Woman Accused of Starving Dog to Death

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An Enfield woman is under arrest, charged with a horrific case of animal abuse. Police said Carla Bushnell was supposed to be pet-sitting when she starved a dog to death.

“That dog was not my pethe was my son,” said Andrew Zander, the dog’s owner.

When Zander got a call from Enfield Police a few weeks ago about the death of his dog, Bandit, he couldn’t believe it.

“I immediately broke down,” Zander said.

Investigators said Carla Bushnell was responsible, according to police.

Zander said Bushnell was a family friend and he asked her to continuously check on Bandit at his apartment. He was away for a few months to help his wife at a Massachusetts hospital.

“There was no reason for my wife or I to have any doubts she would be a good caretaker. She insisted she wanted to take care of them,” Zander explained.

According to police, a postal worker saw mail piling up outside Zander’s place in November and became suspicious. The carrier then looked in the window and saw the dog dead on the floor.

Exam results showed there was absolutely no food in Bandit’s system.

Carla Bushnell was arrested Thursday night and charged with animal cruelty. Investigators said she was liable because she made an agreement to watch the dog and Zander left instructions for Bushnell with her name on them on his kitchen cabinet.

“The dog had been starved for at least a month. Carla said in her statement that she was there every day,” Zander said.

NBC Connecticut tried talking to Bushnell after she bonded out of jail on Friday, but she would not answer any questions.

Zander hoped for an explanation.

“I would have rather seen him pass by old age or hit by a car than to starve to death,” he said.

He wants Bushnell held accountable for the suffering his dog went through.

News Link:http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Woman-Accused-of-Starving-Dog-to-Death-235828931.html

Arrest Made In Abuse of Railroad Puppies

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ALBANY, N.Y. – The Director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society tells NEWS10 the Albany County District Attorney’s office has made an arrest in the case of the abandoned and abused Railroad Puppies.

Hudson & Pearl

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office says 30-year-old Anthony Walker, of South Swan Street, was arrested in the case on January 14th. 

Anthony Walker

Three puppies were found by railroad workers apparently nailed by their paws to railroad tracks at North Pearl Street in Albany on September 8, 2013, and police have been investigating their abuse ever since.

Two of the puppies – Hudson and Pearl – were adopted by local families in early December after a long recovery. The third puppy died from her severe condition.

All three puppies had severe injuries to their paws when found; Pearl had two digits removed from her paw and Hudson’s rear left paw was completely removed and replaced with a new prosthetic paw at the Society on Nov. 12th by a veterinary surgeon.

Hudson and Pearl and have been happy and healthy at their new homes. Thursday they posted, “Today is a good day! They caught the person who did this to Hudson, Myself and our little sister who didn’t make it….” You can follow them on Facebook here.

Walker has been charged with one count of Abandonment of a Disabled Animal, a misdemeanor at this time. The District Attorney’s Office says the case is still under investigation and additional information is not available at this time.

Pearl’s mother, Susan Kittle, tells NEWS10, “I’m happy they caught the person and I hoping he gets the justice that he deserve, I hope Buster’s Laws gets enacted.

“[Hudson’s parents and I] talk every day. We have a very nice relationship. We do a lot of public outings together because people want to know how the railroad puppies are doing,” Kittle says. “We’re both interested in making sure [the puppies] have the last word.”

They ask any individuals with information regarding the injury of these animals are encouraged to contact the Albany Police Department 462-8039.

News Link:http://www.news10.com/story/20668939/arrest-made-in-abuse-of-railroad-puppies

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Colton Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Animal Abuse

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COLTON — A Colton man was arrested on suspicion of killing, maiming or abusing animals Saturday while six others were arrested on suspicion of watching animal fighting after 74 live roosters, 40 deceased roosters and six live hens were found.

Image of Cock fighting

Colton police officers went to a reported “cock fight” at about 1:15 p.m. Saturday in the 700 block of S. 8th St., according to a Colton Police Department news release.

