Horses Hooves Not Trimmed For 15 years – Grow to 3 Feet Long

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“OMG…can you believe the picture below?? I’ve only seen hooves like that once before; on a dead horse!! How can the owner have let them get into such a state they could barely move? It’s not like their so skinny they haven’t been fed, ok not a lot of food, but somebody had to have been giving them something; they couldn’t have lived to their ages without any food or water!! I just can’t understand how anyone, even someone with no knowledge of horses at all, is that dumb, to think it’s ok to just leave them! The poor horses must have been agony, any horsey person knows to keep a horse fit & pain free, a farrier is God; horses hooves need trimming between 6-8 weeks it varies; even if they don’t have shoes on, they still need to be trimmed!!

“I just pray whoever owns these horses, get what they deserve; in this instance prison without probation, along with having to pay in full, all vet & farrier bills. It’s going to take a lot of work from a very good farrier to get their hooves back into shape….but even if they do, the horses may be unfit to ride; due to irreversible damage to the structure of their hooves. I’m just in shock & have nothing but utter disgust at the owner’s blatant abuse & disregard for the health & welfare of these poor innocent horses!! R.I.P little one. Many thanks to ( for taking care of these equine!”

By Charlotte Ricca-Smith on 25th-Aug-2015

‘Critical condition’

The emaciated animals were discovered standing knee-deep in muck and with hooves more than three feet long. 

A miniature mare had to be euthanised at the scene due, because ruptured ligaments had caused the fetlocks to dislocate. The two others – one a full-sized stallion and one a miniature stallion ­– were in a ‘critical condition’.

“It’s the worst we’ve seen in our 26-year history,” Caroline Robertson, the development director of Days End Farm Horse Rescue told Caroll County Times. “They could barely move without being at risk of getting tangled in their own hooves.”

Three neglected horses have been found, with feet so overgrown it is believed they were locked up for at least 15 years.

Hooves removed

Before the horses could be removed from the scene, they had to be sedated so they could lie down and have the excess hoof removed. They were then taken to Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) in Maryland, ( for rehabilitation.

The horses were discovered when a member of the public called the Humane Society of Washington County with concerns about pet pigeons kept there. It was during the welfare inspection that the equines were found.

‘Long road’

Both horses have been aged at around 18. The horse has been called Quest, while the surviving pony has been named Rio. Both have received further treatment from a farrier and vet and are now on the “long road” to rehabilitation.

An investigation into the case is on-going and cruelty charges could be brought.“Never mind could be…they definitely should be!!”

Days End Farm Horse Rescue is a non-profit organisation which currently provides rehabilitation and ongoing care for 78 rescue horses

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Graphic Media: TweetStorm And Petitions To Help Close THE 2015 DOG AND CAT EATING FESTIVAL

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Apologies for delay, no internet & usual pain!! POSTING FOR & ON BEHALF OF THE FOLLOWING TO BRING AWARENESS TO THIS HORRIFIC FESTIVAL (all material, sites & petitions copied with permission from #‎StopYuLin2015‬   Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival 2015 – 停止榆林狗與貓肉節2015


Today (1/19) we are asking you to push a little bit harder and write a letter to the Chinese government. We have put together a letter, kindly explaining our utter disgust at the YuLin dog and cat meat festival and also how tourism will be hit hard as word is spreading across the internet. We have translated the letter into Chinese as this will be most effective, the English version is for your reference only. Of course you are more than welcome to draft and mail your own letter!
You will need to copy and paste the letter into an email, remembering the add your name and address at the top and add your name, city, state, and country at the bottom.

Link to CHINESE letter:

Link to letter in English/Dutch/German/Spanish (Ref only):

We thank you for your constant support and for taking this direct action to ‪#‎StopYuLin2015‬.


(Must be that date, do not use the #tag before the 21st)

21/01/2015 Tweets List to post on Twitter:-


Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival 2015 – 停止榆林狗與貓肉節2015


** A FRIENDLY REMINDER **For all those planners and organizers out there, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21ST, is the date for our next BIG tweet storm. Mark your calendars, set your alarms or put a post-it on your computer monitor. See the poster for the time schedule. If you’re not sure how to convert it to your time-zone, please leave us a message and one of us will get back to you.Also, if you are looking for additional ways to help us spread the word about Wednesday’s tweet storm, starting today (Monday), could you please tweet the following message to YOUR individual followers on your Twitter account, that would really help us create even more awareness.

Here’s the message to copy & paste to your Twitter followers:-

‪#‎StopYuLin2015‬ needs you. Pls join me on Wed.1/21 -help end the YuLin Dog Meat Festival. RT!

Bringing a permanent end to this festival is going to take a global push and we have 3 months to work jointly letting YuLin city know that we don’t like what they’re doing to the cats & dogs in and around their city.

 Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Festival 2015 


The last set of petitions & tweet links

  14. The tweetsheet link for petitions against the Yulin dog & cat eating festival #stopYulin2015

Information about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Here is a list of the various levels of corruption I found connected to the festival:


“An animal rights lawyer in Beijing said that official claims that all dogs are bred by local dog farmers is false. An Xiang said according to research there are no such farms and that all dogs are abducted from the streets.”

“It is thought most dogs are pets or strays abducted from streets. Vendors then buy them for around nine yuan (85p) and sold for 25 yuan. People who steal the dogs make the biggest profits of all, the news agency said.



“Some of the animal thieves broke Criminal Law using weapons to threaten residents to hand over their dogs,” Li said.



“Another risk factor highlighted is poor food safety. Liu Lang, director of the Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association said butchers slaughtering the dogs are at risk of rabies, while the meat is not properly quarantined or inspected, increasing the chance of food safety problems.” 


“While a quarantine regulation on dogs and cats was introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture last year, meaning all cats and dogs had to be quarantined before transport, this is rarely observed, he added.”



“Li said there were no dog farms or slaughterhouses that safely produce dog meat: “I was told there are four major workshops that produce dog meat in the city. I visited them and found all of them had no business licences or certificates.”



“Medical staff have been banned from attending the dog meat festival by health authorities from three local hospitals: “According to the directive issued by higher authorities, hospital staff are prohibited from having dog meat at food stalls, restaurants or hotels in Yudong and Fumian districts,” the notice read.”



“According to South Morning China Post, local restaurants have been ordered to cover the word, dog, on signs to appease protesters: “Food safety authorities told us to change our signboards due to the objection of certain dog lovers,” staff members reportedly said.” 


*LOCAL YULIN GOVERNMENT STILL CULPABLE*IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL TO NOT PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS“In Yulin, local authorities have stressed that they had no hand in organizing the controversial dog fest.


Conclusion: Corruption is flagrant and decimating China’s cats and dogs ruins China’s reputation, threatening their economy.

Conclusion: The YDMF is detrimental to the social and moral development of China’s citizens.

Conclusion: China needs to develop animal welfare laws and not use the YDMF to “clean-up” their stray cats and dogs.

Conclusion: Allowing the YDMF to continue, contravenes the Chinese Constitution and other laws and administrative regulations because every aspect of the YDMF is illegal and makes China look bad in the world’s eyes. There is more to this festival than China’s ability and freedom to eat cats and dogs and the  false health benefits derived from part-taking in the consumption of cat and dog meat, but the festival enables corruption to run rampant throughout China and its bordering countries, like Vietnam.It is imperative to the people of China, specifically for the prosperity of their children, for the good of their social and moral development and the benefit of good health, that the local YuLin government be encouraged to cancel the festival.

Here is additional information on the YuLin Dog Meat Festival:

Here is the link to our FB page:

News Link:

16 January

Tuesday, 1/13/2015 the “YuLin, Hell On Earth For Cats & Dog” You Tube video, demonstrating the cruelty cats and dogs go through prior to the festival, was posted.Today, 3 days later, it has been viewed 500 times. And the world does not like what it sees going on In China with the complete heartless exploitation of cats and dogs.Please stay with us as we continue to march on toward the June 21st festival date. Thank you for sharing the video. We all must continue creating awareness about this horrid festival.Collectively with our united international voices, we can #StopYuLin2015!!

Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival 2015 – 停止榆林狗與貓肉節2015

Please don’t look away from our video. The cats and dogs of YuLin need our global voices to defend them from the slaughter.

We ask for your time, not your money. Won’t you please join our campaign to help end the intolerable suffering of the cats and dogs in YuLin, China?


Published on 13 Jan 2015

The annual YuLin Summer Solstice Dog Eating Festival takes place on June 21st, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China.

This video demonstrates the cruelty cats and dogs go through prior to the festival. Their journey to the festival is wrought with much pain and agony. Because there are no animal welfare protection laws in China, saving them from the sordid dog meat trade (DMT) is difficult. The owners of stolen pets have no recourse either because laws are not broken.

Take action with us to help permanently remove cat and dog meat from the Yulin Festival in China.
Join us on Facebook at for ways to get involved in preventing further torment.
You can also follow us on Twitter @StopYuin2015.

Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival 2015 – 停止榆林狗與貓肉節2015

Good evening/morning to all our wonderful followers to ‪#‎StopYulin2015‬. As the countdown continues towards the June 21st deadline, and this past Tuesday tweet sheet being a huge success with 9719 tweets going out for all the dogs and cats that suffer, we thought we’d ask our followers to get involved in the creation of the monthly sheet!

We are asking for you to come up with amazing tweets and we will put them on the February 21st tweet storm sheet. Also, remember along with your tweet to include any pictures you would like added. All we ask is to please do not submitted any tweets threatening to boycott China or hate tweets. We must always remember the good people in China that are fighting for this cause along with us.

To those that have never used twitter, it’s restricted to 140 characters, a picture counts for 23 characters and don’t forget to add handles to any tweets you want to go to someone in specific.

