It has been a long-weekend, (a very long weekend) for HHCU.

– we presume by the person who stole her

On Saturday, we received a frantic call for help from the owner of a horse in Botshabelo township, which is a good four-hours drive from the Unit.  His horse had been stolen, and when he found her, he knew that something was very wrong with her.

it had grown into the tissue, the wire had just about severed her tongue

We tried the nearest animal welfare organisation, who were unable to help, and we couldn’t get a vet to go out.  What do you do?  You help.  Trevor was on duty over the weekend, and he took Samson with him, who knows the area well – we haven’t been able to do any outreach work in Botshabelo before – we cannot cover all the areas we need to due to financial restraints.

Whilst in the area, Trevor and Samson saw many other problems with horses

an orphan foal with a broken knee

an infected branding wound

We de-wormed as many horses as we could whilst in Botshabelo – all in all over 20 horses were checked, and de-wormed.

Brushing Injury


As they were leaving, our inspectors stopped a cart horse to check harnessing: he had brushing wounds, and his feet were badly misshapen.  the problems were fixed, and we will re-check on this horse on our next visit.

 The owner of this horse flagged us down and asked for help – the poor animal was beyond help. Euthanasia was the only option.

Feet horribly overgrown

By this time, it was extremely late, and Trevor and Samson stayed at Samson’s home in a village near to Thaba Nchu, so that they could make an early start home the following morning.

Thank goodness they did…. as they left the house the next morning at around 6.30, a man was waiting for them – he urgently needed help with his horse.

According to the owner, he had been to Bloemfontein, and a villager had asked his wife if he could loan the horse and cart to transport some wood to his home nearby.

Set on fire whilst pulling the trailer, she didn’t go fast enough! FFS!!

Apparently, the mare, who was pregnant, would not go fast enough, and the driver of the cart doused her rear end with either kerosene or petrol, and set her alight with a burning torch whilst she was trying to pull  the cart.  The guilty party has disappeared – but we will find him, and he must pay for what he has done.

So, a miserable weekend – especially Trevor and Samson, who had to deal with euthanasing four horses during this episode.  The only good thing that I can think of to say, is at least those four horses are no longer suffering.  I despair of mankind sometimes, I truly do