St. Albans Couple Faces Felony Animal Cruelty Charges

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St. Albans , Kanawha County , West Virginia –  

“Stupid morons, I hope they do get jail, nothing less than they deserve! Were the horses out to pasture or stabled? If Stabled surely even a child of 7 would know that animals need feeding.  But if the animals were out to pasture, then the same 7 year old would probably think, they got grass, their ok. Which ever it was, the owners didn’t give clear instructions, that, or the teenager just couldn’t be arsed to feed them; but it’s still down to the owners! Video will be posted to twitter & Facebook separately, I cant add it here!

A Saint Albans couple faces felony animal cruelty charges for allegedly allowing one horse to starve to death and nearly starving a second. 

It’s not a place you would expect to find horses starving and dead from starvation. But one look at a 600-pound mare who should weigh 900 pounds is evidence of a serious problem . 

The problem led to the arrest of Anita Weber and felony charges against both her and her husband, Arthur. 

The criminal complaint states veterinarian Clara Mason witnessed one horse die and assessed the surviving animal at 300 pounds underweight. A humane officer said the couple had allegedly left a teenager in charge of the horses’ care with disastrous results. 

“The parents put the care of the horses in their son’s hands to teach him responsibility or something along those lines,” said Joshua Mullins, a humane officer in Kanawha County.

Senior magistrate Kim Blair set a $10,000 bond for the library employee, plus payment for the surviving horse’s care. 

The care of the animals has turned into more a case of criminal responsibility than teaching a child responsibility. Both could face prison time if convicted. 

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Pictured: Killer whale’s mysterious horror gash prompts fresh fury over the treatment of animals at SeaWorld

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“OMG…that must hurt…the underside of Nakai’s jaw has a gaping wound, one can almost see the ligaments or muscles of the tongue! It’s such a precise cut, it looks like it’s been done with a knife; it’s so precise! Hard to imagine another killer whale could do such a bite, as surely Nakai’s wound would be ragged around the edges with bits of skin dangling.! I have no idea how it happened, but it will take a long time to heal!!”

  • Nakai, an 11-year-old performing whale suffered gash to the chin which left its jawbone exposed
  • Park claims it happened when he hit the side of the pool
  • However reports claim Nakai may have been in a fight with two other whales
  • Peta accuse SeaWorld of housing killer whales together incompatibly, a violation of the Animal Welfare Act

A performing Killer Whale suffered a horrific injury which left its jawbone exposed at a SeaWorld theme park, prompting fury from animal rights groups.

Pictures showing Nakai, an 11-year-old whale who performs at the San Diego SeaWorld park, with a large gash to its chin were leaked online by a unnamed whistleblower. 

In a statement, SeaWorld said Nakai’s injury was caused when it ‘came into contact with a portion of the pool environment’.

Jawbone: Pictures released by a SeaWorld whistleblower show the horrific injuries suffered by killer whale Nikai which insiders claim were result of a fight between three whales

However online reports suggest the incident happened on September 20 when Nakai got into a fight with two other Killer Whales Ike and Keet.

Animal welfare group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has submitted a complaint to the US Department of Agriculture accusing the park of housing incompatible killer whales together

They believe Nakai was either bitten by one of the other whales or smashed into the concrete pool wall.

Journalist Tim Zimmermann reported: ‘It happened last week during a night show, seemingly during a major altercation involving Nakai, Keet, and Ike.

‘It’s not clear if there was an aggressor or instigator, or if they all suddenly went after each other.

‘In response to the altercation, Nakai split to the back pool. The onstage trainers, not realizing how badly injured he was, continued the show with the other whales. 

‘It was only when they called Nakai over later that night that they realised he was seriously hurt.’

Animal welfare group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has submitted a complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

They have accused SeaWorld of housing Killer Whales together incompatibly –  a direct violation of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

A spokesman for the group said: ‘The AWA makes it clear that marine mammals that are not compatible must not be housed in the same enclosure.

Yet SeaWorld parks have a long history of housing incompatible orcas from widely divergent groups together in enclosures – and the result has been stress, agitation, aggressive and bloody raking, serious injury, and death.

In a statement, a spokesman for the park said: ‘There is no organisation in the world more committed to the physical, social and mental welfare  of its animals than SeaWorld.’

They said Nikai is being treated with antibiotics and had been ‘swimming comfortably and interacting with other killer whales’. 

In February 2010 trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by six-ton killer whale Tilikum, who is Nikai’s father, at SeaWorld’s Orlando park.

