PD: Animal Abuse Charges Tossed For Man In Cat Mutilation Case

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MESA, AZ (CBS5) -Mesa police said Monday they’ve tossed animal cruelty charges against a man accused of stealing and mutilating dozens of cats in Mesa, sparking outrage from a group of citizens.

The group, comprising residents and owners of the mutilated cats, has scheduled two protests against Scott Andrew Graham, 39, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Saturday at Alma School Road and Pecos Avenue, the entrance to Marlboro Mesa neighborhood in Mesa.

“Anyone that’s going to abduct 30 to 40 cats isn’t doing it just to play with them and let them go,” said protestor Lenetta Leger.

Scott Andrew Graham

“I mean, I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist or a psychologist to see there’s obviously something wrong with this man,” she continued during Tuesday’s protest.

The Maricopa County attorney’s office had referred the case back to police on Sept. 6 to gather more evidence.

“Investigative efforts have been exhausted,” Mesa police spokesman Sgt. Tony Landato said in a news release. “The decision was made to continue with only the theft charge.

Landato cited an investigation by detectives that called into question some initial facts of the case.

“Any additional or future charges are unlikely until additional evidence is developed or received that would allow the investigation to continue,” Landato said.

Tuesday, CBS 5 asked Landato for more information as to why the animal abuse charges were dropped.

“As it turns out, when we sat down with the photos of the mutilated cats and the (owners) and the photos they had, everyone was in agreement that although similar, this is not the victim’s cat,” explained Landato.

“So that’s a critical piece of evidence that now we’ve lost,” he continued.

Mesa police said Aug. 8 home surveillance video caught Graham  taking a cat from the top of a person’s vehicle in the 900 block of West Natal.

Several days later, the cat was found dead and mutilated behind a nearby strip mall where another mutilated cat was found.

On Aug. 23, police said a member of the neighbourhood watch, Ben Smith, said he saw the vehicle again and tried to catch him on his bike. The suspect allegedly threw the cat out the window and fled.

On Sept. 3, the same neighbour spotted the vehicle again, took photos and got his license plate number.

Graham was arrested on South Spruce in Mesa where he was staying with relatives.

Friday, CBS 5 News confirmed Graham was not in jail and tried to contact him at the home in Mesa. A relative answered the door and said, “No comment.”

Police said without the neighbour’s help, the arrest might not have ever happened.

“There would not have been an arrest and possibly never resulting in this case had he not had that… not just the one time but both times,” Landato said.

I was dead set on not losing this guy and getting as much photographic evidence as possible,” Smith said.

Police said Graham admitted to the theft charge and taking between 30 and 40 cats from the area. He denied harming the cats, stating he just played with them and then dropped them off at a different location.

Friday, a neighbour said she found another dead cat on Thursday.

“The neighbours think that maybe some antifreeze or something was given to the cats, so I don’t know. It was dead,” said Yolanda Fletcher.

Smith said Friday, “As soon as we found out in the neighbourhood that the charges were getting dropped, we went right back up to boosting patrols and adding surveillance cameras throughout the neighborhood.”

The suspect and his family told police he is deathly allergic to cats.

Graham was initially charged with one count of mistreatment to animals and two counts of cruelty to animals, along with one theft charge.

Video & News Link:-http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/19423081/7500-reward-for-information-about-mesa-cat-mutilations


Elgin Man Charged With Animal Cruelty After 60 Dead Cats Found In Van

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ELGIN, Ill. (CBS) – An Elgin resident faces four counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, after authorities found 60 dead cats in a van in his driveway.

WBBM Newsradio’s John Waelti reports Employees of a city landscaping contractor noticed dozens of rotting cat carcasses inside the van Wednesday morning in the 200 block of Villa Street.

The homeowner, 60-year-old William Tinkler, was taken in for questioning, and later charged with four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, and five other misdemeanor violations of Elgin city codes. He bonded out of the Elgin City Jail Wednesday night, and is due back in court at 9 a.m. Nov. 2.

Police said, as the landscaping crew was removing brush on the block, workers noticed piles of cat carcasses inside a van parked in the home’s driveway.

According to Elgin police, 60 dead cats and at least one dog were found in a van at 259 Villa Street in Elgin on Sept. 26, 2012. The owner, 60-year-old William Tinkler, is charged with animal cruelty. (Credit: Daily Herald)

Elgin Police Lt. Dan O’Shea said officers were called in to speak with Tinkler after the dead animals were found.

