Help Lenny Appeal.

This is our little Lenny. At 7 months of age, newly weaned and alone without the company of other horses, Lenny was mauled in a dog attack, then left without treatment for days while his wounds swelled, festered, and wept. He was moved to the concrete floor of a workshop in a scrap yard where he lied down, surrounded by tarpaulins blowing in the gale-force winds and burning piles of rubbish. Due to the owner’s lack of experience with horses and knowledge about equine veterinary needs, this foal was left to suffer a very long time.Lenny bitten on the noseFortunately for Lenny, not everyone in this world is so cruel. On January 5th, Marie Edwards and Abbie Davis from Priory Farm, with the help of livery client Jay Mitchener, drove to the yard where Lenny was staying out of sheer concern (and maybe a hint of nosiness!). What they found was a young coloured cob, alone and in abysmal conditions, suffering from a multitude of untreated and badly infected wounds covering his body. They decided to rescue the colt and rehabilitate him at Priory Farm and immediately loaded Lenny onto the lorry. Despite swelling so severe that he couldn’t bend his hind legs, Lenny still managed to hobble into the lorry with the bravery of a well-travelled Grand Prix champion.