Personal: Just A Quick Note About Future Posts

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Hi folks

“Me, again, sorry, but I just had a brainwave; or in my case, more of a ripple…lol”

“As you know, due to my present circumstances (if you read the last personal post) my time online is precious, due to increasing pain! This is because the strength of oral morphine I take, is decreasing weekly; to prepare my body for an operation to have a morphine pump fitted (Which better bloody work after all this!!!) Obviously the extra pain, is stopping me from being able to get to my main PC, to post stories!”

“I am more than aware of how far behind I am, with recent news articles & stories; many are backed up on my pc just waiting for me to post! All of which makes me very frustrated. But I think there is a way I could post a little more; that is if I stop editing stories like I do!!!”

“Yes, I am guilty of wanting to make posts look more interesting & appealing on the eye. I like highlighting the best bits, as some people don’t want to, or don’t have time to read the full article; I often skim over stories when I don’t have time to read the full post. But I also like to use colours to highlight names, I use pictures & image galleries. I like researching more about the stories; so I can include any relevant petitions etc.

“I see nothing wrong with how I edit the stories, however doing so, is very time-consuming, something I just don’t have right now!”

“So, I think whilst my time online is limited…I could get more done, if I just post stories “as is”, just how they are printed in their online news format, without me giving them a makeover; so to speak! Plus I will just use the basic categories too (I know, my posts contain a lot of categories…lol) I just like stories to be found easily, that’s all!”

“I’m sure by posting stories & articles without adding my extra touches…it will enable me to post a little more! Once again, my sincere apologies for the lack of news items, with some being past their due date; I can only go as fast as my body is able!! Hopefully once the surgery is done, I will have all the time in the world to edit, & do makeovers on as many stories as I like!!”

“Like I said, I have a few stories backed up, but they will by now be past their online postdates;  my apologies!”

P.S. Many many thanks to all those who sent birthday wishes! I was & still am, quite touched by the kindness & thoughtfulness; of people whom I only know through a keyboard!

Plus, with a lot of sheer determination, encouragement & help from family & friends…after 6 months confined at home due to pain…I finally managed the journey to the livery yard & got to see my horses; which, of course, was the best present ever! I can’t thank those involved enough; aside from saying “I love you guys”! 


Dog That Ate Rocks To Try To Survive Is On Road To Recovery

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Last week an 18-month old dog called Joey was so hungry he was eating rocks. Found on the street in Tunica, Mississippi Joey was starving to death. He is now on the road to recovery.

When Joey was rescued he was so thin his ribs were poking through his skin and he could barely walk. He had been abandoned and neglected, not having been fed in months. At a year and a half old he weighed only pounds more than a puppy. He was finally saved by Tunica shelter director Sandy Williams.

Willimas brought Joey to the Central Animal Hospital where the vets there have been working hard to help him. Dr. Pam Chandler said, “He is the most emaciated that I have ever seen in a pet that was living.” Once evaluated by the vets it became clear Joey had been eating rocks in a desperate attempt to satisfy his hunger and stay alive. “They removed 14 or 15 large rocks from his colon and stomach area,” said Williams.

Williams is horrified not only that Joey was abandoned, but that no one did anything to help him for so long. “I was told when I picked him up that his owner had been in jail for several months, but how can a community turn their back on a little dog like this?

Joey is starting to recover and making big improvements. Last week the vets weren’t even sure if he would make it, but he has already gained two pounds and is thriving in the loving environment provided by the vets. “He loves to be in people’s laps,” said Dr. Jennifer Karnes. “ We’ve created a wonderful monster; Joey thinks he should be the center of attention at all times.”

Joey is being closely monitored by an internal specialist. Because of the rocks he ate he needs to be walked eight times a day. The vets still don’t know whether there will be long term damage from the rocks or not. Joey will spend at least another month at the vet recovering.

Adoption inquiries have come in from all over the country from those touched by Joey’s story. The vets are waiting until Joey’s until they have a better knowledge of what ongoing medical issues Joey may have before placing him.

Police in Tunica, Mississippi are conducting a criminal investigation into Joey’s mistreatment. They are trying to locate Joey’s owner and have been going door to door in his neighbourhood but haven’t found any leads yet.

News Link:-

Video link:

BURN Webclip – “Did You Get My Dog Out?”

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“This may have happened a while back but it still deserves to be told. Then go to the Detroit website & see what they are fighting against. I have so much respect for anyone who puts their life on the line; to save others!”


Published on 8 Mar 2012 by 

For more info and to DONATE NOW please visit:

BURN is a feature documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, who are charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead. 

June 2012 Update: We were able to screen BURN at Tribeca Film Festival (and we won the Audience Award!), but we are not yet fully funded for public release. We STILL need your support! To finish the film for release, we must pay for a long list of “deliverables”– things like music licensing, a full audio mix, Closed Captioning, creating the DVD masters, marketing, and MPAA ratings.


We are also still interested in corporate partnerships for the film, which will help with our completion and distribution needs.

Thanks so much!
Brenna Sanchez + Tom Putnam
Producers, BURN



**Please feel free to embed this video on your website, but please credit it and encourage people to support the project. We’re still fundraising!**


Stop Vanity Tattoos for Cats in Russia – Video Of Pets Tattooed…WTF

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Target: Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia  Goal: Make tattooing animals illegal in Russia.

Vanity tattoos for cats have become a recent trend in Russia. Tattoo artists have been sedating animals for hours at a time to give them tattoos for purely aesthetic reasons—just because they like the way they look.

Sedating an animal to tattoo it is clearly dangerous in itself, but animal vanity tattoos can lead to larger complications as well. The animals’ skin can become infected, and they often experience pain and soreness from the tattoo needles upon waking. While small tattoos are sometimes given on ears for identification, those procedures are always done by a trained veterinary professional.

Vanity tattoos for cats are unethical and irresponsible. Animals cannot give their consent and there are far too many risks involved. Stylistically tattooing a cat qualifies as animal abuse and should be outlawed in Russia.

Sign the Petition: via Stop Vanity Tattoos for Cats in Russia – ForceChange.

“OMG…WTF…this doesn’t need to be translated, but I am horrified by it, as should any sane person be. I see this as abuse, these animals can’t say NO, how selfish of their owners”

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