Saving Freddy: Update on a six week old pittie burned with acid in April

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Do You remember the story of Freddy, the 6 week old puppy that had Acid thrown in his face? If not, the story is below (I didn’t post it). I’m posting this not only because there is an update, but to also to show what remarkable resilience these dogs have; Freddy endured an Acid attack, then was struck with an MRSA infection, but pulled through & is now safe & happy with a new family.

“This little pup certainly went through hell at such a young age, he definitely had angels watching over him! Might I also say how grateful I am to Noah’s Ark Rescue, had they not intervened, Freddy would not have received the life saving surgeries he so desperately needed; he would probably have been put to sleep! Noah’s Ark Rescue are a charity & it is through donated funds that they can help dogs like Freddy & Otto”

Please, help us help him by donating.  We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

 Contact 4084 Spring Island Okatie, SC  29909

Freddy with his new family below.  Look how big he is getting. OUR WONDERFUL BOY IS ADOPTED.


Freddy with his new Family

Look how wonderful & adorable Freddy looks now.  He is now ready to go to his new home.

Look how wonderful Freddy look’s now!

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Quote from Noah’s Ark Rescue; Freddy

I know everyone is waiting anxiously to see how sweet FREDDY is doing. The good news is that our sweet boy is eating well, he is happy and comfortable and the edema in his face is slowly going down.

Freddy’s MRSA infection has improved a lot and he is feeling a thousand percent better. He is still at the vet and will be until he is over the infection.

The bad news is that the culture we did came back with MRSA, which is a resistant Staph infection. We have changed his antibiotic and he seems to be responding to it. We are doing everything we can to protect his organs while he is on this strong antibiotic.

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APRIL 2, 2012 – The past three years have seen an increase in the very worst kind of animal torture and abuse – burning. The latest victim is a 6-week-old baby pit bull mix who has been burned with acid

There have been an alarming number of cases  of dogs and cats all across the country suffering the same types of burns from caustic chemicals, boiling water, or by being set on fire.   In most cases, the abusers are not caught. Some theorize that the cases are tied to either dog fighting or meth labs, but there have also been an increasing number of youths committing these cruel acts of abuse.

Graphic Image below, do not scroll down if you don’t want to see it!

Noah’s Arks Rescue  is caring for the puppy that is the latest victim of this horrific trend. Freddy weighs only three and a half pounds. A good Samaritan found him last week on the streets of Greenville, South Carolina and rushed him to Greenville’s Animal Control shelter .

The shelter called Noah’s Arks to let them know that they had a puppy who needed their help, and the rescue stepped up to get Freddy immediate medical care. The veterinarians at Dutch Fork Animal Hospital determined that someone had poured acid on the puppy.

The acid was concentrated on Freddy’s face, which is severely burned.  He also has some burns on his feet and belly but his face is where he suffered the most damage. The acid has eroded the skin and damaged his ear canal. His eyes do not appear to be damaged, but the lids are, leaving some question as to whether or not it will affect his vision.

As is often the case in serious burns, the puppy’s wounds were critically infected, requiring that he have several surgeries to clean the area. He came in with a very low body temperature, but he has since stabilized. His biggest challenge has been the pain. While it would be nice to think that this level of abuse is rare, Noah’s Arks reports that they receive calls about chemically burned animals or animals that have been set on fire almost every week.

Jennifer Smith, president of Noah’s Arks said that Freddy is a little fighter with a strong will to live, who proves to them every day that he wants to be here. “If we hadn’t been able to control his pain and suffering, we’d have gently put him to sleep.” She said.

For now, Freddy is comfortable. He is on pain medication that controls his pain but doesn’t knock him out.  He loves being held and taken outside so he can roll around.  With the pain controlled he is a typical puppy that is loving, sweet and wants to chew, and he has a good appetite.

The vets cannot gauge how much scarring he will have, or if his fur will come back on his face.  They expect that he will have some visible scars for the rest of his life.  Freddy still has a long way to go and will be at the medical facility for a lengthy stay as he recovers. He is getting round-the-clock care.

FREDDY  acid noahs ark

All of the animals in Noah’s Arks’ Rescue get the very best medical and surgical care provided to them whether the Rescue posts a chip-in for them or not. Freddy will have to receive ongoing care while his skin tissue regenerates. If you would like to champion this little guy and make a donation to help pay for his medical care, there is a place to donate on the Noah’s Arks website.

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer rescue that takes on some of the worst cases of animal abuse. All donations help the animals.

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Puppy in St.Louis May Have Been Burned by Acid – Video

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“OMG…If this was an attack, just what are people lacking in their lives to want to throw acid, or burn an animal, on purpose; so it suffers greatly with pain? If this was an attack & the person or persons were found, then their names & their photo’s should be held in an abuse registry or something similar…because they won’t stop at one dog!!”

NORTH ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A five-month-old boxer puppy in St. Louis is fighting severe pain and under the care of the Humane Society because of burns on the left side of his body.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now investigators with the Humane Society’s Animal Cruelty Task Force are trying to determine if the burns, which appear to be a result of acid, were a horrible crime or an accident.

“From the paw up to the shoulder, from the ear… all the way back down the left side, down to about his mid-chest area,” described Mike Perkins, Humane Society`s director of its Animal Cruelty Task Force.

St. Louis alderman Jeffrey Boyd and his wife spotted the dog Tuesday and called for help. Based on the injuries, veterinarians believe the dog, which they named Sonny after famed boxer Sonny Liston, was burned on Friday.

‘It looked hungry, just unkempt and not cared for,’ described Boyd. ‘It was a shame.’

The dog was also spotted on Saturday but by the time investigators arrived it was nowhere to be found.

One possibility is that acid was thrown on the dog or it could have been involved in a fire.

Either way the Humane Society wants to know what happened.  The burns left an especially disturbing sight on Sonny`s left side.

‘I could see it every day and it still bothers me,’ said Perkins. ‘If they can do this to an animal they can do it to a person. It’s got to be painful.’

Both Perkins and Boyd encourage anyone witnessing animal abuse to call the police.

“If you see anything going on in our neighborhood, report it,” Boyd said.

Sonny is on medication for the pain, but the Humane Society is worried that Sonny could develop an infection.

Anyone with information in this case can contact the Humane Society`s Animal Cruelty Task Force at (314) 647-4400.

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