Miami Woman Arrested for KILLING Animals While Performing Sex Acts for Horrific Fetish Videos

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  • Police say Sara Zamora mutilated and beat to death chickens while performing sex acts on camera
  • She also karate-chopped and killed rabbits and other animals, cops said
  • The heinous acts were filmed for a fetish video titled ‘SOS Barn’

A Miami woman faces up to 40 years in jail after being charged with an unthinkable crime – killing animals while performing sex acts for fetish videos.

Sara Zamora’

Sara Zamora, 28, decapitated chickens, beat rabbits to death and more for sexual gratification, Miami-Dade Police claimed.

The sickening videos were filmed at the Homestead home of Adam Redford, 54, of Homestead, said cops. He declined comment when reached by MailOnline.

An arrest report cited by the Miami Herald details the horrors carried out by Zamora and others in a video called ‘SOS Barn.’

Zamora and other women were shown in the the video ‘torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of its viewers,’ said the report.

The mortifying video is part of a genre of pornography called ‘crush,’ according to the paper.

Zamora is said by police to have been groping a man’s genitals with her left hand while ‘repeatedly cutting a chicken’s neck using hedge clippers with her right’ in one video.

Other videos had her scantily clad while ‘hacking off the head of another screaming bird, or [beating] chickens to death with a wooden stick.’

She is also shown karate-chopping the necks of rabbits while they howled in pain, police said, adding that she admitted to killing them.

’I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast because I would have puked all over the place,’ the woman’s defence attorney told the paper after he viewed portions of the video in court. ‘It was disgusting.’

Redford was already on parole for a similar animal cruelty violation last year, he has yet to be charged in the heinous crimes.

Adam Renford (right), he has yet to be charged but has a prior animal cruelty conviction

The ship captain’s website boasts that he has ‘been a part of many video productions related to South Florida fishing.’

Zamora’s Model mayhem profile, in which she goes by Gloria Shynez, talks up her ‘Middle-Eastern look,’ which she says ‘distinguishes from many models.

‘I am so excited to see what fun, beautiful shots we create together!’

Other Florida listings for a Gloria Shynez appear on Tampa Foot Party, tickle fetish sites and on another site that claims she ‘is a hot model available for nude and fetish custom videos.’

Her rates are flexible and she is ‘extremely easy to work with,’ according to her Model Mayhem profile.

Zamora was was hit with eight felony counts of animal cruelty, each carries a maximum five year prison sentence if convicted.

She was already on parole for a litany of criminal charges including grant theft with a firearm, multiple counts of credit card fraud, holding a fake driver’s license and multiple drug possession counts, records showed.

The repeat offender had been in jail for the past month after violating the terms of her parole by failing a drug test, according to the paper.

She was due to be set free and was arrested only hours before her scheduled release.

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Lisbon Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges

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LISBON – A Lisbon area man has been charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty following an investigation by an agent of the Humane Society of Columbiana County.

In Columbiana County Municipal Court on Monday, a July 18 pretrial was set for Thomas Henry, 69, Shady Lane, Lisbon. The 10 counts of animal cruelty followed two visits to Henry’s home, as well as reports from concerned neighbors.

Court documents allege that on April 21 a county humane agent found numerous live chickens, four to six goats and a calf in a small shed with one dead calf, a decaying goat carcass and a number of dead chickens. There was no food or water.

On May 7, someone reported to the humane officer that Henry was abusing his dog by putting a chain around its neck, yanking it off its feet and punching it in the face, neck and back. At that time, Henry reportedly threatened to shoot the dog.

While executing a search warrant on the property on May 9, the humane officer reportedly found 32 chickens and seven pygmy goats living in a shed without food or water with some of the chickens emaciated or diseased. One chicken reportedly was stuck with its head between the walls of the shed and the other chickens were eating it alive.

Additionally, two dead chickens were found in cages and there were two dead decaying calves and a goat carcass in the shed. A third decaying calf was found on the back porch and a deceased, decaying dog was found outside the entrance to the shed. Two dogs were found tied with chains, without dog boxes or shelters and without food or water.

