‘Rescue Sanctuary’ Family Convicted of 16 Animal Cruelty Offences

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“Animals coming out of abusive homes, go to these places, expecting the best care, to aid in their recovery! But this just proves, yet again, anybody can set up a sanctuary; yet be capable of inflicting serious harm to animals, because they don’t love them!!. Don’t these places have to be licensed & inspected regularly?? If so, what happened?? It’s sad to say but some people see animals as an easy way to make money….they don’t love animals & have no interest in aiding animals to recover; they are just a means to an end!”

“I have no sympathy for those who abuse or neglect animals in their care & believe as a business, scamming everyone; they should receive the most serious of charges! How would you feel, if you had donated money to a sanctuary, only to learn that it mistreat’s its animals? terrible I’m guessing. So before you part with your money, even if the place has a flashy internet site etc…make your own investigations before you part with any donation. I think these so-called sanctuary’s need a lot more intervention from animal society’s like the RSPCA or HSI etc., depending where they are in the world…they need to be verified, that they are taking care of the animals in their charge; as they should!! Certainly no animals should have to be rescued from a so-called sanctuary; as in this case!!”

“Think about this, hotels are given star ratings, after being approved…yet animal sanctuary’s can pop up anywhere, with no interest what so ever in taking care of the animals…to them it’s just a money maker…wanting your donation!! Perhaps animal sanctuaries should be star rated to reflect the level of care the animals receive. Shame there were no pictures of this uncaring, selfish family. But similar folk are around us all, animal lovers must be vigilant & fight together to stand up for the rights of animals; if we don’t who will. Your local council representatives & governments are supposed to listen & work for their constituents; if they have no interest in animal welfare & don’t care….make some noise & get them booted out!!”

A family who ran an animal sanctuary in Oxfordshire have been found guilty of 16 offences of cruelty.

More than 100 animals, including 14 horses, were removed from Crunchies Animal Rescue Sanctuary, near Abingdon, in January 2012.

Eight peopleAngela Russell, her carer Daniel Bunyan, father Fred, son Robert, daughters Kirsty and Louise, her brother Peter and niece Abigail McHughwent on trial in April at Bicester Magistrates Court. They were charged with 16 offences, including failing to provide inadequate nutrition and veterinary care.

On Monday (24 June), all bar Peter Russell and Daniel Bunyan were convicted of all 16 offences at at Bicester Magistrates Court.

District judge Tim Pattison said: “I echo the words of RPSCA inspector Douglas Davidson that Crunchies was ‘an animal welfare disaster’; a sea of mud and faeces and, in short, a rescue centre from which animals needed to be rescued.”

This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (27 June 2013)

News Link:- http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/family-convicted-of-animal-cruelty-offences/#98wbvdMzcbEdAGSE.99 

Abused monkey finds a loving home at South Texas sanctuary

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DILLEY — A pet monkey that endured years of heartbreaking cruelty has finally found a loving home at a primate sanctuary in Dilley, Texas

Officials at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary said the long-tailed macaque was never let out of his small cage to exercise in the 10 years he lived with his former owner in Michigan. The former owners even allegedly got JR high on marijuana and drunk off booze.

Last week, JR made the 28-hour drive to the sanctuary in South Texas, where he was renamed Freeman. Officials said the monkey will be in quarantine for the next two weeks while he received grooming and is introduced to a proper diet.

Born Free USA Director Tim Ajax said in a press release, “This monkey was living a life of horror and we are doing everything we can to help him acclimate. Private ownership of exotic animals, especially primates, is a cruel business that starts with a baby being stolen from his or her mother for profit and often ends in a psychologically damaged animal forced to endure a life of isolation and misery.”

Freeman’s former owner was convinced to release the primate to a sanctuary after years a coaxing from a concerned citizen.

News Link:http://www.kens5.com/news/Abused-monkey-finds-a-loving-home-at-South-Texas-sanctuary-157472915.html

Botched tiger death register rings alarm amid fears nation’s big cats could vanish from the jungle

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The nation’s tigers could soon vanish from the jungles and remain only on the record books because of unprecedented bungling in the death register. 

Crimes related to tigers are often not reported or passed off as minor offences to keep the logbook clean

A typical police phenomenon whereby crimes are often not reported or passed off as minor offences to keep the logbook clean, this trend has been noticed in tiger conservation and is leading to devastating consequences.

The nation has 1,706 tigers according to the 2010 census. But the number could be different in the 40- odd forests reserved for the majestic national animal because 32 deaths have already been reported this year – 14 of them to poaching.

To buck this trend, the National Tiger Conservation Authority has ruled that tiger deaths be treated as cases of poaching, unless proved otherwise.

‘To ensure due diligence and topmost priority, every case of tiger and leopard death would be henceforth treated as a case of poaching, unless proved otherwise beyond reasonable doubt. If a tiger death is classified as death because of natural causes, it should be substantiated by adequate supporting field evidence and factual details,’ the conservation authority said in its advisory issued last week.

Officials said this would ensure that no incident of poaching was termed as natural death. Rajesh Gopal, secretary in the conservation authority, asked chief wildlife wardens of the states where tigers are found to follow a series of ‘adequate caution while classifying tiger deaths as death due to natural causes’.

Wildlife activists and tiger conservationists have welcomed the move.

‘It’s a good because many poaching deaths have been covered up as natural deaths,’ conservationist Belinda Wright said.

