Multiple Dogs Freeze To Death In Marion County

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“WTF…if your cold, the chances are your dog is freezing it’s bit’s off too; unless your dog is a Saint Bernard who is used to living in freezing conditions. Besides if you have a dog, it should be in your home & part of your family! If it’s just a garden ornament then you don’t deserve to have an animal with the capability of unconditional love! A dog is a family pet, so treat it like one, not just a cheap alarm system!”

By    Jeff Wagner – Updated: Thursday, January 9

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Criminal charges were being pursued after two dog owners left their dogs outside in the cold and the animals froze to death, officials from Animal Care and Control said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, an Animal Care and Control worker told 24-Hour News 8 that as many as seven dogs froze to death in Marion County this week. Officials clarified that number on Wednesday.

Two dogs with a home died, and an unknown number of stray dogs also froze to death, officials said. The volume of phone calls into Marion County Animal Care and Control made it difficult to pinpoint the exact number. The remains of stray dogs are cleaned up by the Indianapolis Department of Public Works.

The dangerous temperatures are taking a toll on pets.

Animal Control officers had been called out because two pet dogs in Marion County had been left outside in the frigid conditions and died.

Animal Care and Control said they had a constant stream of phone calls since 10 a.m. Sunday.

People have called Animal Care and Control for a number of issues, including help with cats, horses, goats and exotic birds.

Indianapolis Animal control officers wrote more than 70 citations during the storm, ranging from a dog being left outside to one not having updated tags.

But when a pet dies, it becomes a criminal case.

On a warmer but still snow covered day in Indianapolis, 24-Hour News 8 thought it would be a long shot to find a pet left out in the cold but that idea was wrong.

24-Hour News 8’s Jeff Wagner found a dog named Chance, and luckily she was only roaming a few houses down from where she lived.

“She has come back every time I’ve clapped my hands, but as soon as I walk outside then she takes off, she’s been taking off all morning,” said owner Beverly Patton.

She said a frozen leash, combined with Chance’s love for running are the only reasons we found her alone outside.

“I cannot imagine leaving your dogs out, that’s like people,” she said.

But unfortunately some owners did.

“You need to bring them in or we will confiscate them for their safety,” said Dan Shackle, administrator for Indianapolis Animal Care & Control.

His officers did confiscate a few pets during the storm. Some dogs were found with frostbite on their paws or ears. Often times their water bowls were frozen over.

Those dogs now in kennels, just like the others who are hoping to get adopted. But unfortunately, two pet dogs didn’t survive while outside, meaning their owners could face criminal charges.

“Depending on the facts in the individual case it could either be an ‘A’ misdemeanor or ‘D’ felony,” he said.

Shackle hopes justice is served in those cases. But mainly, he just wants owners to take better care of their pets.

“When you ask if I’m glad that only two died, yes I’m glad more of them didn’t die, but the two shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” he said.

If a dog was confiscated, the owner will get a citation. They’ll have a date in court where a judge will determine what type of penalty they’ll face, like a fine.

The judge also has final say on whether or not the pet should be returned to the owner.

So what should you do if you see a pet left out in the cold?

The Humane Society says you should write down as many details as you can, even take pictures or video if it’s safe.

Then contact your local animal control or sheriff’s department. Make sure you also take notes and follow up if the situation doesn’t get better.

If you need advice on what to do you, click here.

If you see an animal in trouble in Indianapolis, you can call the Mayor’s Action Centre at 327-4-MAC.

You can also download the “Request Indy” app to submit a report.

For tips on keeping animals safe in the cold, click here.

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Police: Florida Man Kills, Then Cooks Family Pit Bull

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“WTF…If this sick bxxxxxd doesn’t get prison, then what’s the point in having a justice system for animals?”

Tampa, Fla. (WTSP-TV) – A Tampa man is facing animal cruelty charges after he allegedly killed his family’s pet dog, and then cut the animal up for future meals.

Killed Pt Bull, cut it up & cooked it

Investigators say 25-year-old Thomas Elliot Huggins strangled the young pit bull mix pup on Thursday morning, and then cut the animal into quarters and put the remains in the freezer.

