If You Suspect Animal Abuse, Please Do The Right Thing, Do Not Be Silent

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“This is an upsetting video, for me it was very painful to watch & of course I cried; sometimes one has to use visual aids to make people understand what is right! I personally couldn’t walk past any animal, whom I thought needed help. I would ask that you share this…it is a powerful message….we take animals from their natural habit, so they have been domesticated for hundreds of years.! Yet they can not live without us. If we use animals as substitutes for door bells,  alarm calls or burglar alarms…even garden ornaments… then it is up to us to maintain that animals life…they costs more than a few AAA batteries. 

“PLEASE…if you see an animal that is thin, without food or water, nor shelter or warmth; don’t pass them by believing someone else will deal with it…they won’t, because they will think like you, that the next person will deal with it…sorry but they don’t. As a result, so many animals suffer…mainly due to human ignorance etc. it’s not right!! We were all born with the instinct to love, nurture & protect, yet there are many that fall by the way side…so it is up to the rest of us, to use the voice God gave us; to protect those who remain voiceless!” 

“We must open our eye’s wider, listen with our hearts, when an animal is hurting, we must do the right thing…whatever it takes to help it heal;which is most often just our voice. It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t have to look after it, you just have to make the first step…all it takes is a phone call, you can even stay anonymous…just please, open your mouth when you see something wrong”.

“Had someone spoken earlier, this beautiful mare would still be on earth…but because nobody spoke, help came…but it was too late! R.I.P sweet Cordelia x”

“Ten Days with Cordelia”

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If you suspect abuse, report it. If you don’t want to get involved, please pass the information along to someone who will. Call your local shelter. Rescue came too late for a horse named “Later” that we lovingly called “Cordelia.”

South Carolina Canine Victim of Extreme Animal Cruelty Fighting For Her Life

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“Surrounded by vultures…FFS…Somebody know’s this dog, PLEASE do the right thing & come forward, unless you want another dog to suffer the way Hanna has. It shouldn’t be about the money, one shouldn’t have to offer a reward of money before people will come forward with information…that just makes those who do, vultures too! God only knows what this poor girl has gone through…has nobody got a heart?”

A $1,000 reward was offered Wednesday afternoon for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person involved in Hanna’s egregious cruelty and neglect.

Hanna was found near Adams Run in South Carolina lying in a ditch surrounded by vultures. She was too weak to even stand. This is the face of animal cruelty.
Credits: Animal Rescue and Relief and Furlife German Shepherd Rescue

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan at the beginning of the week searching for another dog along Adams Run in South Carolina, who spotted the black, emaciated shepherd mix breed dog lying in a ditch surrounded by vultures, Hanna’s life would have just slipped away into painful obscurity.

That evening Michelle Reid, the director of Animal Rescue and Relief took the dog who could not stand and barely lift her head to an emergency veterinarian facility where Hanna was diagnosed as starving, dehydrated, and anaemic with both internal and external parasites. At this point, Hanna’s prognosis looks promising, however she will be re-evaluated in a few days.

Both Animal Rescue and Relief and Furlife German Shepherd Rescue responded to Hanna’s emergency and will be working together to afford Hanna the best of care as well as a new home sometime in the future.

This is the face of animal cruelty. Michelle Reid wants to remind everyone that animal cruelty should never be ignored, and Hanna’s condition didn’t just happen overnight. Other people must have seen her getting thinner or spending time isolated with no food or water. Someone must have seen this dog before. Did they just turn their back at this dog’s suffering? “Yes they did, how many people just passed her by, God it breaks my heart…I no longer want to be known as a human being!”

Animal cruelty is often a precursor to crimes against children and other adults. The majority of violent offenders have histories of animal cruelty and abuse.

A Chip-In page has been set up specifically for Hanna’s case. If you would like to contribute, please visit http://arr.chipin.com/hanna.

If you have any information about Hanna, please email either Danielle ainfo@firlifeGSR.com or Michelle at arrinc@yahoo.com.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/south-carolina-canine-victim-of-extreme-animal-cruelty-fighting-for-her-life

Lonely Old Dog Has His Final Wish Fulfilled – Here Is His Story

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“This is a beautiful example of how humans can give compassion & empathy to a dear old dog, who only wished one thing…to be loved & feel love…towards the end, his wishes came true!…God bless the guy’s who gave Ol Boy, the love he so wanted & deserved. Gone but never forgotten x R.I.P  Ol Boy….Get your Kleenex ready! 

We are posting this story in tribute to Ol Boy. His story shows us there are some truly great humans out there! We highly recommend grabbing a box of kleenex before hitting play. Thank you to Beth Zimmerman from Pets for Patriots for sharing this touching story with us.


Published on 23 Aug 2012 by 


Assistance by http://pawshpal.com/

Ol boy was born on the streets. Like many street dogs, he had a number of health problems – ticks, wasting, infections and possible cancer.

When a rescue team took Ol Boy in for treatment, they found him laying in his own filth and unable to move. His weakness, however, wasn’t an accident.

