Graphic Image: Puppy With Ears Cut Off Expected To Recover

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UPDATE:  December 28, OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a happy ending for a little puppy who was the victim of horrific animal abuse.

We first told you about “Sweet Baby Jones”, the pit bull puppy a few weeks ago. He was found with his ears cut off, left out in the freezing cold when he was just four weeks old.

Puppy recovering well after his ears were cut off & left abandoned

The Bella Foundation and Neel Veterinary Hospital nursed him back to health.

Now, Jones will be adopted by a family from Colorado who works with the organization Stopping BSL, a group that works to stop discrimination against pit bulls.

Members of The Bella Foundation are sad to see him go, but can’t think of a better family to place him with.

“His foster mom took such great care of him. He is doing so well on potty training, he plays well with other dogs.” Jessica McLaughlin said. “He’s going to forget about everything that happened to him before this and he’s going to live a wonderful life.”

Jones has had all of his shots, been neutered and finally had the stitches removed from his ears.

The Bella Foundation brought Jones to their adoption event on Saturday for one last public appearance before he goes home with his new family.

Jones will have two siblings, a chihuahua and another pit bull. The family says Jones will fit right in.

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November 29 OKLAHOMA CITY – Staff at The Bella Foundation are trying to find the person responsible for cutting the ears off a 4-week-old pit bull puppy.

Puppy found in freezing cold with his ears cut off!!

The puppy was found wandering around near 23rd Street and I-44.

“He had blood covering from his ears all the way down his neck and even onto his legs. And it was frozen to his fur and was also just stuck to him.” Eric McCune, executive director of Bella, said. “We’re still trying to get it off now because he’s so little, you know, it hurts. And so we’ll probably have to wait a few more days and a few more baths to get the rest of it off of him.”

Today, he is doing better. Tevin Garner with The Bella Foundation is nursing him back to health and giving him a good dose of snuggles.

“It just absolutely breaks my heart to know what he was going through when it happened, to know that he was awake, and you know, just an innocent little puppy being abused like that.” She said.

Recovering well after being found abandoned & his ears cut off

“This little guy, his ears were done with no anaesthetic, no pain killer, probably with a pair of scissors. And then set down and left to heal on his own.” McCune said.

They nicknamed the puppy “Sweet Baby Jones.” Over the next few weeks, the pup will stay on painkillers and antibiotics. Then the vet will reshape and fix what is left of his ears.

Jones is just a small part of an even bigger problem though; they are worried there could be more puppies like him out there.

“I personally have never seen a litter of one puppy, especially pit bull puppies.” McCune said. “Usually there are 7 or 8, sometimes more. And so he probably has brothers and sisters that are in this same situation.”

Now they’re working to save other puppies from suffering the same abuse as Jones.

“All he wants to do is be with people and cuddle despite what other people have done to him.” Garner said.

As soon as Jones is well enough, he will be put up for adoption.

The Bella Foundation believes his litter mates are somewhere in the area of N.W. 23rd Street and I-44 and hope to find them soon.

If you have any information on who did this to Jones or where those other puppies are, call The Bella Foundation at 1-866-318-7387. Tips are completely anonymous.

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: COK Investigation Reveals Shocking Abuse to Calves : Drop Animal Cruelty Charges : Petitions to sign

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“These are not sacks of potatoes, they are living breathing sentient animals; babies who feel pain! I am shocked & disgusted at the cruelty & callousness of the workers; I am so pleased they have been charged with animal abuse & fired from their jobs. However, I fear those who take over their positions may treat the babies in exactly the same manner! Please sign the petition below to withdraw charges against the whistle-blower; whom I have so much admiration for!! What normal feeling person could watch this horrific abuse & keep quiet about it??”

In 2013, a COK undercover investigator worked inside Quanah Cattle Co. (QCC), an animal agribusiness company in Kersey, Colorado that purchases newborn calves from surrounding dairy factories and temporarily confines them before shipping them out to be raised for their meat.

