Cat Carer Julie Newnham Spared Jail After Being Convicted Of Letting Animals Suffer

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“When are Judges going to man up, grow a pair & start kicking some ass? Suspended sentence for 12 months, why the hell do they bother mentioning prison if the culprit isn’t going? The RSPCA has lost cost of over £4,000, the culprit should be made to pay the full vet fees & any hospitalization for animals in a mess under the culprits care. Oh, lets not forget the terrible sentence of having to do some unpaid work, boo hoo! No cats for 10 years, well that’s not too long, she can have dogs or rabbits until then! 

“Seriously, what is the point of taking these cases to court if the person doesn’t have to pay for their crime. There is little wonder charity’s like the RSPCA don’t take all cases to court…they can’t bloody afford to. Jail should mean Jail, unpaid work should be back-breaking work, shovelling shit at a rescue farm, & no animals, well that should be for life! These people let animals suffer & die…with the judicial system as it is, there is no wonder there are so many at it, the punishment is no deterrent at all!!”

“I am so bloody sick of hearing excuses like “got into problems, couldn’t afford to feed them, got ill…so fxxxxxg what!!! I’m retired, due to being disabled & have to get by with disability benefits. Most days I’m bed bound, yet my 3 dogs & 2 horses still get the best of care, just because I’m ill is no excuse to not feed or care for them, you get help from family or friends. But if you’re in that situation in the first place, animals are the last thing you need, they are expensive to keep. If I couldn’t afford to care for mine, then, as much as it would break my heart, if  friends couldn’t take them, I would contact the RSPCA to help me, before they started to become sick & skinny.. .that’s what you do when you really love animals…you put their health & care first!!!

A jobless mum who took in more than 30 cats has been banned from keeping them for 10 years after being found guilty of animal cruelty.

Julie Newnham, 38, advertised her home on the internet as being a haven for unwanted animals.

Scores of people who could no longer care for their pets took them to her thinking they would lead a healthy and safe life.

Why does she look like she is wearing a cat?

However, Newnham – pictured right – has now been found guilty of a string of animal cruelty charges – but spared an immediate jail sentence.

When RSPCA inspectors went to her home, in Homeside, Borrows Lane, Middle Stoke, on the Isle of Grain, after a tip-off they found four cats in very poor condition.They were emaciated, flee-ridden and had sores and ulcers. One cat – called Ruby – was so ill, she had to be put down.

There were said to be 33 cats at Newnham’s home as well as two dogs owned by her husband.

The cats were also suffering from diarrhoea. Some had sores, had suffered hair loss and were covered in faeces.

Newnhan allowed the cats to be taken by the RSPCA inspectors. They were all taken to a vet and given emergency treatment and pain relief. Unfortunately, Ruby did not recover and had to be put down.

RUBY – Julie Newnham’s cat ruby was so emaciated she had to be put down

Newnham was charged with four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and two counts of failing in her duty of care as she was responsible for ensuring the animal’s welfare.

She was found guilty in her absence after not turning up for a court hearing in September. A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was brought back before the courts a few days later.

Her case was adjourned to allow pre-sentencing reports to be completed and she was sentenced before magistrates in Medway.

Andrew Wiles, prosecuting for the RSPCA said: “The cats were extremely thin and sneezing and suffering hair loss and diarrhoea. Some were covered in faeces and had large flee burdens.

“One cat had discharged coming out of his eyes and was very thin, and had a ulcer in the right eye, it was at risk of losing it if the ulcer had burst.”

Mr Wiles said the total cost of the treatment for the cats and the subsequent investigation to the charity was more than £5,200 – and asked magistrates to consider awarding costs.

Jeremy Betts, defending, told the court Newnham had good intentions when she took in the cats, but did not have the means or finances to deal with them if they became ill.

He told magistrates she had overstretched herself and that she no longer advertises her services on-line  He said the cats’ ill treatment was not a deliberate act and that his client just could not cope.

Magistrates jailed Newnham for 12 weeks – but suspended the sentence for 12 months – and banned her from keeping cats for 10 years. She was also ordered to carry out 240 hours’ unpaid work and pay a contribution of £1,202.80 towards the charity’s costs.

Magistrate John Weir said: “Any right thinking person would have realised that these cats needed help.”