‘If one was to look at statistics (of tiger mortalities) from 2008 onwards, the figure of natural deaths and deaths due to infighting has trebled. On the other hand, poaching deaths, evident from confiscation and recovery of tiger parts, have halved. This is not possible. There was something seriously wrong somewhere,’ she pointed out.

‘So now, every time there is a tiger death, the wildlife officials posted at the tiger reserves have been asked to check for equipment used in poaching like metal traps, snares, any evidence of unauthorised vehicular movement, any sign of use of firearms, poisoning near water bodies and even poisoning of livestock killed by tigers.

‘These tell-tale signs will help investigators establish the cause of death,’ she added. The guidelines have been issued almost a month after the conservation authority pressed the panic button following credible inputs that several wandering gangs of poachers were seen near tiger reserves. Calling the situation serious, it asked forest guards to conduct combing operations.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2150865/Botched-tiger-death-register-rings-alarm-amid-fears-nations-big-cats-vanish-jungle.html#ixzz1wBB2Akc

Woman charged with animal cruelty

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A Strasburg woman was charged with several counts of animal cruelty recently, according to the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office.

Margaret Elizabeth Gonzalez, 36, of 14447 Back Road, was charged April 27 with four counts of animal cruelty, three counts of failing to provide clean shelter and three counts of failing to obtain a dog license.

Deputies were dispatched to 3392 Main St. on April 27 for an anonymous request to check the welfare of the dogs, Maj. Scott Proctor said. He said the dogs were in a house being fed, but not cleaned up after.

The animals’ living environment was deemed unhealthy, Proctor said.

Gonzalez is scheduled to appear in Shenandoah County General District Court on May 11.

76 neglected dogs found in Wallkill home of 64-year-old Sylvia Panetta | 7online.com

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WALLKILL (WABC) — A Wallkill woman was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty on Monday morning after police executed a search warrant at her home on Derby Road.

Police say they found 76 neglected dogs at the home of 64-year-old Sylvia Panetta. Two of the dogs were seriously injured, including one who had to have his leg amputated.

Pancetta was reportedly breeding Rottweilers for sale on the Internet, except officials say her dogs were in a heartbreaking state of neglect, disease and deformity. Pancettal allegedly starved them on a diet of bread and water.

The dogs that needed the most urgent care were removed immediately, while the rest will be rescued later.

Panetta was charged with animal cruelty and was allowed back on her property. More charges could follow as authorities finish removing the rest of the dogs.

Most did them will likely end up at the animal sanctuary Pets Alive, where they can be nursed to better health.

If you would like to help by donating, visit PetsAlive.org.

News Link:-http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local/northern_suburbs&id=8642443

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Horse owner convicted of animal cruelty

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SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. — A Greenfield woman is convicted of animal cruelty after the Saratoga County District attorney’s office said she neglected her horses.

The DA’s office said Ann Arnold, 58, was convicted of 19 counts of failure to provide proper food and water to the horses on her farm and one count of criminal nuisance.

The horses were taken to an animal sanctuary last fall after a prospective buyer witnessed the animal neglect.

Officials are also looking to bar Arnold from owning horses in the future.

News Link:-http://hudsonvalley.ynn.com/content/top_stories/582626/horse-owner-convicted-of-animal-cruelty/

Greenfield woman convicted of 19 animal cruelty counts

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GREENFIELD — A judge convicted a Greenfield woman Tuesday of 19 misdemeanor animal cruelty counts for neglecting to care for horses on her farm.

Ann Arnold, 58, was also convicted of misdemeanor second-degree criminal nuisance by Town Justice Michael Ginley. A bench trial was held in Town Court in late March, and Ginley waited for various legal arguments to be filed by attorneys before issuing the verdict.

Last fall, 14 of the 23 horses on Arnold’s Wilton Road farm were taken to an animal sanctuary after a prospective buyer was shocked by their condition.

Ginley’s verdict notes even a person unfamiliar with horses would recognize from photos introduced at trial that the animals were “skin and bone” and “critically undernourished.”

Arnold testified in her defense at trial, arguing the animals’ conditions deteriorated very quickly because of circumstances beyond her control, including Tropical Storm Irene.

District Attorney Jim Murphy said prosecutors will ask the judge to bar her from owning horses in the future as part of her sentence.

A sentencing date has not been set.

News Link:- http://poststar.com/news/local/greenfield-woman-convicted-of-animal-cruelty-counts/article_a5b6f042-93d6-11e1-a126-001a4bcf887a.html

Judge orders new trial in animal cruelty case

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“OMG…Why is Hamill still allowed to operate an animal rescue sanctuary, after so many were seized?? Crazy”

TINLEY PARK, Ill. — A Cook County judge has ordered a new trial for the owner of a suburban Chicago animal sanctuary charged with neglect and cruelty.

Cook County Judge Christopher Donnelly on Monday approved the motion for mistrial from 42-year-old Dawn Hamill’s attorney. The ruling was made after a Cook County investigator who was to be a witness in Hamill’s trial was charged with extortion in an unrelated case.

The Tinley Park woman’s was charged in February 2011, when officers found dead animals at her facility. They also seized 63 dogs, 31 cats and six rabbits and removed 30 horses, ponies, sheep, goats and llamas.

 Hamill’s new trial is set for May 2. Her attorney, Purav Bhatt, says she still operates the animal rescue and sanctuary.


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