Indiana Judge Won’t Order DNA Sample From Man Accused Of Bestiality

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“This man is a deranged psycho; who for the protection of all should be behind bars! Yet a Judge denies new evidence via DNA?? WHY…will it include more work for this case & interfere with the judges weekend?? WTF…just who the hell are we trying to protect here? This monster deserves no rights, let alone being able to deny a search warrant…some of the laws we have are just pathetic & let bastards like this get away with murder!!”

CROWN POINT, Ind. — Lake Superior Court Judge Diane Ross Boswell denied a request by the state for a DNA sample of a Lowell, Ind., man charged with theft, bestiality, killing a domestic animal and torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal.

Boswell told deputy prosecutor Mark Watson that he must obtain a search warrant to get a new DNA sample, called a buccal swab, from Michael Charles Bessigano, 42.

MONSTER Michael Charles Bessigano

Defense attorney Casey McCloskey said if the defendant objects to providing the DNA sample, a search warrant is required based on case law.”Object? WTF…he shouldn’t have such rights after what he has done…are we protecting animals or those that abuse them??

In the four Lake Superior Court felony division courtrooms, DNA sample requests are routinely granted without a search warrant being issued.

Watson said prosecutors already have a DNA sample from one of Bessigano’s prior cases dating back four or five years. Watson told the judge that if the case goes to trial, jurors might wonder what Bessigano did in the previous case, and he was unsure of the condition of the DNA sample and its packaging from the prior case.

The judge gave Watson the opportunity to file a brief citing case law on the issue.

Boswell agreed to order evaluations by two mental health professionals to determine if Bessigano is competent to stand trial.

He was charged earlier this month after authorities in November discovered a Guinea hen that had been sexually assaulted and killed at Buckley Homestead County Park. Several animals have been missing from the park since July.

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Man Accused of Bestiality Had Animal Porn, ‘Ritual Room’

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“This is one sick perverted & disturbed Neanderthal! He’s already served prison for killing a  chicken whilst having sex with it! Then in 2007 authorities seized papers depicting sexual contact between man & beast! The Justice system should take his prior offences as serious warnings, that he may do something even worse if allowed back into society! One look at his face is enough to give you the creeps! It’s high time this monster was sectioned & locked away for good; to keep both animals & humans safe, I certainly wouldn’t want him living in my neighbourhood! “

The attorney for a man charged with bestiality, killing a domestic animal, torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal and theft is seeking evaluations by mental health professionals to determine the man’s competency to stand trial.

Defense attorney Casey McCloskey filed the request on behalf of Michael Charles Bessigano, 42, who was charged March 8 after authorities discovered a mutilated Guinea hen on Nov. 14 at Buckley Homestead County Park in Lowell. Several animals had disappeared from the county park since July 2012.

Michael Bessigano of New Chicago, Ind., charged with bestiality. March 9, 2013. Sun-Times Media

Michael Bessigano of New Chicago, Ind., charged with bestiality. March 9, 2013. Sun-Times Media

Meanwhile, deputy prosecutor Mark Watson filed a request for a DNA sample, which was set for hearing on March 27 before Lake Superior Court Judge Diane Ross Boswell.

On Nov. 14, the dead fowl was found in a trash can with damage to its anus. A search warrant served at Bessigano’s apartment in the 1600 block of Crestwood Drive resulted in the discovery of feathers from the dead bird and bloody blue jeans Bessigano was wearing.

Police found a significant amount of bestiality pornography, a large rubber wolf head mask and a “ritual room” with an altar, candles and long staffs, one of which contained a large feather on one end and a trident on the other end.

Bessigano has pleaded not guilty to the crimes, which are class D felonies and punishable by a sentence of six months to three years. He is being held without bond until March 26, when he can post $5,000 cash, or $50,000 surety.

Bessigano has served prison time for killing a chicken while having sex with it at the Valparaiso Motel in 2001. While on parole in August 2007 and living in a psychiatric facility in Gary, authorities confiscated thousands of pages of writings, journals, photos, magazines and drawings describing or depicting sexual contact between humans and animals.

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