October 31 – Text Translated

“WTF…according to some research this is:- Corporal Patricio Millar military zone in Biobío, Chile. He is a graduate of Esfocar, Carabineros school. I think this will have reached his military leader by now…Hope the pos gets kicked out!!”

source: http://migueanimal.blogspot.com.ar/2012/10/patricio-millar-maltratador-de-animales.html

(Original text – before he was identified as Patrick Millar – You would be surprised how easy it is to find them when they are doing something like the above. )

Due to great effect in around an image that shows a man about to attack a dog until police have been alerted about the conduct of the offender. The photo was posted on Twitter. The information is the newspaper La Cuarta.

One user, @ PDI_CHILE, received the image, as well as many Twitterers that broadcast, in order to identify the heartless power and prosecuted for animal cruelty.

What is known is that this picture was taken in Chile (there is a gas canister in the picture), but can not identify the assailant.

This is in chile, animal abuse image by Patrick Millar. Military area Bío Bío, Chile. 

SHARE THIS mode publication public denunciation. There is no mistaking who it is now…check out his other pictures if you’re in any doubt, he loves himself so there are lots to choose from…. 

Patricio Millar…Can’t mistake that look on his face, nor the dog!

Face Book:- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=254867377920302&set=pb.100001911253934.-2207520000.1351824771&type=3&theater
Abuser Details: 
Patrick Millar (facebook) 

News Link:– http://www.anda.jor.br/31/10/2012/foto-de-agressao-a-cao-causa-indignacao-nas-redes-sociais