Menino Pledges Strict Muzzle Law On Pit Bulls

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A day after police shot one of two loose pit bulls they say “terrorized” an East Boston neighbourhood  attacking a boy and killing a cat, Mayor Thomas M. Menino vowed to resurrect a city pit bull muzzling rule that will be fixed next month when a state law takes effect that bans breed-specific legislation.

“We’re going to continue to press for legislation that will deal with the issues of putting pit bulls in the city of Boston. … They do need a special law. … Pit bulls have that little strain in them that are vicious,” Menino said, calling it “ridiculous” that state legislators acted to override the Hub’s 2004 pit bull ordinance and similar lawsin Lowell, Winthrop and elsewhere.

ROUNDED UP: Mayor Thomas M. Menino vows strict rules on pit bulls despite the current law getting cleared off the books on Nov. 1. Below, a pit bull is loaded into a van after going on a rampage Friday in East Boston.

The city’s doomed pit bull control law requires owners to register their dogs, muzzle them in public, post “beware of dog” signs and limit them to two per household.

Boston Animal Control Director Mark Giannangelo could not say yesterday whether the two pit bulls that escaped a Sumner Street apartment Friday were registered.

Bruin, the dog police shot, and the other dog, Max, which was corralled by cops, are being held until a city hearing to determine their fate, which under state law could be as severe as having the dogs killed or as light as having them returned to their owner.

Backers of the law that revamped state animal control codes, which goes into effect Nov. 1, argue Boston’s pit bull muzzle rule has not reduced dog bites.

“The ordinance is still in place and didn’t prevent this incident. Breed-specific ordinances don’t work,” said Kara Holmquit, the MSPCA’s director of advocacy. “To truly prevent dog bites, a comprehensive dangerous dog law that is well-enforced needs to be embraced.”

State Sen. Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville), who sponsored the law and called Friday’s attack “horrible,” said there are provisions in the state law to deal with dangerous dogs that don’t discriminate by breed.

“I really want to protect people against dangerous dogs. I believe what we did is a good solution for that,” Jehlen said.

But City Councilor Robert Consalvo, who penned the city’s pit bull law and now may seek a home-rule petition to exempt the Hub from the ban on breed-specific laws, said a pit bull’s vice-like jaws and history of being bred as a fighting dog make it more dangerous.

“I get that poodles bite. But if a poodle or beagle bites me, I can defend myself,” he said. “A pit bull’s a much more aggressive attack.”

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PETITION: For LENNOX! tell Eukanuba and Purina Dog Chow to pull their support from the Belfast Kennel Club Dog Show on September 29-30th 2012

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On September 29th and 30th, the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland will host the much anticipated World Cup Dog Show. Much of the event will be sponsored by Purina Dog Chow and Eukanuba and will draw the attention of dog-lovers worldwide.

However, in light of some recent tragic events, many question whether Belfast is truly an inappropriate city to host the show.

There was as global outrage earlier this month when the Belfast City Council (BCC) ignored over 200,000 petitions from animal rights activists and executed a six-year-old Labrador/American bulldog mix named Lennox. The BCC had seized the dog in 2010, claiming that Lennox’s unpredictability made him a threat to the general public.

However, Lennox’s owner, Caroline Barnes, maintains that Lennox merely had anxiety issues and was generally a loving pet, forming a close bond with her young daughter. Nevertheless, citing new Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) – a law permitting the automatic destruction of animals that threaten public safety – the BCC sentenced Lennox to death.

In order to seek justice for Lennox, and to take a stand against Belfast’s unreasonable BSL legislation, sign the petition requesting that Eukanuba and Purina Dog Chow pull their support from the event.

There are still two months left for these main sponsors to select an alternative city for the show – it should be a city that treats all of its animals with respect rather than killing them arbitrarily. Take action in honor of Lennox!

Please sign the petition for Lennox

Death by canine profiling

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Humans have been racially profiled by authorities since the judicial system was put in place; now dogs are being profiled just as humans have been, and these dogs are sentenced to death because of their looks.

Tony an 8 year old pit bull, sharpie mix from Arizona, was euthanized last month after judge Grace Nabors handed down his death sentence with a “smirk on her face,” according to Trish Snow, Kelley Wales and Jennifer Randell, the friends of Michelle Dozier, Tony’s owner, they were at Tony’s sentencing supporting Dozier and Tony.

In 2011 a neighbor accused Tony of killing her 14 year old Chihuahua, according to the veterinarians report the Chihuahua did have deep puncture wounds to the abdomen which led to its death. Because of Tony’s age, his canines had all been broken so he could not leave deep puncture wounds.

Judge Nabors ignored all evidence the defense presented because of Tony’s pit bull, sharpie mix, she found him guilty before the trial could start.

According to Snow, “From the moment the hearing began, the judge, literally, had a smirk on her face when the attorney was pleading Tony’s case. I knew what the verdict would be in the first five minutes, I’m sorry to say. I ran out of the courtroom prior to the attorney, basically, calling out the judge on her unfairness. The attorney was angry because the injustice in the air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife!”

King a 3 year old pit bull from Noblesville, Indiana was accused by the family’s neighbor of attacking her dog. The veterinarian could not find any damage or wounds to her dog. After the neighbor kept calling authorities, Kings Owners were fined and had to appear before a judge.

According to King’s Owner, “The judge said that, all pit bulls are born vicious and will always be vicious and no amount of evidence I could bring him would prove otherwise. He gave me the maximum fine, ordered me to pay her bogus vet bills and the court costs, and has the intension to euthanize King. He gave me 90 days from June 13th, to prove king is no threat, however he said if any incident occurred again he would kill him.” King’s owner went on to state “He considers an incident anything my neighbor says happens even with zero proof.”

Breed Specific dog laws (BSL) is just another way of canine profiling and is becoming a worldwide problem that is growing at an alarming rate.

Duke an 18 month old dog, was taken from his owner Jon Smilie. The police seized Duke because of the way he looks.

In Australia two young family dogs called Bear and Kooda, were deemed to be Pit Bulls by authorities and seized September of last year and put to their deaths last month. Nathan Laffan and Samantha Graham lost their fight to save their two dogs. The two beloved pets were put down because of the way they looked.

In the recent and most famous case of BSL profiling, Lennox the dog from Northern Ireland, was found guilty by the Belfast City Council (BCC) for no other charge than the way he looked. Lennox was imprisoned for two years and the BCC would not allow his family any contact even on the day the BCC killed him.

The cases of BSL and the profiling of authorities, even when there is no breed specific legislation in place, could fill the Library of Congress. There is no large or medium breed of dog safe when it comes to canine profiling, and your dog could be the next one that is profiled.

King’s petition and Facebook page.

Bear and Kooda’s Facebook page.

Lennox’s Facebook page and website.

Duke’s petition and Facebook page.

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