Video:Dog Being Abandoned On Road

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“I found this video on-line, but aside from the date I don’t know anything else. However, Google translated the page from Portuguese to English, so I suppose it could be in Portugal; or it could be that someone from Portugal just reposted it! 

” On Sept. 29, on a dark night, one car is following another, when the car in front starts to break, the following car slows down too; however, the car following has a dash cam on board & captures the whole upsetting scene. The car in front slow’s to a stop, someone gets out with a dog…then precedes to drive off without the dog!!!”

“How utterly F-ing heartbreaking; not ashamed to say I cried. Firstly, if they didn’t want the dog, why not take the dog to a shelter etc.? Secondly, abandoning a dog on a  road (actually looks like a small town, there are houses either side for a short distance) is utterly stupid…obviously the owner had no heart & no brain.

You would think the driver of the car with the dash cam, that caught the distressing scene, would do something, wouldn’t you?  My instinct would have been to get the dog off the road & speed off to catch the car’s registration in front; then go to the police & show them the video…Sadly that’s not what happens?

See for yourself…the video doesn’t need a ‘viewer discretion’ warning…but you may need some tissues..hold & click link below, I  will also post separately to face book & Twitter, just in case some can’t access the video via the link (sorry I couldn’t attach it either).

There are some real f-ing shits that live in this world, no compassion or conscience they care about nothing & know one, except themselves, their cars, their possessions etc.” 

“I would rather live in a f-ing shed with my animals & have a heart bursting  full of compassion, empathy & love for all sentient beings; than anything else in the world, thank you! 

“Nothing justifies abandoning an animal to fend for itself; absolutely nothing & no excuses for doing so either!”

However, I am showing it in case anyone recognises the car or the dog. Has a neighbour, who’s dog that looks like the one on the video; i.e. a German Shepherd mix, vanished? Perhaps someone may note the place where it happened, if so, could be that the dog is in the towns animal shelter or that some kind soul offered it a home…I just want to know it’s ok!!

“Which ever is the case, I have been praying very hard that the dog is ok; it would be amazing if someone could tell us how & where the dog is!. The thought of it being hit by a car & laying in a ditch, or starving to death, is just too much to bear; so I’m trying to remain positive…I’m also praying that the car following actually caught up with the car who ditched the dog & got his licence plate for the police! “

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Bear hit, killed on I-64 in Henrico County

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Poor Bear, it doesn’t say whether it was male or female; hope there were no cubs! Why don’t put fencing up to protect wildlife from wandering onto the road? It would not only save their lives it could also save human lives!”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The 250-pound bear ran out into the westbound lanes just before 3 a.m. on I-64 in Henrico County .

Two cars hit the animal killing it. No one in either car was hurt.

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Maximum Sentence for Maliciously tossing Kitten and Running Over Multiple Times

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“Remember Michael Almony of Finksburg, he is the heartless bastard that ran over a kitten multiple times….Please sign the petition below to make sure this evil sicko gets what he deserves!” 

Michael Almony of Finksburg faces more than three years in jail and a $6,000 fine for throwing a kitten on the ground and running over it several times in his Ford pickup truck.

Baltimore County police arrested Almony, 59, Thursday after an anonymous person turned in a video from a parking lot that shows the incident.  

Almony Allegedly threw the kitten on the ground next to the truck, pulled forward to run the animal over, backed up and ran over it again.

The link below show Almony throwing the kitten, then get in his car to carry out the rest of this brutal killing on a little kitten.  Viewer discretion is advised.

“Seeing the video makes me hate him even more, if that’s possible…but I really hope hope he goes down for a long time! Please sign the petition below!

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Dragged Dog Recoving from Grievous Injuries, Felony Charges Against Abuser – VIDEO « For the Love of the Dog

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It was just a week ago that Jimmy Lovell, 45, of Knoxville, TN dragged the little 17-lb. terrier mix dog behind his truck for miles.Jimmy Lovell

People screaming and running after him, telling him he was dragging a dog. When he finally did stop, he grabbed the little dog, yelled and cursed at the witnesses, people who were concerned for the dog’s safety, tossed the injured dog in the truck and took off.

The 17-pound female, nicknamed “Little Brown Dog” by University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine’s doctors and staff, has horrific thermal burns from the incident but “is a fighter,” said Dr. Patti Sura, small animal surgeon. Still in the intensive care unit of the college’s John and Ann Tickle Small Animal Hospital, the dog continues to get pain medication and has been under anesthesia as her wounds are cleaned and the dead tissue removed, Sura said. She’s shown steady improvement and today ate food and stood up.

“She’s a sweetheart,” Sura said. “She’s just the nicest dog. … She’s kind of captured everyone here.”

Police charged Jimmy Lovell, 45, with one count of aggravated cruelty to animals. He was jailed in lieu of $2,500 bond.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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