When police arrived, about 20 people escaped on foot but officers were able to stop seven people.

The seven are:

Arturo Pina, age 35, of Colton

Salvador Cuavoyo, age 46, of Los Angeles

Antonio Martinez, age 27, of Sylmar

Jose Carreon, age 58, of Los Angeles

Rodrigo Robles-Nunez, age 33, of Sylmar

Freddy Fernandez, age 31, of Fontana

Hector Sandoval, age 35, of Fontana

Pina was arrested in connection with abusing animals while the others were arrested on suspicion of presence as spectator for animal fighting.

The live animals were later transported to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter.

Also found at the location was a fighting arena, a weigh in area, fighting implements or razor spurs and a betting board.

Anyone with information on the incident can call Detective McFarland at 909-370-5000.

News Link:http://www.sbsun.com/ci_22859262/colton-man-arrested-suspicion-animal-abuse#ixzz2Oa1ale57


Convicted Puppy Killer Faces Judge Again

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“They should have put him & the other little shit in jail for a long time, for torturing & killing the little puppy first time round; I’m sick of hearing about the twat! Fxxxxxg psychopaths like this don’t suddenly go on the straight & narrow; he will be in trouble for the rest of his life, which means either animals or humans will suffer!”

DRESDEN, Tenn. – The West Tennessee teenager convicted of animal cruelty is back in court again to face a judge after his latest arrest.

Wednesday’s hearing for Preston Odle stems from another arrest last month, and residents told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News they are not happy with the teen’s punishment.MUG-PrestonOdle

I think it’s pretty stupid,” said resident Jaylee Elsea. “I mean, if you’re already in trouble, why would you do it again?”

Odle pleaded guilty to torturing and killing a Saint Bernard puppy last September, and on Wednesday he pleaded guilty to a new chargecontributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“There again. That just shows you, you know, one more strike he’s supposed to be out, but he won’t be. Not in this county,” said resident Sue Box.

Odle was arrested in December for possession of a weapon by a felon.

According to court papers, he and several other juveniles were hunting for deer, though Odle claimed he was only driving. The state dropped that weapon charge.

“I think what he did is horrible,” Elsea said. “Killing a dog is practically like killing a person. It’s wrong.”

Residents said his punishment for both crimes was not harsh enough.

“Because I think it’ll go on to other things because he got by with this, so he will continue,” Box said.

Officials said if Odle is found guilty of violating his probation later this month, he could get one to two years in jail. “Yea & pigs might fly!”

On Wednesday, the judge sentenced him to 45 days in jail for the contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge.

Odle’s next hearing is on January 17 in Weakley County Circuit Court

News Link:http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/Convicted-Puppy-Killer-Faces-Judge-Again-185482972.html

GRAPHIC VIDEO – Dog Raped – Died – Internal Organs Ruptured

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“Jxxxxs Fxxxxxg Cxxxxt…I can hardly write for my tears…I hope the SOB suffers for what he has done & the mother….every day the news gets worse!!”


“I have searched for hours & can’t find any further information on this horrific case, what you see is all I can find, the petition bit! So I have wrote to the petition author to see if he/she can give me more details, as to who this Alex is. I really, really want to find out who this ALEX pig is, & where he lives…this incident can’t just be left…for the sake of the dog, I will keep on looking. Her rapists must pay for what he has done! 

“If you wish to watch the video, it’s not as bad as I thought, I’ve seen worse… however, seeing any animal in pain isn’t pleasant. Its mainly the vets talking to a lady (I presume the lady who rescued Gina) for a long time, whilst the dog stands on the table….when the vets put latex gloves on, that’s the cue to look away, or when the camera goes toward the dog’s tail. Gina’s uterus appears to have prolapsed or ruptured, I can’t help wondering how long ago it happened; because there is no bodily fluid or blood!

“I can’t believe they were sort of looking & touching which was obviously painful for Gina, but they didn’t give the dog any pain medication or fluids, unless they did after the camera was turned off.”