Even after treatment, Ol Boy was in a lot of discomfort and had little time left. He did, however, want to die naturally and feel the love and warmth of a home for the first time. So the rescue team granted his wish and let Ol Boy experience something he never had before – love.

Members of the team stuck by his side, giving Ol Boy the care and companionship he had longed for. He had to be given water, as he was too weak to get himself up to drink. The team stood vigil for him, along with some of the other dogs in the home.

R.I.P old boy – You may have gone, but your will never be forgotten!

By 2am, Ol Boy sat up and had a drink of water for the final time. He finally passed away peacefully at 4am.

Before he died, Ol Boy had shown a beach to his communicator. Upon his passing, the team Ol Boy worked to fulfill his final wish. Ol Boy was cremated and spread his ashes along the beach – where he could finally run free.

A big thank you to the rescue team who allowed Ol Boy the chance to experience the love and understanding that all dogs deserve, even strays.

New Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/08/lonely-old-dog-has-his-final-wish-fulfilled/


Positive thoughts needed for John in NY as he fights for life

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John is fighting to stay alive. Credit: Sean Casey Animal Rescue Facebook page

Viewing pictures of dogs allowed to deteriorate to this condition not only breaks your heart, but overwhelms you with sadness and anger.

John was found lying behind a parked car in the streets of NY.

He was extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and his entire body was covered in dried feces.

This did not happen overnight. This poor boy was denied the basics for survival for quite some time.

How or why he ended up in such horrendous condition is unknown. He was taken to Animal Care and Control in NY who contacted Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. They immediately stepped in and transferred John to their vet.

He is estimated to be about 18 months old and a mere 18 pounds, far less than the 60 or so pounds he should weigh, with a body temperature so low it barely registered and a deep cut on his neck.

He was unable to move but could blink his eyes. He was found with a black collar and silver choke chain so he must have belonged to someone.

Being just skin and bones, and despite his weakened condition, he still managed to wag his tail. He’s in a fight for his life now, and SCAR has no intention of giving up on him.

He is being provided IV fluids and heating pads and will receive the best of medical care. He will feel the love around him and hopefully that will give him the will and determination to pull through.

If you would like to donate to his medical care, here is thelink to the chip-in set up for John. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s all think positive thoughts for John with hopes that he will rally and start back on the road to a full recovery.

Here is the link to the rescue’s Facebook page to follow updates on John.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/positive-thoughts-needed-for-john-ny-as-he-fights-for-life

Published on 31 Aug 2012 by 

John was brought into Animal Care and control yesterday barely alive. While not out of the woods just yet, he is looking better, eating and hopefully on the road to a full recovery and a loving forever home in the not to distant future.
For more information about the Documentary film “RESCUE! BROOKLYN” about sean casey animal rescue go to WWW.RESCUEBROOKLYNSCAR.COM


Infection Kills Rescued Tusker In Coimbatore

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The 50-year-old single tusker, which was rescued on Monday, was found dead on Tuesday evening near Karadimadai.

People paying homage on Wednesday to a 50-year old male elephant that died in a farm land, near Karadimadai on Tuesday evening.

On Monday, after receiving information that the tusker was seen in a feeble state, the Forest Department carried out a day-long effort to revive it. After administering intravenous fluids and medicines, the authorities, using a kumki elephant and an earthmover, lifted the elephant and made it stand on its legs by the evening.

On Tuesday evening, the tusker was again found lying in a feeble condition. By the time rescue and relief measures were put in place, it had breathed its last.

People from villages in and around Madampatti and Karadimadai paid homage to the tusker on Tuesday night and throughout Wednesday till officials began a post-mortem.

District Forest Officer V. Thirunavukkarasu, forest veterinarian N.S. Manoharan, Range Officers S.M. Natarajan and M. Nazir performed the autopsy.

Medical examination revealed that the death was caused by excessive parasitic load in the alimentary canal of the elephant’s biological system. Liver discoloration was also observed. Intestinal bleeding and reduced intake of food had turned the animal weak, officials said.

Liver samples were removed and would be sent to the toxicology laboratory of the Veterinary Institute in Chennai. Laboratory reports will throw light on the reason for the liver discoloration.


Mr. Thirunavukkarasu said that as regards parasite factor, the Forest Department was administering disinfection tablets by putting them in salt licks created by it along waterholes.

The department had carried out extensive disinfection drives to avert death of wildlife caused by parasites in problem-prone pockets such as Sirumugai and Mettupalayam and it is being done in the other four ranges as well.

Having come across the death of an elephant due to parasitic load, Mr. Thirunavukkarasu said that range officers have been instructed to step up the disinfection drive in all six ranges by administering tablets through salt licks in almost all water holes in the forests and fringe areas.

News Link:http://www.thehindu.com/news/states/tamil-nadu/article3776212.ece


Florida man flies, rescues, his 1,000th animal

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“What a great guy, I would like to shake his hand for being such a wonderful savior of death row dogs!”

GREENVILLE, Ala. (AP) – On a recent June day, Jeff Bennett flew his four-seat plane from the mangrove-dotted Florida Keys, past some angry thunder clouds to the fertile hills of Greenville, Ala. His mission: to save 23 dogs destined for death row.

