Billings Man Charged With Attacking girlfriend And Kitten

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A 22-year-old Billings man is accused of choking his girlfriend and beating her with a rock and, in a separate incident, stomping on the woman‘s kitten and stabbing it with scissors.

Thomas Joseph Godwin

Thomas Joseph Godwin appeared Wednesday in Justice Court by video from the county jail on felony charges of aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and aggravated animal cruelty.

Judge Larry Herman set bond at $100,000 and ordered Godwin to appear in District Court for arraignment on Monday.

Herman set the high bond amount after a prosecutor said the allegations against Godwin involve extreme violence, he recently moved to Montana and has a misdemeanor criminal record that includes assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

According to prosecutors, the animal cruelty charge stems from an incident on Aug. 31. Police were called to an apartment on Fallow Lane at 5 a.m. where they spoke with a 45-year-old woman identified in court records by the initials P.J.

P.J. told officers that Godwin had been drinking and was trying to give her 4-month-old kitten, Jasmine, some medication when the kitten bit his finger. The woman said Godwin threw the kitten against a wall, stomped on it and then stabbed the kitten with scissors.

The kitten required veterinary surgery for its injuries.

In the second case, prosecutors said Godwin was arrested by officers Saturday when they were called to the same apartment on Fallow Lane at about 1:50 p.m.

P.J. told officers that she and Godwin had been in an argument because he had been drinking while on mental health medications. During the argument, she said, Godwin attacked her and choked her until she passed out.

The woman said that when she regained consciousness, Godwin was still grasping her neck and began striking her in the head with a large rock. The woman said she grabbed Godwin by the groin to make him stop, then called 911.

Prosecutors said P.J. was treated at St. Vincent Healthcare where she received staples to close a gash on her head.

Godwin allegedly told officers that P.J. was attacked by a “large Native American” who ran away when Godwin pushed him.

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Man charged with beating girlfriend and killing her dog

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A Cleveland, Tenn., man is in jail after law enforcement officials say he allegedly attacked his girlfriend and killed her pet dog.

Justin Johnson, 26, 230 Outlet Road, Cleveland, Tenn., was charged Wednesday by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office with battery (family violence, first offence) and aggravated cruelty to animals. He remained in the Whitfield County jail without bond as of Thursday afternoon.

Justin Johnson

According to an incident report, Johnson’s live-in girlfriend, Crystal Coffman, told police she had asked Johnson to “move some items off their bed when he became irate and began striking her on the head with his fists.”

The incident report stated Coffman had swollen eyes, a cut and crooked nose, and a disfigured finger. Coffman was crying and holding a small, black dog that “she stated Mr. Johnson had killed during his assault on her,” according to the incident report.

Coffman’s mother, Kimberly Barb, said Thursday her daughter didn’t feel like talking to a reporter but was home from the hospital and beginning to heal. Barb said the violence began after Coffman questioned Johnson when she was told he had beat up her stepfather he had been living with. Coffman and Johnson had recently moved to a residence on Cleveland Highway in Cohutta.

Barb said the family took Johnson in about three months ago and were allowing him to live with her, her husband and her daughter because he had no place to go. She said when her husband began to question him about not keeping his room clean he turned violent.

Watch who you deal with,” Barb said. “I know you want to help somebody, but be wary… I really liked him at first. I had no idea he was like this.”

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Man charged in puppy’s death, woman’s assault

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NEW CASTLE — A Halco Drive man is facing charges for allegedly choking a woman and killing her puppy.

New Castle police and the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office investigated the case jointly and reported that Leroy Graham, 54, who lives in the Grant Street projects, was baby-sitting a 2-month-old puppy for a Pulaski woman who had taken someone shopping.

The woman told police it had taken her longer than expected to return and Graham was angry.

She said that when she arrived, he reached into her car and choked her, then went inside his apartment at 351 Halco Drive, got the puppy and slammed it against her car, causing severe injuries.

The puppy died the next morning, police said.

Police said they watched a video of the July 11 incident, provided by the Lawrence County Housing Authority.

Graham, who is on probation for a sex-related offense, is charged with killing or maiming a domestic animal, simple assault and harassment in connection with the incident this month.

District Judge Melissa Amodie has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Graham pleaded guilty last year to terroristic threats and indecent assault that had been filed against him in November 2010.

Police reported then that he had been charged with rape and related offenses. The rape and other charges were dropped as part of the plea bargain.

Graham was sentenced May 24, 2011, to a maximum of 23 1/2 months in prison with credit for 171 days served, plus two years of probation. He also was ordered to undergo sex offender treatment.

On May 13, Graham was the victim of a shooting, suffering a bullet wound to his inner left thigh.

Anthony L. McGeachy, 37, of 216 Wick Ave., was accused as the gunman and arrested. Graham was shot while walking to McGeachy’s house with his son.

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Police: Man beats wife with dead dog

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SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. —Sandy Springs police said a fight between a man and his wife escalated into one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they’ve ever seen.  See video below.

Emmanuel Tadeo, 27, faces animal cruelty and aggravated assault charges stemming from the May 19 incident at his Roswell Road condo.  His wife, 40-year-old Andrea Armintrout, faces an obstruction charge for interfering with the police investigation, police said.

Police told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik that Tadeo was drinking heavily and got into a physical fight with Armintrout.

Emmanuel Tadeo

“The argument started over him blaming his wife for his misfortunes in life,” said Capt. Steve Rose.

At some point during the argument, Rose said, Tadeo grabbed the couple’s Pomeranian and started attacking it.

He kicked the dog,” said Rose.  “She took the dog back from him and at that time he hit her with the dog, a small, defenseless dog.

Rose said it didn’t end there.

“It was a very graphic scene,” he said.  “The dog was dead, the man had not only kicked the dog and stomped on the dog, but according to what he said, snapped the dog’s neck.

This week, prosecutors upgraded Tadeo’s charges to felonies and rearrested him.  He remains in the Fulton County without a bond.

Neighbors told Petchenik they are shocked to hear about the incident.

“It’s inhumane,” said Barbara Bailey.  “You can’t even think about.  It’s incomprehensible that people would even behave that way.”

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Dallas County grand jury indicts three more suspects on burned puppy Justice

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DALLAS — The Dallas County District Attorney‘s Office announced on Thursday that a Dallas County grand jury indicted three additional suspects in the animal cruelty case involving Justice, the puppy that was allegedly doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire on April 4, at an apartment complex in Dallas.

Ayers, Carey, Ewing

Warrants for cruelty to non-livestock animals were issued for Richard Anthony Valentine, 24, Darius Lamar Carey, 24, and Adrian Michael Ayers, 20.

According to the DA‘s office, the charge has been enhanced to a 3rd degree felony by indictment due to the use of a deadly weaponwhile committing the offense. Therefore, the punishment will range from two to 10 years in prison.

Carey and Valentine turned themselves in and are in custody at Lew Sterrett Justice Center. Ayers was already in custody on an unrelated offense.

Meanwhile, a trial date was set for the case of the State vs. Darius Ewing, the firssuspect indicted for this animal cruelty offense: November 12.

According to Fox, police said in an arrest warrant affidavit that Ewing threw the lighter fluid on the puppy and Valentine, identified as “Little R,” flicked the cigarette.

Fox also reported that Ayers’ bond was set at $200,000, but no amounts were identified on the bond for Valentine and Carey.

Ayers, who has been in prison since April 25 after being arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a shooting, was listed as a witness in Ewing’s trial; he claims he was not involved.

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