B.C. pit-bull owners rally in Vancouver to protect breed

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VANCOUVER, B.C. : SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 — The Pit Bull Awareness walk begins, September 30th, at Vancouver‘s Science World.

Pit-bull owners spent Sunday showing off their prized pooches near Science World in Vancouver.

With the growing debate about breed-specific legislation, the pit-bull owners wanted the public to judge for themselves whether they deserve to be banned.

Kim Walters, 30, was at the awareness walk with her four-year-old pit bull Bruce.

She got Bruce as a rescue dog from Ontario, where pit bulls are banned under legislation enacted in 2005. In Ontario, it’s illegal to breed or bring them into the province even for a short visit. Pit bulls born before 2005 must be sterilized, muzzled and kept on leashes.

Walters said her dog has a great disposition and has never bitten or attacked anyone, and isn’t the least bit aggressive when around other people or dogs.

She feels the issue comes down to the owners. Walters also feels the owners of pit bulls who are responsible for their pets have been wrongly maligned.

“Pit-bull owners are not gangsters and drug dealers and we don’t need to be treated as such,” she said.

Walters feels Bruce is a perfect example of a dog that needed to be given another chance.

“I think of all the dogs like Bruce who are put down,” she said of the type of legislation in Ontario that can be a death sentence for a pit bull.

Ann Cooper helped organize the walk and said the group is worried about legislation similar to what’s in Ontario being enacted in B.C.

”We are speaking out about breed-specific legislation in Ontario, “ she said. “We feel there are alternatives such as strict enforcement on dogs that haven’t been trained or managed properly.

“We are having the walk to educate people on pit bulls — they are fantastic family dogs.”

Rob Hogan has a pit bull named Squeeze that is 14 months old and he’s had him since he was a pup.

“This dog is beautiful, he loves to cuddle,” he said. “It is all about how the dog is brought up.”

A number of recent pit-bull attacks on children have renewed calls for a pit-bull ban in B.C.

In White Rock, four-year-old Emma-Leigh Cranford had her throat ripped out by a dog belonging to a friend of the family. The young girl survived, with 40 stitches across her jaw after two hours of surgery at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

A few days later, a three-year-old Kelowna boy received 32 stitches in his face after he reached down to pet a pit bull.

The B.C. SPCA has said a pit-bull ban wouldn’t work.

News Link:-http://www.theprovince.com/news/bull+owners+rally+Vancouver+protect+breed/7322716/story.html



PLEA TO SAVE Family Dogs – Tyson And Diesel From EUTHANASIA

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“OMG…Please do not let this be another case like poor Lennox; R.I.P. Dogs are only viscous if they have been trained that way, not all pit bulls belong to thugs who use them to fight or as weapons & intimidation! These pit bulls are loving, loyal family pets, well loved & missed. They have been condemned, having done no wrong, it’s purely because of the way they look. Please, take 2 seconds to sign the petition at the link below; you will be helping to save their lives!

Tyson (3 Yr. old) and Diesel (7 Mo. old) were unfairly removed from their home and loving family.

Tyson & Diesel Need Help – Don’t let this be another ‘Lennox’!!

They have never injured anyone or had any prior complaints, yet they were deemed vicious based on the opinion and prejudice of a police officer and the next door neighbor who stated to the owners when they moved in, that he hates Pit Bulls.

The same neighbour who would hit the chain linked fence from his yard that divide’s the two properties with a rake and yell at them in attempt to scare the dogs. However, the neighbor has six small dogs and multiple cats of his own running around.

In Highland Twp., there is no type of ban against Pit Bulls that would rationalize removing them from their loving home.

On July 26th, 2012 the elderly next door neighbor called the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept. claiming that two Pitt Bulls where in his yard and “nipped at his legs”, the neighbour stated that he waved them away with a watering can. When the Sheriff and Animal control deputies arrived the neighbour was outside.

Tyson and Diesel where in their own yard and were barking, as any breed of dog would do to strangers approaching at 9:00 p.m. The animal control Deputy tried to snare them, but they kept their distance 6-7 feet away and were unable to catch them.

Shortly after that the owner arrived home, unaware that either of his dogs was out of the fenced in back yard. Tyson was curled up in the corner of the neighbor’s yard shaking and scared. The owner picked Tyson up and put him in his house as directed by the deputy. Diesel was in the back yard, inside the fence so the owner walked through the house and put Diesel inside too.

There is not a gate leading to the back yard so we are unsure how Diesel was still in there. It is believed that Tyson possibly jumped the fence by using a truck cap that was recently placed in the back yard. Diesel is still a puppy and much smaller than Tyson, so it is unlikely he did the same due to the distance between the cap and the fence.

