Cumbrian Man 25, Jailed For Child & Animal Porn

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“Yet another sexual predator of the worst kind, these malevolent creatures have no thought or feeling for anyone or anything. They certainly have no empathy for little children; so harming animals is of no consequence to them. Many psychiatric reports state, that these depraved minds, start off by abusing animals.  Putting these perverts on the Sexual Register is of course warranted, children need the highest protection there is, nothing is more sacred than the innocence of a child!”

“Of course, animals need protecting too, sentient beings, voiceless, innocent, the perfect victims…they also need protecting from these corrupt & harmful degenerates. It is a well-known fact, the FBI now see the correlation between those who have abused animals, will usually turn to human victims. They probably set out in life on a very rough hard road, perhaps they were even abused themselves! If so, without help, their anger at being humiliated, touched, usually by a family member, stirs so much pent-up anger, that something blow’s; unfortunately animals are usually the closet thing at hand, & they won’t tell, which is perfect; to start with!”

“The poor voiceless animals are perfect to use, the family dog or cat can’t tell anyone! Therefore they are used as sexual instruments, for experimenting on, learning about pain levels & easy way’s to hurt them, without anyone noticing! Before long it becomes a habit, an addiction, but each time the pain they inflict on the animal will be worse than the last. The more fear & hurt they cause the animal, the better the abuser feels; almost empowered, through his own perverse actions, he will release his own anger & vengeful hatred he has of people & the world! It won’t be long before he kill’s an animal & the rush of excitement & adrenalin he get’s from it…means he is at his most dangerous!  

“As the law stands, sadly Animal Abuse Registers are not mandatory in any Country! But I truly believe if they were, certain lives would not have been shattered; the police would have known about offenders & those offenders, knowing they were being watched; would be a great deterrent. Not only that, both the Sex Offenders List & the Animal Abuse Register could be synchronised, therefore flagging up potential names that have been added to both. A mirror image of the Sex offenders list, in fact it could be the Sex offenders list, but called the Animal Abuse Register…all the data would be the same on both registers, name, address, police records etc. but most importantly a picture of the abuser. If the database was shared throughout veterinary offices, animal shelters, anywhere where animals may turn up to be treated or adopted…if incorporated correctly, I’m sure, animal abusers would be caught; & perhaps a child’s life saved. 

The police use the Sex offenders list to keep an eye on would be molesters etc. Why couldn’t the police use the same tactics to catch these degenerates with animals, convict them, give them a taste of Jail…then hopefully the offender would have been saved in time, before they turn to children…who knows! 

“Did you know,  not all vets have to tell the police if they receive an animal they fear has been abused, depends where they live…that’s another area that need’s addressing. I would hope that most vets, out of a sense of duty, would involve the police in any case they were suspicious of!”

“There is absolutely nothing to lose by trying out Animal Abuse Registers. Animal abuse is a proven predictor of violent behaviour. The FBI considers past animal abuse not only as a predictor of human violence, but uses it when profiling serial killers.”  

“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.” -Anthropologist Margaret Mead”

Please sign this petition to implement registry’s:

A man who downloaded and stored videos and more than 1,500 indecent images of child and animal pornography featuring “real exploitation of the grossest form” has been sent to prison.

Samuel William Clark, 25, of Salterbeck Drive, Workington, pleaded guilty to all 26 charges, including three of possessing images of the highest severity and two of possessing extreme pornography videos featuring animals.

On June 25 of this year police executed a search warrant and seized a laptop, computer and mobile phone belonging to Clark, as well as a number of storage disks.

They discovered more than 1,500 images that Clark had downloaded from file sharing programmes and internet searches.

Defence barrister Greg Hoare said that Clark downloaded and viewed the images “because he was getting bored” and that he was not aroused by them.

The images included pornography of severity levels one to five of children under 13, severity levels one to five of children under 16, and several videos.

Sentencing, Judge Paul Batty said told Clark: “The material featured exploitation of children, some under the age of five. “Certain people should just be extinguished”

It was real exploitation of the grossest form.

“Unusually, you had gone to the trouble of downloading a considerable amount of it onto disks and that is an added aspect. “He was probably planning to sell them”

“The fact that you were in possession of extreme pornography, the likes of which many people will never have viewed, means I am unable to suspend the prison sentence.”

Clark was sentenced to 12 months in prison, given a sexual prevention order for an indefinite term to prevent him having access to the internet, prohibited from having unsupervised contact with anyone under 16, disqualified from working with children and put on the sex offenders register for 10 years. “Where is the ‘ Not allowed to own animals’??