“He told them that he put what he thought was approximately 60 cat carcasses in his van, and possibly a dog or two, over the last couple months,” O’Shea said. “He also stated he currently had another dozen or so live cats.

Neighbors said the stench alone was unbearable.

“Oh, the smell is just terrible. See all of our kids are out here trying to play, and we can’t even have our kids out here in this area, because the smell was just terrible,” Janette Levy said.

Narweata Flowers said neighbors couldn’t even leave their windows open, because some of Tinkler’s cats might wander in.

“They comes in our window. We have to let our window down, because they comes and they pushed the screen out, and be in our house. So I used to have to just get them out every day,” she said.

Several of the live cats were captured and taken to an animal shelter for a wellness check. Officials hope to capture the other cats to have them checked out.

Neighbors believe Tinkler’s arrest might have been the only way to stop him from hoarding animals.

“I’m just glad they got rid of the cats, because it was just ridiculous,” neighbor Shavon Patrick said.

Tinkler has been given 24 hours to clean up his home before it gets tagged as unlivable.

Video & News Link:http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/09/26/60-dead-cats-found-inside-elgin-mans-van/#.UGO2lDBCgHM.facebook

In Defense Of Animals Doubles Reward In Minneapolis Cat Cruelty Case

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Reward fund now totals $2,000 to convict person(s) who stabbed and set cat on fire

Minneapolis, Minn. (August 16, 2012) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), an international animal protection organization based in California, has added $1,000 to a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever stabbed, then burned to death a cat in a Minneapolis park. This brings the total reward to $2,000.

On August 12, police responded to a call from park employees who found a dead cat in the Longfellow Park and Recreation Center, a voting location used in Tuesday’s primary election. The cat’s throat had been slit, she had been set on fire, and a small American flag had been stabbed into her body. There was also an Obama/Biden lawn flag stuck in the ground at the site. That prompted interest from the FBI, Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security, who are also investigating.

The Minnesota Federated Humane Societies (MFHS) has posted a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. “This despicable act of animal cruelty will not go unpunished,” said MFHS General Council Representative Tim Shields to WCCO, the local CBS affiliate. “Those responsible for this cruel, torturous death of a house pet will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

IDA has pledged to double that reward to encourage someone to come forward with information. “Whoever would commit this grotesque crime is a danger to us all.” said Jack Carone, Communications Director of IDA. “We know beyond a doubt that animal cruelty is a precursor to violence against humans. Someone knows something, and we ask them to come forward, both in the interest of justice for this poor animal and for the safety of the community.”

IDA urges anyone with information about this brutal killing to contact the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies at 612-866-8663. To contribute to the reward fund, please call IDA at (415) 448-0048, ext.0.

News Link:-http://www.idanews.org/ida-breaking-news/in-defense-of-animals-doubles-reward-in-minneapolis-cat-cruelty-case/

12 Arrested On Suspicion Of Staging, Participating In Dog Fights In Palmdale

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PALMDALE (CBS) — A raid in the high desert by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies led to the arrests of 12 men suspected of staging or participating in dog fights, as well as the seizure of eight animals.

Deputies went to a home in the 8900 block of Avenue T-12 in Little Rock about 7:30 p.m. Saturday following a tip of a pending fight. Upon arrival, authorities say they found eight pitbulls, as well as a dog fighting ring.

The Sheriff’s Department said the resident of the home, identified as 48-year-old Paul Manuel Wilhite, was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and dog fighting, along with:

– Kevin Benard Thomas, 46, San Bernardino;
– Adan Manzo, 36, Palmdale;
– Jeffrey Reyes Tedtaotao, 36, Bellflower;
– Cornelius Bailey, 58, Barstow;
– Cornelius Bailey III, 35, Compton;
– Theron Lee Mahone, 44, Los Angeles;
– Julio A. Chavez, 47, Orange;
– Herman Ceasar, 62, San Bernardino;
– Jeremy Maril Anderson, 43, Victorville;
– Miguel Angel Leon, 37, Littlerock;
– George Allen Jones, 60, Lancaster.

The suspects are expected to be arraigned on Tuesday. They were being held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Wilhite was additionally booked on three outstanding traffic warrants totaling $199,000.

Under state law, a property owner can be charged with a felony for permitting dog-fighting on his or her property.

Video & News Link:http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/06/24/12-arrested-on-suspicion-of-staging-participating-in-dog-fights-in-palmdale/

10-week-old puppy thrown from moving car survives – Video

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MCDONOUGH, GA (CBS ATLANTA) – Video Link below

A 10-week-old boxer puppy who was reportedly thrown out the window of a moving car in front of the Clayton County Animal Care and Control Facility is recovering at a local animal hospital.

