Barrie Man Charged For Killing Girlfriend’s Six-month-old Puppy

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“This sick, sadistic, jealous, pathetic excuse for a man, should be put in a cell & left to rot!!”

BARRIE, Ont. — A man accused of deliberately killing his girlfriend’s puppy by slamming it on the floor because he was jealous has been released on bail.

Ryan Anthony Baklarz, 23, who is charged with killing an animal, was released on $2,500 and allowed to go home with his mother on Friday.

In court, the prosecution alleged Baklarz killed the fluffy six-month-old Pomeranian puppy named Angel in a jealous rage because his girlfriend was out with a friend with whom she was once in a relationship.

The accused picked up the dog and slammed it on the hard tile floor, causing the dog’s death,” Crown attorney Jennifer Armenise said. “He then put the dog in a plastic bag, tied it and left it on the floor in front of the refrigerator.”

There was no publication ban placed on the bail hearing.

Sitting in her downtown Barrie apartment, with her Irish terrier at her side, girlfriend Ashley Berdan was still weepy Friday as she showed off pictures of Angel, a buff-coloured ball of fluff with big brown eyes. One photo shows the pup wrestling with a red ball, another with its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.

“She had a thing for peanut butter,” Berdan said fondly.

Confined to a wheelchair for life, she said her dogs bring her great joy.

“My dogs are my life,” Berdan said.

Court heard that Berdan got a text from Baklarz stating: “I killed the dog.”

But, sitting in her apartment, Berdan said she didn’t believe him until she returned home Sunday around 7 p.m. and found a bag on the floor with something soft in it.

“I cried all night and when I woke up I cried again,” Berdan said.

She didn’t want to call police on her own boyfriend but a friend who was with her went outside and flagged an officer on the street, Berdan said.

She doesn’t understand why this happened. “He is normally a sweetheart,” Berdan said of Baklarz.

Baklarz, who has no criminal record, will be back in court Sept. 23.

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Man charged over bestiality porn images

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A man accused of making bestiality pornography has lost his bid to keep his name a secret.

Norman Gary Wilson, 60,

(can everybody read that?)

appeared in the North Shore District Court this week where police added another two charges of making an objectionable publication to the one he faced at his first appearance in September.

He has previously pleaded guilty to two charges of unlawfully possessing a firearm and two of unlawfully possessing a pistol.

Wilson’s lawyer asked for interim name suppression to continue until his next appearance but Judge Thomas Everitt said there was no evidence the defendant would suffer “extreme hardship” should his name be released. “I Like this Judge”

“There may be some hardship but that’s inevitable in cases such as this … I’ve very little sympathy with your client’s plight,” he said.

His lawyer raised the issue of Wilson’s identification by old school friends and embarrassment to his son but the judge was not persuaded. “Tough shit, should have thought about that before you started messing about with bestiality porn…I do hope your friends & family can read your name above!”

“You have a common enough surname and you don’t live with your son,” he said.

Wilson’s bail conditions barred him from using the internet and at this week’s hearing he applied to have that reversed. “F-ing cheeky perv”

As an out of work builder, it was very difficult to find work without being able to browse adverts on line, his lawyer said.

Wilson had defaulted on his last two mortgage payments and the financial situation was getting worse, he said.

Again, Judge Everitt was not swayed.

“I appreciate [the bail conditions] are restrictive … however, it’s well known the difficulty with photos such as these is they frequently make their way on to the internet and are accessible by just about everybody,” he said.

The judge said the crown’s case against Wilson seemed particularly strong because of “the background to which [the photos] were taken“.

Wilson was bailed under the same conditions to reappear in the court next month! “OK who is going to follow him to make sure he doesn’t go into an internet cafe or borrow someone else’s laptop? I find bail conditions like this bloody stupid!”

