UPDATE INC: Justice Demanded For Tortured ‘Puppy Doe,’ Pit Bull Given Away On Craigslist And Brutally Abused

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22/11/213 UPDATE by Kiri Blakeley  :-

Puppy Tortured to Death Finally Gets Justice She Deserves

 Radoslaw Czerkawski. He is charged with 12 counts of animal abuse, remains behind bars on $500,000 bond, and faces 55 years in prisonCzerkawski had gotten Doe for $40 on Craiglist.

Never, EVER give away an animal for free! And if you’re going to sell it or ask for a donation, thoroughly investigate who you are giving an animal to. Check vet references and visit their home. (Czerkawski lied and said he had a farm in Connecticut. Asking to visit the farm that he did not have would have immediately kept the puppy out of his hands.)Czerkawski is also accused of stealing checks from a church and misleading police.

Police are confident Czerkawski is their man — they say they found Puppy Doe’s blood on his apartment floor. Disgusting! This “man” deserves everything he gets and more.It’s about time that animal killers and abusers get hard time for their crimes. If Czerkawski gets the max, he won’t be out until he’s almost 90 — if he makes it out at all.Through it all, vets say that Puppy Doe, despite what she’d been through, was loving and friendly to all. Can you imagine? Animals are certainly better than humans in a lot of ways, and anyone who takes advantage of that doesn’t deserve freedom.

Above Snippet From News Link:http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/164591/puppy_tortured_to_death_finally

“WTF…what sort of Evil walk amongst us? It could be a next door neighbour, these people don’t advertise their perverse activities! This may be the first, or one of many cases that this sick pathological psychopath may have carried out! Who knows how many more may have been grotesquely tortured & just not found! Sick bastards like this, soon tire of torturing the same living beingGod forbid this person hasn’t played out these perverse actions on a child yet!! It may or may not be the first attack, but I doubt it will be the last!  I know many people don’t want to get involved etc. but there is such a thing as anonymity…so come on guy’s; these animals rely on the kindness & voices of others to save them!!” 

The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted: 09/23/2013 12:16 pm DT  |  Updated: 09/23/2013 2:01 pm EDT

Internet users have united to get justice for a dog so brutally tortured that she had to be euthanized.

Puppy Doe, a pit bull that faced horrifically brutal torture, had to be euthanized because of her injuries. Police are now searching for her abuser. | Animal Rescue League of Boston

On Aug. 31, a female pit bull was found on Carrolls Lane in Quincy, Mass., near a playground, according to Boston’s Animal Rescue League, or ARL. The dog, who was likely 1 to 2 years old, weighed half what she should have. She had suffered starvation and abuse “sadistic” in nature, including stabbings to the eye and a sliced tongue. Her injuries were so severe that she had to be euthanized.

Veterinarians working on the animal, named Puppy Doe, were sickened by her state.

“They’re a freak, a total freak,” Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, who performed the autopsy on the tortured pup, told Boston’s WBZ of the alleged abuser. “Splitting her tongue, burning her nose, stabbing her eye, it’s the totality of the types of injuries. Not only was she beaten, she was stabbed [and] she was burned. It’s all kinds of injures. It’s a sick mind that can do this to an animal.”

The Quincy Police Department and animal rescue groups are asking for help. The ARL is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the prosecution of the perpetrator. Animal groups Misty’s Journey and Second Chance Rescue NYC have already raised more than $11,000 on YouCaring.com toward a reward for information provided.

A Facebook group titled “Justice for Puppy Doe” already has more than 25,000 likes and has attracted support from as far away as Brazil.

“We need anyone who knows who owned and abused this dog to contact authorities,” District Attorney Morrissey said, via the ARL. “The injuries cataloged in the post-mortem examination are grotesque and indicate consistent starvation and abuse over an extended period of time. It is highly unlikely that this level of sadistic cruelty could be shown to one animal and not be part of a pattern involving other animals or perhaps vulnerable people. We need to find the person who did this and see what else they are doing.”