Viewer Discretion Advised

Just days old, many of these calves – some of whom still have their umbilical cords hanging from their bodies – are too feeble or frightened to walk steadily.  As our footage shows, in the process of being moved on and off trucks, these fragile animals are violently dragged by their legs, pulled by their ears, lifted by their tails, kicked, thrown, slammed, and flipped.

Animal handling expert Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University decried the cruelty seen in our video, calling it “severe abuse” and “not acceptable” while further noting that “If this facility had been a slaughter plant, the USDA would have shut them down.”

The cruelty to calves uncovered in this investigation was so shocking and violent that COK turned evidence over to local authorities, and we are now working with them on this case.

The Dairy Industry:  Most of the dairy calves purchased by QCC are male – they’re considered unwanted industry byproducts since they’re unable to produce milk. After being trucked in and unloaded at QCC, they’ll be confined in crates or hutches for around a week and then loaded back on trucks to be shipped out, sold, and raised for their meat. Marketed as veal or beef, depending on their age when slaughtered, these young animals are the often forgotten victims of the dairy industry. Read more.

Important Update: On Nov. 20, 2013, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office retaliated against the courageous whistleblower who uncovered and reported the callous abuse of newborn calves – they’re alleging that she broke the law.  What is her alleged “crime”? Witnessing and reporting animal abuse – in other words, she’s being punished for telling the truth about the cruelty that happened at Quanah.  Watch this report on Fox-31 in Denver.

Let’s be clear:  Witnessing – and exposing – animal abuse is not a crime!

Here’s what happened: After meticulously and extensively researching the law and reviewing all of the damning evidence of routine animal cruelty at Quanah, we presented a strong case to authorities revealing illegal activities that would have otherwise continued unabated. This evidence led to charges being brought against three employees who participated in the violence against calves – violence that includes dragging these young animals by their ears and legs as well as lifting them by their tails.

If COK’s investigator hadn’t blown the whistle, these abuses would likely still be occurring right now. 

The charge against our investigator is unsupported by the law, and it reeks of political motivation fueled by an agribusiness industry that continues to lash out in desperation aiming to stop undercover investigators from exposing the truth.

Please donate now to help fight this baseless accusation and to show your support for all of our brave undercover investigators who expose animal cruelty.

Be sure to also share this powerful whistleblower video – it uncovers exactly what the industry doesn’t want Americans to see: the truth.

The suffering endured by animals behind the closed doors of the meat, egg, and dairy industries is too immense for us to be deterred by this transparent attempt to silence us. With you at our side, we will continue to shine a bright light on hidden horrors of animal agribusiness.

Nov. 15 Case Updates: The Weld County Sheriff’s Office filed criminal charges of cruelty to animals against three alleged animal abusers at Quanah Cattle Co.. The company also announced that it has fired the three individuals who our undercover investigator caught on film mistreating these animals.

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Compassion Over Killing:-

Working to end animal abuse since 1995, Compassion Over Killing exposes cruelty to farmed animals and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world.

Petition by Abby Spiwak Denver, CO

I live in Colorado, and I recently heard about Taylor Radig who was working as an undercover investigator to document cruelty at Quanah Cattle Company. She filmed calves being thrown and kicked around and dragged by their ears, tails, and legs.

Because of her bravery, 3 workers were charged with animal cruelty on November 15. But a week later, Taylor was also charged with animal cruelty!

Viewer Discretion Advised

Respected animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University saw this footage and used terms like “rough,” “not acceptable,” and “severe abuse” to describe what was going on. So why is the woman who blew the whistle on this cruelty herself being charged with animal cruelty? It makes no sense. Witnessing and reporting animal abuse is not a crime.

The group Taylor was trying to help is called Compassion Over Killing. Does anyone actually think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars and the time of our public officials to treat Taylor like a criminal who committed an act of animal cruelty? Does anyone think she had anything but kindness in her heart when she set out to document these cruel acts?

Please sign my petition asking Colorado officials including District Attorney Ken Buck to drop the animal cruelty charge against Taylor.