The puppy, named Dozer by his rescuers, is now recovering at the McDonough Animal Hospital where Veterinarian Erica Ortiz is caring for him.

“He was launched basically from the passenger window, they didn’t even slow down, they just threw him out into the parking lot,” Ortiz said.

All four of Dozer’s legs were bandaged up after the pads on his feet were torn up when he was thrown onto asphalt. The wounds were so deep that bones and ligaments were exposed. His abdomen was also scraped.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Department released a photo of a 21-year-old Quincy Egbon McDonnell, who witnesses said they saw throw Dozer out of the moving car. Authorities were still investigating whether or not they could charge McDonnell with animal cruelty.

The heartless BSD that did it!

Once Dozer is healed, he can be adopted. Several families have already expressed interest in him.

If you want to help pay for his medical bills, you can donate by calling the McDonough Animal Hospital and donating to the Partners for Pets fund in Dozer’s honor. Just call (770) 957-3927.

Video & News Link:-http://www.kctv5.com/story/18626169/10-week-old-puppy-thrown-out-of-moving-car

Dog Found Burned, Impaled In Manchester, NH

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Video at link below – “I’ll bet it was kids!”

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Police in Manchester are investigating a horrible case of animal abuse. A small dog was discovered impaled and burned on a wooded trail near a complex of Little League fields.

“I came across what I thought was a stump,” said Francis Smith, who was walking his dog on the path this morning. “I thought someone just lit a fire in the middle of the path. After looking closer at it, It realized it was a little puppy.” He called 911.

Police later figured out it wasn’t a puppy, but an older small breed. They say it was either a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian that had been stabbed with a small stick.

A charred spot on the ground remained as children gathered for baseball hours later. “I was absolutely disgusted that my kids are running around here,” said Casey Level. “That is quite disturbing,” added Shawn Wilson, who was there with his children.

Neighbors on the other side of the path were also troubled by the news. “It takes a sick person to do something like that,” said Mary Godzyk, who said she did not hear anything overnight. Police say the dog was left there sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

News Link:-http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/05/21/dog-found-burned-impaled-by-stick-in-manchester-nh/

Alleged abuse at GW Exotic Animal Park seen on tape

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There are more captive tigers in the U.S. today than there are in the wild throughout the world.

The popularity of exotic pets, such as tigers, lions, bears, even monkeys, has touched off a fierce debate between owners and animal activists.

Critics point to a recent tragedy in Zanesville, Ohio.

Five exotic animals were returned to an eastern Ohio farm earlier this month. It was a painful reminder of the day last October when owner Terry Thompson released 56 such animals before, police said, committing suicide.

Forty-eight of his animals were eventually killed by authorities concerned over public safety, pushing Ohio lawmakers to author a bill restricting private ownership of exotic pets.

Arguably, one of the loudest, most defiant voices on the front lines of the big cat debate is that of Joe Schreibvogel, owner of GW Exotic Animal Park outside Oklahoma City.

He’s had run-ins with regulators.

What is he standing up for?

“The American right (in the) Constitution to be able to own whatever I want to own, as long as it’s legal.”

State laws on private ownership of wild animals are all over the map.

GW Exotic is licensed by the federal government because it’s open to the public – charging admission to come very close to what Schreibvogel calls the largest “refuge” for “unwanted” animals in the world.

Rolling out over 54 acres, it’s home to nearly 170 big cats: lions, tigers, leopards, and about 800 other animals of every size and stripe, including camels and exotic birds.

He also runs a controversial breeding program, selling tiger cubs – only to zoos, he says – for up to $5,000 each and, at the same time, cross-breeding exotics like “ligers,” a cross between a lion and tiger, and even what he calls a tuliger, a mix of a liger and a tiger.

Does Schreibvogel have a background in zoology or veterinary medicine?

“I grew up a farm kid, and that’s pretty much my background,” he replied.

Over the years, GW Exotic has come under scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for concerns ranging from “public contact with dangerous animals” to a “lack of physical barriers.

Armen Keteyian spoke with “CBS This Morning” co-hosts Erica Hill and Charlei Rose about the state of regulation of exotic animal ownership across the country, and about what it was like being so close to wild animals in GW Exotic Animals Park.

Records show that, in 2006, it had its license suspended for two weeks and paid $25,000 for “facilities violations”.

