9-Month-Old Puppy Used as ‘Bait Dog’ Dies Dues To Severe Injuries

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“VIDEO TO FOLLOW…OK somebody know’s who this dog belonged to, so do yourself a favour & tell the authorities; anonymously if you must, just please do it! The people that make dogs fight to the death are nothing but cowardly cold hearted thug’s who take pleasure in seeing such heinous cruelty. They are probably into domestic violence too, as they like to dominate & be in control. But these MF’s are not fit to breathe the same air as animals never mind humans; locking them up is too good for them. I say use these MF’s for experimenting on instead of sentient beings who have done no harm to anyone. Please, if you have a conscience, do the right thing; before someone, perhaps a child gets hurt! R.I.P little one x

The male pit bull puppy found in Yonkers was unable to recover from excessive wounds and blood loss, and had to be euthanized.

Pitlbull puppy had to be euthanized due to severe trauma & injuries

Local veterinarians were unable to save a 9-month-old pit bull puppy that suffered massive wounds and blood loss after likely being used as a ‘bait dog’ to train other dogs to fight. 

The SPCA of Westchester’s Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Division was contacted by the Yonkers Animal Shelter who got a call about a severely injured dog found on a walkway between Somerville Road and Edwards Place in Yonkers. The puppy was taken a local animal hospital. 

‘At the time, his breathing was extremely laboured ‘ said Ernest Lungaro, director of the SPCA’s HLE Division. ‘The veterinarian who examined him reported that the pit bull had severe multiple bite wounds and abrasions about his face, muzzle and head. He was extremely emaciated and neglected and was mostly likely used as a bait dog in a fighting ring. 

The veterinarian also noted the animal had old scars from previous attacks.’

The puppy was put to sleep Thursday, since veterinarians determined he was unable to recover from such severe injuries.

Puppies, weak or older dogs and females who can’t breed are often used as ‘bait dogs’ and are usually tied up and/or have their teeth removed so they are rendered defenceless-according to the Briarcliff based SPCA of Westchester, a no-kill non-profit animal shelter, hospital and animal cruelty law enforcement organization.

‘Although dog fighting is a crime in New York State, we are constantly on the lookout for clandestine groups who fight the animals in Westchester County,’ said Lungaro.

The SPCA’s HLE Division is asking that anyone with information on this puppy or information on dog fighting in their area to make a confidential call to the number below.


animal cruelty hotline: (914) 941-7797

or email us atinfo@spca914.com

News Link:-http://www.animalsvote.org/article.jsp?ArticleID=1693

Humane Law Enforcement – No Kill shelter

The SPCA of Westchester investigates animal cruelty complaints throughout the county including the cities of Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon and White Plains. Cruelty complaints from towns and villages are handled as well.

SPCA of Westchester, Inc.
590 North State Road,
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
or email us atinfo@spca914.com

Map to SPCA

Link to another news site with the video that I shall post after this!:-http://westchester.news12.com/news/pit-bull-puppy-euthanized-after-severe-mauling-in-yonkers-1.4938976?firstfree=yes

$3000 Reward Offered For Apparent Dogfighting Victim

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Meet Gideon. His is the face of dogfighting and his eyes speak volumes about his history; pain, agony and worst of all, hopelessness.

The Newark NJ Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter is offering a $3000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the monsters who dumped this poor dog on the side of the road. The address where he was found is 384 South 6th Street in Newark.

Illegal dogfighting is running rampant through our country and innocent victims like Gideon are paying the ultimate price for this “sport”. Whether it’s bait dogs used to train the fighters or the actual fighters themselves, all of them are hurt in ways no animal should ever have to endure. It’s the complete and total betrayal of the trust animals should be able to have for their guardians. What these animals endure is unspeakable fear, pain and almost always, a brutal death.

Gideon the innocent victim

Gideon was found after being dumped on the side of the road like a bag of trash with massive injuries. He has been transferred to the care of a specialist because of his horrendous wounds, which include a shattered leg that has become infected due to lack of needed medical care. His condition is considered to be grave, and it’s touch and go right now if he’ll even survive.

Gideon’s situation shouts out at the backwards manner in which our country and other countries are handling the crime of dogfighting. These sick monsters exploit a bully breed’s inherent dedication, devotion and overwhelming desire to please their guardians and then bastardize them into fighting machines for profit and ego.

In the media, instead of focusing attention on the human monsters, it seems everywhere the focus is on the breed itself, trying to eliminate all bully breeds from the face of earth. Single stories of any dog remotely resembling a bully breed attacking a human are emblazoned in the media, spewing out the horrors of the overall breed itself and adding fuel to the insanity. The stories about attacks by any other breed of dog are rarely ever mentioned. After all, according to the media, those are all “good dogs”.