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Missy the dog, stranded by owner on mountain, will live with rescuer

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Missy was rescued Monday by volunteers. Her owner, Anthony Joseph Ortolani, faces animal cruelty charges. (Photo courtesy: Alex Gelb)
Read more: Missy the dog, stranded by owner on mountain, will live with rescuer – The Denver Post

“My personal opinion is that nobody should take a pet along with them on their dangerous sports & hobbies events! Typical example here, that dog could have died…if you want to risk your own life, fine, but leave those who can’t speak for themselves…at home!”

The owner of a dog rescued from a Colorado fourteener last month after he had to abandon her to help a friend down the mountain has agreed to give the 5-year-old pooch to one of her rescuers.

Anthony Ortolani, 31, faced charges of animal cruelty for leaving his German shepherd/rotweiller mix, Missy, behind on the saddle between Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans.

He will plead guilty to a less serious violation of a Clear Creek County ordinance, said his lawyer, Jennifer Edwards, founder and attorney with The Animal Law Center.

Missy was stranded for eight days before rescuers found her bloodied and close to death on the ridge.

Ortolani received death threats after the story broke, he said Sunday. The threats have made him concerned for his family, and for Missy as well, he said.

Discussions leading to the plea bargain included talk of him giving the dog up, said Edwards, but are not the reason for his surrendering the animal.

“I don’t want to give her up, I love her, but those people risked life and limb to get her out of there and that has got to be worth something,” he said.

Ortolani is an experienced climber who has submitted seven of the state’s fourteeners, and Missy accompanied him on six of those climbs, he said.

Ortolani was climbing with the 19-year-old son of a friend.

Bad weather was moving in, and the canine, whose feet were blistered and bleeding, was unable to walk.

When his climbing companion’s water supply broke, Ortolani decided it was time to come down. The two men tried to carry the 112 pound dog over the rocks for two hours. “Lifting and carrying her over that type of terrain is exhausting,” he said.

He decided to leave her there and help his partner down, he added.

Ortolani called a friend who contacted the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office and asked if a search and rescue party could get to the dog. The friend was told that the region was too dangerous and search and rescue doesn’t rescue animals.

Edwards said mountain communities should make some provisions for rescuing stranded pets. “We would hope that there be some sort of process in place to assist animal owners who choose to take their beloved pets up into the mountains,” she said.

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Some upset over Estes Park bear shooting

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ESTES PARK Some residents in Estes Park are upset over the killing of a 300-pound black bear. The bear was shot and killed last Wednesday by the property manager of the Elk Horn Lodge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Gary O’Dell says he had no other choice but to shoot the bear when it showed aggression. O’Dell says children were around when the bear snarled and stomped its paws.

“The bear came out and pounded its feet on the ground 6 or 8 feet away from us,” O’Dell said. “It was threatening. I didn’t like to shoot the bear, but I had very little choice at that point”.

Monday, a group of bear advocates met in Estes Park to discuss the shooting. They say they were outraged, because the night before the shooting O’Dell posted on his Facebook page that he was “at wits end with [the] bear problem” and that he wanted “R&R and Bear BBQ.”

“This individual very specifically posted in writing that he was going to have a bear barbeque, and the next night the bear was killed,” said Becky Browning, who was part of the group.

“I posted that we had a bear problem,” O’Dell said.
“Did you say what you wanted to do with the bear?” Asked 9NEWS Reporter Kevin Torres.
“I don’t remember,” O’Dell responded.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the bear was aggressive, but they only found grounds to fine O’Dell for having trash on his land, which attracted the bear.

“We’re continuing to work with the lodge to make sure the trash is properly stored,” said Randy Hampton with Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Instead of facing a $10,000 fine for killing the bear, O’Dell was only given a $68 ticket, which he paid.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife says its investigation is closed but could be re-opened if evidence is found that O’Dell wanted to intentionally kill the bear. O’Dell says there was never any intent.