It is currently under investigation by the USDA for the death of 23 tiger cubs between 2009-2010.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, says, “If something does go wrong, it can happen on a scale and on a magnitude that we have not seen before in this country.”

The Humane Society was so concerned it recently sent an activist undercover into GW Exotics, posing as an employee.

“If he don’t want to walk,” Schreibvogel says as he’s seen in an undercover video smacking a cub, “smack him in the ass and make him walk.”

The undercover operative documented what the Humane Society calls alarming and abusive behavior.

Other undercover video shows a tiger being hit on the nose and a tiger being dragged on gravel.

In another incident on tape, a boy was suddenly attacked while interacting with a young tiger, and began screaming.

“Any person with any whit of common sense,” says Pacelle, “knows that large, predatory animals are going to lash out at people. That’s why sensible organizations say you have to keep people and dangerous wild animals separate.”

CBS News showed the undercover video to Schreibvogel, who charged the incident with the boy was “set up” by the Humane Society.

Is he saying the Humane Society would put a little boy in harm’s way?

“Oh, hell yeah, in a heartbeat,” Schreibvogel replied. “I am saying Wayne Pacelle would stoop low enough to put a little kid at risk to get his agenda, so he could continue to get money.”

Pacelle called that “a desperate and pitiful comment. Joe Schreibvogel has a history … of allowing private citizens, patrons, tourists to interact with his animals.”

Told that Pacelle had called GW Exotic “a ticking time bomb” potentially 10 times worse than Zainesville, Schreibvogel responded, “It is a ticking time bomb – if somebody thinks they’re going to walk in here and take my animals away, it’s going to be a small Waco.

Questioned about the highly emotive comparison by CBS News, he responded: “It’s a very powerful statement, because I have poured my entire life into what I do, to care for animals. Nobody is going to walk in here and freely shut me down and take my rights away from me as long as I am not breaking the law.”

Schreibvogel says he believes in regulation, but only in what he calls the “right” regulation, whatever that may be.

To see Armen Keteyian’s report, which has some of the undercover video, click on the video in the player above.

News Link:-http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57435200/alleged-abuse-at-gw-exotic-animal-park-seen-on-tape

Canyon Lake Residents Warned About Impending Release Of Convicted Cat Killer

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(Warning: Story is graphic)

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Members of an animal rights group are alerting Canyon Lake residents about the imminent release from prison of a man twice-convicted of mutilating and killing cats.

Timothy Arie Kooyman will be paroled next month from Avenal State Prison, apparently returning to Canyon Lake to live with his parents.

In January 2011, Kooyman was sentenced to two years, eight months for torturing and killing three cats in a Corona motel room. After serving just more than half of his sentence, the 28-year-old convicted felon is being released based on good behavior.

“Many, many house pets and young children live in Canyon Lake. We’re not advocating vigilantism, but people need to be aware that he will be among them,” Contra Costa County-based Voices for Pets founder Leroy Moyer told City News Service.

This week, Moyer and other members of the group began emailing, snail-mailing and hand-distributing more than 500 fliers about the Kooyman case and advising residents to keep their animals safe and secure. Canyon Lake is a gated community with a population of 11,000.

The flier notes that the majority of serial killers “have a background of cruelty to animals.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation would not disclose what date Kooyman will be released from prison, saying only it would be sometime in the latter part of June.

Kooyman was already serving the last few months of a five-year prison term in 2010 for animal cruelty and arson in Rancho Cucamonga when Riverside County prosecutors — after repeated requests from Voices for Pets and other animal rights advocates — filed charges against him in connection with the Corona case.

According to trial testimony, while staying at the National Inn just off the Riverside (91) Freeway, Kooyman took possession of three cats — a calico, a black-and-white tabby and a Siamese — he lured to his motel room with food.

Kooyman bragged about snapping the calico’s legs and running over it with his truck, a detective testified. He said Kooyman became mad when the black-and-white cat “wouldn’t love him” and reportedly sliced hit the cat’s stomach and torso with two hacks from an axe, then decapitated the dying animal.

Kooyman killed the Siamese last, first attempting to drown it and later cutting her open with a scalpel.

“He’s a sociopath. He cannot stop,” Moyer says. “He is addicted to the power of inflicting suffering. He actually gets off on it. What he did — it’s the worst of the worst.

In the San Bernardino County case, Kooyman cut off several cats’ tails with scissors and set one ablaze while it was still alive, tossing the animal into a bush, igniting a small brush fire, according to investigators.