Meanwhile, the dog’s alleged original owner, Laura Hankins, has come forward. Hankins told the Boston Herald she and her boyfriend bought the pit bull mix last December for $200 on Craigslist. But her landlord eventually told her the dog had to go. Soshe put the dog back on Craigslist.

She gave the animal to a woman from Grafton who “seemed wonderful,” according to the Herald. The new owner sent updates, but those stopped in July.

The Puppy Doe case has reignited the fight against free pets on Craigslist, a practice that has been linked to abuse and death.Change.org petition set up in memoriam of Puppy Doe demands Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster end the practice.

Via Change.org:

It’s beyond words that this sweet, innocent dog, that once knew love had to suffer this violent, evil fate, but at the very least, if … “giving away” of pets was banned on Craligslist there would be a small amount of justice in her name.

The petition has nearly 20,000 signatures.

As of Saturday, police were following up on six specific tips, according to the Herald. The Patriot Ledger reports that a memorial has been set up for Puppy Doe along a fence at the playground near where she was found.

Anyone with information, is asked to contact the Animal Rescue League at 617-226-5610 or Quincy Police Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774.

News Link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/23/puppy-doe-tortured-craigslist_n_3975506.html

Petition Link:https://www.change.org/petitions/justice-for-puppy-doe-tell-craigslist-to-help-stop-violence-against-pets/sponsors/new?aftersign=true

Las Vegas Activists Protest Backyard Chimp Permit

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“When the owner of Travis bravely showed her face, after the attack; I’m surprised anyone would want a chimp living next door to them. What about the rights of the animals? They are wild & shouldn’t be subjected to birthday parties etc. just for the owner to make money!! Wild animals belong in the wild, if you want to see one, go on one of the many holiday packages that allow you to see the animals in the wild!!”

LAS VEGAS (AP)Animal rights activists in a city already jittery from two separate chimp escapes this summer are protesting a Las Vegas-area property owner’s request to house primates in a residential area, saying the animals pose a public safety issue.

Activist Linda Faso said she and others were holding a demonstration next to the house


Friday afternoon, after distributing fliers in the area that featured a snarling chimp and a gruesome before-and-after shot of a Connecticut woman mauled by one in 2009.

“I’m opposed to anyone having a wild dangerous animal as a pet,” said Faso, a Las Vegas resident. “They’re cute when they’re babies but dangerous as adults.”

Town leaders are expected to review a use permit next week that would allow four chimps and a capuchin monkey on the property, which is located on a spacious lot in unincorporated Clark County, has large cages in the backyard and once held a permit for exotic cats.

The request was filed by Stacy Jones. A woman who answered at the home Friday said chimps are already living there, but she declined to give her name or comment further. She referred questions to owner James “Mike” Casey, who didn’t return messages seeking comment.

Casey holds a USDA permit for three chimpanzees and a small monkey affiliated with “A Great Ape Experience.” An online business directory says clients can hire Casey and the animals to liven up cocktail receptions or children’s birthday parties.

The listing also boasts a litany of charity work, including special appearances for children’s cancer groups and a school for autistic children.

But Casey’s also linked to a highly publicized chimp tragedy. For years, he co-directed a Missouri chimp rescue facility, where a chimp named Travis was bred. Travis went to live with a Connecticut woman shortly after he was born.

In 2009, the 200-pound, 15-year-old Travis mauled his owner’s friend, Charla Nash, who was trying to lure the animal back to its home.

Nash lost her eyes, nose, lips and hands before the chimp was shot by police.

The specter of animal escapes looms especially large around Las Vegas, where chimpanzees Buddy and CJ broke free from their backyard enclosure in July. The duo roamed the streets and jumped on vehicles before a police officer shot the male, saying he got dangerously close to bystanders.

CJ, the female, was tranquilized, but got loose a second time a few weeks later and was moved to a sanctuary in Oregon.

