Graphic Video: WATCH: Mercy For Animals 2013 Year in Review

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Published on 18 Dec 2013

Get inspired! See how Mercy For Animals is winning the fight on behalf of farmed animals. From groundbreaking undercover investigations that expose shocking animal cruelty to historic legal victories, MFA is pushing the ball forward on society’s treatment of farmed animals.

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Dear Julie,

Imagine a future without factory farming.

A future in which all animals are treated with respect and dignity.

It’s possible, if we join forces.

As 2013 winds to a close, I’m excited to share with you Mercy For Animals’ inspiring, brand-new “Year in Review” videohighlighting our many successes and victories.

Click here to watch the video now.

During the past 12 months, we have gone head-to-head with the largest corporations and meat producers in the world,pressing for change and speaking up on behalf of animals.

By releasing eye-opening undercover investigations, securing criminal convictions of animal abusers, pressuring corporations to adopt farmed animal welfare policies, and encouraging millions of Americans to transition to a vegan diet, we’ve moved the ball forward for farmed animals. We have achieved real, meaningful change.

It’s only because of supporters like you that MFA was able to advocate so effectively on behalf of farmed animals in 2013—exposing cruelty and inspiring compassion.

The numbers speak for themselvesIn the past year, Mercy For Animals reached over 20 million people through our online programs, informed 15 million people through news stories, and distributed over 1 million pieces of pro-vegan literature at 600 outreach events in over 190 cities.

But these numbers only tell part of the story. Our work has inspired countless people to move toward a vegan diet, sparing millions of animals the horrors of factory farming. And our undercover investigation and corporate outreach work has led to policy changes that will impact millions more animals each year.

Just look at all we’ve accomplished in this one year alone:

  • MFA’s groundbreaking undercover investigations shone a bright spotlight on the animal suffering behind the pork, egg, dairy and foie gras industries.
  • Our legal advocacy department pushed for improved legal protections, triumphantly fought ag-gag bills, and ensured that existing animal cruelty laws were enforced.
  • Our corporate outreach efforts successfully pressured some of the world’s largest corporations to adopt historic farmed animal welfare policies.
  • MFA’s advertising campaigns, grassroots advocacy, and public demonstrations educated consumers nationwide about animal abuse on factory farms and the many benefits of a compassionate vegan diet.

MFA gives a crucial voice to hens crammed into tiny, barren cages, unable to spread their wings; for pregnant pigs immobilized in crates so small they cannot even turn around; and for cows viciously beaten and mutilated without painkillers.

With you on our side, Mercy For Animals is effectively bringing this cruelty to light and serving as a powerful advocate for these innocent animals.

Please watch our new “Year in Review” video highlighting our many successes and victories from 2013. We hope our shared victories, made possible by your support, inspire you to make a commitment to help the billions of farmed animals who still desperately need our aid. Please consider making a special, year-end donation to support Mercy For Animals’ vital work—so we can secure even more victories for animals in 2014.

This holiday season, give the gift of hope to abused and neglected farmed animals by making a special tax-deductible donation to Mercy For Animals.

Thanks to a kindhearted MFA supporter, all donations made by midnight on December 31 will be matched – dollar for dollar – to a total of $100,000.

With this special opportunity, your gift will go twice as far in helping us build a kinder, more compassionate world.

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Record Heat Wave Kills Over 830,000 Farm Animals

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SOUTH KOREA – Hundreds of thousands of animals have died in South Korea, the government said Wednesday, due to a heat wave that is heading for a three-week streak.

Over 830,000 farm animals, including 786,512 chickens, have been killed since 20 July, when midday temperatures began hovering above 33 C in most parts of the country, according to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, reports YonhapNewsAgency.

The dead animals include 40,780 ducks and 336 pigs. Such damages are often caused by power outages that can halt the ventilation and cooling systems at farms.

The country was forced to issue power shortage warnings for two consecutive days this week as the sweltering weather pushed up its energy consumption to new highs, driving down its electricity levels to what officials called “dangerous levels” of less than three million kilowatts.

“The number of animals killed may actually be greater, pending on a more thorough survey,” a ministry official said, noting damages may also grow from the continuing heat wave.

The country is also experiencing its longest streak of so-called tropical nights, where overnight temperatures stay above 25 C.



Animal rights activists fighting “Ag-Gag” laws

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“It seems clear to me why this is happening, the heinous abuse & cruelty already exposed by whistle-blowers, has got agricultural businesses i.e.  slaughter houses & farms, hot under the collar…they are nervous having seen the effects an undercover 2 minute video can have on in their business”

” But by drawing attention to themselves, creating Ag-Gag rules & laws etc, its like they are already admitting abuse & cruelty is a regular occurrence within their business …hence the need for new laws, to stop them from being exposed!!

” I totally agree with ALDF on this, it’s the age-old adage, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to lose! I am sure there are many agricultural business where animal abuse is not tolerated… if I was one such business, I would have CCTV fitted & allow access not only to the appropriate governing bodies, but also to the likes of Animal Aid or HSI etc..I’m sure any company that did, would see a marked improvement in profits too!!!”

The ALDF is a non-profit organization focusing on the interests of animals in legal matters.

Forms of torture such as skinning calves alive, forcing badly injured animals (sometimes incapable of walking) into a slaughter line, and other horrendous acts are only made public because undercover activists document them (by reporting, taking videos, etc). Under ag-gag laws, that would no longer be possible.