In an unrelated case, Henry was fined $25 after he pleaded guilty to failure to confine his dog after numerous complaints of it running off his property and nearly being hit by vehicles.


Animal rights group contacts accused chicken killer

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SALISBURY — A national animal rights organization has sent a letter asking the Delmar man accused of killing almost 70,000 chickens to become a vegetarian as “penance” for his alleged actions.

The group, Mercy for Animals, also sent a Vegetarian Starter Kit with tips and recipes to Joshua D. Shelton, 21, using the Wicomico County Department of Corrections address. The letter is dated Aug. 30.

Shelton allegedly turned off the power to farmer Mark Shockley’s Delmar chickenhouses, which killed nearly 70,000 chickens that became deprived of food, water and cooling fans, according to charging documents. He faces burglary, malicious destruction of property, trespassing and animal cruelty charges.

Shockley, who estimated his total loss at about $25,000, said he doesn’t feel becoming a vegetarian is the solution for Shelton.

“I think, first of all, he should give his life to God, and I’m not a real religious person, but I do believe in God,” Shockley said.

He also said an incident like this shows how going too far with alcohol affects innocent people.

The boy should pay for this,” Shockley said. “He should have time to sit and think about what he did. And that’s what jail is for.

Mercy for Animals, which is headquartered in California, found out about the incident through the media, according to Matt Rice, its director of investigations.

Rice said the organization had read that Shelton did feel some remorse about the incident.

“This is the perfect opportunity for Mr. Shelton to prove he means what he says,” Rice said.

Much of the letter goes into what the lives of billions of factory-farmed chickens in the U.S. are like.

Mail sent to inmates is normally from family, friends or attorneys, said WCDC Director George Kaloroumakis.

“This is a first that I’m aware of,” Kaloroumakis said. “But I’m sure it’s not the first time someone who’s incarcerated has received a letter from an organization.”

Kaloroumakis described having a news release sent about the letter sent to an inmate as “something out of the norm.

As for the incident itself, Shockley said, “It’s been a very bizarre, hard-to-believe, devastating thing for us.”

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To read the letter sent to Joshua Shelton by Mercy for Animals,

Owner of slaughtered pets ignored

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A WONDUNNA family that watched two canines butcher its dog, cat and five chickens a fortnight ago will not be told if the killing dogs are brought to justice.

The disillusioned owners of the slaughtered pets have labelled privacy laws preventing any information being shared with the wider community as unfair.

A frustrated Shane Horton said he learnt the attacking canines had been released after a family member visited the council pound.

The Wondunna family who watched its pet dog, cat and five chickens killed will not be informed of the attacking dogs’ fate.

He said he had expected compliance officers to contact him as owner of the killed dog, cat and five chickens to share their investigation outcomes.

“I just think it’s poor communication, especially when you’re the person effected by the attack,” Mr Horton said.

“The other person gets their animal back, they get communicated with – so they get all the advantages of communication, get their dogs back and we get no information.

“I just don’t see how that is particularly fair, especially when you have been effected by such a vicious assault and you don’t get to know what happens as a repercussion of that type of event.”

Mayor Gerard O’Connell defended the council’s decision saying it must follow state laws.

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Related Incident July 24th:-ROAMING dogs left nothing alive when they went on a vicious rampage in the backyard of a suburban home.

Family pets of 15 years were amongst the animals slaughtered as the dogs savaged anything that moved.

The Horton family of Wondunna made the gruesome discovery when they went out to investigate barking dogs in the early hours of yesterday morning.

It’s thought their pet chihuahua Huey was dragged from its kennel and killed while trying to protect the yard.

“He’s always defending this place, he is blind and he is going deaf,” long-time owner Lynley Horton said. Their tortoiseshell coloured cat named Beeps was also mauled to death, as were the family’s five hens – Capa, Mocha, Coffee, Nesi and Choco.

An understandably upset owner Ms Horton said her eldest child was first to notice the attack and alerted her husband.

Both of the dogs had a collar apparently,” Ms Horton said.

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