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Pictured: Twycross Zoo enclosure where three keepers ‘were caught on CCTV beating Tonzi the elephant with canes’

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  • Three male staff members have been dismissed for allegedly hitting the two elephants
  • The animals have not been left with permanent injuries
  • Police have arrested and bailed the accused trio

This is the enclosure where Tonzi and another elephant were allegedly whipped with bamboo canes.

Three zoo keepers have now been sacked and arrested after they were accused of harming the two animals at a Leicestershire zoo.

Three male staff members are accused of beating Tonzi the elephant with bamboo canes after reportedly being caught on CCTV camera.

A source at the zoo claims that the keepers took turns hitting the 28-year-old Asian elephant but left no marks, so it was not obvious that the animal had been harmed, it was reported.

It is believed that the other two elephants were hit with bamboo canes.

But when other staff members were checking through CCTV footage of the zoo, they spotted the alleged abuse.

The source told The Sun: ‘It appeared Tonzi was being beaten by the keepers.

‘Apparently the keepers were taking it in turns to hit her with bamboo canes.’

The source claims that the zoo fears people will not visit the Leicestershire attraction after the alleged cruelty to the star animal.

Tonzi, who originally came from a timber camp in Burma, became a grandmother this year when her daughter Tara had a baby.

The zoo, which has an 80-acre site, confirmed that they had sacked staff following the alleged incident and said the animals had not been permanently harmed.

A spokesman said: ‘Three members of Twycross Zoo staff have been dismissed.

‘This action follows an internal investigation and relates to an animal welfare issue.  Twycross Zoo acted rapidly and comprehensively as soon as the issue came to light.

‘The zoo immediately instigated an extensive investigation in line with its internal policies and legal welfare requirements.

‘The small group of animals this incident relates to suffered no lasting injury, are behaving normally and are now doing extremely well.

‘The animals have been and continue to be on full public show.

‘The incident was reported immediately to the police who are investigating.

”The animals involved are being regularly checked by veterinary experts who report they are well and behaving normally. The animals have been and continue to be on full public show.

‘Despite this Tywcross Zoo has a zero tolerance towards such behaviour.

‘This case involved rogue individuals, acting in complete disregard to their moral, contractual and legal requirements.

‘Everyone at the zoo is extremely upset at their actions.’

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said that there was an ongoing investigation.

She said: ‘We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation in connection with the unnecessary suffering of an elephant at Twycross Zoo.

‘The beating happened in September this year.

‘Three men have been arrested in connection with the incident and released on police bail for a later date, pending further inquiries.’

A 59-year-old elephant called Anne, who was savagely attacked and beaten, was rescued last year because of a Daily Mail campaign.

She was Britain’s last circus elephant, and was beaten and stabbed with a pitchfork by her sadistic keeper.

Her misery was exposed in March last year after campaigners from Animal Defenders International shot secret footage of her being abused.

After a nationwide outcry, she ass safely re-homed at Longleat Safari park where, thanks to the generosity of Daily Mail readers, a £400,000 sanctuary is to be built just for her.

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R.I.P Cody, the collie dog who was set on fire, is put to sleep

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Cody, a collie dog who was set on fire in County Antrim, two weeks ago, has died.

The three-year-old suffered serious injuries after it was doused with flammable liquid and set alight in Maghaberry.

She was put to sleep on Saturday night.

Still suffering: Cody looks in pain at the vets today, three days after the brutal attack

Her owners posted on the Justice for Cody the dog Facebook page on Sunday that she had been getting worse from Fridayand the vets had tried everything they could.

“We are all gutted, but we know she was suffering and was only going to get even worse,” the statement added.

Two people, arrested in connection with the attack, have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

A police investigation is continuing.

Cody Set On Fire

PSNI Lisburn described the news as “tragic” on their Facebook page and said: “We would like to remind everyone that police are dealing with the matter, and two people have already been arrested.

“All evidence takes an amount of time to process, and when the investigation is complete the matter will be forwarded to the PPS.

“We would appeal for calm.”

