Charges sought against 3 kids for kitten abuse

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“I am lost for words…only tears flow!”

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Animal shelter officials want three California youngsters charged for hurting a trio of kittens, including one that was bashed against a wall and had to be euthanized.

A witness reported seeing two girls and a boy, all of them under 10 years old, abusing the kittens in Watsonville on Sunday evening.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ( says a county animal shelter manager found the kittens in the street.

One of the kittens had a severe brain injury, apparently from being thrown against a wall. It was euthanized.

Two other kittens had rope tied around their necks, restricting their breathing. They survived.

A witness identified the youngsters for authorities.

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter officials have asked authorities to charge them with felony animal cruelty.


Kitten Abuse Case Appalls Animal Lovers

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“OMG…Writing through tears, again…What possess a child to do something like this? Are they seeing abusive treatment at home? Is it peer pressure? Is it a loss of self esteem due to bad parenting? I don’t know, but somebody needs to find out before it’s too late! Whatever it is, those kids new what they were doing, if the police can’t find the kid who admits to it, then all those present, should pay the consequences of their spiteful actions! R.I.P. little guy!!”

Animal control officers in Jackson believe a group of middle school-age kids are the ones who abused a stray kitten inside a Jackson mobile home park Friday night.

They said the kitten was hurt so badly, they had to euthanize it.

Lupe Morales said she is terrified of letting her dogs out because she is afraid someone might hurt them.

“I have three dogs and I would feel really bad if someone did anything to mine,” Morales said.

And that is what happened Friday night, when animal control workers said a Rolling Acres Mobile Estates resident saw several 10 to 12-year-olds abusing a four-week-old stray kitten.

“The report that we got from the caller was they were throwing the cat in the air, and letting it fall to the ground repeatedly,” said Jackson Animal Control Officer Whitney Owen.

Jackson animal control officers said they took the kitten to a local veterinarian to assess his injuries, but the vet had to put him down.

According to officers, the last time they had to euthanize an animal from something like this was in 2010. Animal control said it gets two to three animal abuse calls a month.

“We have a pretty serious cat overpopulation issue in that area [Rolling Acres] and so strays are a daily problem,” Owen said. Workers said they get so many calls from there, that they have to put out live traps, but they only help for so long.

“With such a high volume of people, you’ve got a lot of pets, and a lot of cats, and you know, that one cat’s great grandmother may have an owner, but since she had a litter of kittens, and then that litter of kittens has had kittens, nobody owns them at this point. Several people feed them, but nobody claims ownership,” Owen said.

Morales said she is not surprised after hearing about the kitten abuse, but still she is saddened at what happened. “They should have to pay for what they did because that was an animal that they hurt,” she said.

Animal control officers told 7 Eyewitness News they seized two other kittens that are being cared for by a veterinarian until they can be adopted.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Jackson Animal Control at (731) 425-8545, or the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

Video & News Link:- (Sorry but since Vodpod merged with Lockerz, it’s not easy to attach videos, basically because the new program we have to use is crap!.) 

“The face book link where I found the picture, has this to say…”

This 4 week old male kitten was tortured (thrown against a wall which lead to one of its eyes exploding, they attempted to drown it 3 times in motor oil, beat it with sticks) the police were called and the kitten was seized to be humanely put to sleep.

No one would step up to say exactly who the childeren were…..all that was disclosed was that it was 2 boys and 2 girls of Hispanic decent between the ages of 10-12 years old. RIP sweet kitten.

Please keep your eyes and ears open people you if you even think an animal is being abused call your local PD or ACO…….we are the only help these innocent animals have!! Two other kittens were found and seized along this one and are in custody with Barn Cats Rescue to be vetted and then will be available for adoption. All donations are appreciated and all adopters are welcome.

“The kids that did this,  will probably be the animal & human abusers of the future, unless it’s corrected now! At 10 years of age a child knows right from wrong, so they knew they were causing it pain! They need to pay for this, some how! It’s hard due to their ages but they need to suffer the consequences of their heinous actions now!”

Children warned not to chase wild bear cubs

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Sudbury police are urging people to stay away from wild animals after this incident, and after another bear cub was reportedly chased.

On Sunday, Sudbury police received a complaint that as many as five children with hockey sticks were chasing a bear cub in New Sudbury.  Where the hell are the parents, whilst  that poor bear cub was being abused by children?? They sure as hell would have appeared sharpish if the mother bear had got hold of one of the children…but then it would have been shot, for trying to protect it’s baby!! 

It’s the second report from Sudbury police since May involving children who chased and teased a bear. “If the parents don’t treat animals with respect & kindness, the children won’t either!”

Police are reminding people that bear cubs often have adult bears nearby.

Parents have been urged to speak to their children and reinforce that it is dangerous to go near wild animals.

In the case of the bear cub that was tied down, police said that when a crowd gathered, the mother bear — who was nearby with another cub — became agitated. “I’m not bloody surprised the mum was agitated, the stupid stunt could have ended with not only the cub dying but also a human tragedy! ” Could this be the reason bears are circling towns, if their cub has been chased by kids or hurt?” 

News Link:-

Speak out: Paws and posts – Child Animal Abusers

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

IN THIS time when teenage satisfactions are determined by “likes” and “follows,” a one-month old kitten is killed and a puppy is hang dried.

Gone are the days when brutality only meant savage human killings and cannibalism. Tweets and statuses replace the 300-pages pad-locked diaries. Photos, in one click, spread through virtual albums. A boy is convicted of ‘animal cruelty’ because of a blog post. Another teenage lad is being sought after by the police after posting pictures of a cute puppy pinned in a clothesline.

The cat-killer’s name is Joseph Carlo Candare. He was a Physics student of the University of the Philippines when the news broke. His blurry pictures flashed through the screens when he blogged about the death of Tengteng – a stray cat he killed on 2009.

“I pulled it (the cat) on its tail and threw it. Then like some pro wrestler I jumped on it and my feet landed on its torso. Slam! Felt good,” Candare wrote on his blog.

It was yet a short time after the post when ‘animal-loving’ netizens condemned him. Posters of him ‘wanted alive or dead’ ran through different websites. Pages in FB speaking he should be slammed too had been a hit.

It was an instant shame, not fame. And it’s funny how people have been too cruel for a person which once had been ‘cruel’ to animals. The non-mention of his name in the television news was futile because he became a wanted celebrity in the virtual world.

Two years after, he pleaded guilty of animal cruelty filed by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). He was convicted with a P1,000 fine and voluntary works in PAWS, taking care 200 abandoned and maltreated cats.
His was the first successful conviction of someone accused of animal cruelty in the Philippines. He learned his lesson. But other teens did not seem to have learned the same.

Another teenage boy is facing charges of animal cruelty.

Read more, News Link:-

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