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New Law Aims To Protect Innocent Pets From Abuse

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“I am blue in the face, having said for so many years, any animal source should have reference to a Animal Abuse Registry…Its so dam simple, I don’t know what the hold up is, one person writes the program/ software & each animal establishment installs in onto their computers. Not hard, then all people need to do is enter details of abusers when it comes to court etc. Then shelter for instance looks up persons name from driving licence (has to be fool proof) if their name is in database…they get no animals & an alert is put on the system that that person has tried to acquire an animal! It would save so many lives, & it’s so easy to do! I used to write bespoke programs for companies…but that was when my brain functioned properly 😆 

They are our best friends, our family members, our sidekicks, and we would do anything for them. 

But sadly, not everyone treats their pets with as much respect, and for those unfortunate animals that find themselves in homes where they are abused, protection is needed.

In response to the heart wrenching and disturbing video of a Harlem man violently kicking his dog in an elevator, City Council has proposed much needed legislation to protect these defenceless and yet still loyal animals.

Though 28 year old Brian Freeman was arrested and charged with torturing an animal, the damage has been done, and there is no legal mechanism in place to prevent it from re-occurring with another animal.  “We want to keep defenseless animals out of the hands of known abusers,” said Council Member Peter Vallone, who is co-sponsoring the legislation.”Right here in Astoria, we had a punk who threw his dog out of a window, and right now there’s nothing stopping him from going to an animal shelter and adopting a puppy.”

This legislation involves a registry which shelters would be required to check before giving pets to prospective owners.  If a name appears on the list that person would be unable to adopt.  The legislation unfortunately does not cover pet stores, however it does make it more difficult for offenders to purchase pets.

The registry would be shared among law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, humane societies, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, dog or cat protective associations, animal control officers, pet shops and animal shelters.

A first offence leads to a 5 year ban on pet adoption, and for a subsequent offence the name of the perpetrator would be on the list for 10 years. Crimes that would result in inclusion in the registry include among others, animal fighting, abandonment, aggravated cruelty and failure to provide proper sustenance.

Some would say that even this is not enough, that known abusers should never be allowed to have another pet, but it does send a big message.  Pets are faithful, love us unconditionally, regularly protect us from danger, and should be protected from all harm.

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Lawmakers Consider A Bill That Creates A Registry For Animal Abusers

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“The more states that will use it the better. Although, it has to work just like the sex offenders registry does, or there is no point!!”

The State Legislature is considering a bill that would create a registry for those convicted of felony animal abuse which is similar to that of the sex offender registry.

Those found guilty of the felony crime would have to provide their photo and address to the County Sheriff’s Office so that they could notify area businesses and residents door to door.

State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer said approves of the concept of the bill, but he’s feels the door to door notification is old fashioned.

“We have registry for sex offenders in the State of New York and generally that’s a computerized system and that’s the way that notification is provided. You don’t have to go door to door and provide the notification. The registry system that’s outlined in this legislation would require and antiquated door to door notification of somebody who is on the animal abuse registry,” said Ranzenhofer.

Ranzenhofer said animals are very important, but he would rather be more alerted to sex offenders in the area than animal abuse offenders.

The bill is up for a vote in the Senate next.

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Video – Animal Cruelty & Abuse

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“I wasn’t going to show this video, for the obvious reasons, it’s very disturbing for any animal lover to watch.  Even I have taken it easy this past couple of day’s because I needed a break, my heart isn’t made of stone! So many stories of heinous acts of animal abuse, just got to me. But then I feel guilty because I’m not doing anything to help bring awareness to the problem.”

“Nothing will change whilst people read the odd story here & there. Reading about it & seeing it are 2 very different things. Heinous acts of abuse are happening on a daily basis now, shelters are bursting at the seems with animal cruelty cases. Some shelters are having to shut, they simply don’t have the money or resources to spend on the amount of cases coming through their doors.”

“But, there is a massive way the public can help & that’s to be vigilant & report anything you see. Take a picture or video if you can, (don’t place yourself in danger) if a car is used by someone abusing an animal, get the reg. plates. All these acts on the part of the public, make the difference between an abuser being caught or not, & make a better case for prosecution.”

“Many acts of violence towards animals, occur when people are around. Please, don’t turn away or bury your head & say “it’s nothing to do with me”! If these people aren’t caught, prosecuted & fined,  shelters or vet clinics, can’t recover some of the cost’s spent on caring for said abused animal. Most shelters etc. run entirely on public donations, which probably keep them afloat. But if several abuse cases need special treatments etc. their budget will easily disappear, which may mean the difference between staying open or not.”