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“R.I.P Cody…God Bless”

“May You Forever Run Free”

“Over Rainbow’s Bridge”

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Poaching Has Devalued The Rhino

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A fruit and vegetable seller, a fitter, and a driving school instructor arrested while allegedly trying to sell a rhino horn to a police agent, are members of a syndicate trading in protected game in KwaZulu-Natal, according to evidence led in opposing the trio’s bail application.

The Durban Magistrate’s Court also heard on Thursday that poaching had been affecting the sale of rhinos at auctions, knocking R1.5 billion off the value of the national white rhino herd.

For Ref. Only

Judgment has been reserved.

Rajen Moodley, of Phoenix, Sthembiso Luthuli, of Rich-ards Bay, and Samkeliso Sibiya, of Mandeni, were arrested after trying to sell a 6.5kg, metre-long horn for R1.5 million, the court heard.

The horn has been valued at more than R3m. The trio face charges of dealing in and being in possession of a rhino horn.

Detective Warrant Officer Jean-Pierre van Zyl-Roux, in an affidavit, said the men were part of a group involved in dealing in specially protected game, particularly white rhino, in KwaZulu-Natal.

“That the accused have been arrested will not stop the other syndicate members from (pursuing) their criminal activities,” said Van Zyl-Roux. “If the accused were to be released, they would rejoin their colleagues and resume (their) serious criminal activities.”

The trio were arrested by police on March 18 in a sting at Durban’s Battery Beach.

Van Zyl-Roux said the men knew the identities and addresses of the State’s witnesses and could trace, intimidate or harm them. One of the State witnesses had received anonymous, threatening cellphone calls, the court heard.


“Rhino killing is on the increase in South Africa. The fact that criminals use violence to commit these crimes has the population living in fear of informing on these criminals,” Van Zyl-Roux said in his affidavit, which was read to the court by prosecutor Krishen Shah.

“Too often poachers fire on game guards or threaten to kill them. (They) have no respect for the lives of the innocent.” The incidence of rhino crimes had so increased that “we are fast approaching the state where extinction of all rhino in the world is a distinct possibility”.

The affidavit referred to the financial effect poaching had on the game industry, requiring the employment of guards and extra security measures.

Van Zyl-Roux said poaching had made owning rhino so unattractive that none of the white and black rhino up for auction in August 2010 had been sold.

“With an estimated 20 000- odd white rhino in South Africa, this decline in average sale value reflects a drop in asset value of the country’s white rhino of R1.5bn,” he said.

Van Zyl-Roux said no permits were issued for the possession or sale of the horn. “This can only mean the accused knew that the possession and sale of the horn were illegal.”

Shah also read out letters from a number of anti-poaching organisations written to the chief magistrate appealing for bail to be denied. Also submitted were petitions opposing bail, from online anti-poaching associations.

Shah said the men had met a police agent at a beachfront hotel and negotiated a price for the sale of the horn. The agent, he said, had asked to see the horn. The men took the agent to their vehicle opposite the old Natal Command site. The horn was on the back seat of the vehicle.

The court heard that Moodley, 44, lived in Redfern, Phoenix, and had a roadside stall in Westside in the suburb. His attorney, Rajendra Nathalal, asked the court not to be swayed by organisations opposed to the men’s being released on bail.

He said the State was not presenting factual evidence.

“Apart from the fact that all three men were arrested together, there is no other evidence to suggest they form part of a syndicate,” he said. He said Moodley, who had previous convictions for drunk driving and culpable homicide, could afford R20 000 for bail.

Luthuli, 34, is the breadwinner for his two children and fiancée. He has worked for Transnet as an electrical fitter for the past seven years.

Sibiya, 47, who supports four children and a fiancée, owns a driving school. He and Luthuli said they could afford R10 000 in bail.

All three men said they intended pleading not guilty. They assured the court they were not a flight risk and did not have relatives across the border.

Magistrate Anita Govender has reserved judgment until May 22.

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