Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced: Up To 15 Years In Prison For BESTIALITY

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“At last, a Judge who actually cares enough about animals, to use the powers given to him; to encaserate this sick bxxxxxd!! Lets just hope Judge Timothy Hicks, uses his  influence & balls, to put this depraved repugnant pig, who is a fourth time offender; behind bars for the maximum number of years possible! This is yet another case which points out the obvious…these rancorous reprobates, can’t be cured, don’t want to be cured & will re-offended; given the opportunity…so judges should be making sure these repulsive sickos are not given the convenience to re-offend so easily!! 

Animals do not have a voice, they cannot give consent before a human has sex with them; therefore it is rape! Raping an animal is yet another valid reason, why every state & city should be setting up Animal Abuse Registers! Just as Peodophile Registers are used, police can cross reference names & keep tabs on animal rapists, abusers etc. Animal charities such as the ASPCA, RSPCA etc. can use the Register to check names of job applicants or before adopting out animals. History has proven many times, that some offenders start a life of crime by abusing or raping animals, then turn predator to human victims. So…FFS…what more proof do the powers that be need; before they get Animal Abuse Registers implemented ASAP??

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  • Kurtis Peterson, 37, was caught by a friend having sex with a blue heeler and a pit bull in April and June 2012
  • Told a detective he was ‘just playing’ with blue heeler when he became aroused
  • Peterson was convicted in 1996 of criminal sexual conduct  

A convicted sex offender from Michigan has been sentenced to one-to-15 years in a state prison for repeatedly having sex with dogs

Mental case: Both the judge and Peterson’s attorney have agreed that the 37-year-old has serious mental issues, but he was sane during the incidents and competent to stand trial Crime against nature: Kurtis Peterson, 37, was sentenced to one to 15 years in state prison for repeatedly having sex with dogs

Kurtis Peterson learned his fate on Monday when Judge Timothy Hicks went above state sentencing guidelines to keep the repeat offender in a controlled environment to prevent him from re-offending.

Under state guidelines, Peterson would have been sentenced to time in a county jail and probation, but because he had already served 321 days behind bars, Peterson would have been released almost immediately.

Silent victims

The 37-year-old Muskegon man pleaded no contest last March to ‘the abominable and detestable crime against nature,’ also known as sodomy or bestiality, and charged as a fourth-time habitual offender.

Peterson’s attorney, Belinda Barbier, said in court that her client has serious mental health issues that require long-term counseling, and the judge agreed that the defendant has ‘pretty low cognitive ability.’  

However, experts at the Michigan Center for Forensic Psychiatry earlier examined Peterson and determined that he was sane while sexually abusing the animals, and he was competent to stand trial.

The first incident involving Peterson took place April 2010 at his apartment at 230 Amity Avenue in Muskegon when he was caught kneeling naked behind his blue heeler on his bed, having sex with the pet, according to testimony by an eyewitness cited by 

In early June, the same witness said she walked in on a naked Peterson apparently having sex with a white pit bull on the floor of his living room. The 37-year-old man was arrested a short time after the second incident.

Silent victims

Testifying at a preliminary hearing about the April incident, the witness, Joyce Yeaw, said Peterson told her he was ‘just hugging his dog,‘ but the woman said it looked like a lot more than an embrace between an owner and his pooch.

Yeaw testified that she and a friend stopped by Peterson’s home to return car keys they had borrowed from his roommate when they caught him in the act. She said she called 911, but no arrest was made until June. 

‘He was having sex with the dog,’ Yeaw said in court at the time. ‘It was disgusting.

Muskegon police detective Peter Boterenbrood, who interviewed Peterson after the June incident, said that Peterson told him he was ‘just playing with the dog’ in April, but he became sexually aroused from accidental contact with the animal’s rear.

Court records show that Peterson was convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in 1996 in Allegan County, and in 2010 for carrying a concealed weapon and making a false report of a felony.

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Couple gets jail time for animal cruelty involving more than 350 dogs

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Allegan County

The couple who kept more than 350 dogs in their Cheshire Township house and barn are now in the Allegan County Jail serving 60 days for not caring for the animals.

George and Cheri Burke, both 64, were sentenced this morning after pleading guilty last month to a charge each of animal abandonment/animal cruelty to two or three animals. The misdemeanor had the possibility of up to a year in jail, $2,000 in fines and community service.

Each also has to pay $500 in fees and serve 24 months probation during which time neither can possess animals.

The dogs, mostly Shih Tzus, were caked in feces and many had medical issues when they were confiscated and brought to the Allegan County Animal Shelter on April 9. Volunteers helped clean the animals, treat them and get them adopted into new homes.

The Burkes originally faced one felony count of animal abandonment/animal cruelty to 10 or more animals punishable by up to four years in prison, $5,000 in fines and 500 hours of community service.

To thank the community and volunteers who helped the shelter handle the influx of animals, Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance, the group contracted to operate the shelter at 2283 33rd St., is holding a party from 1-7 p.m. Saturday at The Grill House, 1071 32nd St. (M-40) in Allegan. Six bands will perform.

The concert and venue were donated to Wishbone.

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Breeders Charged with Animal Cruelty

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“Surely with that amount of dogs, who are breeding,  it would be called a Puppy Mill??  I am unsure whether the picture relates to one of the dogs taken from the breeders, as it has no information linked to it.”

A southwestern Michigan couple have been charged with animal cruelty after authorities seized about 350 dogs from the home where they ran a breeding business.

The Allegan County sheriff’s department says animal control officers took the dogs Monday from the home in Cheshire Township, about 40 miles south-southwest of Grand Rapids.

The department says that 64-year-olds Cheri and George Burke were arraigned Wednesday at the county jail on the felony charge.

Cheri Burke tells WOOD-TV that she and the dogs have been misrepresented.

The sheriff’s department says the owners were breeding small dogs such as Pomeranians but had too many to adequately care for

In a statement, the department says Wishbone Pet Rescue “continues to work toward the goal of finding homes for these animals.”


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