Man accused of stalking girlfriend, killing her dog, then feeding it her….is out of jail, free on Bail!!

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According to Wednesday’s KRCR TV News, a Redding, California, man who is accused of attacking his girlfriend, killing her dog and then feeding the dog to the woman, is free on bail.

Last week, 34-year-old Ryan Watenpaugh was arrested on multiple charges, including stalking, animal cruelty, domestic violence…this Wednesday, after posting bail, he was freed from jail. Watenpaugh allegedly stalked his girlfriend and killed her small Pomeranian, “Bear,” and then cooked and served the dog’s meat to his unwitting, now “ex” girlfriend.


The disturbing incident allegedly took place during a brief reconciliation in September – after the alleged meal, Watenpaugh sent a text message to the woman asking her how her dog tasted. Later, he came to her house and left a bag on her front porch which contained the dog’s paws.

Watenpaugh has been ordered to stay away from his estranged girlfriend; he is scheduled to be back in court on September 23.

Prior story about this situation here. Sept 12th 2014

A Shasta County, California, man is accused of a shocking, almost unbelievable act of cruelty which has resulted in his arrest and a charge of animal cruelty and stalking, reported Friday’s ABC News 7. On Thursday, authorities arrested 34-year-old Ryan Watenpaugh who has been accused of killing a small dog and feeding the dog’s meat to his girlfriend.

Watenpaugh’s former girlfriend claims that she was assaulted by Watenpaugh on August 4 – though she managed to escape from her Redding home, her dog, a Pomeranian named “Bear,” was left behind and was missing by the time that she came back home.

According to the Merced Sun Star, the couple briefly reconciled in September and Watenpaugh cooked a meal for his girlfriend – this past weekend, he allegedly sent her a text and asked “how her dog tasted.” A few days later, the woman heard a vehicle outside of her home and she claims to have spotted Watenpaugh walking to her door carrying something; she later found a bag with her dog’s paws inside.

Police arrested and charged Watenpaugh for stalking, animal cruelty, domestic violence and false imprisonment; he is being held in jail on $250,000 bond. Further weapons charges may be forth-coming after authorities found an AK-47 assault rifle and several high-capacity magazines at Watenpaugh’s home.

Watenpaugh has denied that he cooked the dog and served the meat to his estranged girlfriend, but he has not denied leaving the dog paws at her home, or the disturbing text messages

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Update:Jersey City Man Charged With Animal Cruelty for Leaving dog To Die On Hot Roof

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Kaylon Dazile of Neptune Ave was charged on Monday with three counts of animal cruelty in the death of a Yorkshire terrier left on a hot tar roof on Friday as temperatures soared over 90 degrees.

Levi was left in a metal cage on a hot tar roof. The tiny Yorkshire terrier died. Credits: ABC News screen shot

According to the, Dazile was dog sitting for the the Yorkie named Levi and allegedly placed the dog outside on the neighboring roof through the window of his apartment because the dog was barking. Levi was left in a metal cage with no water.

Dazile has been charged with not providing proper shelter, not providing drinking water, and inflicting unnecessary cruelty resulting in the death of a dog.

Neighbors heard a dog barking, but could not place where the dog was located. Finally according to ABC News, a neighbor spotted the cage on the roof and called authorities. By the time Animal Control arrived, tiny Levi was dead.

“Know what kind of person you leave your dog with and check them out,” stated Barbara Wilcotts of Miami. “I’m a professional dog sitter and sadly I hear about dreaded accidents like this. It should never have happened. This man deserves to be punished. That poor little dog died an excruciatingly painful death. It’s so tragic I could just cry.”

If found guilty of animal cruelty, Dazile could face the maximum of $1,000 in fines and six months in jail.

Dazile is due in court for his first appearance on June 17.

Rest in peace Levi.

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Swim With a Tiger Cub at Fla. Private Zoo

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“Please sign the petition below to stop this atrocity and abuse of wildlife.” 

If swimming with dolphins is not exciting enough for you, how about a tiger cub?

A private zoo in Dade City, Fla., is now giving patrons the chance to swim with a Siberian tiger cub.

While it might sound dangerous, it’s a roaring success with customers from as far away as Iceland lining up and paying $200 for just 30 minutes to cuddle, bottle feed and swim with Tony the tiger – a 6-week old cub.