Take a long hard look into Gideon’s face. This innocent victim has suffered inconceivable pain and for what? So some gang banger can boast about his big bad fighting dog? So some greedy subhuman can gather his or her friends together for a day of standing around the pit, watching the blood spew, hearing the yelps and screams from the dogs and watching the money fly in bets? So one human can feel bigger and better than another?

At what price does all of this come? It comes in the form of dogs like Gideon who, once used up and unable to fight any more are either brutally killed or dumped like yesterday’s garbage. The trust he put into his guardians was violated in the most despicable ways. He suffered and continues to suffer immense pain and his very life hangs in the balance, while the monsters drove off into the night to do it all again another day.

If you have any information that can lead police to the capture, arrest and conviction of these monsters, please contact the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter at 973-824-7080. Please network Gideon’s story to help bring these sick people to justice. He deserves that from the humans who truly do care.

If you would like to donate towards Gideon’s care, please visit the AHS website at the link provided below. Gideon is facing a long and painful journey and needs all the help he can get.

Click here to donate for Gideon’s medical care.

Click here for the AHS Facebook page.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/3000-reward-offered-for-apparent-dogfighting-victim?cid=PROD-redesign-right-next


Discovery of tortured family dog in New Jersey prompts warning to owners

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“September 19th 2012 – I don’t believe in counter violence to settle old scores etc. But boy oh boy, what I wouldn’t give to spend 5 minutes alone with those that did this along; with half my followers! I just can’t imagine those that did it, blending in with a normal family life…they are EVIL; therefore should stick out like a bloody sore thumb! What is the world coming to when your own dog isn’t safe within your yard? These MF‘s must drive around looking for possible dogs, the gentle ones that will come a running with tail wagging…breaks my bloody heart to think of it! R.I.P Ridge, finally no more pain, just lots of lovely juicy bones &  fields to run around; with all the other special ones that crossed Rainbow’s Bridge x”

“Please if you have any information which might help this case, no matter how small or insignificant. please contact the police; no other dog should have to die this way!” 

A dog located within the confines of his own family‘s fenced yard should be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Days ago in New Brunswick, N.J., the body of a tortured dog was found in a trash bag in an up-scale neighbourhood.

The dog’s name was Ridge and he had a family.

A microchip embedded in the young dog’s body allowed the authorities to determine who that family was, and piece together what had happened prior to Ridge’s untimely death.

Until the day that he was stolen, Ridge was a beloved friend and playmate to his family’s two young children, ages 4 and 5.

But unscrupulous people stole Ridge from his gated, fenced yard and abused him until the day that he was dead and thrown away.

According to the NJ SPCA, Ridge was:

stolen as he played in a locked and gated back yard, used as bait, starved, neglected, abused, burned and tossed out of a moving car window

Along with the heart-wrenching description of the torture that Ridge was subjected to, is a dire warning to pet owners, “Protect Your Pets! Pet Theft is again on the rise.”

Dog fighters, searching for so-calledbait dogs,” do not follow rules. They do not respect boundaries, and last, but certainly not least, they do not care.

Protect your pets, help spare them from being tortured and killed like Ridge.

According to the NJSPCA, an investigation is underway into this innocent dog’s horrific death.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/discovery-of-tortured-family-dog-new-jersey-prompts-warning-to-owners

Dog found with nose ripped off

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“OMG…how the hell can someone watch a dog get its face ripped off; then just throw it out with the trash as it’s no longer needed?? These people are not human, they have no conscience for their heinous crimes. The pictures of Otto are very graphic (especially on the Face book page) but I feel it’s time people saw the results of dog fights. Please, if anyone know’s who Otto belongs to or knows where dog fights take place; contact the police, it’s down to the vigilant public to make sure these fighting rackets are closed for good!”

A pit bull found with his nose ripped off is at Noah’s Ark Rescue facility  in Okatie near Hilton Head where he will undergo several major surgeries.

The three-year-old pit bull has been named Otto by volunteers at the rescue facility.

Otto was found Tuesday after he wandered onto someone’s porch in Florence. The homeowner called animal control workers with Florence County Environmental Services  and they picked up the dog.

Authorities aren’t releasing where the dog was found. We’ve filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn the location.

Otto was immediately taken to a Florence veterinarian and released to Noah’s Ark two hours later.

The dog will need four surgeries to clear up oral infections and more than 100 wounds from bite marks on his malnourished body before reconstructive surgery to his face.

