Petition against fur – Please sign

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The petition, initiated by Fur Torture , will be sent to various organizations and companies involved in the fur industry to halt production, importation and sale of fur.



By this petition, I request the abolition of the fur industry and support the following initiatives:  the end of the breeding of animals for their fur,  a complete ban on trapping fur-bearing animals,  the prohibition of import of fur (raw hides, clothing or accessories),  prohibiting the sale of fur (coats, trims, accessories …)

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Dog and Cat Fur: The Untold Suffering Endured by Beloved Pets for Fashion

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Target: Chinese and U.S. Legislatures

Goal: To make more clothing companies fur free by making consumers more aware and banning the use of dog and car fur for clothing.

The tag won’t mention that the fur coat or boots you’re considering buying are made with a tabby cat or golden retriever, but they could be. A lot of the clothing in America is imported from China and some of the fur products are made from “mans best friend.” The cats and dogs that we love so much are killed in grisly ways for the cost of fashion. This evidence has caused an uproar of people boycotting fur; a hopeful outcome for a tragic situation.

In 2005 PETA(People for the ethical treatment of animals) did an investigation in China that revealed some harrowing truths. Dogs and cats were crammed in cages with no food or water, they were so weak they could barely move. Many had wounds from fighting because they were driven insane by the conditions. The animals were thrown from trucks in these cages by the thousands, the fall must have broken their bones. They were taken out of the cages only to be thrown into the killing pen where they were strangled, boiled, or even skinned to death.

This horrific operation still exists today and all this suffering is for something so superficial; fashion. China supplies the U.S. and Europe with half of their fur products. The fur that comes from cats and dogs is deliberately mislabeled, it is up to us to be more aware of where our products come from.

No animal should be tortured for fashion and when a fur product is purchased there is no way of knowing  if we are wearing an animal just like our beloved pets. Legislators should be urged to ban the selling and production of cat and dog fur, but the most effective solution to this issue lies in consumers choices to boycott all fur products and companies that sell fur. The reality is that the production of any animal fur is barbaric and cruel. This commitment at an individual level could end so much suffering endured for such a superficial cause.

Please sign the petition here:Dog & Cat Fur The Untold Truth

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