News Link:-http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/05/04/canyon-lake-residents-warned-about-impending-release-of-convicted-cat-killer/

Friendship isn’t just between humans!!

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“I would like to share with you an old piece of news, that I came across again whilst looking for another file. I want to show it again for those who haven’t seen it, to remind us how truly amazing animals really are & how they share so many of our emotions like love, trust, happiness & sadness; it’s so sad, that some humans just don’t get it!  Below is there story…”  

Bella, a stray dog and Tarra, a retired Asian elephant who live at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee became best buds.  They were considered inseparable.  They played together, ate together and slept together.  Their level of love and trust was something to behold.

That special bond was tested when Bella suffered a spinal cord injury a couple years ago.  Not able to walk, Bella was living inside the sanctuary office.  Tarra stood vigil outside for three weeks.  Staff finally carried Bella outside for Tarra to see.  It seems the unconditional love and dedicated caring helped Bella get better.

Watch Tarra lovingly rub Bella’s belly in a CBS follow-up video.  Trust like that is a rare sight to behold.  Eventually Bella improved and returned to her residence with Tarra and continued to frolic among the 2,700 acres of wooded land with her BFF.

Sad news was reported on Friday by The Elephant Sanctuary.  Bella is dead; the presumed victim of a coyote attack.  “As soon as we realized Bella was missing on Tuesday morning, the staff launched a Sanctuary-wide search, which continued into the next day. Late Wednesday morning, Bella’s body was discovered close to the barn Tarra shares with Bella and five other elephants,” states Steve Smith, Director of Elephant Husbandry.

Robert Atkinson, CEO of The Elephant Sanctuary, wrote a heartfelt Goodbye to Bella.  In it, he explains where Bella was finally found and why they believe Tarra was the one to initially find Bella and carry her back.

Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee:- Heartfelt letter – Goodbye Bella

Story covered via Care2:-  Elephant Tarra Mourns Bella the Dog | Care2 Causes.

Goodbye Bella, fondest memories, never forgotten!

The amazing elephant sanctuary in Tennessee:- http://www.elephants.com/aboutSanctuary.php

Video – Petition to remove dogs from abuse – National animal advocacy | Examiner.com

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York County, PA:  A shocking video recorded over several days by a concerned advocate has been made public, which depicts York County resident Nena Wise committing acts of sodomy and abuse with her eight Huskies.  As reported by CBS 21 News, an investigation by the York County SPCA as well as a criminal investigation are currently underway.  (Source.)

This incredibly disturbing video, which is provided here with this article, shows Nena Wise sodomizing the dogs repeatedly, one to the point where he could barely walk.  (The assumption is that she is doing this in order to force the dogs to defecate on command.)  She also beats them, yanks their necks around almost 180 degrees, kicks them and screams at them.  The dogs are clearly in pain during these recorded acts of abuse.

The neighbor, Sandy McAfee from Manchester Township, had been heartbroken over the things she had witnessed Nena Wise doing to the helpless dogs, and decided to record it over several days to try to get something done to remove the dogs from the home.  She began recording the video last August in order to have concrete proof to provide to authorities, ultimately turning over a copy of the video to the York County SPCA officials.

For six months Ms. McAfee has tried to get something done, even posting the video on Facebook and networking it throughout social media.  While she was told by the YCSPCA they were looking into the situation, the abuse has continued.  Thankfully Ms. McAfee did not give up and has continued to ask that something be done about this horrible situation, so these dogs would no longer be subjected to the daily abuse.

A petition has been drawn up, directed to the YCSPCA, asking that all animals be removed from the home of Nena Wise immediately.  Please consider adding your signature to this petition, so that hopefully these innocent lives can be spared any more of these horrendous daily acts of bestiality and cruelty.  You can access the petitionhere or at the link provided below.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Video evidence of sodomy and other abuse of dogs (Petition) – National animal advocacy | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/animal-advocacy-in-national/petition-to-remove-dogs-from-abusive-home#ixzz1nt6D4p7k

Now that CBS 21 News has brought the video the attention of the public, advocates are outraged and are demanding that action be taken to save these dogs immediately.  The reports from CBS 21 News are that now, not only is the YCSPCA conducting an investigation, but there is also a criminal investigation underway as well.  It has been an agonizing six months for Ms. McAfee to have to continue to bear witness to what these helpless dogs have had to endure every single day.  (Source.)

The dogs had been given to Nena Wise by various rescue organizations, with two of them being blind.  Attempts are now underway by some of the rescue organizations to get the dogs they gave to Wise taken away from her and returned to their care.
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