“Obviously the whole video is in Portuguese I think, I would be eternally grateful if anyone could translate a script of what is being said in the video? Perhaps then we may have more leads to find this ALEX and get him sent down for a long time…along with his mother, the bitch, she knew what was happening but did nothing!”

“Please sign the petition for Gina’s sake…30,182 people have already signed”

Raped so many times she died of internal organs being ruptured etc. The bastard that did has not been punished yet!”


To: City of Pelotas

Gina was a little puppy kept in captivity to satisfy the sexual needs of his “owner”, Alex. Despite several appeals to animal protection agencies Gina was never rescued, until a protective, tired of witnessing the situation and never get a response from agencies that should be responsible rescued the dog and took her to the vet.

Unfortunately Gina died that night, the victim of countless rapes, sexual organs with completely torn and exteriorized.

Frigate resident in the neighbourhood  street Dom Luis Nadal, number 79, the rapist Alex goes unpunished! It is worth noting that the boy’s mother knew everything and claimed that the dog “screamed in cheek” when referring to episodes of rape committed by the son!! 



Published on 17 Sep 2012 by 

this video shows the pup gina who was sexually abused by his previous owner being examined by the vet after being rescued.

Antelope Valley – Alleged Dog-fighting Operation – Name & Shame!

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“Whoops, forgot to post this…sorry it’s late!”


12 arrested in Antelope Valley for alleged dogfighting operation
June 27, 2012 | 10:34 pm

The suspects were identified as: 48-year-old Paul Manuel Wilhite, 46-year-old Kevin Benard Thomas, 36-year-old Adan Manzo, 36-year-old Jeffrey Reyes Tedtaotao, 58-year-old Cornelius Bailey, 35-year-old Cornelius Bailey III, 44-year-old Theron Lee Mahone, 47-year-old Julio A. Chavez, 62-year-old Herman Ceasar, 43-year-old Jeremy Maril Anderson, 37-year-old Miguel Angel Leon and 60-year-old George Allen Jones.

Twelve people were arrested in the Antelope Valley in connection with an alleged dogfighting operation, authorities said Wednesday night.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies served a search warrant Wednesday at the home of Kevin Thomas, one of the 12 people arrested Saturday in Littlerock, and allegedly found three pit bull dogs with scars indicative of fighting, according to authorities.

A fourth pit bull believed to be used for breeding was also found at the home, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities also found treadmills at the home, which allegedly were used to train dogs and increase their stamina.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call investigators at (877) 662-3483.

News Source:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=333874996690727&set=a.285654358179458.66277.231981680213393&type=1&theater

Charges: Man killed cat over frustration with grades

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WEST JORDAN — A man who investigators say took out his frustrations over bad school grades on his cat, killing the animal, was arrested Sunday and booked into jail.

Daniel Arakaki, 19, is charged in 3rd District Court with torture of a companion animal, a third-degree felony.

In November 2011, Arakaki called 911 “and reported that he had killed his cat and needed police to come and remove it,” the charges state. The responding officer said Arakaki told him that he was “upset over his poor grades and had been abusing his cat by punching it in the back and neck until it died.”

Arakaki was charged in January and an arrest warrant issued. Officers didn’t pick him up, however, until Sunday. There was no immediate explanation Tuesday why it took so long to arrest him.

On Friday, Arakaki was also charged with misdemeanor assault for a case out of West Jordan. The incident happened on July 7 and included domestic violence, according to court records.

News Link:http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865558808/Charges-Man-killed-cat-over-frustration-with-grades.html

Shawnee man sentenced to five years in starving horses case

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“AT LAST…Some real justice….give that Judge an award! If only all judges were like him, our streets would be rid of those that commit heinous crimes on sentient silent beings!!”

SHAWNEE, Okla.A Shawnee man charged with animal cruelty after three starving horses were rescued from his property last year has been sentenced to serve five years in prison.

