Inc.Very Graphic Picture: The Illegal Commercial Bushmeat Trade Inc. Videos

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“I started off with the intentions of just posting the news below…but as always, I get side tracked. (please remember, anything I have to say in a post is in this blue writing) I’ve heard about this gorilla but not seen much, until I saw this. It’s most remarkable, a great ape, capable of killing a human, in an instant; but instead, Koko the Gorilla & Robin Williams preferred to have a chit-chat, through sign language, then a tickling session  I’m more than aware that humans share between 80% to 98.5% (The reason for the big gap in % is because not all agree) of DNA with chimps, gorillas & orangutans. This really does show the fact that humans & apes are so very much alike, when it comes to feelings & behaviour etc. So we can’t let these magnificent species be taken to the edge of extinction; due to the bushmeat trade!!.”

Koko the Gorilla with Robin Williams

“After watching the above , now, try to comprehend my other video & the article below; posted for & on behalf of Tony Zadel. This shouldn’t be happening, yet it continues & is a thriving business!” 

Bushmeat, popular in many parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, is the meat of hunted wild animals; including shark fin. reptile & whale meat, birds & turtles eggs! So whilst on your travels please don’t ever buy; ANY TRINKETS MADE FROM ANIMALS, or EAT EXOTIC CUISINE…YOU MAY NOT BE AWARE IT IS FROM AN ENDANGERED SPECIES OR THAT EXTREME SUFFERING WAS INVOLVED IN ACQUIRING IT. The trade in bushmeat has become highly commercialized in recent years and is the most significant immediate threat to the great apes in Africa today.

“Don’t think for one minute, if a female chimpanzee is caught, her babies will be left alone…no way! There is just as much demand for babies as there is for the meat, perhaps more! Any nursing monkeys or apes could be targeted by the poachers, who without empathy, drag the babies from their mothers, still warm but breathless bodies! As if that wasn’t cruel enough, the callous barbarians, set about hacking the mothers into pieces; all, whilst in full view of the babies! I can’t begin to imagine how those poor babies must feel, or how long the nightmares will last.

 While most CITIES countries dilly dally, about this & that…you can be helping end the bushmeat trade by simply signing a petition or sending a pre-written letter by email; small things that will soon add up. We need to make it our goal, to educate & raise public awareness of this diabolical trade; that could eventually see some species become extinct! One voice can say a lot but may not be heard, but a chorus of voices, can demand attention! So if you want your grandchildren, to still be able to see these exotic species, please, just spend a couple of minutes signing petitions etc! I want my great-grandchildren to be able to see the fascinating creatures of the rain forests, roaming wild;where they belong!” 

Illegal Commercial Bushmeat Trade

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At the heart of the declining chimpanzee population is the illegal poaching of chimps and other great apes for bushmeat. The Jane Goodall Institute is working with governments and local communities to end this horrible practice.

“Posted below, as is, for & on behalf of Tony Zadel – Please sign the petitions & take note of the links, inc. video, providing more information. Thank you!”

The Bushmeat Trade – Threat of Primate & Wildlife Extinction !!! 

The unsustainable commercial and illegal bush meat trade is threatening extinction of apes, chimpanzees, gorillas, and other primates and wildlife. Not only are the primates killed for food and body parts, orphaned primates are being sold on the exotic pet market, and they are also losing their habitat through logging and commercial development.

In Africa, forest is often referred to as ‘the bush’, thus wildlife and the meat derived from it is referred to as ‘bushmeat’ (in French – viande de brousse). This term applies to all wildlife species, including threatened and endangered, used for meat including: elephant; gorilla; chimpanzee and other primates; forest antelope (duikers); crocodile; porcupine; bush pig; cane rat; pangolin; monitor lizard; guinea fowl; etc.

Though habitat loss is often cited as the primary threat to wildlife, commercial hunting for the meat of wild animals has become the most significant immediate threat to the future of wildlife in Africa and around the world; it has already resulted in widespread local extinctions in Asia and West Africa. This threat to wildlife is a crisis because it is rapidly expanding to countries and species which were previously not at risk, largely due to an increase in commercial logging, with an infrastructure of roads and trucks that links forests and hunters to cities and consumers

The bushmeat crisis is a human tragedy as well: the loss of wildlife threatens the livelihoods and food security of indigenous and rural populations most depend on wildlife as a staple or supplement to their diet, and bushmeat consumption is increasingly linked to deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and Foot and Mouth disease. You can also help with organization like the BCTF, CWAF, and much more..

Please take a moment to view my friend link about the Bushmeat Trade

Illegal Bushmeat

The picture link i have posted above is from Central Africa Traffic of animals body parts, Gorillas,Primates, Crocodiles and many more..



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Wild Bush Hogs on Rampage in Bong, One Student Killed, Several Flee Their Farms

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At least one person has been killed by rampaging bush hogs in Bong County, according to reports reaching the Daily Observer.

The Daily Observer has also gathered that scores of residents of Gou Village in Sanoyea District, Bong County, have fled their farmlands to escape the wrath of wild bush hogs in the area.

Confirming the reports, James Parker, Town Chief of Gou, said the deceased, a student of the Vessele Felemen Public School in Gou, had gone out on his routine hunting for bush meat when he was attacked and killed by the bush hogs.

The incident, according to the Town Chief, has also moved the administration of the school to shut down its doors for fear that students who walk for miles to access the school might be attacked along the way by the marauding beats.

Already, several rice and cassava farms have been destroyed by the wild animals in several parts of the village, forcing residents to abandon all agriculture activities in that area. In fact, women are no longer allowed to go fetch water from creeks or streams by themselves. They have to be accompanied by a band of men brandishing single barrel guns to ensure their safety.

“It has been two weeks since the group of men with single barrel guns launched a search for the bush hogs. But guess what? They have not seen any of the animals up to now. But what we see every day is the destruction of farms and other areas by the wild animal. So now many villagers believe strongly that the animals are rather some mystic forces,” Chief Parker explained.

Chief Parker then warned that if nothing is done to immediately curb the situation, farming activities in that part of Bong will cease completely; something, he said, will only add to the already worsening food crisis in the county.

The Gou Town Chief then recalled that a palm wine tapper was recently trapped in a palm tree for hours because several bush hogs had besieged the tree. The tapper was later rescued by a gang of single barrel gun wielding men who had been touring the area in search of the animals.

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has already been informed about the unfolding events in Gou by authorities of Bong County, Chief Parker told the Daily Observer.

When contacted, officials at the FDA Bong County Office confirmed the situation in Gou, but blamed it on intensive subsistence farming by residents in the area. They surmised that villagers must have crossed their limit by encroaching on the habitat of the wild hogs.

The FDA officials added that they have continued their relentlessly awareness effort to inform the villagers about the need to preserve forest and wildlife.

“But it appears like the campaign has not been impactful as the locals continue to kill the animals for bush meat,” one official added.

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