Missing Dog Reunited With Family After Being Found Badly Beaten

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“OMG…literally sickened, what makes a person want to do such a heartless, heinous thing to an innocent dog? Is it an anger problem, do they despise dogs so much, or is it done purely for fun…I would say the latter!! Somebody know’s who did it, if it’s teenage knob heads, they will be bragging about it…if it’s an older person, they might not appear to be their normal selves. Please help find those responsible, if they have done it once, they will do it again; only next time the dog or a child may not live! ” 

Dusk, a 7-year-old black mixed breed, was found in very bad shape last Friday morning in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She had clearly been beaten in the head.

Dusk found with fracture to skull which may make her lose her eyesight.


She is recovering well, but the beating was significant enough to fracture her skull and make her lose her eye sight.

Bucks County Emergency Dispatcher Jessica Finnell received a call from a shop owner for an injured dog on Friday morning around 8 a.m. The call caused Finnell to break down into tears. Dusk was found sitting in a parking lot, avoiding people and had visibly been beaten in the head.

The beating was so hard that her eyes had come out of their sockets!

We need to catch the cold hearted BxxxxxD that did this! If you know anything, I beg you to please contact the police; protecting whoever did this means you are allowing it to happen…it could be a child next…do you want that on your conscious?? 

Animal Control Officer Thomas Morris took Dusk to a nearby veterinary clinic where they were able to put her eyes back in the sockets, but there is little chance she will be able to see again. Dusk sustained multiple skull fractures, but lacked any abrasions or road rash that would indicate she had been hit by a car. The veterinarian explained that if someone takes a bat to a dog’s head it can often lead to the eyes popping out. The veterinarian believes this is what happened to Dusk.

Finnell was still thinking about the call on Friday night. She decided to visit the veterinary clinic and check up on Dusk. Finnell would end up taking Dusk home with her. She didn’t intend to keep Dusk permanently but wanted to give her a home until a proper one could be found.

She started a ChipIn fund to help care for Dusk, who was easily adapting to living with Finnell and her family. Dusk was well-behaved, housebroken and was good with Finnell’s children. Finell suspected that Dusk might have a family.

Dusk did have a family and they spent all weekend looking for her. Marie Walkgorski and her son William Schilling became very concerned when Dusk didn’t show up for her food on Friday. They spent all Friday, Saturday and Sunday looking for the dog but couldn’t find her. They didn’t realize that the township had recently added Saturday hours for animal control calls, so they didn’t call until Monday. Walkgorski was so worried she c couldn’t sleep all weekend.

On Monday Waligorski saw a story online about an injured dog found in Bristol Township and instantly recognized the dog as Dusk. Animal Control checked video and pictures of the dog and checked the county dog license number to confirm that Dusk was there dog. Finnell returned Dusk to Waligorski and Schilling on Tuesday. “She was excited, tail-wagging. She seems happy that they were there,” Finnell said. “I’m happy for her. I miss her like crazy but I’m happy she is back in her home and can have some of her normal life back.”

Dusk’s family discovered after reviewing home surveillance footage that she had been jumping their 6-foot back-yard fence almost every night, leaving around 2 a.m. and returning around 7 a.m. Dusk prefers to spend her time outdoors in the family’s fenced-in backyard, they keep a dog house out there for her. Unfortunately, Dusk’s escape on Friday morning led to an encounter with someone who likely beat her with a bat. Someone her family and authorities want to find.

Her family is horrified that someone could do something so horrible to their sweet dog. “It’s so crazy to know it was so close to home. It’s something you don’t really imagine happening,” Schilling said. “It’s really hard to take it all in that someone could really do that to a creature that has been nothing but loving.”

Animal Control Officer Morris is determined to find those responsible for hurting Dusk and plans to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Finnell plans to keep the ChipIn fund open to continue to help Dusk and her medical needs.

The ChipIn can be found here for those wishing to donate.