Bennett, a 53-year-old retired businessman, donates his time, fuel and plane to Pilots N Paws, a South Carolina-based charity that enlists small plane pilots to transport animals from overcrowded shelters that have high euthanasia rates to foster homes, rescue groups and less-crowded shelters that don’t kill the animals.

Bennett’s been airlifting animals for more than 3 years. Bennett is a dog lover; he has four of his own, including one that he adopted after a flight.

He’s carried mostly dogs, some cats, the occasional snake and once, a potbellied pig – earning his small Cirrus aircraft the nickname “All Species Airways” around the Pilots N Paws community.

But this month was special. On the Greenville trip, Bennett picked up his 1,000th animal.

“This is a mile marker,” said Bennett, who had a pointy party hat decorated with pirates picked out for the special canine.

It’s a number few of Pilots N Paws’ 2,800 volunteer pilots reach, said Deborah Boies, the group’s president and co-founder.

“We have only one other pilot who has accomplished that goal,” said Boies. “It’s extremely unique. He is truly one of the most dedicated people to Pilots N Paws.”

The dogs arrived soon after Bennett landed at the small, one-runway airport. They were in two vans, crowded into cages. Some barked and others trembled with fear. A small army of volunteers stood by to help Bennett transfer the dogs into his empty crates.

“OK everybody, if one of the dogs gets loose, don’t chase it, get down on the ground and just call it to you,” said Rebecca Harshman, a volunteer in Alabama who fosters dogs and helps ferry animals to the airport if a Pilots N Paws flight arrives.

One by one, paperwork was checked, photos were snapped with Bennett in front of the plane and then the dogs were loaded into a crate and into the plane. Bennett had taken out two of his plane’s four seats to accommodate all the dogs; even then, an extra puppy had to ride on the lap of a reporter back to Florida.

It was decided that Rex, a floppy-eared, mixed-breed puppy was Bennett’s 1,000th animal. He kissed the pup’s snout and hugged him tight.

Soon after, the plane took off, bound for Florida.

The dogs barked during the ascent, then grew quiet. Bennett stopped in Lakeland and Naples to unload the dogs, who were greeted by new volunteers that would give them new homes.

News Link:-http://www.ktiv.com/story/18842536/florida-man-flies-rescues-his-1000th-animal

Animals Rescued From Hoarder In Central Oklahoma – NewsOn6.com – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – KOTV.com |

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TULSA, Oklahoma 

Animals Rescued From Hoarder In Central Oklahoma - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |

Farm animals rescued from a private hoarder are recovering at the Tulsa SPCA, according to Executive Director Lori Hall. Rescuers had to wade through the bodies of dead animals and waste to get to the living, she said.

The Tulsa SPCA is housing 42 chickens, 20 goats, eight bunnies, two Border Collies and a pig that were taken from an undisclosed location in central Oklahoma Monday.

The animals were being kept in “horrible conditions,” Hall said.

“The goats were very, very thin,” she said. “They said that there were 80 skeletons of goats and carcasses out there.

“The chickens were in a semi trailer, and rescuers just had to wade through the feces and dead chickens to get to the live ones.”

Animal advocates and friends from a Bristow animal sanctuary helped transport the farm animals to Tulsa where they are being housed temporarily.

The SPCA has had a good response from people volunteering to foster the animals. They are requesting donations to help cover foster care expenses until the animals are healthy enough to be adopted out.

For more information on how you can help, call 918-636-9935.

via Animals Rescued From Hoarder In Central Oklahoma – NewsOn6.com – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – KOTV.com |.

Tulsa SPCA rescues dozens of animals from cruel conditions – FOX23 News

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The Tulsa SPCA assisted with hoarding and cruelty case in central Oklahoma.

On Monday, the Tulsa SPCA and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office rescued about 20 goats, 20 chickens, 8 bunnies, 2 border collies, and a pig. The Tulsa SPCA took these animals to an animal advocate from a Bristow animal sanctuary.

The sheriff’s office is only saying these complaints were filed in central Oklahoma. The case will be investigated as a animal cruelty because of the conditions at the location.

SPCA officials say bunnies were dying as they were being rescued and that the chickens were being housed in a semi and there were several dead animals in with the 20 chickens that were rescued. Officials also say there were 80 goat skeletons on the property in addition to the 20 goats that were rescued.

Lori Hall is the Tulsa SPCA Executive Director received a call Sunday from an animal cruelty investigator saying these animals needed to be removed from an animal hoarder‘s property immediately.

“See how skinny they are,” Hall said. “That’s just so pathetic.”

Hall believes she can find them good homes but she will have to deworm them and get them healthy enough first.

“I know once we get them in here we can take care of them and get them good homes and that’s our goal,” said Hall.

A veterinarian will be there Friday to examine all the animals. They are temporally housed at the Tulsa SPCA and will be moved into foster care this week, the animals will then be nursed back to health and be put up for adoption.

If you would like to adopt an animal you can call the Tulsa SPCA (918) 428-7722

via Tulsa SPCA rescues dozens of animals from cruel conditions – FOX23 News.

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