“Ag-gag,” or “agricultural gag” laws, as they are nicknamed, are proposed ways of making it illegal for whistleblowers to observe and report acts of animal abuse at slaughterhouses and factory farms throughout the U.S. – essentially depriving the public of their right to know about such torture. Now, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is fighting back.

In opposition to such a threat, the ALDF has proposed potential legislation of its own, called the “Safeguarding the Public from Food-Borne Illnesses Act.” Such a law would attempt to ensure that “your state government and counties will stop purchasing potentially unsafe food products from any jurisdiction with an ag-gag law.”

Several states have already implemented so-called ag-gags. Criminal codes in Iowa and Utah threaten jail time for anyone caught taking undercover photos or videos (without explicit approval) in slaughterhouses and farming facilities. In North Dakota, such undercover activity is prohibited altogether. Kansas and Montana have similar laws in place.

ALDF has currently established a petition, (Please sign – USA Only) and is actively utilizing social networks to inform and organize activists.

Cody Carlson, a former investigator for the Humane Society of the United States, remarked, “The ag-gag laws pretend to be about preventing fraud, but they actually perpetuate it. They protect a system where consumers are regularly deceived into supporting egregious animal suffering, deplorable working conditions, and environmental degradation.”


Read about the law:-ALDF Law details

Read about the issue:- ALDF -The Issue

Read about the solution:-ALDF – Our solution

Missouri Considers Bill Banning Animal Abuse Videos

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX/AP) – The Missouri House has endorsed legislation seeking to make it a crime for undercover activists to produce videos portraying poor conditions at agricultural facilities.  

The legislation given first-round approval Tuesday would create the crime of “agriculture production facility interference.” The crime would apply to people who produce or distribute photos, videos or audio recordings of the activities at an agricultural facility without the consent of the owner.

The bill also would make it a crime for people to gain employment or access at agricultural facilities under false pretenses.

Supporters said the measure is needed to stop undercover activists who produce propaganda against agriculture, particularly where livestock are being raised or slaughtered.

Opponents of the bill said some of those undercover investigations have helped improve conditions at agricultural facilities.

News link:- CBS.St Louis

Protect Your Food – ALDF Battles Ag Gag Laws

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is fighting back against the proposed “Ag-Gaglaws by launching a website to highlight its own “workable proposed law;” the Protect Your Food‘, also known as the “Safeguarding the Public from Food-Borne Illnesses Act.”

ALDF’s proposed legislation attempts to ensure that “your state government and counties will stop purchasing potentially unsafe food products from any jurisdiction with an ag gag law.” For the skeptics out there, ALDF has also created a “microsite” that seeks to “inform legislators that their constituents are watching their actions.”

Whether you’re a journalist or Joe the plumber working with an animal welfare group, these ‘ag gag’ laws could mean jail time for anyone working undercover and taking photos or video without permissions. Not only does the law threaten public health and safety and environmental laws, it also obstructs law enforcement and undermines freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

It seems to us, that if factory farms have nothing to hide, (and we know they do), then there should be no problem with “undercover” video. Here’s a thought, stop abusing factory farm animals, and people will stop trying to film it.

ALDF currently has a petition available and is working to engage others via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

To read more visit Protect Your Food, and watch the video below.

Did you know food safety risks, animal abuse, and illegal working conditions are rampant on factory farms? And the corporate agriculture lobby is attempting to pass so-called “ag gag” laws — laws which would make it illegal to photograph or videotape at agricultural facilities, or to possess or distribute such evidence.

Their goal is insidious — to quiet whistleblowers and eliminate access to critical evidence of farmed animal and other abuses. What’s more, restrictions or prohibitions on these records would decrease the opportunities for food safety violations to be discovered, thereby increasing the risk that consumers could be exposed to and contract illnesses from the consumption of unsafe food products and produce from jurisdictions that pass ag gag legislation.

Learn why ag gag is of grave concern to everyone from journalists to whistleblowers to mothers concerned about the safety of their children’s food, then see how the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s proposed Protect Your Food Act can stop the threat of ag gag laws from reaching your state.

News Link:-

Human-Elephant Conflict strategy

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Human-elephant conflict (HEC) is one of the crucial conservation issues in Sri Lanka, being an agricultural island of about 65,000 km2 and harbouring around 20 million people and about 4000 – 5000 elephants! North Western, Southern and Eastern regions record the most serious incidents – in 2009 the annual elephant death toll was 228 and tragically an estimated 50 human lives were lost.

The causes of HEC are manifold, however, ecosystem encroachment for agriculture and subsequent reduction in quality and quantity of elephant habitat is the key factor. The conflict interface is exacerbated by human interference with elephant movements and elephants raiding palatable agricultural crops. The nature and degree of HEC vary greatly within and between regions, hence possible mitigation measures, too, are case specific.

Born Free has undertaken and supported site specific mitigation measures in several locations, however we also believe that to tackle the problem at the national level it is essential to maximise the working capacity of conservation practitioners and stakeholders. Working with local NGO the Sri Lanka Nature Forum (SLNF) we have initiated a network of more than 30 institutions and individuals who are actively engaged in HEC mitigation in Sri Lanka. The project is an ongoing process to consult HEC stakeholders, to facilitate HEC national discussion among them, and to strengthen their working capacity towards mitigating HEC in Sri Lanka through enhanced communication.

via Human-Elephant Conflict strategy.

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