VERY GRAPHIC MEDIA: Petitions to sign: “Torneo de Lazo” Horses Eviscerated Alive For Fun

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“I actually started writing this several weeks ago, but can only now bring myself to finish it, as my tears have dried up & given way to anger! No animal deserves to be used & tortured in such a heinous manner, for human entertainment; which is why it should be stopped.”

“This barbaric, disgusting spectacle should have been outlawed many years ago; this should not be allowed to continue in the 21st Century. Where are the animal welfare laws? We have to make the Mexican Government listen & they will only do that if enough people shout…so I beg you; please sign these petitions:-

Read some of the petition text:-

The pain and suffering inflicted on the horses is immense. The fact that this is a “public event” witnessed by all, including children is very harmful to all.
They call it a feast. In the state of Yucatan, Mexico there is a “rodeo” type event called “Torneo de Lazo” where bulls ram horses and eviscerate them. THIS CAUSES A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF PAIN TO THE HORSES.
These horses usually collapse and while still alive continue to get trampled by bulls and other horses during the length of this violent and cruel event where horsemen try to lasso the running, charging bulls (the bulls are specifically bred and trained to ram horses).

Although it is against the law, this is only in name. Mexico’s federal government as well as the local authorities do nothing to stop this. This event takes place state wide all year round.

One bull was well known for killing horses, but the bull was eventually strangled to death by cowboys sick of him defeating their horses.

Horse collapsed after being gored by bull!

“Can you imagine the horses terror & pain if gored; trying to escape the bull, with their stomach contents pouring out! If they make it out the ring, I’ve heard that some owners may try to put the horses organs back inside (if not that bad) & stitch it up so it can go another round! Some owners may figure the horse is going to die, so might as well get the most out of it until it collapses. If a gored horse can’t be patched up; it gets a bullet! These owners can not possibly love or care for their horses or their safety, if they did they wouldn’t put them in harms way in the first place!”

 “Don’t forget the poor bulls, this is all they know, they don’t distinguish between the horse & the rider; the bulls are roped & provoked, so of course they charge at the horse! But the bulls also suffer injuries, they can break off part of a horn or break legs trying to free themselves from the ropes. One can not blame the bulls for goring horses, those to blame are the ones riding the horses, antagonising the bulls; along with those allowing this despicable event to happen in the first place!”

“The horses have no protection…this horrific form of so called ‘entertainment’ depends on how fast the horse can run or outwit the bulls; bulls are not slow or stupid!! One can’t help but wonder the sheer terror these horses feel, when pitted against a bull! 

Please demand the Mexican government to put and end to this barbaric event.

Please sign these petitions:- 

The video below shows what the bulls are capable of!! I find it astounding that when a horse is gored the crowd start screaming in shock etc! Erm….excuse me, but they paid to see this sickening event!!!

Viewer discretion Advised – The Terrible vs The Black 2013

Published on 13 Apr 2013

Best Black Bows with his horse The little note at the Rancho Don Chencho Terrible. Proving it is one of the best cowboys of the peninsula.

“People wonder why children abuse animals; well if they are allowed to see animals being ridiculed, abused & tortured, then they will probably grow up to have little or no respect for animals either! 

“I feel I must explain the following video, for those who do not wish to view it; because you need to know how horrific this gruesome, so called form of entertainment is; to help put an end to it!

“A stunning grey horse is gored by the bull on its hind flank; it looks to me like its external  abdominal oblique muscles start to spill out almost at once! Unfortunately the horse collapses as it is being taken out of the ring…sadly there is no hope for this stunning sentient being. So it is dragged through the gates; children watch as someone casually takes a gun out & points it at the horses head, it takes a couple of bullets to end the horses suffering! Then, in the final & most undignified act, the once beautiful grey is pulled through the mud & away from the gates, by other horses; as if it was some inanimate object! It looks like the bull pays with his life also, as at the end of the video it shows the ropes etc. possibly caused him to break his lower leg! 

 Viewer Discretion Is Very Strongly Advised 

Jaripeo rancher coat, tie and rider. trajedias in Moroleon, Gto

Published on April 4, 2012

Jaripeo in Moroleon, Gto last March 25, 2012 Toro trimming of the Novillo JL hits the horse Chivo de la Cruz and then in a bad bull sale Jalon fractured his hand. (In this video there are strong images are warned of its content) thanks …

“WTF….what sort of people pay & also let their children watch, such a gruesome form of entertainment & think it normal? Humans can choose to fight in a bull ring; the animals can not!”

Please sign these petitions & share them; no animal should die for human entertainment:-

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Costa Rica Hunters Spark Outrage

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Photographs of two men posing with a dead jaguar in Costa Rica sparked outraged among animal right activists and groups. 


Hunting for sport has been banned in the country since last January, and activists say these pictures are proof that the practice is still going on despite the new laws.

Hunting is only allowed for personal consumption in limited circumstances, scientific research or wildlife population control. And fines for illegal hunters can reach up to about $3,000.

