Dept. of Agriculture Approves Horse Slaughterhouse Amid Lawsuit Threat

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“PLEASE NOTE – GRAPHIC IMAGES OF HORSE TRAILER ACCIDENTS – AT THE END OF THIS POST. Do not scroll down the post if you do not want to see them! They are just one of many reasons why these companion animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption; would you think it ok to send your family pet dog to slaughter? Horses were not put on Gods green earth for humans to eat, they are our pets; just as much as cats & dogs are!”

“It is pure greed, FFS we slaughter enough animals to satisfy the human hunger for meat. Nobody is going to starve, horses are not part of a normal persons diet. I am totally sickened & disgusted that this heinous act, the killing of Gods noble most beautiful creatures; is once more going to be in action!! I can only hope & pray that those who want to eat any part of a horse, after all the health scares etc. suffer a miserable & painful existence!! PLEASE sign the petitions”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A New Mexico meat plant received federal approval on Friday to slaughter horses for meat, a move that drew immediate opposition from animal rights group and will likely be opposed by the White House.

The U.S. Agriculture Department said it was required by law to issue a “grant of inspection” to Valley Meat Co, Roswell, New Mexico, because it had met all federal requirements. Now, the USDA is obliged to assign meat inspectors to the plant.

The USDA also said it may soon issue similar grants for plants in Missouri and Iowa.


Horse meat cannot be sold as food in the United States, but it can be exported. Attempts to reach Valley Meat Co via a number listed on-line were unsuccessful.

Valley Meat would be the first meat plant to be allowed to slaughter horses since Congress banned it in 2006.

It is not known when the plant will start production, but two bills in Congress want to ban horse slaughter and President Obama has asked Congress to ban it.

The Humane Society of the United States and Front Range Equine Rescue threatened on Friday to sue the USDA, saying horses are raised as pets and as working animals. Because they are not intended as food animals, horses are given medications banned from other livestock, the groups said, questioning if the meat would be safe.

The USDA says it can test for residues of 130 pesticide and veterinary drugs. It also has safeguards to keep horse meat out of the food supply.

Congress effectively banned horse slaughter in 2006 by saying the USDA could not spend any money to inspect horse plants. Without USDA inspection, meat plants cannot operate.

The ban was part of the annual USDA funding bill and was renewed a year at a time through 2011. The prohibition expired in October 2011.

Lawmakers could vote on reinstating the ban in coming weeks when the USDA appropriations bills are debated in the House and Senate. But no date has been set to consider the bills and it could be months before work is completed.

The USDA said it was required by law to issue the grant of inspection because Valley Meat met all federal requirements. At one point, the company sued the USDA for an overly long review of its application. Once it issues a grant of inspection, the USDA is obliged to assign meat inspectors to a meat plant.

“Until Congress acts, the department must comply with current law,” said a USDA spokeswoman.

Valley Meat retrofitted its plant for horses after drought weakened its cattle slaughter business.

Horse meat is sold for human consumption in China, Russia, Mexico and other foreign nations and is sometimes used as feed for zoo animals.

But in the United States, horses enjoy a higher stature, more akin to house pets, than to hogs, cattle and chickens.

An estimated 130,000 U.S. horses are shipped annually to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Groups have quarreled for a decade whether a ban on slaughter will save horses from a cruel death or lead to abandonment by owners of animals they cannot afford to feed or treat for illness.

Early this year, regulators discovered that horse meat was being sold as beef in Ireland. The mislabelled meat was found in meatballs sold by Swedish retailer IKEA in much of Europe and in other outlets.


USDA conducts tests on domestic and imported products to identify the species that yielded the meat. The tests can distinguish beef, sheep, swine, poultry, deer and horse.

As well, USDA stepped up its species testing in April because of the meat adulteration scandal in Europe.

(Reporting By Charles Abbott; Editing by Bernard Orr)

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The FBI Crime Report: Making Animal Cruelty Offenses Count

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A very simple sad fact is that people abuse animals. It is hard for most people to fathom why anyone would want to hurt anther living being. Who does this? Where does it happen? Is it increasing or decreasing?

The answers to these and other questions would help law enforcement, prosecutors, mental health professionals, educators, policy makers, and others address this problem more effectively. Unfortunately, not only is this information not readily available, but also, until now, it could not be said whether such information even exists.

In recognition of April as Animal Cruelty Awareness Month, the Animal Welfare Institute announces the availability of the Animal Cruelty Crime Statistics: Findings from a Survey of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs. “I highly recommend reading these statistics!”

For the first time, a snapshot has been taken of whether and how states collect and report animal cruelty crime data. Knowing this is the first step towards having such information available on a national level.

Animal cruelty in and of itself is a heinous act against some of the most vulnerable members of society. It is a crime in all jurisdictions, and some forms constitute felonies in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virginia Islands. Moreover, it is well known that animal abuse is linked to other crimes, including family violence and other forms of interpersonal violence, gang and drug offenses, and property crimes. However, the FBI does not collect animal cruelty crime statistics as part of its Uniform Crime Report (UCR), and so there is no broad picture of these crimes.

AWI has long been working to achieve inclusion of animal related crimes in the UCR. Its new report offers detailed information obtained from the 28 participating state FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) programs about if and how animal cruelty crime statistics are reported to the state UCR programs by local police and then transmitted to the FBI national office. Of critical importance, Animal Cruelty… reveals that some state UCR programs maintain retrievable animal cruelty crime statistics. This is vital information not publicly known before this survey.

AWI President Cathy Liss explained that the survey was done to gain a better understanding of what is and isn’t known about crimes against animals. “We needed to know if such information exists or can be generated for submitting to the FBI. We learned that some states are already collecting such data. And we were particularly gratified to learn that the majority agree that having such data is useful.”

This report takes an important first step toward the goal of gaining inclusion of animal cruelty crime statistics in the FBI’s national analysis.

News Source:-Animal Welfare Institute

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