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Cat found buried alive in concrete in Arizona; rescuer alleges religious harassment

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” I posted all this through tears, thinking of that little kitty, trying to breathe whilst the concrete set around his frail little body. They got him out, but the little guy didn’t make it. I am so dam angry, if it’s been done before with animals, why have the police not done anything about it?”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A live cat was found half-buried in concrete in Arizona, an act that the man who rescued it believes to be a threatening message from a pro-polygamy religious group, according to local reports. 

Published on 1 Jul 2012 by 

Poor cat saved from a cement grave. small animals are used by Warren Jeffs followers to send death threats to Isacc Wyler on a regular basis, this cat was saved by Andrew Chatwin and was turned over to Best Freinds Sanctuary

The kitten was found encased in solid concrete inside a metal tube in Colorado City, Ariz., a major center for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a breakaway Mormon sect whose members practice polygamy.

In previous incidents, dead cats have been left on ex-FLDS member Isaac Wyler’s property, according to Andrew Chatwin, who discovered the trapped feline while he was building a horse shelter at Wyler’s home.

“It’s been going on for years,” Chatwin, also a former FLDS member, told the video site Right This Minute, “and I’ve recorded up to a dozen dead cats put into his horse corral. I’ve recorded dead animals put into his truck.”

In a video, shot by Chatwin on May 31 and posted to YouTube on July 1, the cat is seen buried up to its head in concrete, crying out in pain. Chatwin said he had to cut through the metal tube and is then seen chipping away bits of concrete around the animal’s body with a hammer.

Mangled and emaciated but still breathing, the freed feline was taken to an animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, where it died a few days later.

Both Wyler and Chatwin have spoken publicly against the church and its former controversial leader, Warren Jeffs.

Jeffs was convicted last year of two felony counts for sexually assaulting two underage girls he had married. He is currently serving a life sentence plus 20 years at a prison in Palestine, Texas, but is said to still maintain control of the FLDS-run communities.

Chatwin, who has frequently been at odds with the church since leaving it 13 years ago, said he believes the act was done by FLDS members in an effort to force ex-church members out of town.

“We’ve in the past experienced a lot of hostility from the FLDS,” Chatwin said. “It was a message sent to Isaac Wyler to try and intimidate him.”

Chatwin said he reported the incident to the Colorado City Marshal’s Office.

“[The officer] kind of chuckled and laughed a bit, and then he said that if it was up to him, he’d just throw dirt over [the cat],” Chatwin said. “And this is coming from a city marshal that’s in the FLDS Church.”

Trish Carter, public information specialist at the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office told that her office was notified of the incident on May 31, but did not respond because it was under the jurisdiction of the Colorado City Marshal’s Office.

“We often investigate cases of animal cruelty, but they were in charge of it, so we didn’t respond,” Carter said.

The Sheriff’s Office took over patrols in Colorado City last week from the Marshal’s Office at the state’s behest.

“Through the attorney general’s office, we now have partrols in the area, and anything that’s reported to our agency we are taking seriously,” Carter said.

Neither the FLDS or the Colorado City Marshal’s Office responded to inquiries from

The incident occurred just weeks before the U.S. Justice Department sued Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah, alleging religious discrimination against non-FLDS members, claiming the cities have been violating the federal Fair Housing Act, depriving non-sect members of their constitutional rights.

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Top Nevada court grants another stay for dog that killed baby

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CARSON CITY — In another order from the Nevada Supreme Court, the killer dog Onion has received another stay of execution in Henderson.

In one of four appeals regarding the dog that mauled and killed a 1-year-old boy, the court has temporarily prohibited Henderson officials from taking any action against the dog. The ruling overrides other appeal decisions in which the court refused to delay the dog’s death.

Chief Justice Michael Cherry and Justice Mark Gibbons have signed the order granting a temporary stay “until further order of the court.” They said their order is in effect until parties have time to consider any motion opposed to the stay.

The Lexus Project, a New York nonprofit group formed to protect dogs, is waging the legal battle to save the dog and place it in an animal sanctuary in Colorado.

