B.C. Public Warned Of Release Of Animal Killer – Video Tells Reason Why!

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WTF…suspended sentence?? people like this don’t just suddenly stop fantasising about killing animals & humans.  Are the police going to be watching her every move? How can someone like this be released from jail, yet come with so many warnings to the public etc. I suggest you watch the video below, get to know a little more about this psychopath;you know it’s serious when even her own mother won’t have her living with her!!”

Police in British Columbia have issued a warning to the public about a woman convicted of killing animals but one former Toronto officer says the case reminds him of another disturbing criminal case.

Kayla Bourque is shown in a handout photo. (The Canadian Press/HO)

Former Toronto police investigator Ross McLean told CP24 Tuesday that there are similarities between the cases of 23-year-old Kayla Bourque and murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Bourque pleaded guilty in 2012 to wilfully killing animals, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

The charges stem from the deaths of her family’s cat and dog.

Her recent release prompted a warning to the public issued by B.C. Corrections on Monday.

“You’re seeing similarities here between [Magnotta’s and Bourque’s] family background – it being broken, escalation to torturing and hurting animals and then the stated intent and the fantasizing about doing it to humans,” McLean told CP24 on Tuesday.

Magnotta, 30, is accused of first-degree murder in connection with the killing and dismemberment of Montreal university student Jun Lin, who police believe was killed on either May 24 or 25, 2012.

The 33-year-old’s torso was later found in a suitcase outside Magnotta’s apartment building, while his hands and feet were mailed to political offices and schools in Ottawa and B.C. His head was located in a Montreal park.

Magnotta was arrested in Berlin in July following an international manhunt.

Police believe that a video posted on-line shows the dismemberment of Lin.

On-line videos allegedly showing the torture of animals have also been linked to Magnotta.

No charges against Magnotta have been proven in a court of law. He is currently in police custody awaiting trial. “I can’t fxxxxxg believe this, there were videos of him on YouTube killing animals…yet no charges??…they going to let him out too??”

Bourque, a former student at Simon Fraser University, was sentenced to eight months in jail. Police say she will now be living in the Metro Vancouver area, but did not elaborate with specifics.

She will be subject to more than 40 court-ordered restrictions, including bans on using social networking sites, owning weapons, associating with anyone under the age of 18 and a lifetime ban on owning animals.

She will also only be allowed to leave the house between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Bourque is also barred from having intimate relationships without advising the other person of her criminal past and must take part in counselling sessions and psychiatric assessments. “Yea right, so she’s supposed to say “Before I invite you in for a coffee, I have to tell you that I fantasize about killing people”…WTF, how utterly insane, she should be locked up for good!”

“It appears from the orders that the police are really working to see that [Bourque] goes in and gets the counselling she requires,” McLean said. “Now whether she wants to take it, or it works, is another story.”

Following a tip from a concerned friend last year, police conducted a search of Bourque’s residence room, where investigators seized a laptop, storage devices and a binder containing information on serial killers, as well as depictions of sexual homicide and animal torture.

Member of the public are being asked to contact police immediately if they see Bourque violating any of the conditions of her release. “I guess that means they won’t be watching her 24/7 then…un-fxxxxxg-believable!!” 

She is described as five-foot-four, 130 pounds with a slender build, brown eyes and black hair.

McLean says he believes cases like Bourque’s will be more and more common.

“ We’ve raised people in a time today where – between the Internet, on-line pornography, the ability to learn about gruesome items – the environment is there right for those people to come out,” he said

News Link:http://www.cp24.com/b-c-public-warned-of-release-of-animal-killer-1.1106068

The reason why she is a danger:

  • While living in residence last March, she told another student she had disembowelled and dismembered cats in the Prince George area and that she fantasized about getting a gun and shooting a homeless person.
  • She also said she wanted to kill someone in residence and was taking forensic classes because she wanted to “get away” with something in the future.

