Barrie Man Charged For Killing Girlfriend’s Six-month-old Puppy

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“This sick, sadistic, jealous, pathetic excuse for a man, should be put in a cell & left to rot!!”

BARRIE, Ont. — A man accused of deliberately killing his girlfriend’s puppy by slamming it on the floor because he was jealous has been released on bail.

Ryan Anthony Baklarz, 23, who is charged with killing an animal, was released on $2,500 and allowed to go home with his mother on Friday.

In court, the prosecution alleged Baklarz killed the fluffy six-month-old Pomeranian puppy named Angel in a jealous rage because his girlfriend was out with a friend with whom she was once in a relationship.

The accused picked up the dog and slammed it on the hard tile floor, causing the dog’s death,” Crown attorney Jennifer Armenise said. “He then put the dog in a plastic bag, tied it and left it on the floor in front of the refrigerator.”

There was no publication ban placed on the bail hearing.

Sitting in her downtown Barrie apartment, with her Irish terrier at her side, girlfriend Ashley Berdan was still weepy Friday as she showed off pictures of Angel, a buff-coloured ball of fluff with big brown eyes. One photo shows the pup wrestling with a red ball, another with its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.

“She had a thing for peanut butter,” Berdan said fondly.

Confined to a wheelchair for life, she said her dogs bring her great joy.

“My dogs are my life,” Berdan said.

Court heard that Berdan got a text from Baklarz stating: “I killed the dog.”

But, sitting in her apartment, Berdan said she didn’t believe him until she returned home Sunday around 7 p.m. and found a bag on the floor with something soft in it.

“I cried all night and when I woke up I cried again,” Berdan said.

She didn’t want to call police on her own boyfriend but a friend who was with her went outside and flagged an officer on the street, Berdan said.

She doesn’t understand why this happened. “He is normally a sweetheart,” Berdan said of Baklarz.

Baklarz, who has no criminal record, will be back in court Sept. 23.

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Dog saved from death in Chester basement

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CHESTER, Pa. – June 14, 2012 (WPVI) — Delaware County SPCA is working to nurse another abused dog back to health after he was found near death in a Chester basement on Tuesday.

Precious needs precious care after the three year old Black Pit Bull Terrier mix was found in the basement of a Chester home wasting away.

“Makes me want to cry,” said Justina Calgiano from the SPCA. “I think that’s probably everybody’s reaction, but you look at the light in her eyes and that’s what we all hold on to.”

The Delaware County SPCA says maintenance workers in the 2600 block of West 6th Street found what looked like skeletal remains of an animal last Tuesday.

The workers soon realized the dog was still alive, barely hanging on.

Precious was 17 pound. The SPCA says she should be at 50 pounds. She can’t walk, hold up her head or make a sound.

“It takes people being on the lookout. It takes neighbors and workers. People being the eyes and ears for these animals,” Calgiano says.

Precious is receiving around the clock care, which includes a hand full of food every two hours along with a cup of water given by syringe. She is also flipped every four hours to prevent bedsores.

“She is extremely critical,” says Dr. Kimberly Boudwin. “Her red blood cell count was extremely low, almost to the fatal range, so if she didn’t have immediately vet care, she probably would have not lasted much longer.”

The SPCA cited Precious’ former owner Elvin Seals with animal cruelty Thursday.

Attempts to reach him at home were unsuccessful.

The landlord told Action news that Seals does not legally live at the address, and that renters are not even allowed to have pets.

Investigators say a family member told them that Precious’ mother, Angel, died in similar conditions, in the basement two years ago.

“It looks like the dog is hurting. I mean they shouldn’t let the dog live that long like that. They should have gotten rid of the dog if they couldn’t take care of it,” said James Rooks.

Precious has the same doctor who treated Curious George, another neglected dog introduced on Action News last October.

“Since George found such a wonderful home and is a thriving 80 pounds today, we hope the same for Precious,” said Calgiano.

The Delaware County SPCA says donation would help Precious get the care she needs to get healthy again.

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Angel’s Gate Owner Slapped with New Animal Cruelty Charges

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(WBNG Binghamton)

A Delaware County woman, known across the country for her work caring for abandoned and badly hurt animals, faces more than a dozen new charges for animal cruelty.The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it conducted an undercover investigation in 2011 of the Delhi-based program, Angels Gate, led by Susan Marino.

“You see animals who are on death’s door and who are being denied the very basics of comfort and life and pain relief,” said PETA spokesman Dan Paden.

Marino’s Attorney, Jim Hartman, says she was slapped with 17 misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty.

” PETA collected the evidence that prompted officials to open an investigation that led to the charges,” said Paden.

Action News spoke to Marino, but she referred all questions to her attorney who said a special prosecutor from Broome County filed the charges Tuesday night.

Hartman says, “the charges hold no merit,” and suggested that Action News interview the dogs and the cats that are in Marino’s care.

PETA, however, says that won’t be necessary.

“It’s up to PETA and it’s up to the prosecutor and it’s up to the evidence to tell their sad story. When that comes out in court, they’ll prevail, justice will prevail and Ms. Marino will hopefully be told to leave animals alone in New York State,” said Paden.

PETA says about 300 animals are still in the care of Susan Marino.

Marino is set to appear in court in the Town of Kortright on August 14, at 1:00 pm.

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East Idaho puppy used for target practice

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BLACKFOOT, Idaho –A veterinarian in Blackfoot said Friday that a stray Border Collie puppy he treated this week had suffered injuries from two bulletsone shattered her rear leg, the other lodged under the skin on her back.

“Most people know that if you want to kill an animal, you don’t shoot them in the leg and back,” said Dr. Tony Parsons of the Blackfoot Animal Clinic. “To me, it looked like someone using a puppy for target practice.”

The puppy was one of three found in a field west of Blackfoot earlier in the week. Two of the puppies were uninjured — but the third was bloody and found laying on the ground, said Leslie Schwindt, one of the people who discovered the 3.5-month-old puppies.

“We honestly thought she had been thrown out of the window (of a vehicle),” Schwindt said of the injured puppy. “We immediately took her to the vet.”

It wasn’t until the veterinarian saw the X-ray that he discovered that the dog’s left rear leg was shattered by a .22-caliber bullet, and another bullet was in her back. The second bullet caused no serious damage to the animal.

Schwindt and her husband decided to adopt the injured puppy, which they have named Angel. The veterinary bill for treating the dog is about $820.

“Drop-offs are really common out where I live. People get tired of their animals and just drop them off, and hope they survive,” Schwindt said. “People need to know this kind of crap does happen.”

Parsons said he treated another abandoned animal recently. A couple brought in a stray kitten they found at a gas station; it had a broken leg. The cost of treating that animal was about $500.

Anyone who would like to contribute to help the Schwindts cover the cost of treating their new puppy, or other animals injured through abuse or neglect, can mail checks to the Blackfoot Animal Clinic, 401 W. Collins Road, Blackfoot, Idaho 83221. Also, see the Facebook page created for Angel.

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