The Liberia Association of Animal Protection (ALPA) said it received information that the two hunters have the last name Sandino, live on a farm near the Santa Rosa National Park and have been killing jaguars because they attack the cattle. “Well they should perhaps make a better shelter for their cattle…Big cats eat when hungry, if no natural food source left, due to expansion of human homes etc.; then cattle are easy prey!!”

“To prove this felony will be almost impossible due to our country’s weak laws, but the pictures are proof of how people continue killing our animals.

We would really appreciate if all of you share this message and help spread the news,” an ALPA Facebook post said.

News Link:-

URGENT Petitions to sign please: An international delegation will be at the EU on 24th of January

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Posting on behalf of Occupy for Animals, please help by signing the petitions below; it’s time to unite as one & take action against Europe‘s homeless animals

Occupy for Animals

Please TAKE ACTION for Europe’s homeless animals – SIGN the PETITIONS NOW!

An international delegation will be at the EU on 24th of January, 2013 to address the problem of the growing stray animals population in Europe.

A video about the dire plight of Europe’s homeless animals will be shown, the problem will be discussed, and different petitions will be handed over. 

Babies in the animal control center Seslavci, Sofia


Europe must take responsibility for millions of street animals:

Info and petition here

Sofia – Corruption and shady practices hinder the management of stray animals populations

Please read the entire page, it has pictures of the shelter; stories of some of the dogs & also video. Info here–corruption-and-shady-practices-hinder-the-management-of-stray-animals-population1.html

Petition here

Ovidiu Portariuc, the mayor of Botosani has hired SC Puppy Vet SRL – known for having killed thousands of stray dogs – and wants to send the city’s stray dogs to Constanta, on a dubious ‘pilot project’

Info here

Petition here

The petition against the chaining of dogs

Info here!chained_dogs/c6gx

Petition here

The petition to help the Romanians get justice for Tereza Szekely and the 120 innocent animals burnt to death in Cluj/Romania 

Info and petition here

Please SIGN NOW and share this post with your friends ♡

The adage that there is strength in numbers holds especially true when it comes to petitions, be it to the EU or other relevant authority. Please add your voice to those of growing numbers of compassionate people from around the world, and let’s make a difference!

Together, we can!!!

Welcome to the animal control center Seslavci, Sofia

VERY GRAPHIC IMAGE: Animal Rape Case In Brazil – Please Sign Petition

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“OMFG…This is one of the worst cases I have seen & I’m furious that I can’t find any of the original details on-line, been searching for weeks, before posting!!”.

“I have even asked the petition author but no reply. All I know is what I have read from the petition, this is so Fxxxxd up…I wasn’t sure whether to show it but then again, you the public have a right to know.”

“Do you know the person in the poster?? If so contact those below. Please add your name to the others that are disgusted at this atrocity”

“I don’t speak any foreign language, I’m sure the guy on the poster is the guy who committed the rape, but not sure what the last paragraph means “Still in liberty waiting to be processed”?? does that mean they have caught him?”

” I have seen other pictures but will not show them out of respect for the dog, which I presumed died due to horrific injuries! R.I.P x”

“Please sign the petition & circulate to everyone you know. This person must be punished severely for this heinous act!”

On 18th of September 2012, the dog in the picture was brutally raped in the bathroom of a gas station in Brazil.

When people heard screams coming from the said bathroom, they called the police. Upon entry the room, they found the room covered with  blood everywhere and the poor dog in very serious condition.

The dog was  hospitalized with severe bleeding that could not be stopped due to her internal organs completely being d destroyed.

Just look at the picture and imagine the moments of horror that poor dog has lived, trying desperately to escape her aggressor, struggling throughout the entire bathroom.

Animal welfare organisation Associações AAPA, Amigos do Canil e SOS Bicho de Rua has started a petition that is addressed to the public prosecutor Cruz Alta/RS, calling for severe punishment of the abuser who is still in liberty while awaiting his process. Petition:-  

Maximum Sentence for Maliciously tossing Kitten and Running Over Multiple Times

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“Remember Michael Almony of Finksburg, he is the heartless bastard that ran over a kitten multiple times….Please sign the petition below to make sure this evil sicko gets what he deserves!” 

Michael Almony of Finksburg faces more than three years in jail and a $6,000 fine for throwing a kitten on the ground and running over it several times in his Ford pickup truck.

Baltimore County police arrested Almony, 59, Thursday after an anonymous person turned in a video from a parking lot that shows the incident.  

Almony Allegedly threw the kitten on the ground next to the truck, pulled forward to run the animal over, backed up and ran over it again.

The link below show Almony throwing the kitten, then get in his car to carry out the rest of this brutal killing on a little kitten.  Viewer discretion is advised.

“Seeing the video makes me hate him even more, if that’s possible…but I really hope hope he goes down for a long time! Please sign the petition below!