Clark County leaders plan to review the permit application in November after a town advisory board makes recommendations. County commissioner Steve Sisolak said he wants to gauge public reaction to the living arrangement, especially in light of the highly publicized escapes.

“I don’t think we’re holding anyone to a higher standard, but there is increased scrutiny because of the publicity, absolutely,” Sisolak told the Las Vegas Sun.

He also said Casey will need to explain why the chimps are living at a property without a proper county permit. “He’s going to have to answer some questions about why he didn’t do it in the first place,” Sisolak said.

News Link:-http://www.keyc.tv/story/19926977/las-vegas-activists-protest-backyard-chimp-permit

Canadian woman facing two years jailtime for animal cruelty, perjury, and identity fraud

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She used the name Linda Snow, the identity of a young girl who died decades earlier on the North Shore , to authorities who arrested and charged her with animal cruelty in 2008 for running an unsafe dog-breeding operation out of a home in Randolph.

Then after pleading guilty, she fled probation and adopted another name, Mary Howard, to start anew in Connecticut, authorities said.

Her real name is Gloria Marriott, a 64-year native of Canada, and she now faces two years in prison after pleading guilty in Norfolk Superior Court Tuesday to a slew of additional charges, including perjury and identity fraud, according to the Norfolk district attorney’s office. Marriott also faces five years of probation and must pay about $74,000 to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which cared for the dogs she abused, and to the owner of the Randolph home she had rented.

Authorities said she operated a puppy mill, raising young dogs in horrific conditions that ultimately required dozens of the animals to receive medical attention.

“The false identities and the lies are an odd sideshow, but it is the underlying case that is most disturbing,” said Michael W. Morrissey, the Norfolk district attorney. “This was a terrible example of animal cruelty. Eighty-nine dogs had to be rescued from deplorable conditions, many of them malnourished, diseased, and literally caked in filth. She showed no interest in the chance at community rehabilitation that the court offered her in 2008, and now she is deservedly going to jail.

In 2008, Marriott, under the name Linda Snow, owned a pet store, Missy’s Puppyland on Park Street in Stoughton, while also running the breeding operation out of a house she rented in Randolph. Morrissey’s office said the Randolph home was “severely damaged with animal filth.”

After fleeing Massachusetts, Marriott was again charged with animal cruelty for an unrelated case in Connecticut and was serving time there when indicted for the additional perjury charges in Norfolk County.

“Perhaps most important is that all of the dogs that have been in her control have since been made safe,” Morrissey said.

News Link:-http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2012/08/07/canadian-woman-facing-two-years-jailtime-for-animal-cruelty-perjury-and-identity-fraud/gFTmP3pOZtYQIdgA6iWUdJ/story.html

Man due in court in Derby dog abuse case

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A Derby man is set to be arraigned on an animal cruelty charge for allegedly kicking and pummeling his 1-year-old Jack Russell terrier and repeatedly slamming it to the ground before attempting to throw it off a bridge.

Thirty-two-year-old Alexander Rosario is scheduled to appear Monday in Derby Superior Court.

Derby police say they responded to 911 calls on July 20 reporting a man trying to toss an animal or human off a bridge over Route 8. Officers say they found the dog named Jax suspended on a fence on the bridge by its leash and collar.

Jax was examined and turned over to the local animal control officer to be put up for adoption.

Rosario couldn’t be reached for comment. There’s no phone listing for him and it’s not clear if he has a lawyer.

Read morehttp://www.ctpost.com/policereports/article/Man-due-in-court-in-Derby-dog-abuse-case-3746022.php#ixzz227NtNVCl

Computer glitch blamed for deaths of rescued cats

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 “I would have thought doing something so dispicable as taking a life, would require double, even triple checks twice over, before the actual deed is done! This is human error…computers aren’t stupid nor do they make mistakes, the data is put into a computer manually, i.e. by humans!”

