Pigs ‘kicked, bludgeoned’ at NSW piggery

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Activists have released film they say shows buckets of dead piglets, workers beating sows and fly infestations at a NSW piggery.

It’s believed authorities raided the piggery on Friday night after Animal Liberation delivered footage of filthy conditions and cruel slaughtering practices.

“This piggery is one of the worst examples of factory farming where animals are treated like ‘production machines’ and no thought is given to their capacity to suffer,” the group’s NSW executive director Mark Pearson said.

“Images also included buckets of dead piglets, a sledge hammer used to bludgeon pigs, and sows with open sores.”

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The CEO of industry lobby Australian Pork Limited, Andrew Spencer, said he was “utterly appalled” at the footage.

“The majority of pork producers in Australia rigorously adhere to world best practice when it comes to animal welfare,” he said in a statement.

“There is no way that we can tolerate treating pigs like this.”

Mr Pearson told AAP his group gathered and verified footage for two months before contacting authorities on Thursday.

He said pigs were notoriously difficult to kill humanely.

“Out of all the animals that go through an abattoir the ones that stay conscious longest are pigs,” he said on Saturday.

“You’ve got to be really on the ball.”

Animal Liberation last year released footage of animals being mistreated at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors, in Sydney’s northwest, prompting the government to shut the facility down and launch reforms to safeguard animal welfare in the state.

From July 1 next year, it will be compulsory for NSW abattoirs to have animal welfare officers monitor and take responsibility for the wellbeing of animals.

Random audits of animal welfare compliance will also be ramped up.

Police would not comment except to say that investigations were continuing.

News Link:-http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8510815/pigs-kicked-bludgeoned-at-nsw-piggery


Jakarta abattoir: ‘Better welfare, better returns’

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It is a steamy 1am on the outskirts of Jakarta and Budiman Lukman’s abattoir is abuzz with activity.

In just a few hours time the city’s wet markets will open for business, and butchers have converged on the small plant in their dozens to buy fresh meat for the new day’s trade.

Ignatius Adiwira (left), a sales manager for Indonesia‘s largest cattle importer Santori, with Jakarta abattoir owner Budiman Lukman.

About 40 cattle will be slaughtered within the next three hours, and the meat will be transported in scores of small utility trucks to hang in butcher’s stalls at nearby markets.

More than 80pc of the beef consumed in Indonesia is sold this way, traded within a few hours of slaughter direct to household consumers or bakso ball (meatball) makers.

In a country with a hot climate and little refrigeration, the wet market system enables consumers to buy and cook meat while it is still fresh and before it has time to spoil.

It is an efficient supply system that has barely changed for thousands of years, apart from one very notable exception.

Whereas once Pak Budiman’s small abattoir killed in the traditional manner, it and more than 60 like it now operate in accordance with the Australian Government’s Export Supply Chain Assurance System so they can receive Australian cattle.

Cattle now move from lairage pens through shielded races into an enclosed restraint box, where they are stunned and then slaughtered with a single cut to the throat as per Halal requirements.

Every animal movement is recorded by a race mounted RFID reader and instantaneously logged on the trace-ability system of Santori, the largest importer of cattle to Indonesia. The process is clean, fast and efficient.

Cattle stand quietly in covered lairage pens with food and water at the rear of the plant. There is none of the vocalisation, agitation or distress that was captured in footage from Indonesian abattoirs by Animals Australia or ABC Four Corners 12 months ago.

Read the rest of this news:-http://www.beefcentral.com/p/news/article/1735

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