“Hopefully Laws are on the change, Animal Abuse Registry’s may be the way forward. But one can not be prosecuted without evidence….Please, just be aware & notify authorities if you think an animal is being abused; you may just save a life! Also, if you donate to an animal charity,  make sure your money is being spent on helping the animals & not just another campaign!” 

“Warning…Viewer discretion is advised…this is animal abuse, perhaps even in your neighborhood or the park across the road. These are the pictures to the stories that some may even have read about”



Published on 8 May 2012 by 

Animal cruelty. Leave your comments on how to put an end to this. (Warning Graphic content, and images)

First U.S. Animal Abuser Registry Makes Convicts Public

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Monday, Suffolk County activates the first animal abuser registry in the United States, which will make public the identities of convicted animal abusers. The internet registry will display their names, addresses and photographs.

The law requires pet stores, breeders and animal shelters to check the registry and not sell or adopt animals to anyone on it, according to the Animal Law Coalition. Abusers will stay on the registry for five years each, and will face jail time or fines if they do not sign up for and renew their registrations throughout that period.

The Coalition reports that in Suffolk County, “animal abuse” includes animal fighting; overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failing to provide proper sustenance; aggravated cruelty to animals; abandoning animals; interfering with or injuring certain domestic animals; and harming a service animal.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is leading a nationwide effort to pass more laws like Suffolk County’s. If registries like this were widespread, they could make a real difference in preventing animal cruelty. Without them, convicted animal abusers, including hoarders, can easily evade court sentences forbidding them from owning animals by moving to a different county or state. Nationwide registries would make it much harder for them to acquire new animals just by changing their location.

Registries like Suffolk County’s could also prevent crimes that hurt humans. A person who abuses or kills animals is five times more likely to commit violence against humans and four times more likely to commit property crimes, according to a Business Week report on a 1997 study by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA.

Other counties and states have considered similar registries and some plan to implement them, but last February Colorado voted down a law to create one. Objections to the registries include concerns about the civil rights of animal abusers and the possibility that exposure to the public will make offenders even less likely to cooperate with authorities that otherwise might be able to keep them from harming other animals. (“Animal abusers don’t deserve civil rights!”)

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Erie County Poised To Create Animal Abuse Registry

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BUFFALO—Erie County may soon become one of a handful of counties in the state to establish an online animal abuse registry in an effort to prevent convicted animal abusers from obtaining animals.

The Erie County Legislature conducted a public hearing Thursday which brought strong support for the measure proposed by Erie County Legislator Terrence D. McCracken, a Democrat.

People with past convictions for animal abuse would be prohibited from buying or adopting animals again in Erie County.

The bill is still not finalized as some questions were raised at the public hearing about vagueness of the proposal.

“The registry would identify individuals in Erie County who have been convicted of an animal abuse crime to prevent those people from adopting, buying or obtaining animals from any animal shelter, pet seller or other person or entity involved in the exchange of animals by adoption, sale or other means,” Legislator McCracken said.

“The registry would contain the names, residential addresses, birthdates and facial photos of animal abuse offenders living in Erie County, along with the date of each conviction for an animal abuse crime.

The registry will contain this information for five years following the date of conviction or release from incarceration, and any animal abuse offender convicted of a second or subsequent such crime shall be placed on the registry for an additional 10 years.”

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Sign The ALDF Petition To Demand Your State Require Animal Abusers to Register – Video

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Does an animal abuser live in your neighborhood?


Communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers. In story after heartbreaking story, abusers repeat their violent crimes against helpless animals, and often go on to victimize people as well. Keep your animals and your families safe. Sign on to demand that your state require animal abusers register in their communities!

Sign on to demand that your state require animal abusers to register in their communities

Link to Petition:-

Animal-abuse shame list

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Suffolk County next week will become one of the nation’s first jurisdictions to shame animal abusers through the use of a public registry.

Administered by the Suffolk County SPCA, the list will expose to public ridicule anyone convicted of beating, killing or neglecting animals.

Suffolk SPCA chief Roy Gross said that anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony count of animal cruelty will have their photo and address posted for 10 years.

“People should know that there is an animal abuser living next to them just like they should know if there is a sex offender living next to them,” Gross said.

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Animal Abusers Would Be Named Under Bills in 26 States

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Those who batter, abuse or kill dogs and cats would get the same public scorn as sex offenders in bills introduced in legislatures throughout the U.S.

Online registries for convicted animal abusers already have been approved in three New York counties, including Suffolk, where the nation’s first takes effect May 7. Twenty-five states have considered such laws since 2010, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which is leading the campaign. 