“Anyone knowing anything contact Bucks County, Animal Control Pennsylvania. Sorry don’t know the number”

News Link:http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/10/missing-dog-reunited-with-family-after-being-found-badly-beaten/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LifeWithDogs+%28Life+With+Dogs%29

Update on Xena The Warrior Puppy

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“WOW…what a transformation, I can’t believe how far she has come in such a short time. I donated a few dollars but honestly thought it would pay for another dog! How wrong we all were. It just show’s with the right love & attention, these throw away dogs can become the centre of someone’s family. To be loved, snuggled up to whilst watching TV, & making you laugh with their silly antics.”

“Her story has touched many people, probably because of her amazing spirit to live! Please don’t pass these dogs off as untouchables, they all have the biggest hearts & just want to share their love with someone…& ask very little in return!!”

“If you can afford to donate a few dollars, it all adds up, hopefully when the next case comes along, the fee’s will be there to literally pay for their lives. If you donate & see the transformation, it makes one feel a part of their healing, & is such a joy to behold, knowing that you helped save a life, is the best feeling in the world”

When we rescued Xena we had no idea if she would make it through the day.

We took her to the vet hoping that she may eventually pull through. We were shocked to see how quickly she responded and amazed by her will to live.

This girl’s story of survival has touched more people than we will ever know. In honor of Xena’s one month anniversary, we’d like to raise funds to help more shelter pets in need.

There are many animals in need at Dekalb County Animal Services every day. Xena is one of the lucky ones.

We hope that we can raise enough money to help/treat more animals that need our help

ChipIn Link to donate:-http://dekalbanimals.chipin.com/xenas-dekalb-fund

“Take a look at Xena’s page below, see the pictures as she grew up into one of the cutest little things ever. God bless her & all those who worked so hard to save her!” 

Xena’s Face Book page:-https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xena-the-Warrior-Puppy/273998769379101?ref=stream

UPDATE: Kenneth the Dog Whose Face Was Almost Sliced Off Has Had His Re-Construction Surgery

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“Update on beautiful Kenneth….Oh this truly is wonderful to see, I knew they would be able to repair his face & make him beautiful again. I made a small donation via ChipIn, it’s so gratifying to see that any money donated has been spent on making Kenneth beautiful again of course there is all the after care medications to think of too. If surgery is done Pro-Bono, then donations will be used for medical attention, medications, supplies etc. Thank you to anyone who donated, doesn’t it feel great to know you played a small part in making his surgery possible; & giving Kenneth his life back. Not sure if he will remain with the person that rescued him.

“Now all they need to do is find the evil POS that did this to Kenneth!” 

Many thanks to the team at IRO  (Island Rescue Organization) & CSDC (Cebu South Dog Club) for making this happen!

“Kenneth send his LOVE to all who made this possible!”

ERRATUM: the date on the PHOTO should be October 9, 2012, NOT as posted as October “7”. We sincerely apologize for the error.

Kenneth’s first PUBLIC post surgery photo. Taken October 9, 2012. 16 Hours After his successful re-construction surgical operation (surgery was made on October 8, 2012; around 6PM PH Time, +8 GMT).

Kenneth after surgery!

This is the SAME photo we have furnished the press/media today October 9,2012. we fervently hope for the understanding of the press for not letting them go inside Kenneth’s recovery room. we refrained unnecessary visits of Kenneth to avoid changes in his stress level.

UPDATE Oct. 9 , 2012; 11AM PH TIME (+8 GMT)
Statement from Nena Hernandez, IRO President:
Post surgical update on Kenneth: He ate very well this morning. Kenneth tried to take off his bandages and in the process some of his stitches got out.

Dr. Ivy Alvarez-Zialcita (Animal Wellness Veterinary Hospital) then decided to staple that section and not put the bandages that way he won’t try to take it off and in the process his stitches would be removed.

He is using an Elizabethan collar so that he doesn’t attempt to remove any more stitches. He is also being sedated to facilitate his healing. He is breathing through one nostril because the other nostril is swollen. Once the swelling subsides, he will be able to breath through that nostril.