A family member called police after learning what happened. Arriving officers say they found the dog’s ribs cooked in a pot on the stove, and the animal’s head was in the garbage.

An investigator with Hillsborough Animal Services tells 10 News that Huggins “expertly” cut the animal apart, and this may not be the first time he’s done this.

Huggins was taken into custody and charged for the inhumane and cruel killing of the dog, and is currently in jail on $2,000 bond.

Animal Control took possession of the remains.

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Police Say Teen Fatally Stabbed Family Puppy

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ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A disturbing case of animal abuse. Anne Arundel County police charged a teen with stabbing the family puppy to death.

Christie Ileto has more of the disturbing details. (See video in link below)

Police say they found a puppy stabbed to death inside a Linthicum home on Mountain Road on Tuesday evening.

“It was very bloody. A bloody knife found at the scene,” said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel County police. “It’s certainly even more disturbing that it’s a juvenile suspect in this case.

Police say a 14-year-old is allegedly behind this callous crime. Reports show a 10-week-old puppy was stabbed multiple times in the throat and stomach.

Animal Control found the lifeless corpse on the teen’s bed, next to a kitchen knife.

“I looked out and I saw three police cars across the street,” said Alice Scarborough.

Scarborough lives next door. She, like many other neighbors, are trying to make sense of it all.

“I was shocked. I was shocked because I used to walk my grandson around the corner when he was smaller and he would talk to the little boy that was down there,” she said.

Police say there was no evidence the puppy provoked the attack but officers say the teenager didn’t explain why he stabbed the 10-week-old St. Bernard to death.

“There’s no logical explanation as to why this was done. It was really for unknown reasons,” said Mulcahy.

The 14-year-old is now back in his father’s custody and has been charged with animal cruelty on a juvenile citation.

Police say there were no prior Animal Control reports of problems with the puppy. Animal Control has the puppy’s remains and are scheduled to do a necropsy.

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Man Faces Animal Abuse Charge After Pit Bull Is Beaten So Badly It Had To Be Euthanized

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“This poor fxxxxxg dog…what the hell did it do to deserve being beaten so badly it needed to be euthanized? I know what I would do with the piece sxxt…but I will remain a lady! I just hope justice is served & this cold heartless bastard gets what’s coming to him…I also hope he is ravaged nightly by evil dog demons that make him afraid to sleep…nothing less than he deserves!!”

A 37-year-old Columbia man suspected to have used a wooden board to beat a pit bull into a comatose state was arrested Friday on a felony charge of animal abuse.

The dog was euthanized as a result of its injuries, according to court documents

Two witnesses told a Columbia/Boone County Animal Control agent that William D.

William Smith

Smith beat the dog with a wooden 2-by-2 board March 8 at his home in Colonial Village Trailer Court, 2904 Range Line St., No. 76. The dog was found comatose in a puddle of blood and lung fluids when Animal Control officials arrived, according to court documents.

“The dog was gurgling and moaning in pain,” Molly Aust, Animal Control supervisor, wrote in the document.

Animal Control officials today could not confirm the dog’s age or who owned the dog, nor could they verify a motive for the incident. Smith does not have a previous history with Animal Control.

The dog’s head was distorted from swelling and abrasions that appeared to be a result of the beating, according to court documents.

“A flower pot with a considerable amount of blood was also present,” Aust wrote.

The board and flower pot were collected as evidence, and the dog was removed from the scene and euthanized.

An autopsy revealed injuries to the dog’s head, face, left forelimb and right hind limb. Other injuries included puncture wounds, a crushed frontal bone with a frontal lobe contusion and haemorrhaging.

A warrant for Smith’s arrest was issued Friday on suspicion of felony animal abuse, and Columbia police arrested him later that day.

The charge specifically alleges “torture and/or mutilation while animal was alive.” Smith remained in the Boone County Jail today with a $25,000 cash-only bond.

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Chesterfield man charged with animal cruelty

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CHESTERFIELD – A Chesterfield man was arrested Tuesday on charges that he allegedly neglected his dog.