  • Police also found video clips depicting her killing and hanging the family dog.”She narrated part of the video as she eviscerated the dog,” MacLean said.

  •  Another video depicted Bourque torturing the family’s cat. “It is clear the animals would have suffered significantly prior to their deaths.”
  • On Wednesday afternoon, Bourque sat quietly beside her lawyer as others discussed the stringent requirements needed to keep her from re-offending during a three-year probation period.
  • MacLean said Bourque’s mother does not want her daughter living in the family home. Once released from jail, a Vancouver police high risk offender team will escort her to her new residence

Petition link:-http://www.causes.com/causes/644857-let-s-turn-facebook-orange-for-animal-cruelty-awareness/actions/1710547?reposter=804693

Animal Killer Released On Probation

Published on 8 Jan 2013

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Animal killer released in Vancouver. Despite having a high risk to reoffend, Kayla Bourque was released to live in Vancouver. Torture/murder of family pets-lunatic that wanted to kill people.

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Stop this perverted Tierschänder! Zoophilia – Sodomy – (No Graphics)

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Berlin – They call themselves “animal lovers”, but what these people do to their pets is hard to imagine: you live in a partnership with the four-legged friends – even have sex with them! And they say: The animals will find it good too.


The Berliner Zeitung “BZ” speaks for the first time one of these so-called Zoophilist (Greek for animal lovers) publicly about his inclinationsDavid Z. had (26) allegedly for the first time with 20 sex with a dog, he told the “BZ”, “My dog ​​has started on its own. I would never hurt my partner to stay, always passive. “

Ulla acid has for years against the abuse of animals. The animal rights activist told Bild: “This is something we often hear as an excuse. If a dog starts up, is the dominant behavior and has nothing to do with sexual desire! “

Charlotte Köhler of the animal rights group Peta told BILD: “Often the animals are not only physical pain or injury inflicted. They often suffer mentally, which is expressed for example in behavioral disorders.

David Z., he says the “BZ” who has sex with his dogs is not abuse – but an expression of love. The Berlin had been five animals as sex partners. David Z.: “My dog ​​Nelly was my first love.”

The incredible thing: Sodomy is not banned in Germany!

In 1969, the sex was painted with animals as a crime in the penal code. Animal welfare officer observed in recent years, a nationwide increase in the number of sexual acts. The “B. Z. speaks “of some 10 000 Zoophilisten.

Therefore, now demand more and more politicians a sodomy ban.

Previously sexual acts with animals are punished only if an animal so suffering serious injury or death. “My God…are these people for real…If you put anything into the behind of a dog, that is not supposed to take the size of another dog, then it will cause internal damage, often irreversible. ” 

Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (47, CSU) told BILD:Germany is a leader in animal welfareThe welfare of animals is for the federal government a high priority, so we will bring more improvements on the way. ”

In the fall to the Bundestag and Bundesrat adopt such a law.After image-information to sodomy punishable by a fine in the future up to 25 000 euros.


Under sodomy understands the science sexual acts with animals. The word comes from the Biblical city of Sodom, which God destroyed because of their depraved debauchery.

During sodomy also describes sexual violence against animals are considered animal lovers Zoophilisten. You mean to do no harm to the animals, but apparently feel love and sexual attraction for the four-legged friends.

Sexual scientists believe that sodomy is innate. She seems to affect men more than women.

In Europe, the sexual contact with animals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland offense. In Switzerland, since September 2008, the Animal Protection Law sexually motivated acts with animals expressly forbids.

News Link:-http://www.bild.de/news/inland/sodomie/stoppt-diesen-tierschaender-26974766.bild.html


Zoo’s polar bear escapes, seals ‘washed away’ in Duluth flooding

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The rains and flooding in northeastern Minnesota have devastated a local zoo, killing at least 14 animals. Amid the chaos, a polar bear had to be tranquilized after escaping her enclosure, and two seals “washed away” and wound up on a Duluth thoroughfare.