We are inspired by all the wonderful people involved with helping to #StopYulin2015 and we know you can do this! We are excited to see what all of you come up with so please send your tweets to us in a direct message, all tweets are kept secret until the time of the storm :0 Just click on the Stop Yulin Dog & Cat Meat Festival 2015 link and it will take you to the Group page and you can direct message us there.

So get your thinking caps and your tweets on!! Deadline for tweets is February 1st and once again, a huge thank you for all your hard work in helping to stop the torture and suffering of these beautiful dogs and cats that are victims of this horrible festival.

NB We use a different # for each monthly storm to enhance chances of trending – for your submitted tweets use – #stopyulin2015 – however we will adjust that to our chosen # when inputting it into the tweetsheet. Thanks so much

News Link:

10h10 hours ago HUGE success 🙂 & Friday Favour is out … TYSM ReTweet! X


Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs; Can You Offer A Forever Home?

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“I was sent the following information from a friend & fellow animal advocate, Pam Burns; which tugged at my heart-strings immediately. We both have something very special in our lives…blind fur-friends. So when I received the link I knew I had to  share the following with you, as these dogs are very special & are looking for new forever homes, please share!! There are so many, please pass this information on, thanks x”

“The little guy below was due to be put to sleep, but thank God he was rescued in time by Blind dog Rescue. There are so many others just like him, waiting for that special person to give them a loving home. My little dog has no eyes, when he cuddles me, there is no better feeling! Please take a look at some of the dogs below that need a home, I can guarantee they will love you unconditionally, as long as you let them into your home & heart!!!”:-

Was due to be pts but is now SAFE!!! RESCUE CONFIRMED – WILL BE COMING TO Blind Dog Rescue Alliance! Thank you BDRA!! Waahooo!!!

If you would like to adopt this Sweetie please get in touch with them at


We received the following:

Poor guy was found in the middle of the road last night. On antibiotics and antihistamines. Not sure how much he can see or hear. Hardly any teeth. Blind in left eye, was covered in faeces and matted hair, teeth are in bad shape, maybe 5 pounds and very old.

Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs Networking:- Thank you all for caring and advocating for this sweet pup! To see all the dogs currently looking for rescue, many beyond urgent with a PTS date ,that desperately need exposure and your help, please go to our albums :-

BEYOND URGENT!! PTS AT ANY TIME!!! LA, Baton Rouge – Shih Tzu, Horribly Neglected, Blind in One Eye, Possibly Diminished Vision in the Other. **CODE RED** PLEASE HELP QUICKLY! “Please if anyone can help with this, post & share with everyone, this little guy really needs help NOW!!”Contact info at the end.This adorable Shih Tzu needs to find a forever home or rescue now!!! He is at high risk of being PTS at this high kill shelter! Please help!!! Please do not let this little guy die afraid and alone in a shelter!
He is blind in one eye that may need an enucleation. He is not completely blind, but may possibly have diminished vision in the other eye.
Please help him find the home he so deserves, either directly or thru a rescue, where he can part of a family and receive some TLC that he clearly has not had in a very long time. Anyone who has ever known a vision diminished, or even blind dog, will tell you that once acclimated, you forget they have any eye issues at all and they are the same loving dogs, if not more so, as the fully sighted! “I can confirm this, with my dog; please please share with everyone!”
Please help!!! If you find you are not in a position to help now, please quickly share with all your contacts! Thanks!We received the following:This little guy has a blind eye that may need to be taken out. I am not sure how much sight he has in his other eye but he is not completely blind. He is at a high risk of being euthanized in the Baton Rouge, La shelter. He’s very friendly, appears house trained because he keeps his kennel clean. He was found as a stray with a jewel studded collar. No one claimed him. I held him and he was so calm.This is all the information we have. We are networking; we do not have this sweet pup, nor, unfortunately, are we able to help with transport. For any additional information, or to adopt or rescue, please quickly get in touch with the shelter/person listed under contact information.

Contact Information:
East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control & Rescue Center
2680 Progress Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70807
Paula Shaw , Rescue Coordinator
For Pet Adoptions call CAA 225 774-7701
(225) 774-7700 Office
(225) 774-7876 Fax

Please also take a look at this album, all these dogs need a special forever home, with someone to just love them. Being blind or deaf, doesn’t mean these babies don’t deserve the same love as any other dog, if anything they deserve more, because they will love you unconditionally; I know that for a fact!! :-

I have a Yorkshire Terrier who had to have both eyes removed within 1 month of each other. We took him to the vets numerous times, saying he just didn’t seem right; as an owner who loves their dog, one knows if & when something is wrong!! However, the vet kept telling us he just had infections, which he was treated for.

Two years ago on Christmas Eve, we knew something was seriously wrong with Harry; so we rushed him to the vet. His retina had detached & the pressure in his eye was so high, he must have felt like his head was about to burst. He went straight into theatre, there was nothing they could do, other than to  remove the eye then & there.