Elizabeth Keller, the dog’s former owner, signed over her 6-year-old, 120-pound Mastiff/Rhodesian mix to animal control in Henderson after it killed her grandson, Jeremiah Eskew-Skahan.

But the Lexus Project says Keller signed ownership to it. Henderson officials maintain they are the rightful owners.

The boy was at his grandmother’s house to celebrate his birthday on April 27 when he crawled toward Onion to pet him. The dog grabbed the boy by his head and started to shake him.

The youngster died at University Medical Center from the injuries.

This case has bounced back and forth between the Supreme Court and Clark County District Judge Joanna Kishner, who last Thursday refused to grant a new stay of execution.

Petition Rejects Man’s Plea Deal In Dog Torture

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — An online petition by animal rights activists is asking a Grand Junction judge to reject probation and impose a harsh sentence against a man who tortured and killed a dog.

Joseph Nelson, 18, pleaded guilty April 19 to aggravated cruelty to animals, in exchange for a deal calling for a probation sentence. 

He was arrested last November after his mother’s 20-pound mixed-breed dog, DeMayo, was found by a passer-by hanging from a pedestrian bridge over the Colorado River, reported the Daily Sentinel.The dog’s internal organs were cut out and an eyeball was missing, according to his arrest affidavit.

The petition, by a group called Hands 4Paws, asks Mesa County District Judge Richard Gurley to impose the maximum penalty allowed by law.

“We also request that (Nelson) not be allowed around companion animals for a minimum of five years and that he has successfully completed anger management counseling,” the petition said.

As of Monday morning, 2,974 people had signed the petition circulating on

District Attorney Pete Hautzinger declined to comment on criticism of the plea agreement in Nelson’s case, saying prosecutors will explain their position at sentencing.

Nelson’s mother said her son was a methamphetamine user and she didn’t know where he’d been living, the affidavit said. She told investigators she wanted to file charges against her son for killing her dog.

According to the arrest affidavit, a witness said Nelson had become angry and started hitting the dog.

The witness said Nelson put DeMayo on a leash and began swinging him around by the neck a dozen times, hitting the dog’s head into the ground, the affidavit said. Nelson was also accused of kicking the dog repeatedly.

The witness said he believed the dog was dead at that point, because he couldn’t see it moving or breathing.

The witness told police that he was severely upset by Nelson’s brutality, but when he tried to intervene, Nelson attacked him, too, the affidavit said. The witness left the home, saying the last thing he saw was Nelson walking north from the house, dragging DeMayo along the ground.

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Allergen concerns prompt turkey burger recall

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Misbranding and an undeclared allergen prompted a recall of 15,040 lbs. of turkey burger product from Foster Farms, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

The product contains a seasoning mix with hydrolyzed soy protein, a known allergen that was not declared on the label. FSIS uncovered the problem during a routine label review, the agency said, “…and occurred as a result of the company receiving a spice mix from its supplier after an ingredient reformulation request by the company to have the hydrolyzed soy ingredient removed.

“The reformulation included soy, which was not declared on the turkey burger label,” according to FSIS.

Neither FSIS nor Foster Farms has received any reports of illness or adverse reactions from consumption of the product. The turkey burger was produced on various dates between Dec. 28, 2011, and May 10, 2012, and was sold for institutional use in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

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Farmer Faces 71 Animal Cruelty Charges

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“I agree with the neighbours,  it’s not just jail time this guy needs, he needs to know why his animals died & then never be allowed to own any animals or cattle again. You don’t have to be a genius to work out why they were dying, a 10 yr old could tell you, its because they were not fed or had access to enough water!!   

LOMA, Colo. — The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has charged John Lawton, 45, with 71 counts of animal cruelty after deputies seized 61 animals and found 10 others dead on his property last week.

Each charge is a class 1 misdemeanor because this is his first alleged case of animal cruelty. The charges stem from a citizen complaint on March 30th that led deputies to discover numerous cattle at his property in various stages of neglect.