That may have been how passersby knew there was a problem at Lake Superior Zoo, said spokeswoman Holly Henry — they drove past Feisty and Helen out on Grand Avenue. Escaped seal pictures were even popping up on social media.

The two seals survived the ordeal, but officials at the small Duluth zoo were mourning the loss Wednesday of the animals that died — and the death toll may grow, Henry said.

“We’re still not entirely sure how many animals were lost,” she said. Animals killed in the severe flooding included “all but one of the barnyard animals” — those in the petting zoo. Six sheep, four goats, one raven, one vulture, one snowy owl and a donkey died in the flooding.

The zoo has a creek that flows through the 16-acre property, Henry said, and when torrential rains hit, there was “severe, severe flooding.”

The drama began to unfold in the early hours of the morning. Overnight security at the zoo contacted the director of animal care about 3 a.m. to report flash flooding, she said.

Making sure the large, dangerous animals were contained was officials’ top priority, Henry said. She stressed that the zoo’s polar bear, Berlin, never escaped the zoo’s perimeter fence. The animal did, however, leave her enclosure.

“When they first spotted her, she was on her exhibit — but on the wall of her exhibit,” Henry said. At that point, the animal was not agitated — “she was really quite pleased with herself.

The police were on hand, as were two zoo officials.

Henry said zoo personnel shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart. Then, Berlin became agitated, and “it takes a few minutes after they’re darted to go down.”

“Even though it’s a large white object, it’s pretty nerve racking,” police spokesman Jim Hansen told the Associated Press of the attempt to corral Berlin.

Henry said of the zoo property itself: “It’s a disaster.” Officials won’t know the extent of the damage to the zoo until the rain stops and they’re given a chance to inspect and begin the clean-up process.

Video & rest of news:http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-minnesota-zoo-escape-20120620,0,4081626.story

Fugitive Canadian porn actor wanted for murder found in Berlin

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“If only the FBI had listened to those of us who reported him for his 

animal abuse crimes, this could have been avoided.”


Updated at 2:50 pm ET: The fugitive Canadian porn actor accused of killing and dismembering a Chinese student was detained in Germany‘s capital Berlin on Monday, police said.


‪Luka Magnotta, 29, was spotted at an Internet cafe in the Neukölln

district, according to officials in the German capital

Read rest of news:-http://worldnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/04/12049092-fugitive-canadian-porn-actor-wanted-for-murder-found-in-berlin

Animal welfare activists seek ban on horse carriages along Alibaug beach

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Horse carriages are made to ply tourists through waist-deep water, notice sent to collector.

Following no movement on their complaint against horse carriages made to ply through waist-deep sea water at Alibaug beach, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization (FIAPO) has now sent a legal notice to the District Collector of Raigad on the issue and has asked for a ban on such practices at all beaches in the area.

“Since there was no action taken post our letter to the district collector in February, we have now sent a formal complaint under Section 133 of the Criminal Procedure Code so that immediate action is taken,” said Shakuntala Majhumdar, governing body member of FIAPO. “Apart from a ban on the practice near Kolaba fort, this time we have asked for a ban on horse carriages across all beaches in Alibaug,” she said.

The complaint terms the activity as a public nuisance since it puts human life at risk and amounts to cruelty against the animals under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act 1960. “It is an eminent threat to both the horse and people on the carriage.

To the horse, because it is forced to pull a heavy load through waist deep sea water and to the people, because in case the horse slips and the carriage falls, it may cause them serious injury, especially to children and the elderly,” said Ambika Hiranandani, FIAPO’s lawyer. The complaint is made under Section 133 of the CrPC as it gives the district magistrate power to ban an activity which he considers public nuisance.

Newsline had reported on February 23 that FIAPO had complained against carriage drivers at Alibaug beach forcing horses to ply through waist deep sea water to ferry tourists to and from Kolaba fort, which is about a kilometer from the beach and becomes accessible by foot during low tide.