They told us his other eye had glaucoma & may have to come out as the retina could detach in that one also. After a month of seeing him refuse food & just wanting to sit somewhere quiet, we couldn’t bear to see him go through so much pain again, so we told the vets to take his remaining eye out also. We learnt that the pressure in that eye was triple what it should have been, so we made the right move! 


Harry after having both eyes removed due to Glaucoma

Having had both eyes out, Harry is virtually no different. As long as we don’t move furniture around, he knows where he is going & will often run from one room to the other…which amazes me!!  Most people don’t even notice he has no eyes.”

“He is the same dog, just as cheeky & mischievous…just without eyes! He loves to be cuddled up with me on the settee or even riding on my wheelchair, he knows he is safe, because he knows he is loved & gives that love back tenfold; there is no other feeling in the world, like that!!”

Facebook page:

Rescued Dogs From Bosnia Looking For New Forever Homes…Can U Help

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“I received a special Newsletter via email about Bosnia dogs needing homes; so have been working on it, a little each day! I’m sharing in the hopes somebody can help give one of these sweet dogs a new start in life. They are looking for loving forever homes in & around UK; if you can’t adopt, you can always foster or help out by sponsoring! Betty & Coko are just two of the many deserved dogs, in need of some special love, after their hard start in life; so please share this with everyone! 

Founded in 2012, Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia is a volunteer group dedicated to assisting and supporting animal welfare groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our work involves raising awareness of the suffering of all animals in Bosnia; raising funds for local animal welfare groups in the country to alleviate this suffering and to locate long-term homes for the rescued dogs and cats. We also raise funds to cover the extensive costs involved in re-locating these animals to countries outside Bosnia-Herzegovina.Read More:-

UK Foster Homes needed for Bosnian Dogs

As most of you know, we have a rehoming transport from Bosnia to the UK, set for June. There are still 12 rescued dogs who haven’t had anyone ask about them, or offer them home. This special newsletter focuses on just two of these dogs, Coko and Betty, so you can get to know them a little more.

Possibly your current lifestyle doesn’t permit you adopting a dog, but you’d still like to help? Have you considered fostering? This would offer a dog a safe and caring home environment (far superior to that of a Bosnian pension/kennel) as well as providing your new canine friend with house-training, human/animal contact and getting him or her used to a new domestic environment. It would also offer the opportunity of the dog finding a forever home locally!

Through fundraising, we would provide both the food and pet insurance (including public liability) for the dog while it’s in your home. In addition we would continue to work with the fosterer to promote the adoption of the dog.

If you would like more information on adoption or fostering any of the dogs, please get in touch at or visit us at

BETTY – The ‘ideal’ dog!

Young Betty was rescued as a puppy with her sisters in Sarajevo. The 10-month-old has lived in a pension (kennels) ever since.

She’s a medium sized collie-mix and is a beautiful black and golden colour.

Along with her sisters she caught canine parvovirus, sadly only Betty and her sister Lady survived.

Lady, only survivor after parvovirus - Sister To Betty

Lady, only survivor after parvovirus – Sister To Betty

Betty also had a mild case of the skin condition demodex, but is now fully recovered. She’s a gentle and lively dog. The ‘ideal’ dog as she’s been described!

As she’s spent all her life in a pension, it may take her a little time to adjust to the comforts of a real home.

However she already walks well on the leash, loves people and loves to play.

You might also like to consider adopting or fostering her along with her sisterLady , Opposite, what an adorable little face!!

Some of Betty’s pictures  Visit Betty’s web page! 

COKO – In need of special loving care.

As a puppy, Coko was thrown into a rubbish bin along with his siblings.

Sadly a canine parvovirus outbreak took the lives of many of the dogs in the pension, but Coko survived.

Because of his lowered immune system he’s now developed the skin condition demodex. We are trying to make sure he gets the best veterinary treatment for the disease, and he’s showing some improvement, but it has become clear to us that the only way he will fully recover is if we find him a home where he would get special loving care in addition to medical treatment.

The neurological causes behind demodex can only be helped with a stress-free, calm and loving environment. Such dogs need stability, familiar people and a suitable environment to live in, without this there is the possibility that the condition could re-occur. Demodex is not contagious.

Coko is a lovely mix-breed, chocolate brown in colour and about a year old. He loves to cuddle and play but is very timid and shy.

He’s spent all his life in pension, so he’ll need time and a very caring home to help him gain his confidence.

Some of Coko pictures  Visit Coko’s web page!

All the dogs featured in our pages are available for adoption in the UK, throughout Europe and beyond. Please see our Adoption Guidance page for more information on adopting one of these beautiful dogs.

How to Sponsor a dog
Not ready to adopt, but you would like to help Coko or Betty?
Simply donate via your Paypal account to and mention “Coko” or “Betty” in the Paypal message box. For other sponsorship enquiries, please contact Sandra Jensen at

PLEASE SPONSOR MY TRIP TO A NEW HOME! In June 2013 we are organising a transportation of up to 20 dogs from Bosnia to homes in the UK (and countries in between). 

