Victory For Brigitte Bardot As Elephants Are Reprieved

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France‘s Council of State on Wednesday granted a reprieve for two zoo elephants who had been ordered put down because of their suspected infection with tuberculosis, to the delight of Brigitte Bardot and other animal rights campaigners.

Bardot, who had threatened to quit France for Russia if Baby, 42, and Nepal, 43, were put to sleep, called for the pair of pachyderms to be put into the care of her animal welfare foundation.

“They are old ladies,” Bardot said in a statement welcoming the ruling. “Now we have to find them a suitable place, take care of them if necessary and leave them in peace.”

Baby and Nepal have faced an execution order since last year, when municipal officials in Lyon decided they had almost certainly been infected with TB and warned they could be a threat to the health of other animals and visitors to the Tete d’Or zoo in the city.

After a nationwide outcry and a string of temporary reprieves, the Council of State on Wednesday finally lifted the threat of execution by ruling that it was unclear that having the animals put down was the only way to prevent the risk of further infection.

In light of that, the execution order could be illegal and was likely disproportionate to the actual health risk, the court, which rules on disputes arising from administrative decisions, concluded.

Baby and Nepal’s fate has been clouded since August 2012, when another elephant, Java, died at the age of 67 and a post mortem revealed she had been suffering from TB.

The order for the two younger elephants to be put down followed in December but animal rights activists had maintained there was no certainty that they were definitely infected.

“It is a great relief,” Bardot said. “We do not have the right to have animals put down as a precaution. It is disgusting. Baby and Nepal have been isolated for more than two years, they don’t represent a threat to anyone.”

Bardot’s threat to move to Russia had come in the wake of her actor friend Gerard Depardieu‘s decision to accept a Russian passport after being criticised by the Socialist government for taking up residence in neighbouring Belgium for tax reasons.

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Dog Tortured To Death In Sickening New Year Stunt

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“Not sure about animal laws in Siberia, but I hope when they find the bastards they do to them, what they did to the dog…then throw cold water over their naked bodies & leave them outside for a couple of nights in freezing temperatures…heartless cowards…where are the parents? Where’s the Animal Control Society that is going to deal with this?”

A shocking image of a tortured dog – killed after being tied to a rope and pulled by a car around a village – has appalled Siberians.

The helpless animal, alive at the start of this deplorable stunt, was tethered by the front feet and pulled at speed behind a silver coloured Toyota Corolla car over snow covered streets

Bloggers have united in a bid to identify the twisted killers and bring them to justiceThe dog died in a sickening New Year prank in Severniy, a suburb of Novosibirsk, say reports. “What sort of sick imbecile does this? I am sure they are born without that part of the brain that controls sympathy, empathy, right & bloody wrong!”

The helpless animal, alive at the start of this deplorable stunt, was tethered by the front feet and pulled at speed behind a silver coloured Toyota Corolla car over snow covered streets. At the time, the temperature in Novosibirsk was around minus 25C. “Novosibirsk is the  third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and the most populous city in Asian Russia”

After the dog was killed, the drunkards cut the rope and proudly took the picture of their victim. “Fxxxxxg Dick Heads, heartless cowards who have to be caught”

It is not known if the animal was a household pet or a stray dog – but the revolting treatment it was subjected to has resulted in a web appeal to identify and shame those responsible. “It matters not whether this dog was a pet or stray, these shit heads need catching & dragged round on the ice with no clothes on until their dicks fall off!”

The image emerged on 4 January, two days after the act of torture, and was going viral on Russian social sites.

‘We are searching for witnesses’ said one posting.

‘Yesterday, 2 January, at approximately 10 pm, some bast***s were driving around Severniy village, dragging the dog tied with a rope to a car behind them. “So, what did you do? Obviously not try to stop them!”

‘The car is silver Toyota Corolla. We didn’t spot the number plate.’

Ironically, the horrific picture emerged on the same day that famous 77 year old Hollywood actress Brigette Bardot threatened to leave her native France and seek Russian citizenship over plans to put to death two elephants at a zoo in Lyon.

The elephants called Baby and Nepal have contracted tuberculosis.

If the powers that be have the cowardice and the shamelessness to kill Baby and Nepal, I have decided to take Russian nationality and quit this country that is nothing more an animal cemetery,’ she warned. “Good for her, I do like a women who is beautiful & strong when it comes to animals!”

In 2011 Bardot, a 1960s sex symbol, hailed Vladimir Putin – who this week granted Russian citizenship to actor Gerard Depardieu as ‘my favourite prime minister’ after he banned the import and export of harp seal skins.

But after the revelation of the dog picture, one posting from Irina Serebryanaya asked in disbelief: ‘And Brigette Bardot is going to move to Russia because of the elephants….?“Well she didn’t know some sick scummy bastards were going to do this, when she said it!”

Pyotr Markov wrote: ‘They are sadists, maniacs.’

Yevgeniya Yudintseva declared: ‘I feel sick. Dear God, poor creature!’

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Our Voice For The Animals Nimes March 24, 2012

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Translated Text from Video

Nearly 1,500 people, according to the prefecture, organizers said 3,000 took part Saturday in Nimes with a “walk for the animals“, as part of the presidential campaign, the call of seven animal welfare groups.
Leading the procession had been placed a banner that read: “Our voices for animals”. The protesters were asked to dress in black and many of them wore a shirt of that color on which was inscribed in white “my voice for animals.”

In the procession moved off the station before to bypass the city center along the boulevards, one could also see actors dressed as rabbit or frog on stilts or having donned masks, life-size bulls heads. Dozens of associations were represented at this march organized by including the Humane Society (APS), the anti-bullfighting alliance, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, OABA (Work Assistance slaughterhouse animals), animal welfare association L214 and the foundation of support animals. Brigitte Bardot has sent a written message to the participants of the march in which she expressed the “ras-le-bol of animals who do not vote, are exterminated without any political idea according to the customs of one or the other “. “I wish this great outcry against the unacceptable way in which animals are treated in our country has an impact with the presidential elections”, she added, concluding with a quote from Gandhi: “Justice is also a nation in how it treats its animals “.

Source: … Wonderful day at Nimes this Saturday, March 24, 2012, to give our voice to the Animals! Thank you all for coming Thank you for your fight Thanks for being there for them … See you soon for other peaceful marches for Animals, still there for them … Saving one animal will not change the world. But this animal, the world will change forever! Saving one animal Will not change the world. Goal for this animal, the world Will Change Forever! . . / \ … / \: . = ‘.. • •’ = .. ♥ ** ♥. . (. \. | |. /.) ♥ ¸. • * Nath & Co -my-d-ziguiguis

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