Prosecutors: Man Kills Neighbor’s Dog For Biting $3.78 Shirt

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“Another candidate for hell…psycho piece of Sxxt…dog should have taken his bloody arm off!! R.I.P little guy!”

A Chicago man was ordered held in lieu of $80,000 bail Sunday after he allegedly beat and stabbed a neighbor’s dog to death that had bit his shirt through a fence.

Damien Wilkerson (Chicago Police Dept.) Killed A Dog Because It Tore His Cheap Shirt

Damien Wilkerson, 34, of the 700 block of North Pine Avenue, faces felony animal cruelty charges in connection to the incident, which took place Saturday, according to Cook County Bond Court records.

Witnesses told police they saw Wilkerson beating the dog near his home Saturday while holding a knife, according to court records.

Wilkerson told the witnesses he was going to kill the dog, according to court records, and police found a dead dog in a nearby alley trash can when they arrived.

“Yeah I killed that … dog,” Wilkerson told police, according to court documents.

Wilkerson went after the dog after it bit and tore his shirt through a fence, according to court documents.

“I don’t give a …,” Wilkerson said to police, according to court documents. “The dog tore my shirt. This … cost $3.78.”

After the dog bit his shirt, Wilkerson hopped the fence and began beating the dog with a milk crate, according to court records.

Wilkerson told police the animal went for his neck but that he “choked the dog out,” according to court records.

Wilkerson, who authorities say is an admitted member of the Insane Vice Lords gang, told police another puppy had run away, according to court documents.

“I ain’t gonna let no dogs or no … punk me,” he said, according to court documents.

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Child Porn with Bestiality, Bondage Found in Ravenswood Home

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“Take note of this sick EVIL MF…if you see him, know of him or live in the area, keep an eye on your children & your pets! See the cold black empty look in his eyes, he has no soul & no heart, because he made a deal with the devil. Filthy scum needs locking away for good, no amount of jail time will stop him from wanting & needing his repulsive daily fix! Monstrosity’s like him should have their manhood chopped off & the word “Bestial Pervert” tattooed across their heads, so where ever they go; people will know that they are in the presence of a depraved abomination!”

A Ravenswood man admitted to possessing more than 2,500 videos and images of child pornography—some with children as young as one.

The announcement came Friday afternoon from the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Seamus Webb

Seamus Webb, 51, was arrested Thursday and charged with four felonies for disseminating and possessing child pornography. Police said the images included bestiality and bondage of minors.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Child Exploitation Unit found Webb in his apartment on the 1600 block of West Carmen Ave and arrested him without incident.

The arrest occurred after police received a search warrant based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, police said. Officers confiscated several computers and other items.

The charges—all class X felonies—include aggravated child pornography, dissemination; aggravated child pornography possession; child pornography, possession of pictures; child pornography possession of movies.

Bond for Webb was set at $100,000. His next court date is scheduled for April 11. 

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Family Of Pomeranian Killed By Off-Duty Policeman’s Pit Bull Files Lawsuit

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The family of a Pomeranian-Papillon mixed breed dog has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the pit bull who mauled the smaller dog to death at Montrose Avenue dog beach in March.

Willy, a 2-Year-old Pomeranian-Papillon mix, had to be put down after being attacked by a police officer‘s pit bull at Montrose Avenue dog beach on St. Patrick’s Day.

Audrey Fisher and her daughter Fayla Rodriguez filed the suit in Cook County Circuit Court Tuesday, claiming that off-duty police officer Matthew Bracken failed to intervene or identify when his dog attacked their dog, Willy.

Fisher incurred $5,700 in veterinary bills as a result of the attack and Willy died three days later. Bracken allegedly walked away from the scene with his dog and refused to identify himself.

Cell phone camera photos captured images of Bracken and his dog, and Bracken later admitted to his superiors that he was the owner of the pit bull, relieved of his duties pending an Internal Affairs investigation and cited by the Police Department‘s Animal Crimes unit for not reporting an animal attack within 24 hours.

The lawsuit claims one bystander tried to stop the attack by hitting the pit bull on the head, leading Bracken to yell, “Why are you hitting my (expletive) dog?” He refused to identify himself to Fisher and allegedly denied he was a cop to another bystander who recognized the sunglasses he was wearing as one popular among police officers.

Fisher and Rodriguez are suing Bracken only and are seeking $275,000 in damage

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Judge orders new trial in animal cruelty case

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“OMG…Why is Hamill still allowed to operate an animal rescue sanctuary, after so many were seized?? Crazy”

TINLEY PARK, Ill. — A Cook County judge has ordered a new trial for the owner of a suburban Chicago animal sanctuary charged with neglect and cruelty.

Cook County Judge Christopher Donnelly on Monday approved the motion for mistrial from 42-year-old Dawn Hamill’s attorney. The ruling was made after a Cook County investigator who was to be a witness in Hamill’s trial was charged with extortion in an unrelated case.

The Tinley Park woman’s was charged in February 2011, when officers found dead animals at her facility. They also seized 63 dogs, 31 cats and six rabbits and removed 30 horses, ponies, sheep, goats and llamas.

 Hamill’s new trial is set for May 2. Her attorney, Purav Bhatt, says she still operates the animal rescue and sanctuary.


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