The cost of preparing each dog and the transportation will be at least £300/€350/US$450 per dog.

We ask adopters for a donation towards these costs. If you would also like to make a contribution to help this dog move to its forever home, please click on our Paypal button below.

At Paypal, please make your contribution to and mention ‘journey to UK’ as well as the name of the dog you would like to sponsor. No matter how small, a regular contribution to our work will help the animals we care for in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Thank you! 
 All contributions will be acknowledged.

How to Donate
Please donate via your Paypal account to

Where does my money go?
Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia is committed to total transparency in financial accountability. AWAbosnia volunteers are unpaid, therefore ALL donations go to the animals in need in Bosnia-Herzegovina. You can view our accounts here.

Want to know more? 
Please join us on our other pages.

Web page where you can find more information on the above & also other pets that are in need of a loving home:-

A Happy Ending For Adam: The Kitten Set Fire By Kids

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“I remember seeing this when it happened,but it’s not posted as it was before I joined WP. Read the full story below!”

“Can you believe that 2 female teenagers age 15, could do this, what sort of dysfunctional family do they come from to make them think this is ok? Are some kids just born evil, or do they just act that way because of what happens behind closed doors at home? under the Animal Welfare Act, parents are responsible for the actions of children under the age of 16. Do we blame the kids or the parents? ” 😦

“Well, I just wanted to share this, firstly to show that, some  sweet innocent looking kids; can do this. “Secondly because I’m so happy to see him doing so well. Massive thanks to all those who cared for Adam, you gave him back his life!” 🙂

Poor Adam was given a 50/50 chance of survival

Adam the kitten set fire by kids

Uploaded by  on 10 Apr 2009

Adam the cat was set on fire by teenage kids and left for dead. He was brought in and rescued and after many surgeries is happy and healthy now in Rohnert Park

It is difficult to quantify the will to live, but a tiny kitten that was set on fire and nearly burned to death is as good an example as any.

Wrapped in towels in a cage at the Animal Hospital of Cotati, Adam, as the hospital staff calls him, is struggling to survive against all odds.

The kitten was only 8 weeks old June 19 when two 15-year-old girls allegedly poured flammable liquid on him while he was trapped in a cage and lit a match.

An 11-year-old boy and his friend saw the smoke and heard the cat shrieking amid what they described as the girls’ laughter. They found the kitten cowering near death in bushes next to a creek and brought him to the apartment manager.

The girls, whose names have not been released, were charged in Sonoma County Juvenile Court with felony cruelty to animals last week after an intensive search, a $10,000 reward fund and a Bay Area-wide furor.

Little Adam purrs and bats playfully at toys in the dog-size cage inside the hospital and has free rein in the master bedroom or in a playpen at the home of head nurse Tina Wright, who takes him with her every night.

But he is a long way from being out of danger. His tail and the tips of his ears had to be amputated, and his entire back is nothing but raw tissue, the skin having been burned completely off.

“If left untreated, he would die,” said Dr. Katheryn Hinkle, the head veterinarian and owner of the Animal Hospital. “He would get an infection. You can’t have that much open skin and not get an infection. He is also very vulnerable to viral disease at this point.”

The kitten has already undergone two operations in which the surgeon stretched skin from his sides and partially covered the open wound on his back. He will need several more skin-stretching operations before the wound is closed, including grafts from other areas of his body.

“Every week he’s going to have some skin-grafting technique to close that big gap on his back,” Hinkle said. “There’s not enough skin on the sides to complete the job.”

Hinkle said it will take at least two more surgeries and possibly several months before Adam’s exposed areas are covered. She said the most difficult part is the feline’s rear end. “He’s got pieces of his pelvic bone sticking out,” she said.

“The degree of injury is greater than our normal level of trauma that we care for,” Hinkle said. “He’s our most critical patient, and we’re watching him constantly.”

Adam cannot leave his cage inside the hospital because of the danger of contamination, and nobody is allowed to touch him without gloves. His bandages are changed every morning at 7 a.m. He eats both dry and wet cat food except after surgery, when he is on an intravenous pump for 24 hours to monitor his intake of fluids, medicines and painkillers.

“Monitoring the IV pump requires me to stay up all night,” Wright said. “It is exactly like having an infant. I have to haul all the stuff back to work in a diaper bag.”

The kitten was one of six feral litter mates captured along with a male cat on a Santa Rosa farm and brought back to the trapper’s apartment in the Apple Valley neighborhood. The plan was to get the cats spayed and neutered at Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County, an organization dedicated to controlling wild cat populations humanely. The cats were to be turned loose on the farm again after being sterilized.

The trapper left three cages on his porch overnight, but the two containing the other five kittens were stolen. The male cat was left on the porch, and nobody knows for sure what happened to the other kittens.