“To see a dog who is missing part of his face and his whole mouth is full of abscesses from being caught by another dog and held down. Those infections are going to have to be cleared up. From what I understand, they’re going to be at least four surgeries, four major surgeries, required to just alleviate some of the suffering from the injuries,” said Jayne Boswell, President Florence Area Humane Society.

Florence Area Humane Society  officials believe Otto was being used as a bait dog in a dog fighting operation.

“Probably this dog, had it not managed to wander onto someone’s porch, it probably wouldn’t be alive for many more days. I think the scars definitely indicate this dog is probably used as a bait dog, which is even more horrific because that means that this dog didn’t want to fight, but yet it was used to sic other dogs on it so they could prove they were fighters,” Boswell explained.

Humane Society officials say the dog’s nose wound is probably a couple of months old. They say Noah’s Ark is the place where Otto can get the help he needs. The rescue facility has helped other animals left with disfigured faces from abuse.

“Noah’s Ark is just an unbelievable rescue group. It’s led by one woman who is just relentless in her efforts to help animals that are extremely abused or mutilated and yes, they’re going to reconstruct the dogs mouth so it can have as normal life as possible after it recovers.”

Herbie Christmas with Florence County Environmental Services says he’s working as hard as he can to find Otto’s owner. He wants to know who allowed this to happen to the dog.

Humane Society officials say they hope the owner will be found and held responsible for the dog’s injuries.

“We owe that dog something. It didn’t choose to be born for one thing and it didn’t choose to be in dog fighting.”

Once Otto fully recovers from all of his surgeries, it’s possible he will be available for adoption.

“I think we all have high hopes that Otto will, one day, maybe rule the roost in a home with a family and get the love that he deserves.”

Dog found with nose ripped off – Bait dog – Very graphic, Viewer discretion advised

Published on 30 Aug 2012 by 

A pit bull found with his nose ripped off is at Noah’s Ark Rescue facility in Okatie near Hilton Head where he will undergo several major surgeries.

News Link:-http://www.carolinalive.com/news/story.aspx?id=794581#.UEJ_tMGPWSo

Noah’s Ark:- http://www.noahs-arks.net/RESCUE/OTTO.html

Noah’s Ark Face book (Graphic pictures):-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=463798516975387&set=a.139681359387106.18099.139678782720697&type=1&theater


Update On Dog Used As Bait Dog – Dog

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There’s good news to report today on two dogs that were victims of extreme abuse in Chicago – Hudson and Hiccup. Both dogs continue to make remarkable progress and may soon be in loving homes according to the Trio Animal Foundation, the group sponsoring their medical care.

Hudson’s recovery
Hudson is the dog that made my column two weeks agowhen he was found wandering in Englewood. This puppy was found covered in blood after he had apparently been used as a bait dog. He was covered in lots of bite marks and then had been doused in chemicals, causing severe burns.

View slideshow: Pet Rescue

As of today, he’s cleared isolation for parvo according to TAF. He also has undergone his last facial scrub today with third and final treatment for mange set for Wednesday. Despite all he’s been through, this pup shows lots of love when visited at Animal Care Center. There has been a lot of interest in adopting Hudson through Project Rescue Chicago. He’ll be neutered and put up for adoption when he’s well enough.

There is even a special fundraiser going on in Hudson’s honor. Arbor the Painting Dog from Las Vegas has donated one of his paintings for an eBay auction – heARTwork for Aid Fundraiser for Hudson. There is still time to bid.

Hiccup’s progress
Hiccup is the little dog that was thrown from the balcony, suffering two severely broken legs. He’s now half way through his physical therapy and is building up muscle and improving his balance. Hiccup has also been cleared for adoption through Project Rescue Chicago.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/update-hudson-and-hiccup-continue-to-recover-and-are-looking-for-homes


Blood Soaked Puppy, Found Wandering Streets With Horrific Bites & Burns – Bait Pup

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From ‘SAVE AURORA’ Face-Book page

Today TAF was called by Diane, the shelter manager at the Animal Welfare League’s Wabash facility, about a severely burned dog who had been used as bait. The blood soaked puppy was found walking down the street by police in the Englewood area of Chicago. Bridgid, from Project Rescue Chicago, went down to AWL and picked up the puppy, taking him straight to our vet at Animal Care Center of Chicago. 

Bridgid sent me photos of a 2-3 month old puppy as soon as she met him. When I received the photos my eyes welled up with tears and anger filled my heart. I’m quite honestly so sick of receiving abuse cases day in and day out with no end in sight. Some friends of mine say people are afraid of me because I’m too direct, “bitchy,” and at times a bit anti-social. Well…this is why. You can’t help but have your personality tainted when you deal with the end result of horrific acts of cruelty all the time. Sometimes it is just too much.