Carroll Edward Dyke Sr. was charged with cruelty to animals, according to Chesterfield County authorities.

The charges stem from a report from Oct. 11, when Animal Control units responded to Dyke’s home on the 9400 block of Lost Forest Drive near Chester to investigate the treatment and welfare of a dog.

Upon arrival, the investigating units found that the animal had died earlier that day. The remains were taken to a veterinarian for a formal necropsy.

Dyke will have to appear at Chesterfield County General District Court on Dec. 19. Cruelty to animals is a class 1 misdemeanor.

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2 dogs found emaciated; owner charged with animal cruelty

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One of two dogs confiscated Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, in Paw Paw Township, is shown. / Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities in south western Michigan have charged a woman with cruelty to animals after they confiscated a pair of emaciated dogs found chained up outside an apparently vacant home.

The Van Buren County sheriff‘s department says the dogs’ owner 33-year-old Brandi Espinosa pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Thursday in District Court in Paw Paw.

She was released. Her next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26.

One of two dogs confiscated Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, in Paw Paw Township, is shown. / Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office

A message seeking comment was left Friday by The Associated Press at a telephone listing for Espinosa.

The court said it didn’t know whether she had a lawyer.

The sheriff’s department says the mixed breed dogs found Wednesday in Paw Paw Township, about 50 miles southwest of Grand Rapids, are part pit bull.




The dogs are being cared for by Van Buren County Animal Control.



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Puppy Shot, Killed in Cumberland County

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The owners of Salsa, a chihuahua mix, spoke exclusively with NBC10 Jersey Shore Bureau reporter Ted Greenberg and says they are heartbroken

An investigation is under-way after an 8-month old puppy is shot and killed in Bridgeton, Cumberland County.

The owners of Salsa, a chihuahua mix, spoke exclusively with NBC10 Jersey Shore Bureau reporter Ted Greenberg and says her family is a wreck.

“It just breaks my heart, really breaks my heart to know they could do that to a dog,” said Anita Guerrero, dog’s owner.

The family says they let the dog outside to relieve himself on September 23 but couldn’t find him after a few minutes. Two days later, he was found dead in a neighbour’s yard.

“If you had a complaint, come knock on the door, bring it up with the owner of the dog. Don’t just shoot the dog,” said George  Peacock, dog’s owner.

The Cumberland County SPCA says Bridgeton Animal Control had received prior complaints about the dog running loose in the neighbourhood.

“We can’t ignore the lack of responsibility on the part of the owners because no animals should be running loose.

But it’s never right to take justice into your own hands, especially when it now involves the death of an animal,” said Bev Greco, Cumberland County SPCA.

Authorities say the person responsible could face jail time and a $3,000 fine.

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Man accused of burning, beating dogs

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ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – In a shocking case of animal cruelty a man is accused of burning and beating his dogs so badly one is now dead. See video at link below.

Chaves County sheriff’s deputies said there’s no question in their minds who did it since they found the dog’s owner with a bloody baseball batstill in his hand.

Luis Baltazar

Neighbors said the noise tipped them off that their neighbor, Luis Baltazar, 47, was abusing his dogs, but no one knew just how bad it was until after they called police.

The wounds the dogs received are disturbing.

“It turns my stomach,” said Tammie McKee, Roswell Animal Shelter kennel manager.  “It sends chills through my spine.  It makes my hair stand up

A female pit bull has severe burns across her back, evidence of extreme abuse she and three other dogs endured.

“We woke up to him hitting the fence, and then we walked outside and we heard a dog crying like if something was wrong with him,” said one neighbor, who did not wish to be identified.  “And all of a sudden we just heard him like not bark anymore.”

Neighbors called the Chaves County Sheriff’s Department. When deputies arrived, they found Baltazar armed with a bloody baseball bat and one of his dogs clinging to life.

“We interviewed him to try and determine what was going on, and it appeared he was just mad that the dogs were barking,” recalled sheriff’s Lt. Britt Snyder.  “(That) is what prompted him to go out there and beat this one particular dog just, almost to death with a baseball bat.