John Richard Spangler, 35, is now jailed in the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center in Shawnee, where he is awaiting transfer to the custody of the Department of Corrections.

Spangler is accused of willfully, maliciously and cruelly neglecting three horses that were in captivity at his home on Lake Road June 10, 2011, by depriving them of food, water and veterinary care.

Spangler pleaded no contest March 12 to the single felony count of animal cruelty for the starving horses case and was scheduled for formal sentencing on April 25, court records show, but he didn’t show up for the hearing. An arrest warrant was issued and he was apprehended in May before his case was sent back through the dockets for a rescheduled sentencing.

Case records show he pleaded guilty before being sentenced by District Judge John Canavan.

In addition to the five-year prison sentence, Spangler was ordered to pay fines and court costs, with the prison term running concurrently with sentencing for a misdemeanor case of domestic abuse assault and battery and a separate felony drug case.

For the felony, Spangler was charged with possession of controlled substance for items allegedly found on his person when he was arrested on the warrant for failure to appear for his April sentencing.

Reports from that arrest show deputies found a container with a smoking device and a powder believed to be methamphetamine in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

The three horses rescued were first taken to Shawnee Animal Control for initial care, where they were treated and slowly introduced to grains and alfalfa before being moved to Cargo Ranch, a non-profit horse rescue and ministry in the Shawnee area that also mentors about 20 children each year through summer camp programs.

Over the past year, the horses have each gained hundreds of pounds in their process to a full recovery, enough so that two of them were able to be put up for adoption.

The third horse will remain part of the Cargo Ranch family.

News Link:http://www.news-star.com/news/x1446667524/Shawnee-man-sentenced-to-five-years-in-starving-horses-case

Brant Lake man arrested after dog is killed

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RENSSELAER — A Brant Lake man who was prosecuted for shooting a puppy to death in 2008 was arrested Wednesday for allegedly killing a dog in Rensselaer County, police said.

Christopher J. Rambone, 23, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a felony, and misdemeanor criminal mischief after a dog was killed in a Rensselaer home on May 24, according to Rensselaer Police.

Police said the dog was killed at the home of Rambone’s in-laws. The dog apparently bit Rambone’s 2-year-old child, but police did not say how the animal was killed.

The arrest was Rambone’s second in less than four years in the killing of a dog.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unjustified killing of an animal in 2009 after his arrest 6 months earlier for shooting and killing a puppy that defecated in a home.

Rambone was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 3 years on probation, a probationary term that would have expired early last month if he had not been terminated early.

Rambone was released pending prosecution in Rensselaer City Court.

News Link:http://poststar.com/news/blotter/brant-lake-man-arrested-after-dog-is-killed/article_72648600-b0b9-11e1-af65-001a4bcf887a.html

Deputies Arrest Man On Animal Cruelty Charges

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METAIRIE, La. — Authorities arrested a man who they said was caught on video hitting a puppy in Metairie.

On April 29, Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputies said they were called to investigate an animal cruelty incident at Lakeside Pets on Veterans Boulevard. The shop owner told investigators Matthew Burghardt, 26, who bought a 2-month-old Shih-Tzu puppy, was also suspected of possible theft.

Deputies said the store’s surveillance video did not reveal Burghardt taking anything from the business, but it caught him hitting the puppy several times in the head and face with his fist.

Deputies said an arrest warrant was issued for Burghardt on charges of cruelty to an animal.

Deputies said Burghardt was arrested Friday on Clearview Parkway and was taken to the JPCC after he was unable to justify why he hit the puppy.

Investigators said Burghardt was also arrested on April 22 after he was involved in a rash of hit-and-run accidents. Deputies said Burghardt crashed his 2004 Dodge into a number of mailboxes in Metairie.

He was charged with nine counts of hit-and-run driving and three counts of simple criminal damage. He was also issued traffic citations in connection with the incidents.

Read more: http://www.wdsu.com/news/31012819/detail.html#ixzz1uMleqqmy

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