt. Dan DeSousa of the county Department of Animal Services.

They were found near an oak tree in the middle of a field that had been set on fire off De Luz Road, next to their owners’ residence and a trailer park, on May 31.

Two migrant workers used extinguishers to douse most of the flames before firefighters got there about noon, Cal Fire Capt. Mike Mohler said. They discovered the dead and injured dogs about 25 feet away from the 20-foot patch of scorched vegetation.

Four pups were still tied to the tree by separate ropes, DeSousa said.

Mohler said fire investigators determined that someone set the blaze, but were not yet sure if it was done intentionally.

Two Jack Russell terrier mixes died of strangulation, apparently as they strained against their ropes trying to get away from the bee swarm, DeSousa said. He said a Rottweiler broke its rope and made it about 30 feet away from the tree before dying.

Two puppies that survived dozens of stings — a mixed-breed Chihuahua named Buzz and a Jack Russell mix named Woody, both named after “Toy Story” movie characters — were improving at a veterinary hospital on Friday. When they recover sufficiently, they will be moved to a Carlsbad animal shelter and put up for adoption.

“Words fail me…watch this heart-wrenching video of the little darlings, I found on YouTube! Somebody knows these dogs & or who they belong to, do you really want to be in the company of someone so callous & heartless?? Please if you know who did this heinous crime, contact Lt. Dan DeSousa of the county Department of Animal Services”


Published on 8 Jun 2012 by 

Five dogs were attacked by a swarm of bees in Fallbrook. Tragically, they were all tied to the tree and could not escape. The two surviving puppies, both five months old, are a male Jack Russell terrier mix and a male Chihuahua mix. It is unknown if the person who tied the puppies under the tree knew about the bee hive.

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‘It was just a nightmare’: 36 dead pets found in ‘crazy cat lady’s’ home covered in one foot of excrement and showing signs of cannibalism

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Video link below

A retired New Jersey teacher is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty charges after authorities recovered 36 dead cats from her home.

The skeleton of a decomposed cat is visible in this gruesome picture from a home in Bradley Beach, New Jersey where 35 other cats were found dead

Lorraine R. Smith, 65, will be fined a maximum of $1,000 for each of the 36 counts after the dead animals were discovered lying in one-feet of their own faeces at her Bradley Beach property.

Responding to a 2 a.m fire alarm call at the La Reine Avenue home, emergency services and Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) entered the property in Hazmat suits to protect themselves from the decomposing remains

‘When I went into the house it was just a nightmare,’ said Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chief Victor ‘‘Buddy’’ Amato.

‘It looked like a lot of the animals were cannibalising one another.

‘I have been doing this for ten years and out of ten this was ten plus,.

‘Even with hazmat suits on we could only stay inside the property for 15 minutes at a stretch and there are remains of the cats and faeces up to a foot high inside.’

Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard A. Guida explained that police and fire officials arrived at the three storey La Reine Avenue home because of the fire alarm call, but instead found the house covered with dead cats.

‘I suspect the fire alarm possibly was set off because of the odor of decaying cats,’ said Guida according to APP.Com

The disgusting interior of the home in Bradley Beach where 36 cats died


Splitting her time between the Bradley Beach property and her sick mother in the nearby town of Neptune, Smith told investigators that she could not keep up with the demands of owning 36 cats.

‘She left the cats to fend for herself at the La Reine Avenue property while she was with her mother,’ said Amato.

‘The demands of looking after the cats and her mother was too much and so when they began to die from negelct she left them inside the home.

‘We estimate that the cats had been fending for themselves for up to one year.’

Smith, who is co-operating with authorities will go before a municipal court judge sometime next month.

‘I spoke to the suspect and informed her she was going to be charged,’ said Amato.

With a decade of experience behind him, Amato was sympathetic towards Smith.

‘These are not bad people,’ said Amato.

‘They have good intention, but then they get overwhelmed and begin to get desensitised to what is going on.

‘I think taking care of her mother became a priority over taking care of the animals.’

Neighbours were not surprised that the house had harboured such a chaotic situation.

‘I have complained a number of times to the town of Bradley Beach to say there is an odour and she is not cutting her grass,’ said Victor Caponegro.’

Another neighbour called Betty was shocked.

‘I don’t understand how a person can just walk away from a house full of cats.’

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City’s Lack Of Response In Animal Cruelty Case Disturbs Fort Worth Pet Sitters – Video

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“OMG….you would have to be one cold hearted, inhumane, poor excuse for a human to leave a living sentient being at the side of the road; knowing it will die of hunger!!  It was obviously too much trouble to take the poor unwanted puppy to a shelter. I hope they find who did it & throw the book at them!”

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth has made a change to an animal control policy after two residents couldn’t get anyone to respond to a case of apparent animal cruelty.

The report came in Sunday while the city shelter was closed and only an on-call officer was staffed due to budget restraints.

Still, Mike Phipps said he was surprised he couldn’t get anyone to respond.  “I was wanting an investigation more or less,” said Phipps. “At least a report made on it.”

Phipps and Eddie Sakerka were driving in the 4900 block of Brentwood Stair Road when Sakerka saw a dog kennel on the side of the road. It’s a stretch of road with no homes, no apartments and just a storage business nearby.  “I just barely caught it out of the corner of my eye because there’s so many weeds and brush along here,” he said.

The pair run a pet sitting business together. They occasionally find old kennels, clean them and donate them to an animal shelter. Sakerka got out to grab the crate. He didn’t expect to find it occupied.  “I knew she was dead the second I seen her,” he said. “I could see where the crate was separated where she had fought to try to get out of this crate.”

He and Phipps estimated the small, female pit bull mix was no more than a few months old. It didn’t have any injuries. Phipps said he called the Humane Society, which told him it sounded like an animal cruelty case and to call 911. Phipps said an operator there though told him it was not a police issue. After a return call to the Humane Society, and then to police again, an operator referred him to the number for the city streets department.

“We have protocol and is it known?” Phipps asked Wednesday. “Do they know we have policy and by all means was that followed?”

Fort Worth Code Compliance director Brandon Bennett said if it was a dangerous dog, or an imminent case of animal cruelty, an officer would have responded. The department though had to close its shelter on Sundays due to budget cuts and only an on-call officer is staffed.

Bennett said the weekend policy on dispatching calls will change because of this case.  “We’ve learned from this and that is to update the policy that if something similar like this comes in again, it will go to the on call officer who will then make the decision to respond or not to respond.”

Bennett added the dog’s death does appear to be a case of cruelty. If anyone recognizes the dog or saw it dropped off, he said investigators would like to know about it to investigate the case. The code compliance office has taken 1600 cruelty reports in the last year.

Phipps and Sakerka put a cross at the spot on where the found the dog they have named “Pretty Girl.” They are also putting up posters with the promise of a reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

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