This puppy was, without a doubt, used as a bait dog. He has bite wounds all over his body. However, these wounds are the least of his worries. His face was burned either by an accelerant/fire combo or some other chemical. As of tonight Dr Hartwig has stabilized the puppy. The puppy is on IV fluids, the highest level of pain medication possible and antibiotics.

Once hydrated, the puppy will be heavily sedated and his dead flesh and scabs cut away from his healthy skin. The puppy will be hospitalized in isolation for at least 10 days. This will allow the vet staff to monitor his overall health as well as observe him for symptoms of parvo. Until then, we will make sure he is as comfortable as possible. When we left him this evening, puppy was curled up on a comfy blanket, resting peacefully.

If you want to help this poor puppy, please consider making a donation towards his medical care. If you visit www.trioanimalfoundation.org and click donate you will see the options.

Please say a prayer for our little puppy, that his pain is eased and he makes it through the coming days.

You can watch the video here, viewer discretion is advised:-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=427725907252778

“After all humans have done to him, he still manages to wag his tail, he make little noises toward the end of the video, like he is trying to say ‘Thank you’….Just hear-breaking….I know what I would like to do to the heartless sadistic reprobates!!

Face book Link:-https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAVE-AURORA/225340390821865


Our vets at Animal Care Center called us early this morning to let us know the puppy is holding steady, eating and moving around. Puppy slept peacefully, likely safe and warm for the first time in his life.

Confident that he would tolerate being sedated, the vets were able to remove the dead tissue that had been burned, as well as the scabs. We visited him this morning right after they finished caring for him and took these photos.

His skin is still extremely sensitive and bleeds with the slightest touch. They confirmed that in addition to the bite wounds and burns, puppy also has a case of demodectic mange and a serious intestinal parasite load.

Our vets are going to keep him under light sedation while they continue to treat the raw wounds that are on his head.

He will continue to receive IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain medication. Dr Sachdev, his doctor today, let us know that Dr Hartwig, the first vet who cared for him, came in early this morning, on his day off, to check on our little puppy.

Dr Sachdev said she could hear the puppy’s tail hitting the sides of his kennel when he saw Dr Hartwig…I think he has a new buddy.

If you want to help this poor puppy, please consider making a donation towards his medical care. If you visitwww.trioanimalfoundation.org and click donate you will see the options

Face Book Link:-https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAVE-AURORA/225340390821865

Pictures …Warning, viewer discretion is advise.:-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150145401794955&set=a.10150145396734955.66323.71480294954&type=1&theater

Another way to help:-https://npo.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=1004519

Danilow: The face of animal cruelty in Fort Worth

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As the day begins, we sort through hundreds of photos and links covering the intake for the day before. We think the lists are growing longer each time. We see dogs picked up as strays, dogs surrendered by owners for few reasons, dogs left behind in vacant houses or yards, dogs tossed off bridges, found almost dead on the road, some of them starving, some of them sick, some of them barely able to walk; some just lost and wandering, wondering why they have been abandoned and why the world is so cruel.

This is the life of rescuers.

But little can prepare one for the horror of seeing a dog clinging to life as the result of dog fighting.

Nathan was one of these who brought me to my knees. Last week a fellow rescuer found Nathan, a lonely, sad pit bull at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control. His face was rotting off. He had been used as a “bait dog” and had endured so much trauma and injury without any veterinary care that his flesh was falling off his face and gangrene had set in everywhere.

His nose was torn away and there was a hole into his skull where his nose had been; his mouth was not discernable. His teeth had been sharpened to make him inflict harm on his tormentors and make them fight harder. He could barely stand, and he was skin and bones. The pads of his feet were hard and calloused where he was most likely chained on cement for a very long time.

He probably never knew warmth. We know he never knew kindness. His eyes bore a sadness I will never be able to wipe from my memory.

Nathan was whisked away to the vet’s office where reconstructive surgery would begin. A day later, Nathan’s poor, emaciated, abused, tortured body gave up. His spirit left his broken life and he crossed the bridge to wherever dogs have a better chance at love.

There is an ugly undertow swirling in Fort Worth. It is the face of dog fighting often accompanied by drugs, gambling, prostitution and the darkest of all human activities. It goes on in garages and fields and old warehouses, anywhere people can gather without being subjected to the law, where spectators jeer and cheer and drink in the violence of sheer blood and horror.