It’s kind of a limited time that we can do it in Florida. You can only interact with the tiger until they’re 40 pounds,” said Randy Stearns, head animal trainer and president of Wild Things.

When full grown, Tony could tip the scales at more than 1,000 pounds. But for now, Tony can be yours to play with at Wild Things.

“I never thought I’d get to touch one, much less swim with one,” said Bertha Cruz, who described her time with Tony as exciting.

Swimming with potentially wild and dangerous animals seems to be trendy at the moment. At Arizona’s Out of Africa Park, fully grown tigers play in the water alongside their trainers much to the delight of fans looking on behind gated fences.

In Tampa Bay, Bob Barrett began a business that had him bring alligators to children’s birthday parties.

Barrett runs The Alligator Attraction of Madeira Beach, Fla., where visitors can pay to hold and feed rescued baby gators. He says the inspiration for his party idea came when business was sluggish.

“It just took off like wildfire,” Barrett told ABC News in September. “Everybody loves having the gator pool parties.”

The state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission deemed it illegal and shut down the operation last week. Many animal rights activists say it was the right thing to do.

“You should never have close human contact with animals, especially actual petting of wild animals. They belong in the wild and people should not get in the habit of being in close contact with them,” said Adam Roberts, executive vice president of Born Free USA.

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Tennessee Walking Horse trainer pleads guilty to abuse

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“All horse owners know that this happens, so I don’t know why its taken so long to prosecute the abusers; well I can take an educated guess, money makes people look the other way, if you get my drift??”

A high profile Tennessee Walking Horse trainer — who was shown abusing his horses in undercover footage broadcast on ABC News — has pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the Horse Protection Act (HPA).

For ref.

The video was filmed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and shows Jackie McConnell beating the horses with wooden sticks and poking them with electric cattle prods.

Mr McConnell admitted to applying banned chemicals to the horses’ pasterns making them hyper-sensitive, causing them to raise their front legs artificially high — a practice known as “soring”.

He also admitted to trying to camouflage the signs of this practice, which has been illegal for more than 40 years.

Two other men — John Mays and Joseph Abernathy — pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges related to the case, with Mr McConnell on 22 May. Sentencing will be held on 10 September.

“Although the HPA has been in place for more than 40 years, violators have seldom been prosecuted,” said the HSUS’s Keith Dane.

“The McConnell case urges the federal government to continue to make the enforcement of the HPA a top priority.”

The trainer has also been banned for life from the biggest annual event for the breed — the Walking Horse National Celebration (22 August – 1 September). 

Pepsi drops sponsorship of horse show after video of animal abuse

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“What a shame Coca-Cola can’t do a similar kind act & stop sponsoring Rodeo’s that kill & maim animals.!”

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) – Soft drink maker Pepsi said on Thursday that it was dropping sponsorship of a prestigious national horse show, one day after ABC News broadcast footage of a horse in training for a show being beaten by a trainer.

The Walking Horse National Celebration said that Pepsi had been a sponsor since 2010 of the nation’s leading competition for Tennessee Walking Horses, a breed known for its high-stepping gait.

“We have ended our sponsorship of the event,” Pepsi spokesman Vincent Bozek said on Thursday without elaborating.

Neither Pepsi nor officials of the horse show would confirm the reason for the cancellation of the sponsorship. But an expert on the Tennessee Walking Horse show circuit, who asked not to be identified, said he believed it was because of the ABC News report, which showed an abusive practice known as “soring.”

The Humane Society of the United States conducted an undercover investigation and filmed the video which was given to ABC News and broadcast, said Keith Dane, the society’s director of equine protection.

An animal rights activist went to work in a horse barn and secretly taped the abuse in March and April, 2011. It shows the horses being beaten with wooden sticks and poked with electric cattle prods. The horses’ ankles were slathered with caustic chemicals and ankles wrapped with plastic to amplify the pain.

The chemicals induce pain and cause the horse to raise its front legs high while in the show ring.

Soring has been such a pervasive practice among Tennessee Walking Horse trainers that in 2009 the industry set up an organization and hired veterinarians to tour shows and inspect the horses.

Dr. Stephen Mullins, president of SHOW, the organization that inspects the horses, said he was disgusted by the video.

“For any animal to be abused like that … I totally disagree with that,” Mullins said.

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