He is getting annoyed of the process, again which is normal and a good sign, but Doc Ivy said he is a good boy. No personal visits of Kenneth is allowed except IRO (Island Rescue Organization) and CSDC (Cebu South Dog Club) officers. There is a press conference tomorrow October 10, 2012 @4PM in Animal Wellness Veterinary Clinic.

Kenneth – Post Surgery Team

Face Book Link:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151262176102594&set=a.10151262175942594.520179.100266097593&type=1&theater

Face Book Video of Kenneth before surgery:-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151260373407594&set=vb.100266097593&type=2&theater

Face Book Link-The story of Kenneth’s, his rescue & surgery:-https://www.facebook.com/Cebu.South.Dog.Club

Xena The Warrior Puppy – Found Abandoned

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“The following isn’t a news story that I have seen, I saw this, by chance on face book  & thought I would share, so this little one gets the best chance at healing & a happy life…with loving owners; as obviously her previous owners couldn’t give a sxxt about her. How could anyone abandon such a vulnerable little puppy. If anybody knows where Xena may have come from, or has any information…please come forward, contact the shelter or local police. Look at Xena’s face book page…the person/s responsible for Xena’s condition must not get away with treating sentient beings like this, they must pay!!”

Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services on September 15th in a state of horrible neglect

Xena as she was found

Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services today as a stray.

An officer went on a call to pick up a puppy that someone found in their yard. He arrived at the shelter around closing time with this girl.

Xena receiving vital fluids

No one wanted to euthanize her, so we gave her fluids and nutrical. I offered to take her home. I called my vet and went from the shelter to meet her at her office.

Xena perked up from the fluids

By the time we got there Xena had already perked up. When I took her inside she stood up and tried to walk right off the scale.

How could anyone just dump something as cute as this?

I couldn’t believe how quickly she perked up. She is still not out of the woods, but eating, drinking, walking, and sitting up.

Xena, definitely a fighter!

If an owner can be located, cruelty charges will be pursued. In any case, Xena is now safe and we hope that she continues to improve with TLC.

“This brave little one deserves the best chance, at a happy warm loving home, anyone wishing to help towards Xena care can contribute at the following ChipIn page…”

Xena via ChipIn:-http://dekalbanimals.chipin.com/xena-the-warrior-puppy

Quote from Xena’s Face book page…

We are truly overwhelmed by the support for little Xena. To answer some questions, from her condition I am guessing she was kept locked in a crate with no access to food. Street dogs do not get this thin and she definitely has a nose to find food. I am guessing her nose scabs are from trying to get out of her crate. I work at the shelter, but also work with Friends of DeKalb Animals.

Look at this adorable little face…she really is a miracle!!

FODA is the rescue who is covering her expenses. She is currently not up for adoption because of her condition. We will look for a home for her once puts on weight and is healthy enough to be spayed. For now, I’m fostering her and making sure she gets the necessary medical care. If they do find an owner to pursue cruelty charges, she’ll actually have to stay in foster through the county until the case is settled. In either scenario, she’ll be with me until she’s ready to move onto her forever home.

Xena’s Face Book page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xena-the-Warrior-Puppy/273998769379101

Angie’s chance – Can You Help?

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Please, after you finish reading this post, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks… the case, as you will see, it’s critical

We will never know what Angie went through until she found us….

The moment I set my eyes on her I had to give a second look to appreciate the extent and gravity of her condition. Her skin is hard, covered in sores and scabs fall from every single inch of her body. There is no fur, and only a few scattered hairs hang on from the leathery skin.

There are few things that can torment a dog as much as a full infestation of sarcoptic mange. The dammed parasites dig into and through the skin, causing intense itching and the formation of crusts that usually become infected. I have seen dogs go totally crazy trying to chew the parts of their body infected by the mites. The condition aggravates when the animal has been starved, as it is obviously Angie’s case.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worst for Angie they did… a test this morning has confirmed she has parvo, a killer disease that unless treated inmediately could take her life in a matter of days..

We need to look at the matter with a broad vision, put her on treatment to alleviate the mite infestation as well as boost her very depressed inmune system so that she can fight the parvovirus. As you can see in the pictures she is currently on IV and has been isolated from the other dogs in the clinic to stop the spreading of the virus.

Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created. She is the dog with the contagious skin condition and the killer disease that can be fought only through dedication and the best veterinary care. Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created, because for animals like her we are the only chance of survival…

I give you my word we will do everything possible to turn her life around … Please, if you can, give us a hand and contribute to Angie’s treatment Chipin, she will make you proud..

Thank you..

P.S. If you cannot help, please, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks..  And of course, you are more than welcome to leave us a note in our Facebook Page, Let’s Adopt! Global

News Link:http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2012/05/15/angies-chance/

“I wanted to add the following pictures to prove, dogs like Angie can be pulled back to full health!”

“Look at these amazing pictures, this is what Lets Adopt can do….every donation helps!

This incredible transformation took place over a three month period….
This is the state in which Cesur was found. He barely had any hair in his body and his skin was leathery, hard and covered in sores….

And this is the after…
It is possible, you just need to want to do it…

Please if you can help – Click on the ChipIn Icon at the bottom of this link:-http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2012/05/15/angies-chance/

Face Book Link:-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=148636991827473&set=a.148634901827682.26075.111324518892054&type=1&permPage=1

Saving Nina Organized by Let’s Adopt!

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“This poor poor dog, thank goodness she is now in the capable hands of Lets Adopt. I know the group well & by sending  small donations, have helped several dogs on the brink of death. Dogs that are now well & have been adopted out to forever homes.  Lets Adopt help many animals, from the hell shelters of Istanbul, to injured street dogs. They specialize in helping animals  that are usually in dire need of surgery or treatment,  which other charities or shelters just can’t deal with.

” I know that every penny I have sent has been spent on the animal in question, as I receive updates… If I wasn’t sure about Lets Adopt, there is no way I would post it on here, I value you all far too much, to ask you to do something that I haven’t done myself! I can assure you, Lets Adopt do everything they possibly can to heal animals, that other people, have given up hope on! So please, if you can spare a dollar or two, send it to help Nina through ChipIn! I use PayPal to donate, but it accepts most credit cards, its a very easy & safe process, which ever method you use.”

Her name is Nina, and her story until now has just been a real tragedy that has ended in the images you see… We are going to try to fix things for her. Please read on.

Nina was dumped at the Shelter of Hell in Istanbul about 8 months ago. A few months ago the shelter volunteers noticed that her eye was in a terrible condition. She was taken out and moved to a private clinic.
We are told that she started a treatment that didn’t work, and this was followed by three surgeries, THREE!!
Nothing has worked. The eye didn’t get any better, and the right side of her face suffers from a series of ulcers and infections that are just not healing.
To make matters worst Nina has developed extreme anemia and this is no doubt delaying her healing process. Our vet has said that he has never seen such terrible result in a blood analytic and he can barely understand how come Nina still alive.
We are taking this case as we understand that this is far beyond what any group of volunteers can do in Istanbul.
Nina has already gone through a blood transfusion and is going to need a second one. After her blood levels are better and she is not in risk of dying of acute anemia we will take care of the eye.
The problem with the eye is a complicated case of Macropalpebral Fissure Syndrome complicated with a general infection caused by insanitary conditions and a terribly weak inmune system.
Three botched operations and her terrible anemia make things more difficult. She is going to need to have a surgery called Medial Canthoplasty, extremely delicate and only performed by an specialized surgeon.
The alternative to this treatment will likely mean the loss of the eye and worst, her death of anemia.
This is beyond what any of us can do individually, but as a group, we can do miracles.
We don’t have any time to waste… Please, if you can, contribute to Nina’s Chipin today… Let’s help this sweet baby recover her smile again..
Thank you
Viktor – May 10 8:04pm
Here is the  Link to Nina’s ChipIn page, where you can pay via Paypal or credit card, its easy & very safe to use, if it wasn’t I certainly wouldn’t use it:- http://simbafund.chipin.com/saving-nina (Don’t worry about the name, any money sent will go to help Nina, it’s all part of the Simba Fund)
Related, this little pup was left to die, Lets Adopt rescued him, watch the video!

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