Dozens of rescued cats have reportedly been mistakenly killed due to a computer glitch at the New York City Animal Care & Control center.  It’s claimed that their “so-called death-row database,” is neglecting to inform the center when requests for adoptions come in for these cats.

The database posts a list at 5 pm of cats that are scheduled for euthanasia for the following day.  The public then has the opportunity, until 6 am, to go online and reserve one of the death-row cats for adoption.   But glitches within the new system are failing to notify the center that certain cats have been requested for adoption and thus, they are mistakenly being put to death.

One such cat reportedly put down in error was Max, a two year old black and white cat, who had a home waiting for him in Connecticut.  “When you call them, they don’t pick up, and they don’t email you back.  You’re sitting in the darkness, never knowing what’s going on there” said the rescue group member, now heartbroken over the fact that Max is gone.  When she was finally able to get through to them, they claimed they never got her request for Max and that he had already been put to death.

A 12 year old cat named Tooperina met the same fate.  Elizabeth McMahon, her would-be adopter, also dealt with the same programming issue and never received confirmation of her adoption request.  Ms. McMahon has said that in addition to Tooperina, the rescue group she works with requested four other cats the same night but never got a response.  It’s unclear if those four cats were also put to death, or if someone else stepped in and rescued them.

Another cat, Missy, wasn’t even listed as a rescue until after she was already put to death.  She never had a chance to be saved.  Other times, animals who have already been put to death appear on the list.

Julie Bank, Director at New York City Animal Care & Control blamed user error for the problems.  “They forgot to press the submit button.  They walked away and the computer timed out” she said.

However, the accusations against the New York City Animal Care & Control are reportedly confirmed by a former employee. She claims that supervisors told staff members not to say a word about the known computer glitches.   She said she left the agency because she could not stand to be part of such negligence.

With a reported $8 million per year in tax payer money going to this organization and having taken a year to develop this new system, these types of errors are outrageously unacceptable.  Clearly something is not right here and the “kinks” in this system are being worked out at the expense of precious lives.

News Link:-http://www.thisdishisvegetarian.com/2012/07/dozens-of-rescued-cats-have-reportedly.html

Five Abused Toy Poodles On Path To Recovery

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NEW MILFORD -Five abused toy poodles, recently found crammed in a crate on a New Fairfield roadside, will be transferred from the regional canine facility to a poodle rescuer Tuesday morning.

Daryl Masone, who has taken in poodles from all over Connecticut for 12 years, said she’ll work to nurture the dogs back to a point where they can be adopted. Regional Animal Control Officer Audrey McKay told Masone that at this point, the dogs are not approachable and had to be wormed and treated for parasites.

“Hopefully, I can turn them around,” Masone said Monday afternoon. “But it depends on how much damage they have suffered.”

Masone, who has taken in as many as 40 poodles at once from a hoarding situation, and McKay, an ACO for 26 years, were stunned by this case of animal cruelty. They wondered why the person who abandoned the dogs chose to leave the crate on a tiny side street outside of New Fairfield center, rather than dropping them at the animal shelter on Route 37, or the Animal Welfare Society on Dodd Road in New Milford, or the Regional Canine Facility on Erickson Road in New Milford.

“If you are going to abandon dogs, at least do it at a shelter, where they will be found immediately. I don’t know why people do what they do,” McKay said.

She said the dogs had no identifying chips.

“We have no leads on the owners,” said McKay, whose office serves six towns.

On June 16, McKay received a call at 1:30 a.m. from the New Fairfield resident trooper’s office reporting that a crate had been found containing the five poodles. McKay took custody of the dogs and later called Masone because she was a breed-specific rescuer whose work was well known in the state.

The poodles, all adults, are apricot in color. Their coats were clipped, “but they were very, very nervous. They would not let us handle them,” said McKay. “It’s going to take a lot of work to bring them around.”

Tuesday morning ends a seven-day holding period that follows the posting of an advertisement in the local media. By law, shelters have to hold abandoned dogs and give the owners a chance to claim them.

