CHESTER, Pa. – June 14, 2012 (WPVI) — Delaware County SPCA is working to nurse another abused dog back to health after he was found near death in a Chester basement on Tuesday.

Precious needs precious care after the three year old Black Pit Bull Terrier mix was found in the basement of a Chester home wasting away.

“Makes me want to cry,” said Justina Calgiano from the SPCA. “I think that’s probably everybody’s reaction, but you look at the light in her eyes and that’s what we all hold on to.”

The Delaware County SPCA says maintenance workers in the 2600 block of West 6th Street found what looked like skeletal remains of an animal last Tuesday.

The workers soon realized the dog was still alive, barely hanging on.

Precious was 17 pound. The SPCA says she should be at 50 pounds. She can’t walk, hold up her head or make a sound.

“It takes people being on the lookout. It takes neighbors and workers. People being the eyes and ears for these animals,” Calgiano says.

Precious is receiving around the clock care, which includes a hand full of food every two hours along with a cup of water given by syringe. She is also flipped every four hours to prevent bedsores.

“She is extremely critical,” says Dr. Kimberly Boudwin. “Her red blood cell count was extremely low, almost to the fatal range, so if she didn’t have immediately vet care, she probably would have not lasted much longer.”

The SPCA cited Precious’ former owner Elvin Seals with animal cruelty Thursday.

Attempts to reach him at home were unsuccessful.

The landlord told Action news that Seals does not legally live at the address, and that renters are not even allowed to have pets.

Investigators say a family member told them that Precious’ mother, Angel, died in similar conditions, in the basement two years ago.

“It looks like the dog is hurting. I mean they shouldn’t let the dog live that long like that. They should have gotten rid of the dog if they couldn’t take care of it,” said James Rooks.

Precious has the same doctor who treated Curious George, another neglected dog introduced on Action News last October.

“Since George found such a wonderful home and is a thriving 80 pounds today, we hope the same for Precious,” said Calgiano.

The Delaware County SPCA says donation would help Precious get the care she needs to get healthy again.

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