Small children are often seen in these crowds.

Rescuers know the neighborhoods and the signs: dogs on chains, dogs being beaten, dogs being bred indiscriminately in back yards and sold to fight. The number of stolen dogs in Fort Worth is rising, many being used and tortured to create bloodlust in dogs to be used to fight.

The sweet, gentle dogs who refuse to fight are used as bait while their faces and necks are torn open and ripped apart. Sometimes their mouths are taped shut so they can’t fight back. Once they give up they are tossed aside in gutters, left on back roads to die alone or wrapped in garbage bags and thrown in the city dump.

Many of these tortured souls die a long and painful death, suffering for hours or days waiting for their final breath to come and release them from their hell.

We have a problem and its face is cruelty. If you know about abuse and do not speak up, you become an accessory to the crime. Wake up, Fort Worth. We have a problem.

“This reduced me to tears, these people aren’t human, having children watch…that’s the next generation of abusers!!  Do you think their going to care about animals having witnessed so many horrific fights?  If they live in a neighbour hood full of gangs, street crime & fights,  how does one go about teaching them it’s wrong?”

 The parents obviously don’t care, if they allow their children to witness such gruesome acts towards animals… So perhaps the education system should step up?.  Scrap the biology class’s that teach kids how to cut up frogs & mice,  stop those schools that let the kids dissect cats;  what purpose does that serve apart from giving kids idea’s on how to abuse the family pet!!

“The curriculum should teach the kids about living breathing animals, including animal welfare, the farming & agricultural industry, mammals & how some animals are on the brink of extinction due to human interference & global warming  etc.   Hopefully, some will then go on be the next generation of animal advocates instead of animal abusers!!”

Boy, 14, ‘was leader of brutal dog fighting ring that left three animals dead’

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A 14-year-old boy is the alleged leader of a vicious dog fighting ring which left three canines so badly tortured that they had to be euthanized.

Tortured: A 14-year-old boy is the alleged leader of a dog fighting ring where a Labrador, used as a 'bait dog', suffered such bad injuries it could not stand

Acting on a tip off, authorities seized nine dogs and two puppies from two houses in Flint, Michigan, last week and took the teenager into police custody. The boy’s mother was arrested on unrelated charges.At least three of the animals were found with multiple injuries typical of dog fighting, although some hurt was sustained from human torture.

Two of the dogs had such severe injuries, including fractured bones and open lacerations, that they could not stand up.

But despite a ‘gory report’ by the Genesee county veterinarian detailing the wounds of some of the dogs four of the animals will be returned to their owners after authorities say they don’t have enough evidence to hold them.

Brutal: Authorities rescued nine dogs and two puppies from two homes in Michigan - at least three of the dogs were found with both fresh and old wounds

Many of the injuries the dogs received are typically associated with dog fighting, according to Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

‘Dog fight injuries typically occur on the front legs and face from sparring,’ Pickell told M Live.

Authorities initially found a ‘bait dog’, a chocolate brown Labrador retriever, in the home’s driveway whose injuries were described as ‘just brutal’The Labrador and two pit bull dogs had to be put down.

The ‘bait dog’, typically used to test other dogs fighting instinct, had bite wounds all over its body, with deep, severe wounds on its front legs.

It had a deep laceration along its shoulder, which was bleeding, and a fractured bone.

The base of the Labrador’s tail had multiple fractures likely to have been inflicted by the other dogs biting and pulling it, according to Pickell.

Another injury, inflicted by a human, revealed that the animal was likely the victim of blunt force trauma when a foreign object was inserted into its rectum.

A tan and white pit bull had fresh bite wounds on its ears as well as deep bite marks into its mouth, Pickell said.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The animal also had three fractured ribs –  evidence that it had been tortured and kicked by humans.

The second pit bull had a fractured bone left untreated that had occurred more than three days ago.

While four of the dogs look likely to be returned to their owners the others, including two puppies, will be put up for adoption after they get a clean bill of health.

The exposure of the dog fighting ring has led State Representative Harvey Santana, D-Detroit, to proposing two bills that would crack down on animal abuse and neglect, according to NBC 25.

The bills suggest harsher fines and the creation of an animal abuse registry where offenders would register for five years and pay an annual fine of $50 dollars.

‘What happens when someone is convicted of animal abuse? Nothing. He doesn’t get put on a registry and he can go back out and adopt another pet,’ Rep. Harvey told NBC25.

“Finally someone is seeing sense regards an Animal Abuse Registry”

An investigation continues and police say arrest warrants should be issued imminently.

News Link:- Dailymail.co.uk

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