The barbarity Adam endured stunned and angered community leaders, who cite studies showing that young people who abuse animals are more likely to someday abuse people.

“Hurting or terrorizing or torturing animals is one symptom of conduct disorder,” said Lisa Boesky, a San Diego-based clinical psychologist, who specializes in identifying violent tendencies in juveniles. “We need to ask the question, ‘Why did they do this?,’ and then address that.”

The money and attention being lavished on Adam has angered many in the neighborhood, where a 16-year-old boy was killed a year ago to much less outrage.

“The mentality here is: They can put up a reward for a burned cat, but they can’t put up a reward for a kid who got killed,” said Shawna Shaffer, the apartment manager who called for help after the kitten was brought to her office. “But we’re talking (in both cases) about the way kids are being raised in this neighborhood.”

Some are questioning the decision to keep the cat alive at considerable expense instead of putting it out of its misery. The surgeries and care alone will probably total from $20,000 to $30,000, Hinkle said. Money is being raised by Forgotten Felines, and the veterinary surgeon, Lisa Alexander, has been operating pro bono.

“He is fighting for his life, so we would never bail out on him at this point,” Hinkle said. “This is what compassion looks like, what the children in that neighborhood need more of in their lives.

“From my perspective, those girls need more help than this kitten. My goal for Adam is for him to be the poster child for what the community can do if it comes together.”

Adam’s next surgery will probably be on Thursday or Friday. “In the end, he’ll be adopted into a good home,” said Wright, who also works for Forgotten Felines. “I have the option (to adopt him), but I try not to think too far ahead.”

News Link:-:

Dog Forced To Fight In Animal Shelter Is Adopted

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Happy news has come to shelter dog Chopper – he’s been adoptedA family with six kids came to the Paws ‘n’ Claws Animal Shelter in Attica, Indiana, to pick out a family dog.

They had no idea they would be taking home one who had recently been a victim of a break-in and forced fight.


Last month, the Paws ‘n’ Claws Animal Shelter was broken into, where two cats were killed and three dogs injured.  The perpetrator(s) put two of the shelter’s largest dogs into a pen, and then tossed in a cat, who was mauled to death.  They also put a kitten into a pen with a mother dog and her litter of eleven.  Sadly, the kitten was also killed.

Shelter staff arrived the next morning to discover the dogs covered in gashes and blood.

Shelter co-founder Melynda Bryant said the dogs have never been aggressive.  She was deeply disturbed, and became emotional over the traumatic event.

“It’s because Chopper, we have had him over a year.  He is just a big baby,” she said.

Police are still investigating, and have several persons of interest to question and polygraph test.  It seems apparent that fighting was the sole motivation for the break-in, as nothing else was moved or stolen.

The community was reeling over this notion.  “A life is a life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or a human,” said Amy Morlan, Attica resident and pet owner.

There has been such a huge outpouring of community support that with the help of the Humane Society, over $4000 has been raised for information leading to the capture and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

Many have donated dog food and money for medical expenses, and one person even donated a much-needed security system to the shelter.

A month later, Chopper and his forced foe, Flynn, are healing up nicely, as is mother dog Winnie, who was also injured.  They have not seemed to show much post-traumatic stress.

“They have not interacted with any other dog in a negative way,” veterinarian Tracy Sudlow stated.  “They haven’t shown aggression toward any other dogs that they’ve interacted with here in the hospital, no people, anything. They’ve been completely their normal selves since they’ve been here.”

Chopper may be leaving Paws ‘n’ Claws in stitches, but he’ll be healing in the comfort of a new, loving family.

“We just feel like we’re giving him something and he’s going to give us something too,” said adoptive mom Jill.  “We really wanted to adopt a dog and do something for the community.”

Flynn is still looking for a family, but due to the stressful nature of the incident, it is recommended that he go to a one-pet home.

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Officials: Crowley Employee Killed and Possibly Mutilated Dogs After Being Fired

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A former Crowley city employee is facing animal cruelty charges Friday.

Michael Edwards

City officials said he killed and possibly mutilated several dogs after being fired from the City of Crowley Animal Shelter earlier this week.

Police arrested 50-year-old Michael Edwards Thursday night. He’s charged with three counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, five counts of obstruction of justice and one count of malfeasance in office. He remains in the Acadia Parish Jail on $15,000 bond. But police said there could be more charges as the investigation moves outside of Crowley.

“Horrific, from the stand point of a former employee, a gentleman that was terminated Tuesday afternoon and then went on a little bit of a tear,” said Crowley Mayor Greg Jones.

Jones said Edwards was an employee at the shelter since March. He was fired Tuesday for breaking shelter policies, which include handling adoptions.

“In one case, maybe improperly but in other cases, just like all the paperwork was there and someone didn’t sign it,” said Jones. “In hindsight, ok, maybe it was falsified.”

But charges of killing animals and improperly disposing of their bodies came after the City fired Edwards.