The six ton whale dragged the 40-year-old into the pool by her pony tail and then thrashed her while she was in the water, as horrified spectators looked on.

It’s was the third death Tilikum had been involved in.

In 1991 trainer Keltie Byrne died after slipping and falling into the tank with Tilikum and two other whales.

In 1999, a man sneaked past security at SeaWorld Orlando and was later found dead, his body draped over Tilikum.

Earlier this year Peta filed a lawsuit against San Diego SeaWorld claiming that the five killer whales at the are treated like slaves because they’re forced to live in tanks and perform daily.

Banned: No trainer is allowed in the water with Tilikum because of his size and dangerous history

The five whales were named as the plaintiffs in the case.

However a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit saying the 13th amendment – which outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude – applies only to humans.

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A Public Apology to ‘Wild Horse Foundation’ On Twitter

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This is a public apology to the ‘Wild Horse Foundation’ On Twitter 

On the 16th of September 2012, I did a news post regards a criminal complaint against “Let ‘Em Run, a horse group.

Unfortunately I made a mistake in the title of the post (all of which automatically are posted to Twitter) & wrongly wrote the following post title:-

“Criminal complaint filed against a Wild Horse Foundation”

This was incorrect… the title of the post should have read:-

“Criminal complaint filed against a wild horse advocacy group”.

“My sincere apologies to “ Wild Horse Foundation” for any inconvenience my mistake may have caused. I can only apologise & say that it was a genuine mistake on  my part, for which I am deeply sorry for.”

” I have re-posted the story (along with my apology) with the correct post title. Had I only edited the post title, the URL would have remained the same, with (the-horse-foundation) as an error in the link”

“The correct post is below; again, I am so sorry for the mistake I made & hope this apology is of satisfaction to you.”

Drifter who skinned cat, wore its tail sentenced to two years in prison

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“OMG…praise the lord… hallelujah… a judge who did the right thing…no stupid probation or suspended sentence…an animal abuser ‘Who passed go & went straight to prison’…we need more like him, other states need the same statutes too. This psycho must be mentally or socially disturbed, that or just plain bloody evil; to skin a cat & wear its body parts. I just hope they are able to keep tabs on him when he’s released, if he has no fixed abode, how the cops going to keep up with him? Do you see the empty blackness behind those eye’s, cold, void of any feeling, empathy or sympathy, just inhumane!!”

PHOENIX — An Arizona drifter who skinned a cat and wore its tail and innards around his neck was sentenced to two years in prison on Wednesday.

An Arizona Superior Court judge also sentenced Russell Christopher Hofstad, 25, to four years probation on his release, the Maricopa County Attorney’s office said.

Phoenix Police Dept.
Russell Christopher Hofstad, 25, was sentenced to two years in prison and four years probation over animal cruelty and burglary charges

Hofstad pleaded no contest last month to a felony animal cruelty charge and guilty to a burglary charge.

According to the criminal complaint, police arrested Hofstad in January after he broke into a Phoenix warehouse used as a music venue.

Cops: Man skinned and ate cat, used tail as necklace

Officers found the skinned and gutted remains of a cat inside, and Hofstad wearing the cat’s tail and a piece of its “internals” around his neck on a rope, with his face painted.

Police said he had eaten parts of the cat, while some of its other internal organs were kept in a cooler.

Hofstad told police he had recently been released from jail and had nowhere to live.

He said he had not eaten in a few days, so he hit the cat with a stick and then stabbed it.

He planned to stuff the animal and save the skeleton “for a decoration for a party.”

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Beagle puppy stomped to death by Father And Son

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“If this wasn’t intentional malicious animal abuse, I don’t know what is! These are not men, they are animals, inhumane & sick in the head. You don’t know how much I want to rant & rave, swearing blue mighty at these evil pos!” 

A father and son were charged with burglary and mistreatment of animals on Tuesday after they supposedly burst into a home and stomped on a puppy’s head, killing the animal.

This is not the pup, this is for ref. only!

Fred Gossett, 59, of Park City, Ill., and Curtis Gossett, 19, of 419 Park View Dr., Racine, are thought to have entered a home in the 400 block of Randolph St. where they stomped on the residents’ 6-month-old beagle puppy, according to Sgt. Martin Pavilonis with the Racine Police Department.

Curtis Gossett went over to a neighbor’s home after the incident and said that he and his father had killed the family’s puppy, prompting the neighbor to go over to the home and see if what Gossett said was true, the criminal complaint states.

When the neighbor found the puppy, it was still alive, but its eyes were bulging and there was a lot of blood. He called the homeowner so that she and her children would not return to find the dog in such a state, according to the complaint.