Video & News Link:-

Please sign the petition here:

Related News Link:-

News Link:-

Horrific scenes of dead dogs in the cottage Senija Saric- Pictures – Video

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“The following is a translation regarding another building in the countryside belonging to evil owners Senija & Senka Saric (it’s rather confusing as Google translator isn’t spot on with gramma ) who apparently killed dogs  at the house… the animal activist told the police & others about the situation at this house & her plea’s were met with the same ignorance as was at the previous house…until she took the story to the media, then the house was searched.  As far as I can make out, Senija Saric & husband or daughter are in prison, for how long, who knows…I will keep you informed!”

Cottage and farm in Hotonj are also a source of infection for many years and a threat to locals. Members of the association they found 33 dogs, five corpses and stray puppies who ate a dead dog!

The owner of the building in the street Pruščak Senija Saric dogs from the facility in the city center away the allegedly abused on his property in the Vo complex Hotonj.

Avaz came into possession of photographs of corpses of dogs abused by Saric, the paper said.

According to Adnan Smailbegović from the Association for the Protection of Animals “Avlijaneri”, their activists have been a year on this farm in Hotonj, where they found a horrific scene.

– When we arrived in front of her cottage, we found horror. There were as many as 33 dogs, five corpses and stray puppies who ate a dead dog! Soon arrived and Senija and we managed to convince us to let the bodies draw. However, after several minutes she changed her mind and drove us screaming. The same day, 22 dogs have disappeared from the yard of her property. He never found out what happened to them – said Smailbegović.

As he added, holiday homes and property in Hotonj are also a source of infection for many years and a threat to locals.

Unfortunately, the police did not react even in njenomp space in the center of Sarajevo to save the dogs, until the citizens took the initiative on Monday and broke the door.

Aldin Pasic from the Association for the Protection of Animals “AV-Eights” has announced that tomorrow along with the inspectors and the police tomorrow to go to the Saric property Hotonj to check whether at this point still has detained stray.

About this topic yet read the following links:

– Shocking: The citizens of Sarajevo in the rescue of captured dogs / PHOTO / VIDEO

– Saved captured six dogs from the apartment Senija Saric, a citizen who saved them arrested

– A dog’s life in Sarajevo

News Link:-

Pictures above from news site:-

Tribute to the Angels of Sarajevo 2012

The problem with the dogs placed in the hallway Pruščakovoj Street in downtown Sarajevo, known for years. However, in recent days has got into the media spotlight after the animal rights activist, Jelena Paunovic drew attention to it.

Special thanks to Jelena Paunovic – Organisator and photographer, Borovcanin Vedran, and all the other angels.

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Missouri Considers Bill Banning Animal Abuse Videos

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX/AP) – The Missouri House has endorsed legislation seeking to make it a crime for undercover activists to produce videos portraying poor conditions at agricultural facilities.  

The legislation given first-round approval Tuesday would create the crime of “agriculture production facility interference.” The crime would apply to people who produce or distribute photos, videos or audio recordings of the activities at an agricultural facility without the consent of the owner.

The bill also would make it a crime for people to gain employment or access at agricultural facilities under false pretenses.

Supporters said the measure is needed to stop undercover activists who produce propaganda against agriculture, particularly where livestock are being raised or slaughtered.

Opponents of the bill said some of those undercover investigations have helped improve conditions at agricultural facilities.

News link:- CBS.St Louis

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Tony’s petition reached 12,000 signatures today as people worldwide continue to show their concern for him and support his release to a reputable sanctuary.

Please continue to share and visit for more ways you can advocate on behalf of Tony.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and dedication to Tony.

Morse Signatures Needed To Help Tigers

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Dear TigerTime Supporter,

We currently have a ‘tigertastic’ amount of 62,000 campaign sign ups and signatures on our petition!

On the 13th March, TigerTime will be presenting the petition to the Chinese Embassy in London, UK. We need to go with at least 100,000 signatures, so it is essential that we get another 38,000.

If you get another person to sign the petition, we will have easily reached our target. It is that simple.

So please go grab a friend, a family member or a work colleague…sit them down and show them the images on our page.  I’m sure they will be moved by them.  You can then show them how easy and quick it is for them to sign and make a real difference.

We are so grateful for all the support; please continue to help us put pressure on the governments of the world to stop this horrific trade. We cannot let the tiger die out so we have to put an end to this trade.

Animals Petition: Stop the Reopening of the Cruel Diving Horse Show |

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Animals Petition: Stop the Reopening of the Cruel Diving Horse Show | the Reopening of the Cruel Diving Horse Show

The diving horse show at the Atlantic City Steel Pier was shut down in the 1970’s, but the event is set to return this summer. Riders mount horses and then dive from the tall pier into the water below. This dangerous and cruel event is terrifying for the horses and causes injury to both the animals and their riders. There is plenty of summer fun to be had at the pier without harming these horses. Please ask Atlantic City Steel Pier President Anthony Catanoso and others in a position of influence to cancel plans to bring this event back after so many years


I am pleased to announce that this ridiculous show will not now take place. Thank you to all who signed the petition.

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