Of the eight dogs found off a dirt road near the shelter, five were already dead from a dog fighting ring and were being kept at the shelter as evidence. The other three the mayor said, he believes Edwards killed Tuesday night.

“Killed and then mutilated possibly,” said Jones. “So you’ve got counts of animal cruelty and counts of tampering with evidence which brings in the malfeasance charge.”

Crowley Police Chief K.P. Gibson said they believe roughly a dozen more dogs were killed at the hands of Edwards and disposed of outside of the city of Crowley. He said they have found at least 10 to 20 dead canines with micro-chips from the City of Crowley Animal Shelter.

“One thing is the animals that were micro-chipped and discovered were logged as coming in and not going out, meaning to an owner, being adopted or even being euthanized the proper way,” explained Gibson.

But how could so many dogs go unaccounted for? Mayor Jones has his suspicions…

“At this time we think he was doctoring some of the paper work,” he answered.

All of this comes at a time when the shelter is trying to turn things around under new director Jehnna Leleux, who took over in June.

“(She) has made a lot of positive changes at the shelter. We’ve had LSU come out and they’re helping us and I’d hate to see this set back a program that we’ve started making improvements on,” said Jones.

Because of the investigation, the shelter needs to adopt out all remaining animals. Leleux said they will be at Tractor Supply in Crowley on Sunday afternoon, starting at 11:00 a.m.

There is a $25 dollar adoption fee. Leleux said all animals are vaccinated, de-wormed and have micro-chips. She said they hope to have the shelter back open early next weekend.

A point of clarification on this story: Thursday night, two independent sources, close to the animal relief effort, told us more than 200 dogs had been killed. Friday, Chief Gibson and Mayor Jones both said that number it is closer to 15 to 20 dogs killed. However, detectives are investigating whether more canine deaths could be connected to Edwards.

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Dogs were not tied to track and killed by train in Tremont area

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Police have determined that no dogs were killed Aug. 10 while tied to railroad tracks in the Tremont neighborhood, but one live dog was rescued after a train passed over it.

A train crew radioed a Norfolk Southern bridge tender to report that they ran over a dog apparently tied to the tracks because they could not stop in time, police said Friday night. It was later determined that the dog was not tied, but that her leash was wedged between two rails, probably by accident.

Little dog survived as train went overhead

The original story in Plain Dealer gained nationwide attention. It said three dogs were tied to CSX tracks around the same time on Aug. 10, and that two were killed. The story was based on interviews with police and a city animal-control officer.

The story prompted at least three organizations and a private citizen to offer a total of $15,000 in reward money seeking information about who was tying dogs to tracks. More than 50 people have called the Cuyahoga County Animal shelter with interest in adopting the surviving dog.

That mixed-breed female dog could be adopted soon, if no owner comes forward.

Cleveland Police Lt. Mark Ketterer, who headed the city investigation, interviewed the bridge tender at the center of the story on Friday night. The bridge tender, who works for Norfolk Southern and not CSX, was the person who freed the dog and was the source of the information relayed to police.

Ketterer said the man told him he reported to railroad police that the dog was stuck and they told him there were two similar incidents earlier in the week in which dogs were killed,but they did not say where.

The bridge tender repeated that information to an animal-control officer dispatched to the tracks off University Road in Tremont, after Cleveland police were contacted by the railroad.

By the time Ketterer got there, the animal warden was leaving with the dog. The warden told the lieutenant what he learned from the bridge tender. That included information that two dogs had been killed on Norfolk Southern tracks.

The Plain Dealer phoned a man believed to be the bridge tender on Thursday. He declined to give his name or make any public statements. He referred the reporter to Norfolk Southern police, who have not returned phone calls.

Ketterer said the railroad worker did nothing wrong. He said Friday was the first time police talked to him.

John Baird, the city’s chief animal control officer, said that after he returned from vacation on Monday, the assistant animal warden told him the same thing he told Ketterer.

The Plain Dealer story ran on Wednesday. It also said the railroad worker saw a man with the dog taking pictures of it on the tracks.

Ketterer said the railroad employee told him he did not see anyone with the dog, but that a man was on the property taking pictures of the Interstate 90 bridge.

Leslie DeSouza, director of the county animal shelter, said last week the surviving dog appeared to be about two years old, and may be a beagle-doberman mix,

DeSouza that when the dog was transferred from the city kennel to the county facility, her physical condition was “amazingly remarkable. She came through this without a scratch.”

However, the shelter director said the dog continued to show signs of mental trauma from the ordeal. “When she came to us we couldn’t get anywhere near her. She was scared to death.”

DeSouza said personnel still cannot make sudden moves around the dog, but she has engaged with people since her arrival and is now frisky and playful.

She said the shelter will determine who gets the dog by going down the list of people who phoned or wrote about the dog in the order in which they came forward.

The county has stringent adoption standards, DeSouza said, and each person will be asked about other pets they might have, whether they own or rent, and other conditions in the home.

Ketterer said he and his wife are considering trying to adopt the dog.