“But this person is going to be long gone,” Masone said.

Masone said she’ll pick up the dogs in her SUV. McKay, using gloves, will put the dogs in individual crates. The dogs will be treated by a veterinarian on Wednesday and Thursday. They’ll be spayed and neutered, treated for their symptoms and checked for heartworm, Masone said.

Masone said she will post news of the dogs’ progress on her website, poodlerescuect.org.

News Link:http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-poodles-abandoned-0626-20120625,0,4506987.story

Black Bear Shot And Killed In Burlington, Man Arrested

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Cory Maitz accused of shooting bear after it enters his garage, then goes in his back yard. Neighbors nearby see bear enter their yard, lay down, and die.

At approximately 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, officers from D.E.E.P.’s Environmental Conservation Police  responded to 4 Cobblestone Road in Burlington to investigate the report of a possible shooting of a Black Bear.

The resident from that address contacted the Connecticut State Police reporting that they heard two gunshots then saw a black bear come into their yard and lay down,  Upon arrival, EnCon officers found the black bear, a male weighing approximately 460 pounds, was dead and had been shot.

A black bear was shot and killed in Burlington, CT Tuesday morning. Cory Maitz was arrested and charged with the killing. Credit DEEP

The investigation lead to the arrest of Cory J Maitz,  42, of 6 Cobblestone Road,  Burlington, on charges of Illegally Killing a Black Bear, a misdemeanor and Criminal Possession of a Pistol, a Class D felony.

Maitz allegedly shot the Black Bear with a pistol after it he had seen it enter his garage then go into his back yard.

The bear and firearm were seized as evidence and are being held pending court action. Maitz was released on a promise to appear at Bristol Superior Court (GA 17) on June 04, 2012.

The DEEP provides the following advice if you see a bear:

  • Enjoy it from a distance.
  • Advertise your presence by shouting and waving your arms or walk slowly away.
  • Never attempt to feed or attract bears.
  • Report bear sightings to the Wildlife Division, at (860) 675-8130.

State DEEP officials say black bear sightings continue to increase in Connecticut:

As Connecticut’s bear population continues to increase, more bears, particularly young bears, will be seen near residential areas. The DEP’s response will depend on the specifics of each bear situation. The mere presence of a bear does not necessitate its removal. In most cases, if left alone, the bear will make its way to a more natural habitat. Removing food attractants, such as bird feeders, reduces the chance that bears will go near homes.

In the past year, eight black bears have been reported in Madison, five in Killingworth, and six in Guilford. For a complete list of black bear sightings over the past year, see this Reports of Black Bear Activity in Connecticut May 17, 2011 to May 15, 2012.

News Link:-http://madison-ct.patch.com/articles/black-bear-shot-and-killed-in-burlington-man-arrested

Branford Man Arrested for Killing His Dog

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A 22-year-old Branford man was arrested today for allegedly choking his pit bull-boxer mix to death and discarding the dog in a plastic bag in the woods.

Branford police officers, along with a state animal control officer, arrested Alex Wullaert, of 57 East Main Street.

Wullaert reportedly killed the dog in January but it was not discovered until March 11 when a Madison resident came upon the carcas in the woods by a lake in that town, according to police. State Animal Control Officer Todd Curry, who works for the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture, said the investigation began that day when the resident reported the finding to Madison Police.

Madison Police Officer Kimberly Lauria, who investigated the incident, was able to determine that Wullaert was the owner of the deceased animal due to an identifiable micro-chip that was recovered during a necropsy, police said.

“Through her further diligent investigation, Officer Lauria was able to contact and later interview Wullaert, who confessed that he choked the animal at his Branford home after it urinated on this leg and bit him,” Curry said.

“The local officer did an excellent job,” he added.

Wullaert was charged with cruelty to animals and littering, and was released on a written promise to appear in New Haven Superior Court on May 15

News link:-http://branford.patch.com/articles/branford-man-arrested-for-killing-his-dog

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