When Newsline visited the spot, an estimated 30 to 40 such carts were found on the beach with two horses each. Experts said saline water can cause dryness of hoof of the horses leading to lameness and since horses cannot see the depth of water, fatal injuries can take place. Besides, carrying such heavy loads is abusive to them.

News Link:-http://www.indianexpress.com/news/animal-welfare-activists-seek-ban-on-horse-carriages-along-alibaug-beach/946691/0

Council’s former horse carer jailed for animal cruelty

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A man who was previously employed by Kilkenny County Council to collect and care for at-risk or abandoned horses has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for animal cruelty.

Joseph Moran, from Summerhill in Meath, has contracts with nine different local authorities to take in and care for seized animals. His contract with Kilkenny County Council, which involved re-locating neglected horses to Urlingford Horse Pound, had expired before the cruelty offences came to light, and it had not been renewed.

Last month, Mr Moran was found guilty of cruelty to animals kept on his own land in Meath. Following complaints from the ISPCA, a veterinarian had visited the site and found two horses in such a state of neglect that they had to be immediately euthanised.

The vet told the court that the animals had sufferedinstitutional abuse’, and that they were malnourished and lacking water. He also found the carcasses of five other horses, some of which had been there for some time.

Handing down the sentence, Judge Patrick McMahon said he was surprised to hear that Mr Moran still held contracts with a number of local authorities.

“This person is totally unfit to deal with any form of animal and it would be my wish that he is banned for life from keeping horses,” he said.

Carol McCarthy of Kilkenny County Council’s environmental department said that the council had been ‘frankly appalled’ to hear of the offences. A contract for the position with the local authorities will be going to tender in the coming weeks.

News Link:-http://www.kilkennypeople.ie/news/council-s-former-horse-carer-jailed-for-animal-cruelty-1-3808468

Man whose horses were shot and killed by neighbor now charged for allegedly letting bull roam

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NEW BERLIN, N.Y. (WKTV) – The man who owned six horses that were shot and killed by his neighbor has now been charged in a separate incident involving his animals.

New York State Police have charged Joseph Mocco Jr, 68, of New Berlin after investigating a report of a bull roaming upon land located next to Hunts Pond Road in the Town of New Berlin. Mocco was charged with one count of unlawfully allowing a breeding animal to roam.

Authorities say that a bull, owned by Mocco, was found on property without the consent of the land owner.

Mocco was issued an Appearance Ticket returnable to the Town of New Berlin Court on May 9, 2012 at 6 p.m.

Over the weekend, six of Mocco’s horses were shot and killed by his neighbor, Lauren McMaster, 75, when the horses were reportedly on McMaster’s property.

McMaster was charged with six counts of criminal mischief in the second-degree and six counts of cruelty to animals. He posted bail from the Chenango County Jail.

McMaster lives next to Mocco’s property on Hunts Pond Road which has many other horses and cows. Police said McMaster and Mocco have a history of confrontation and that McMaster filed a complaint about a week ago about the animals.

“I can tell you that we were called by the defendant on two prior occasions in the last week about the animals on his property,” says Captain James Barnes of New York State Police earlier this week. “We responded to those. At that point we were attempting to mediate the dispute between two property owners. The matter was still unresolved from when this happened.”

The deceased horses were found on Mocco’s property, but authorities believe most of the horses were shot on McMaster’s property.

“We believe that at the time, they were shot, at least five of the six were, on the defendant’s property,” Captain Barnes said on Tuesday. “We believe the sixth animal may have been shot on the owner’s property.”

State Police would not comment on the condition of the horses when they were discovered by the owner owner.

McMaster is due back in the Town of Columbus court of Friday.

News Link:-http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Man-whose-horses-were-shot-and-killed-by-neighbor-now-charged-for-allegedly-letting-bull-roam-150080815.html

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