The owner was given a misdemeanor ticket for Possession of a Vicious/Dangerous Animal and told to appear in court. These loving so call “Vicious” dogs were permitted to reside in their owner’s possession for 10 days, without incident preceding the court hearing for the ticket.

During that hearing on August 6th, 2012 both dogs were remanded by Judge Bondy to be turned over to Oakland County Animal Shelter within 24 hours, where they have been kept in small individual cages 24/7 for the last 17 days.

It was never specified exactly what it was that determined they were vicious other than they barked at them. This is a heartbreaking tragedy for all that know and love these sweet dogs, that they may be condemned to death simply because of a misconception of their breed and from other careless pet owners who have caused them to be labeled as dangerous.

Tyson and Diesel have spent countless hours interacting with children, cats and dogs of all sizes. They have never displayed aggressive behaviour in any way. They are well trained, socialized, obedient and most of all gentle dogs. They love to play and swim at the beach where they have been in contact with various people including strangers without any problems.

They are extremely well mannered dogs; their owner has trained them from puppy’s to allow anyone to take things from them. All the owners, family and friends want is their family members back, but they are in grave danger of being euthanized in the next week!

With heavy hearts, we are begging for mercy for them!


Petition link – please sign:http://www.change.org/petitions/oakland-county-52-1-district-court-plea-to-save-tyson-and-diesel-from-euthanasia

Death by canine profiling

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Humans have been racially profiled by authorities since the judicial system was put in place; now dogs are being profiled just as humans have been, and these dogs are sentenced to death because of their looks.

Tony an 8 year old pit bull, sharpie mix from Arizona, was euthanized last month after judge Grace Nabors handed down his death sentence with a “smirk on her face,” according to Trish Snow, Kelley Wales and Jennifer Randell, the friends of Michelle Dozier, Tony’s owner, they were at Tony’s sentencing supporting Dozier and Tony.

In 2011 a neighbor accused Tony of killing her 14 year old Chihuahua, according to the veterinarians report the Chihuahua did have deep puncture wounds to the abdomen which led to its death. Because of Tony’s age, his canines had all been broken so he could not leave deep puncture wounds.

Judge Nabors ignored all evidence the defense presented because of Tony’s pit bull, sharpie mix, she found him guilty before the trial could start.

According to Snow, “From the moment the hearing began, the judge, literally, had a smirk on her face when the attorney was pleading Tony’s case. I knew what the verdict would be in the first five minutes, I’m sorry to say. I ran out of the courtroom prior to the attorney, basically, calling out the judge on her unfairness. The attorney was angry because the injustice in the air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife!”

King a 3 year old pit bull from Noblesville, Indiana was accused by the family’s neighbor of attacking her dog. The veterinarian could not find any damage or wounds to her dog. After the neighbor kept calling authorities, Kings Owners were fined and had to appear before a judge.

According to King’s Owner, “The judge said that, all pit bulls are born vicious and will always be vicious and no amount of evidence I could bring him would prove otherwise. He gave me the maximum fine, ordered me to pay her bogus vet bills and the court costs, and has the intension to euthanize King. He gave me 90 days from June 13th, to prove king is no threat, however he said if any incident occurred again he would kill him.” King’s owner went on to state “He considers an incident anything my neighbor says happens even with zero proof.”

Breed Specific dog laws (BSL) is just another way of canine profiling and is becoming a worldwide problem that is growing at an alarming rate.

Duke an 18 month old dog, was taken from his owner Jon Smilie. The police seized Duke because of the way he looks.

In Australia two young family dogs called Bear and Kooda, were deemed to be Pit Bulls by authorities and seized September of last year and put to their deaths last month. Nathan Laffan and Samantha Graham lost their fight to save their two dogs. The two beloved pets were put down because of the way they looked.

In the recent and most famous case of BSL profiling, Lennox the dog from Northern Ireland, was found guilty by the Belfast City Council (BCC) for no other charge than the way he looked. Lennox was imprisoned for two years and the BCC would not allow his family any contact even on the day the BCC killed him.

The cases of BSL and the profiling of authorities, even when there is no breed specific legislation in place, could fill the Library of Congress. There is no large or medium breed of dog safe when it comes to canine profiling, and your dog could be the next one that is profiled.

King’s petition and Facebook page.

Bear and Kooda’s Facebook page.

Lennox’s Facebook page and website.

Duke’s petition and Facebook page.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/death-by-canine-profiling

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