Inside a police report, deputies describe noticing several animals so malnourished their bones were showing. Many cattle had their ribs, spines, or pelvic bones clearly visible through their skin.

Deputies also noted several instances of cattle tied to farming equipment or vehicles with limited access to food. In almost every case, the animals had no access to water and were often lying in their own faeces because they had not moved for a very long time.

Lawton apparently told deputies he did this so he could feed the animals individually. He also said he only fed them corn stalks because he couldn’t afford anything else, according to the report.

But, investigators had their suspicions after noticing a bull so weak he could not raise his head to eat. According to the report, Lawton would wedge a tire underneath the bull’s head to help it feed. That animal had to be euthanized on site because of its health.

According to the police report, even though almost ten animals had died on the property over the course of a few months, Lawton never understood why it was happening. He also apparently never called a veterinarian to help him figure it out because it would have been too expensive.

Still, looking out for the health of the animals that were still alive, deputies worked to move them to a feed yard in Mesa County. The seizure took place last Monday; more than a week later, the man now faces charges.

But despite the conditions described by deputies, some neighbors who know Lawton are not sure jail time is appropriate in this case. Many wouldn’t talk to our cameras, but advocated for a sentence that would bar him from ever owning livestock again.

Deputies are now waiting on test results to determine just how malnourished these animals were. “I don’t expect those results to do anything but add to the case against Mr. Lawton,” Sgt. Matt Lewis with the sheriff’s office said.

Lawton is expected to appear for advisement of the charges later this month. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 1.5 years in jail and $5,000 in fines for each of the 71 counts.

This case continues to be a collaborative effort between the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Protection, the Mesa County Attorney’s Office, and the Colorado State University Western Slope Diagnostic Laboratory.

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First Look: Allegedly Neglected Loma Livestock

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LOMA, Colo. — More than 60 cattle allegedly left to starve in Loma have been given a second chance at life. KJCT News 8 was the only media invited to see how these animals are recovering a day after sheriff’s deputies raided a local farm.

“There were a lot of different issues going on,” Sergeant Matt Lewis with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office said of the farm in question. “Malnourishment, absolutely, was the center of everything.”

Lewis described a lack of food, space and mobility as just three of the reasons the sheriff’s office decided to step in. He characterized the seizure as the largest the department has ever seen.

Everything from calfs to full grown cows were taken away. And, this isn’t the first time deputies have been called to this ranch.

“A couple years ago, at least one other time, we responded to the address to check on welfare of the animals,” Lewis said. “At that time, the animals seemed to have been in good health. They had food, water, and were being taken care of.”

But, something changed from then until now. Deputies say the situation got much, much worse.

“This is something we had to intervene in now or more animals would die.”

Last week, when deputies were called to the ranch, they say the conditions were so bad that there were already between seven and ten cattle lying dead in the field. When they returned to take the animals away on Tuesday, three more had to be put down by state veterinarians.

“I want to make this clear that this is not the sheriff’s department stepping in and taking someone’s livelihood, this is us stepping in to do something to take care of these animals,” Lewis said.

A total of 61 cattle were taken to a Mesa County feed yard and are expected to make full recoveries. But, officials say it could be two months before that progress is realized.

What may be more disturbing is the fact that the owner could theoretically walk down today and get them back. “The owner has the ability to post bond for the animals right now,” Lewis noted.

Until that happens, if it does, the sheriff’s office will continue paying for the care in hopes of building a case against the owner and re-covering the costs.

“A lot of things have to fall into place, but the eventuality would be that these animals would be auctioned off and that money would go back to offset the costs of care.”

Sgt. Lewis says tests are being done on the dead animals, as well as the ones that survived, to determine the extent of the malnourishment in this case. Those results are expected to help deputies decide what charges are appropriate.

No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed in this case just yet.

Sgt. Lewis says if you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer care for you animals, there are plenty of solutions to the problem. He cautions people in this situation to ever let it get out of hand.

“One of the solutions to never consider would be to let the animals go to this point that we’re seeing here.”

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