Ask Your Senator to Vote for Chimpanzees

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For the last several years, PCRM has been working to end chimpanzee experimentation.

Finally, we have begun to see some positive momentum on Capitol Hill. The Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works held a hearing on the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act last month, and we are expecting them to vote the bill out of committee soon.

Let me be clear: We would never have gotten this far without your help. Your e-mails, letters, and phone calls keep Congress informed and let them know that their constituents care deeply about this issue.

We need to keep the pressure on. As the bill gets closer to passage, we have heard from congressional staff that laboratories profiting from chimpanzee experiments are ramping up their efforts to defeat the bill, and we need you to remind your senator of the facts.

Please send an e-mail and ask your senator to support this important bill in committee. I know you may have done this already, but now is the time to remind them of your support.

Together, we can make sanctuary a reality for all of the chimpanzees currently suffering in laboratories. Please ask your senator to support this historic bill.

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President of Ukraine: Close all vivarium and end outdated experiments conducted on animals!

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Donetsk Medical University, Ukraine

Appalling living conditions and barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals.

In July 2011, Alexei Sokolov informed the media about the appaling living conditions and the barbaric experiments conducted on dogs and other animals at the Medical University of Donetsk.

According to reports, the students of the Medical University at Donetsk have performed limb-amputations and educational surgeries on the internal organs of the animals WITHOUT prior anesthesia.

Alexei Sokolov, the head of this vivarium couldn’t watch the suffering of these innocent animals any longer and informed the media. He showed the vivarium to the journalists – articles have been published, HERE and HERE and these dogs have, since then, been given in the care of the Ukrainian animal activists. 

Online translations of the above links HERE and  HERE.

Each dog had to endure several surgeries before finally being discarded. Until death, these poor animals languished in horrible conditions suffering from distress and starvation

An unknown number of dogs and other animals are kept in similar vivarium and conditions in universities throughout the country and Ukraine’s president, Viktor Ianoukovytch, ignores the petitions and pleas from his citizens and Ukrainian animal welfare organizations urging him to put an end to this outdated, barbaric experiments.

The animal activists in Ukraine are desperate!

Please help them by sharing these pictures and videos with as many as you can, including the international media.

Please sign this petition:


Uploaded by  on 1 Jul 2011

In the Donetsk Medical University vivarium with nothing to feed pets. In an institution contains almost 500 animals for experiments. Among these rats, dogs and guinea pigs. Friends of the man 16. Many people suffered more than one operation. Inside the vivarium planning to carry out repairs, but what will happen to the dogs, the leaders do not speak. Head heard that they want to euthanize animals. What is actually the fate of four-footed, journalists learned “Panorama.”


Students throw dogs off the third floor after experimenting on them!!!

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“OMG…This is shocking, they are supposed to be or are training or are vets!  This is Disgusting, these people must be stopped…PLEASE….Sign the petition”

The following video has been shared today, 30 April 2012, on Facebook with the following comment:

“I need the support of animal people of the world, we received a video taken by a student in Cairo Vet Faculty, they do research on animals, as per the video and word of mouth by the student, dogs after experimenting were thrown out of the window from the 3rd floor, tied and dragged.

We are addressing Dean of Faculty of Vets Cairo University to stop immediately the practise, already Chairperson of Animal Welfare federation of Egypt addressed the Dean, who said he would start interrogation immediately, we demand: stop experimenting on animals, please support our cause”


Please take action – sign the petition

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University of Toronto – Animal Experimentation A Waste Of Time, Says Dr. Ray Greek of California

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The animal research being done at University of Toronto and other places of learning is a waste of time, effort and money, says Dr. Ray Greek, a California-based medical doctor.

Animal experimentation is misleading,” says Greek, who founded Americans for Medical Advancement in 1999, a non-profit dedicated to improving policy and decision-making regarding the use of animals in biomedical research.

Animal models have misled scientists in the past and this has resulted in human deaths,” he said.

Penicillin “stayed on the shelf” for more than a decade, he said, because the rabbits it was being tested on led Sir Alexander Fleming to believe it wouldn’t be effective on humans. The polio vaccine was delayed for decades because the way monkeys behaved with it turned out to be very different from the way humans reacted, he said. An HIV vaccine that protected monkeys actually increased the risk of contracting the disease in volunteers who took it, he said.

Many drugs that have tested safe in animal trials (like Suprofen, Opren, Baycol, Fenoterol) have failed or harmed humans, said Greek.

The other problem is that there’s only so much money for research and most of the money “goes to animal models which are not predictive and, in fact, are misleading,” he said. “People are suffering and dying because research options that are human-based” are not being funded

Read more via:- Toronto News: U of T animal experimentation a waste of time, says Dr. Ray Greek of California –

PCRM | Saving Dogs from Cruel Wayne State Experiments

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PCRM recently filed a complaint against the Mecosta County Animal Shelter in Big Rapids, Mich., to stop the shelter from selling dogs to laboratories, and local activists have worked hard to end the practice.

In response, the county controller announced that the shelter plans to stop providing dogs for experiments. That’s a huge step toward stopping dogs from being sent to Wayne State University, where they endure heart-failure experiments before being killed.

via PCRM | Saving Dogs from Cruel Wayne State Experiments.

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