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Dog owners ‘tortured’ German Shepherd puppy by starving it to death in an excrement filled cage for seven months

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“I am literally sobbing as I type this, it pains me greatly that little Jack suffered so much in his short life. But it also makes me want to rip their heads off & %:$^@ +%!”” & (*&£%^&* £% &^%£”( “=!~{ (^at them!!  Remember their names, Paul James Brunsden & Stacey Louise Lockhurst, & their faces; so that if you come across them, you can spit in their eyes for me!! If that is their baby, for Gods sake get it put into care…if they can let a puppy die such a painful death…their not fit to care for a baby!

  • Paul James Brunsden, 25, was sent to prison for 20 weeks and banned from owning animals after admitting animal neglect
  • RSPCA inspectors found the puppy, named Jack, in a container festering with flies and maggots
  • Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard the dog’s water bowl and mouth were both filled with excrement
  • Co-owner Stacey Louise Lockhurst also warned she faces a ‘real risk’ of a prison sentence for her part in the neglect

    Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard that Paul James Brunsden, 25, let the dog starve to death in a cage filled with its own excrement

A man has been jailed after he let a German Shepherd puppy starve to death in an excrement-filled cage for up to seven months.

Paul James Brunsden, 25, was sent to prison for 20 weeks and banned from ever keeping an animal again after Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard he ‘effectively tortured’ the dog in one of the worst cases of animal cruelty investigators had ever seen. 

RSPCA inspectors found the puppy, named Jack, in a container festering with flies, maggots and strewn with rubbish.

The court also heard that a water bowl was full of excrement, as was the dog’s mouth, and that when the puppy was lifted out of the pen, the RSCPA inspector could clearly feel its spine.

‘There was a strong smell of ammonia, faeces and decomposing flesh,’ prosecutor Andrew Wiles said.

‘She (the inspector) described it as the thinnest dog she had ever seen.’

The co-owner of the dog, Stacey Louise Lockhurst, has been warned she faces a similar sentence for her part in the cruelty.

Stacey Louise Lockhurst, 27, was warned she also faces a possible jail term for her role in the neglect

Sentencing Brunsden, Judge Michael Kelly said: ‘It is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I have ever come across. This dog was effectively tortured and neglected.’

Brunsden, of Hornchurch, East London, and 27-year-old Lockhurst both pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the black and tan dog.

 RSPCA inspectors visited Lockhurst’s former home in Erith, in October 2010, when Jack was just 16 weeksold.They recommended the plastic box he was kept in be taken away and gave the pair advice on training.

And noticing they were struggling, the inspectors suggested they hand over ownership.

But seven months later, they found Jack dead in the same crate, covered by a curtain.

The RSPCA was called out to the address in May last year and found the dog, which was less than a year old, along with a cat and two kittens that were also seized.

At the hearing on August 1st, prosecutor Andrew Wiles said: ‘When the top of the crate was removed it was clear the dog was emaciated. 

‘There was an inch or more of faeces covering all of the floor of the crate except where the dog was laying.’

A post mortem examination showed Jack was emaciated, had no fat and almost certainly died of starvation. The examining vet concluded the puppy ‘suffered greatly and unnecessarily for a great period of time’.

Despicable: The court heard that the German Shepher puppy’s mouth was full of excrement when he was lifted out of the pen, the RSCPA inspector could clearly feel its spine

Defending Lockhurst, who was granted bail until returning for sentencing on September 7th, Robert DeBanzie said she suffered from ‘pronounced learning disabilities’.

Judge Kelly said: ‘There is a real risk you will be serving a prison sentence for this.

Defending Brunsden, Frederick Hookway argued his client had reduced culpability because he did not live at the house where the dog was kept.

Sentencing Brunsden to 20 weeks in prison and disqualifying him for life from owning animals, Judge Kelly said: ‘This is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I have come across.

‘This dog was confined in a little cage so small it appears it could barely stand up.

It was kept there without being allowed out at all for any exercise or freedom and was starved to death. You could have released the dog. You could have provided food for it. You were offered help and advice from the RSPCA.

‘I can’t imagine any human being would have failed to recognise the suffering and distress of this dog.’ 

RSPCA Inspector Alison Fletcher said: ‘It is heartbreaking that this poor dog lived and then died in the squalor of this cage, hungry, thirsty and alone.

This kind of cruelty is simply horrendous and anyone looking at the photo of this dog can see the suffering.’

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