The homeowner told police that she owed Curtis Gossett $13 after she borrowed $15 to fill her vehicle with gas and returned $2 to prove that she was good for the money, the complaint states.

Both men were taken into custody, and Curtis Gossett admitted to drinking alcohol on Monday, according to the police report.

“This is highly unusual,” Pavilonis said of the fact that someone “physically broke into a house to do this to a dog.”

Each of the men face up to 7 and a half years in prison, plus up to six additional years if they are sentenced as repeat offenders, and fines of up to $25,000 apiece for burglary.

For animal mistreatment, the two each face up to one and a half years in prison, with as much as six additional years if they are sentenced as repeat offenders, and fines of up to $10,000 each if found guilty of animal mistreatment.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled on Aug. 8.

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Shawano Co. man charged in animal neglect case

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SHAWANO – A Shawano County man who allegedly left two dozen cattle to die was charged Monday.

Joseph Brunner, 50, is charged with neglecting cows on his farm on Pioneer Rd. in the town of Belle Plaine.

Joseph Brunner

A criminal complaint shows deputies arrested Brunner on Friday after questioning him about dead animals found on his farm. A neighbor complained to authorities after noticing “a strong smell of rot” and “large flies.”

Brunner sat silent in court Monday. He told authorities during questioning that the animals had been sick with pneumonia and wasting disease. The first began dying in November and the last died in early March.

Brunner told authorities, “when there were only a few animals left and that it was obvious that they were not going to live, (he) quit feeding them.” He said he had last sought help from a veterinarian in 2005.

Shawano County deputies previously had contact with Brunner in 2009 in regards to a deceased cow in a field.

Brunner was released on a $10,000 signature bond Monday. He’s been ordered by the court not to have direct care of animals, including pets. He must also dispose of the carcasses still remaining on his property within 72 hours.

Neither the Shawano County assistant district attorney nor Brunner’s defense attorney would comment about the case. Neighbors also declined to go on camera. While some say they noticed a stench from the farm, others say nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

If convicted, Brunner faces up to three and a half years in prison and $10,000 in fines. His attorney said Brunner plans on cooperating with authorities.

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Northfield Woman Accused of Drowning Puppies

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A Northfield woman has been charged with 16 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly killing dogs at her kennel.

Dayna Kristine Bell, 61, owns and operates Bell Kennels in Sciota Township.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Dakota County District Court, the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office received a report of cruelty and maltreatment of animals by Bell in September 2011.

A witness reported that Bell was drowning puppies, in one case taking a rope that was attached to a cinder block and tying it around a puppy’s neck and throwing the block and puppy into a pool, according to the complaint.

The witness also told authorities that Bell claimed to break the neck of a small dog that bit her.

Another witness, charges allege, told police that Bell put a puppy in a bucket of water and then placed another bucket on top to hold the puppy down.

When investigators searched Bell’s property, they found 10 small breed adult dogs in individual plastic bags in a freezer chest believed to have been put in the freezer while still wet, according to the complaint.

“The abuse of animals in the manner alleged in this criminal complaint is unconscionable,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said in a press release.

Eight of the 16 charges are felonies. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

Bell is expected to make her first court appearance Tuesday morning.





This morning, we received a response to our complaint to the Hackney Horse Society of SA

The Acting President/Chairman, Mr A Davids, looks upon the complaints in a very serious light.  An emergency hearing against the owner and his assistant will be held on Wednesday 21st March 2012., just prior to their Annual General Meeting.  SA Studbook are very supportive of our complaint, stating that cruel training methods are NOT ACCEPTABLE., and SA Studbook.

We have proposed that now is the time to introduce rules pertaining to the welfare of animals into their Breed Rule Book.

Dangerous and dirty stables, little bedding. We have put forward, in our report to them, all of the offences that we feel have been committed against these poor horses, including cruel and barbaric training methods, tight chains around coronet causing injuries, completely unsuitable stabling facilities, barbed wire inside stable doors, lack of bedding, dirty stables, cruel training gadgets and tack, bandaging of necks, dangerous objects in paddocks and insufficient shelter.

Hackney Stud, Kimberley
dangerous and dirty stables, little bedding
Hackney Stud, Kimberley
some stallions were kept in what can only be described as a ‘cage’
Hackney Stud, Kimberley
this mare is expected to live in this area – damp, dangerous, and totally unsuitable
Hackney Stud, Kimberley

one of the confiscated training bridles

We will update again on this case shortly  – we WILL sort this out!

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