“If we are successful, we’ll call her Miracle,” he said.

Officials and animal-care groups urge anyone with knowledge of people abusing animals to contact local law enforcement.

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Happy ending in animal torture cases – Tuffy the kitten and starved dogs getting homes

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“OMG…A happy ending at last…these are few & far between so watch the video to see their happy faces! A little kitten named Tuffy & 3 skinny pit bulls, (which I only got posted today). They were so close to death, who knew they had an angel sitting with them! The original stories are at the bottom of this post!”

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Two separate cases of animal abuse that captured the hearts of a lot of our viewers and made them mad ; a kitten tortured with paint and dogs found starving at a city worker’s house.

It’s hard to forget the images of the three starving dogs and the cry of the blinded kitten, but you’d barely know these animals were abused when you see them now.

Remember Tuffy, covered in paint and left in a dumpster to die almost two months ago.

“We didn’t know if he was going to make it through the first night,” foster mom Donna Smith said.

Now he barely shows signs of the torture he endured, just a cloudy looking left eye that Westside Animal Shelter Veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Vigil, said, “ For the rest of his life he will carry that scarring, but he has recovered so overall we are very happy.”

After News 13 first told you about the kitten, a viewer came forward and paid for Tuffy to see an eye specialist. Dr. Vigil says that made all the difference; Tuffy has full vision now.

“He’s normal, happy healthy, ready to run and play and tear up the house,” said Smith.

After providing the love he was missing she can’t let him go and is adopting him.

You can’t send them off somewhere else, he’s my family now,” said Smith. “He snuggles with me at night.”

Dr. Vigil is hoping the starved pit bulls will also have someone to snuggle with soon.

News 13 got a look at Rockstar and Cesar Thursday also, the two dogs have made an amazing transformation from how they looked just two weeks ago.

Their owner, city worker Tim Chavez, surrendered three pit bulls; all close to death, starved, tick and flea ridden and in pain.

“They just decided they were going to survive they were gain weight and they were going to do it in a timely fashion so we are just so happy to see them in this condition now,” said Dr. Vigil

Dr. Vigil says the pits are gaining weight quickly and even though they will still need more treatment, “Putting them up for adoption here in the next few days and we are going to talk to whoever is interested in adopting them and find the perfect loving home, because they deserve it.”

Dr. Vigil says they have had a lot of people asking about these pets since we aired their stories. But, she says there are lots of abused and neglected animals that don’t make the news that are also up for adoption.

Tim Chavez, the owner of the pit bulls, was fired by the city and charged with animal cruelty. 

Animal Welfare officers have not been able to learn who tortured Tuffy the kitten.

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Computer glitch blamed for deaths of rescued cats

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 “I would have thought doing something so dispicable as taking a life, would require double, even triple checks twice over, before the actual deed is done! This is human error…computers aren’t stupid nor do they make mistakes, the data is put into a computer manually, i.e. by humans!”

Dozens of rescued cats have reportedly been mistakenly killed due to a computer glitch at the New York City Animal Care & Control center.  It’s claimed that their “so-called death-row database,” is neglecting to inform the center when requests for adoptions come in for these cats.

The database posts a list at 5 pm of cats that are scheduled for euthanasia for the following day.  The public then has the opportunity, until 6 am, to go online and reserve one of the death-row cats for adoption.   But glitches within the new system are failing to notify the center that certain cats have been requested for adoption and thus, they are mistakenly being put to death.

One such cat reportedly put down in error was Max, a two year old black and white cat, who had a home waiting for him in Connecticut.  “When you call them, they don’t pick up, and they don’t email you back.  You’re sitting in the darkness, never knowing what’s going on there” said the rescue group member, now heartbroken over the fact that Max is gone.  When she was finally able to get through to them, they claimed they never got her request for Max and that he had already been put to death.

A 12 year old cat named Tooperina met the same fate.  Elizabeth McMahon, her would-be adopter, also dealt with the same programming issue and never received confirmation of her adoption request.  Ms. McMahon has said that in addition to Tooperina, the rescue group she works with requested four other cats the same night but never got a response.  It’s unclear if those four cats were also put to death, or if someone else stepped in and rescued them.

Another cat, Missy, wasn’t even listed as a rescue until after she was already put to death.  She never had a chance to be saved.  Other times, animals who have already been put to death appear on the list.

Julie Bank, Director at New York City Animal Care & Control blamed user error for the problems.  “They forgot to press the submit button.  They walked away and the computer timed out” she said.

However, the accusations against the New York City Animal Care & Control are reportedly confirmed by a former employee. She claims that supervisors told staff members not to say a word about the known computer glitches.   She said she left the agency because she could not stand to be part of such negligence.

With a reported $8 million per year in tax payer money going to this organization and having taken a year to develop this new system, these types of errors are outrageously unacceptable.  Clearly something is not right here and the “kinks” in this system are being worked out at the expense of precious lives.

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