Backers say the bills recognize a growing awareness of animal rights — and the public-safety benefits of stopping abusers, who studies show often go on to harm humans.

“There’s a mountain of evidence that says we need something like this,” said Michigan Representative Harvey Santana, a Detroit Democrat who’s proposed a registry there. “There is a strong correlation between people who abuse animals and graduate to abusing people.”

Other states where legislatures are considering similar bills include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida and Maryland, according to the Cotati, California-based Legal Defense Fund.

The case of National Football League quarterback Michael Vick shows why the drive has momentum, said Stephen Wells, executive director of the fund, which says it has 100,000 members. Vick was sent to prison in 2007 on charges of conspiracy to break dog-fighting laws, not animal cruelty, Wells said.

‘Common Sense’

“It’s frustrating to see repeat offenders commit these crimes and get away with it in people’s eyes,” said Wells, 47, in a telephone interview. “The registries appeal to people’s common sense.”

Public shame has a long history in the U.S., dating to the Puritans’ use of stocks to punish colonial criminals. Some cities have combated prostitution by publishing photos of their clients in newspapers and, in Minneapolis, on an electronic billboard.

The animal-abuse idea is an outgrowth of registries for sex offenders begun by states in 1996 under order of Congress. The initiative isn’t uniformly supported by animal-rights organizations.

Tracking abuse in FBI data would do more to prevent it, Wayne Pacelle, chief executive of the Humane Society of the U.S., wrote in a December 2010 blog post. Many people convicted of neglect are mentally ill, he said.

Driving Them Away

“Shaming them with a public Internet profile is unlikely to affect their future behavior,” Pacelle wrote, “except perhaps to isolate them further from society and promote increased distrust of authority figures trying to help them.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals supports registries, said Stephanie Bell, associate director of cruelty investigations.

“Community members have a right to know when a convicted animal abuser is in their midst,” Bell said. “People who abuse animals rarely do so only once.”

Suffolk County’s registry is administered by its Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Its head, Roy Gross, said studies show those who abuse animals often hurt people.

“If you had a convicted animal abuser next to you, wouldn’t you want to know?” he said.

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Tedisco-Ball bill would create animal abuse registry

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Assemblyman James Tedisco, R-Schenectady, is hoping to protect animals from abuse and reduce animal hoarding by creating a statewide registry of animal abusers. 

Tedisco’s bills, co-sponsored by Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, would require all animal abusers to register his or her name and address with the Department of Agriculture and Markets (A.1506/S.3804), require people convicted of animal abuse or neglect would be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and treatment (A.01567/S.3805), and prohibit people convicted of animal abuse from owning a pet or working with animals unless authorized by court order and after psychiatric/psychological testing (A.1580/S.5084).

“Animal abuse is a prevalent problem in our society,” said Ball. “As there are laws to protect children and the elderly from abuse, it is important to extend this means of protection to animals as well.”

These bills come as a response to the news reports about a family that was arrested in connection with an alleged cat-hoarding incident in Halfmoon, Saratoga County.

On March 26, State Police removed 134 cats from a mobile home in the D & R Village and sent them to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter. While two cats were found dead upon executing a search warrant and 19 cats were later euthanized due to health issues, some of the other cats are now available for adoption. Arthur C. Millard, 53; Earl J. Millard, 26; and Mary A. Ryan, 61, are facing 51 counts of failure to provide sustenance, a misdemeanor, and one count of failure to vaccinate the animals and a violation of the state’s public health law.

“Pet owners have a responsibility to raise animals in a safe, sanitary and humane environment and only take in animals they can reasonably care for,” said Tedisco. “Animal hoarding is a sickness and anyone who would engage in this disturbing behavior may have a mental illness and needs to be treated before they harm more animals or hurt people.”

Tedisco said there are other pending bills meant to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets. The first is bill A.968, sponsored by Assemblyman Micah Kellner, D-Manhattan, which gives taxpayers a credit of 80 percent of the actual cost of having their cats or dogs spayed or neutered, under $200. The other bill A.484, sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, D-Brooklyn, would create the Rescued Animals Spay and Neuter fund authorizing the Department of Taxation and Finance to place a check-off box on income tax returns for taxpayers so they can contribute money to the fund.

Tedisco also announced that he was sponsoring the 2nd Annual New York State Animal Advocacy Day on June 13 in Albany. The event is meant to raise awareness of the issue of animal cruelty and “bring together New Yorkers to call for stronger laws to protect our companion animals.”

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