“Please see Video posted to Twitter & Face Book about this despicable act of brutality to his own dog!”

BOCA RATON, FL (CBS12) — A man, who authorities say is a porn star from Boca Raton, has turned himself in to start serving a sentence for animal cruelty.

In November, Shane Thompson, 22, pled guilty to beating his dog to death and had until this week to turn himself in. Thompson went by the name Jason Creed in porn videos.

Authorities said in October 2010, he beat to death his one-year-old dog named Moonshine. Moonshine was part wolf, part dog. Investigators said Thompson took the dog’s body to a veterinary clinic in Boca Raton to have the dog’s body cremated. But Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control got a tip that Moonshine had died as a result of abuse.

Before the cremation took place, they got the dog’s remains from the vet, did a necropsy and found Moonshine was beaten multiple times and had several fractures and bruises.

Thompson pled guilty to animal cruelty. Although the charge carries a maximum five years in prison, he got three months in the county jail. The head of Animal Care and Control is not satisfied with that sentence. “Neither am I, WTF are these judges thinking…3 months?”?

“I believe the prosecutors work very hard for us. But this is a case I am really disappointed in. I certainly think that three months is laughable,” said Dianne Sauve, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control director. “It is disgraceful that a man can beat a dog to death & only get 3 months jail…bloody shop lifters would get more!”

Sauve said Thompson should have been sentenced to at least one year behind bars, and should have been ordered not to have contact with animals for the rest of his life.

She said after he does three months in jail, followed by three years probation, he can legally have another pet dog again, which she finds unacceptable. “It is totally unacceptable; I’m starting to think some judges just don’t like dogs, or they don’t have the balls to use the sentences available to them!”

News Link:-http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/291344/19/Boca-Raton-porn-star-jailed-for-animal-cruelty