Animal Control officers said that dog was beaten so severely they had to put her down.

Another dog Animal Control officers believe to be a shepherd cross has old wounds on its back and head; some appear to be burns. Officers are still trying to figure out what caused them.

The second surviving pit bull had lacerations on his leg.

“No excuses for this whatsoever, none,” McKee said. “Dogs can’t speak, they don’t know any better.

“You train your dogs to do what they’re supposed to do as you would raise a child, you teach them, and it’s just a shame.”

Baltazar’s neighbors said they had no idea how bad it was.

I don’t understand how somebody so cruel can beat a dog, or burn a dog, but why?” the neighbor said.  “What did the dog do to you?  Why take it out on a dog?”

McKee said the three surviving dogs from Baltazar’s property do not bark in their kennels. She said she believes they are afraid to make any noise.

Baltazar is charged with extreme animal cruelty and was released on bond Friday morning.

Animal control officials said a vet will look at the animals and determine exactly what caused the burns. Baltazar was convicted of battery in the past and completed an anger-management course as part of his sentencing.

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Maximum Sentence for Luis Baltazar for Charges of Extreme Animal Cruelty


Horse Found in Deplorable Conditions in Bethany, CT

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“Find the POS that ignored this poor mare, leaving her to stand in feces for months…Arrgghh…they make me so bloody angry…I bet this was purely a case of the owners, just couldn’t be arsed to muck out, probably bought as a garden ornament, or for a child who got bored with it etc. Please find the people who did this,  make them pay, & make sure they can never own any animals ever again!”

In a case of terrible neglect, a mare in Bethany, CT was seized by Animal Control after she was discovered standing in a stall in about 3 feet of manure, urine and mud.

The horse, Cheyenne, a pinto, had not taken a step since winter, judging by the condition of her feet, which were so overgrown, they curled up and around towards her legs.

Crusted in manure, dirt and fungus, Cheyenne had trouble walking as she was removed from her deplorable prison.

“It makes me very angry and it makes me very sad,” said Karen Lombardi, Animal Control Officer, “that someone would let this happen.” Lombardi says they discovered the horse in this Bethany barn deep in the woods off Cheshire Road.

Dr. Stacey Golub, an acquaintance of the author stated, “Her feet are overgrown. Her skin is in poor condition from the crusted manure that she was living in.”

Once she is fixed up and rehabilitated, Cheyenne will make a wonderful addition to a caring person’s family. She is a beautiful girl with a sweet nature, despite all she has been through. Cheyenne is recovering at Locket’s Meadow Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Bethany.

Cheyenne was found standing in manure up to her knees.
Cheyenne was found standing in manure up to her knees.
“Everything is going to be gradual and in stages. She’ll come out the other side and she’ll be okay,” said Kathleen Schurman of Locket’s Meadow. “Whatever job she’s going to have we won’t know for a long time.”

For equine veterinarians such as Dr. Golub, this is unfortunately not a new sight. “It never gets easier, you know you just try to do the best you can and try to help the ones and we know we can’t help them all. We can’t save them all,” she said.

“You know, if people are observant and do something when they see there’s a problem. If they suspect there’s an issue, they need to report it.”

For Cheyenne, her future will hopefully only get brighter.

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County dog owner says Animal Control had no right to shoot and kill his dog

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A Coffee County dog owner says Animal Control had no right to shoot and kill his dog.

Bryan Pennington says his 16 year old black lab had arthritis and glaucoma but was otherwise healthy. Pennington says he’s heartbroken and angry.

He says his dog Toby was an old man who loved to lay out in the rain.

He was doing that Monday when a neighbor called Animal Control. Toby was one of 4 stray dogs that had become part of Pennington’s family. He says a new neighbor saw Toby laying on the sidewalk and thought he was sick and called Animal Control.

After searching, he learned Tuesday the dog had been shot and killed.

“He should have been allowed to die peacefully, not given a sedative an dshot in the head and killed,” says Pennington.

According to county rules, Toby should have been held for at least 3 days before being euthanized humanely. The county is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the case on Monday.

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